Melbourne AUSTRALIA PROTEST Defy Lockdown 6 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Originally on Youtube (but they have asked for age verification) so use odysee link above or BrANDNEWTUBE

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    • Whether you believe in ‘human’ caused global warming or not, the ice in the Northern hemisphere is at record lows, with increasing melt trend for the last 40 years. The gulf stream is channelled between brine (salt) concentrations. Increased fresh water from melted ice and change in ocean temperature changes the water stream pattern in the ocean. So this will effect the weather, probably making it more volatile and unpredictable. More storms and increased hot and cold regions. The storms form when the hot wet air and the cold air eventually mix.

  1. Not one death in 10 months but back in lockdown.
    If anyone still believes this is about a virus and not about control you need a serious look in the mirror.

  2. To the governments around the world. Keep poking the Bear!!!!!!!

  3. Anyone who shows up at an anti-lockdown wearing a face diaper protest is either a Traitor or works for the Stasi.

    • or knows they can get the sh*t kicked ouuta them by 5 cops and be given a 1k fine for the privilege’s

  4. The MSM knows what are the repercussions of lockdown but this is probably what they want. To basically destroy small businesses, make everyone exclusively dependent on government social help. When the line will be drawn in the near future on how bad the economy will be hit they will blame it on the virus, not the lockdowns. They will blame it on unvaccinated people, that did not comply and extended lockdowns, not on the draconian measures. They will blame absolutely everybody else, but the governments, the policy makers and “experts”. They are already doing it. I am a bit concerned that the situation is pretty similar to Brave New World, where they had some sort of man made disease released (in some sort of war) that they used to eventually kneel everyone to their ways.

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