Energy Harvesting Vampires / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Me too! They should keep this shit to themselves, I’m not impressed

  2. Good one” well done with the puppetry Hugo! More dehumanising rubbish “ who really cares for this rotten gadgetry “ they can stick their virtual world and cyborg shite” all designed to secretly enslave us “ But they Grossly underestimate the mighty strength of the Human Spirit who’s fighting for his life too live Free “Sit tight Tyranny “ we’ve all had a Gutfull”

    • SO when the power grid goes down, they will be harvesting us for electricity! 😨😨 NOT amused!

  3. cycle for social credit points, hamsters in a wheel, finger puppet is the way to go for a bit of creativity 😉 no track and trace or future repercussions and thousands in digital fines, don’t pay and we will cut you off and its really easy. computer says noooo…..

  4. Fingerbobs (1972) is the way to go..
    Love You Hugo & All That You Do for Humanity.

  5. In these unholy times it’s nice to see a bit of old fashioned entertainment, give me Finger Mouse any day over a smartphone or any over demonic device

    • Fingerbobs, back in simpler times, when a cardboard finger puppet was kids TV entertainment! I sometimes feel we all need to go back to those times!

  6. No I wouldn’t wear it and I don’t like it but this stuff is clever so I do think some people might try it but not many. How annoying would it be to have the things stuck to your fingers? They’re getting a bit desperate with their weird stuff now. I really don’t think this will be popular. Finger mouse! Now he was cool. 😂😎

  7. Hah! Fingerbobs! Now that takes me back a bit. But my body seems to produce a fair amount of static at the best of times. I tend to zap people and not because a charge built up from a carpet. Plus I couldn’t wear a watch – it was OK on my mum, but me – lasted 5 minutes and dead! Can’t light up a bulb though, now that would be useful! I also had the kiss of death on irons and a couple of vacuum cleaners a long time ago. The more ideas they come up with the more stupid they look and the more creepy it gets!

  8. Jennifer Aniston on the BBC, cutting off her unjabbed friends as although she’s safe, she could pass to unjabbed person and kill them yeah right, good laugh!!

    Something Big is about to kick off, Mate(19) had his Army Joining date moved from end of Jan 2022, to Tuesday ie next week, quick google and he’s not the only 1.

    While the sheep are distracted over a Hoax, WW3 is going to sneak up and kill Billions of us.

    Don’t worry the Elites will be fine, in there under ground cities.

      • You mean Israel they’re the ones who are threatening Iran and has been for some time I’m an American has just wiped their asses.

  9. On the energy side, humans aren’t very efficent less so than a normal petrol engine, but ofcourse if the only fuel / food supply is insects for instance and cars can’t run on insects, then humans eating as much of them as possible then riding to generate energy is how it would have to go.

    • If I was to guess, the vaccine and graphene oxide will be connected to this?

  10. It would never work anyhow. Its about as clever as the solar powered self melting foot paths or the energy making rainfall from your gutters.

  11. Well this won’t work what happens when you chew your nails, pick your nose, scratch your arse etc. Everything the WEF comes out with is pointless shit remember those Bane smart masks

  12. Like in Matrix they turn humans into little power generators then they grind the deceased ones into a pulp and tube-feed the young ones.
    Of course it’s great that they want to make all sorts of devices more energy efficient but speaking about WEF endorsed IoT devices like biometrics trackers, smart watches etc. all will be plugged into the corporate clouds for data harvesting.
    We decline such technology.
    We need autonomous technologies that help humans not the corporations.

    The government does not take people like you or me into account.
    They only take into account compliant, “virtue signalling” receiving citizens and welfare receiving old and young Soviet mob that is a majority and it already sold its souls to the socialist state by depending on it.
    I know that there is a lot of people on welfare who can still see through the Agenda but they are the next to be squashed by the regime once “no jab, no benefits” comes into place.
    And COVID Plandemic is not a good time to look for jobs even worse to start a business. They got the mob by the balls otherwise it ends up on the street.
    After all Irish Gypsies were not stupid.
    You should consider joining them or moving to US to a COVID-free Amish Paradise.

  13. ‘And ye shall be like gods’

    It seems to me that every technology generated is meant to empower people to have control over their own lives like gods when as a matter of fact much of it can/will be be used for evil.

    I wonder what the catch is with this?


  14. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    I get literally lost for words sometimes…
    They are insane!

    Obviously 🙄..
    Total Nut 🥜 jobs !!

    Cheers Hugo

    • If he’s really done that he’ll be dead within weeks. I heard yesterday the details of the alleged Hillary video where she and the other bird tortured a little girl to death. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but 9 of the 12 people (Police) who saw it are now dead.

      • Hi 👋
        Probably is true about the girl because that would not surprise me One bit my friend.

        I just watched the video to & if he does do this then fair play so guess it’s
        ‘Watch this space’ as old saying goes.

        Thank (chrisan) for sharing.

      • It’s true I’ve seen a picture where she ripped the girls face off and wore it like a mask

      • Jacqueline – yes they are truly evil. It doesn’t matter if we believe in God or Satan, they believe in Satan and that’s all that matters, because their behaviour is driven from that.

  15. I wonder if they couldn’t create these energy producing devices for large swaying breast movement. Asking for a friend.

  16. I have always concidered Michael Gove very Finger Puppet like, we can only imagine who owns the finger and where it is !

  17. strap one to my dick and watch the energy come from that lol

    • I told my siblings when this first kicked off 18months ago what was coming down the line.

      They laughed!! We live in an evil matrix ruled by puppets of Satan.

      I’ve told my brothers, sisters to repent, get baptised in the name of “Jesus Christ”
      They all got the jab instead, “fools rush in where Angels fear to tread”
      God has given them eyes that will not see, ears that will not hear the truth.
      God I tried!! “Their is only one name given under heaven whereby we must be saved, the name above every name”
      Christ is lord!! Viva christo rey!!! God bless all truthseekers!!

  18. This is linked to the WO 2020060606A1 cryptocurrency system using body activity data and the univesal basic ‘income’.

  19. Same technology the machines used in the matrix, smaller scale but same tech.

  20. Despite not agreeing with this obvious technocratic/plutocratic world wide coup, I did maybe 2 years ago have a discussion with my father which turnt into quite a nasty argument, which stemmed from that black mirror episode where i claimed, if battery tech is improving as well as being claimed, surely for people who wish to, being able to “charge” some sort of battery that powers what you need excersise would be a good way to keep fit and reduce your energy bills. Im not saying should be compulsory but if it turns out as a 32 year old man with 2 children i can save a couple of hundred quid that i can spend on my children or partner whilst also keeping me healthier then otherwise thus living slightly longer i dont think its a bad idea. BUt yes these films and tv series are quite clearly predictive programing. In the last year alone look at the amount of dystopian, end of the world type series that have become available/

  21. Please upload this somewhere else. It cannot be viewed on YouTube without logging in.

  22. I actually laughed out loud at this! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  23. weird how i see the danger/s in dystopian fiction but many see it as progress?!
    including those who did before who are now supporting the capitol/the bad guys in orphan black, and no doubt the people in get out.

  24. Handy for when there is no toilet roll and you have to use your finger to wipe your arse.

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