FRANCE FREEDOM PROTESTS 07/08/2021 #Paris / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. I stand with France! Brave men and women fighting for freedom!

  2. Time for another revolution.
    Police look dressed for war.
    Sad that its come to this, the Police have chosen the wrong side.
    They must have kids.
    Are they going to inject them with the franken jab?
    Still time for them to see sense and stand down.
    Crime against humanity.

    • Paul, the police are supposed to be working for the people as taxes pay their wages.
      The general public need to bear this in mind when they get heavy handed.

      They probably had agent provocateurs in the crowd as well. Probably in time for the media to take photos and give the real protesters a bad name.

      • Agreed, they definitely have agitators there every march and always (by coincidence) a MSM camera man!

    • My daughter is a cop. No she is not going to let her kids have the jab. She has also refused it. And she thinks its all a load of bollux.
      Don’t paint them all the same. We have got to hope that the police AND army stand by their oath and protect the people.

      • She wont be a copper for long.
        Unless youre a lying Masonic sociopath, its not the job for you.

    • Precisely! Information coming up every week from many sources exposing the covid fraud. Fake PCR tests, poisonous mRNA experimental injections – graphene oxide, etc. German lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich and hundreds of lawyers gathering evidence and witnesses for the coming second Nuremberg trial. Heads of mainstream media and journalists involved in propaganda lies shall be among the very top of the list for sentencing. The covid fraud could never have taken place without the power of mainstream media lies.

  3. What we, as all people, are playing in to they’re
    narrative. exit all city’s.. leave in mass. when there are no people who are they going to police and who is going to run it.

  4. Been on the march today in Bayonne, south west France, biggest yet and it was raining, peaceful, a real broad section of society represented and really passionate for liberty. Very few police. It is going to be interesting to see what happens next week when the new rules for health pass for bars and restaurants become law from Monday, who will comply?

    • That will save the BBC telling lies,, auctualy if there was 20 in Cardiff it will probably to get good media coverage!

  5. Come on UK we NEED and MUST follow the example of the French – viva la revolution!!!!

    • Hear Hear i don’t like to admit it i think we are losing the fight against the cause as they are making more disvion’s in adverts for the jab and putting out stories about unjab people dying ‘ Saying they wish they had the jab our long can we fight these B before we do something national

    • Yes, we need to take a leaf from the French people’s book. They can show the world how to start a revolution. Vive La France!

      • Yay come on my British brothers and sisters Fire that snarling Bulldog Spirit “ Alive “ and know the Kangaroos are stomping mad as well 🇦🇺

  6. The uk need to learn from the French freedom fighters

  7. The police sell their ‘souls’ for their ever rising wages (gifts, bribes). Loads of others do and will continue to do, can you blame them, they have family to keep, mortgages to pay etc etc, let’s not judge them too much?
    Think positively and pray, cos there is no other way.
    There’s an even bigger deception coming up! You want to be a big part in helping people out of it and not to be deceived yourself, listen…..
    I will reveal myself to you says the Lord……. Wanna hear more….. Yes I will make myself known to you says the Lord. …. Wanna know more….. Read where he says it, and I can testify that He will do it John chapter 14 verse 21…. But be patient, observe His graceful words, try to keep the commandments, he will respond to you, I can testify to this. He rewards those who diligently seek him. Be patient and pray daily, read the Bible, start at psalm chapter 1 or John chapter 1.
    Blessings and prayers for you listeners to hugotalks and to hugotalks himself for all of the work that he puts in for you.

  8. The police fighting there own people, they are traitors, of the people and traitors of France.

  9. I’ll give it to the French at least there fighting for there freedom not like us brits who had bleeding bbq’s , sang and stood around like dumbies. We moan about this covid crap and all the bleeding scumbag dingy diving immigrants and do nothing.

    • I agree with you but not to forget the parliament is on holiday so no one can be hung yet. when they are back in September and people will go to the streets… Therefore will be blood.

  10. Was hoping theyd be far more aggressive, this is how the Wehrmacht were able to steam ahead, but Viva Le France, wheel out the fucking Guillotines, let them eat cake he said?

  11. The police are so obviously playing a game – having a good time bullying others. Typical.

  12. I watched one of Max Igans videos earlier and I can’t remember where it was – Ecuador maybe – where the Police were being heavy handed with the public and the army stepped in and beat the shit out of the cops. That’s what we need, the military to stop worrying about being woke, wake up and do their fucking jobs.

  13. The French Revolution is regarded as a pivotal event in world history. Caused primarily due to a financial crisis. Sound familiar?

  14. I love these people for having such passion and determination for their freedom and m with them

  15. Why are you people surprised at the behaviour of police ffs. They are a control system a private corporate enterprise just like and security firm. Only difference is these cunts can murder you without recourse. We ain’t going to defeat these tramps without a war and us defending our human rights. Protests don’t work ffs stop been a ghandi and be a revolutionary and smash the bastards

  16. They’ll only grow, of course. What do they gave to lose? What indeed? Did these cunts who hide behind close doors mandating their planned directives through gofer governments expect anything else?

  17. The jabbed should also hit the streets to protest. Because as soon its time for their booster, their QR-code won’t work anymore.

    • Exactly, Grant Schapps corrected himself the other day when said only the “double jabbed” will travel.
      He corrected it to “fully vaccinated”
      That means if you don’t turn up for the booster each time they will be able to switch you off.

      From 2 weeks to flatten the curve and we need to jab the elderly and vulnerable to jabbing kids and authoritarian control.

      Conspiracy = premature fact.

  18. 5 september HUGE protest in the Netherlands, (ex) police, military police and (ex) military + veterans will also stand up and join the protest.

  19. I am an NHS Community Psychiatric Nurse. I refuse to be vaccinated.

  20. And America is fighting back too….watch video to learn more and read documents and support if you wish.
    Find out about the $500 Trillion Lawsuit against the FEDERAL GOVT and over 140 MONOPOLISTS by friends of the original constitution.

  21. Surprise surprise. The biggest demonstrations since the French Revolution and not a word about it on the BBC.

  22. Annoys me seeing pigs spraying that mase shit at peoples faces like they hold the right to assault people when ever they feel like it. People in the crowed should play them at their own dirty game and spray it in their faces and see how they like it.l, maybe show up with water canon too to break up their lines for a change.

  23. While in UK we simply rolling over. No protest, no resistance. Only bla , bla , bla

  24. I do not know why they dont rush the Police ,there is enough of them!!!

  25. We went to to the protest in Rennes yesterday. there were thousands, young, old, families. there were also many jabbed people who disagree with the “Pass sanitaire”. There was no trouble except the riot police (CRS) would not let us through to the prefecture (Town Hall). Great to see so many like minded people. We will go to a different town next week. These protests just keep getting bigger.

    • That’s really good to hear Colin” You have the support and Backing of the whole Free World Brother “ Stay Strong 💪

  26. And as usual, the police simply corral thousands of people into an enclosed area, then the people just stand and chant, achieving nothing, and getting nowhere!
    Next, the police start crowd dispersing tactics, they first teargas canisters into the crowd, who immediately respond by breaking up!
    Sure, there’s always a few stragglers that stand defiant, but they soon get picked off, or bored and walk away.
    End results, tens of thousands of taxpayers money wasted, the Government still get their way, and the people go Home and back to their jobs!
    And next, from the safety of their own homes, in other countries, people on the internet show their support for their French counterparts!
    Again, nothing achieved!
    There’s so many people at these rallies, that the Police could be easily overwhelmed, yet, they never are.
    All this talking about Revolution, is just that, talk!
    Madame Guillotine has had Her time, She’s confined to History.
    People today are not the people they were in the past, they’ve become comfortable, indoctrinated and, compliant.
    And the only place we’re going to see a Revolution is on internet forums!

  27. The Police spraying some sort of toxic gas at people!! All over the world the cops have chosen the wrong side. It will not be good for them going forward.

  28. MSM just don’t want or like the truth.
    There is no pandemic

  29. However , the politicians must answer in court for this massive fraud.

  30. Well done France bravo👏
    Let’s copy the French people and United we stand up to this dictatorship ✊

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