70 Comments on “THis Is Worth A Revisit – GRANT SHAPPS ALTERNATIVE PERSONALITIES #dodgy

  1. Great investigation. Thank you to the person that has dug up the dirt on a scoundrel who ought never be in Parliament.

  2. Grunt cannot hide anything including the fact he is terrified of his own baldness.
    The privy Council is taking over democracy .
    God save the Scam!

  3. What a great video this guy who narrated it is a PERFECT partner in crime for Hugo, I lo Ed listening to it. It was like an audio book uncovering of a corrupt spy!

    • he called Sam William, and has been offline since 2019..

  4. So not only is Schapps a scumbag conman, the people who employ him know he’s a scumbag conman, which makes them????

    I think the guy is right, he’s only there so if the stuff hits the fan he can be thrown under the bus to save the skin of the big boy conmen.

    And these feckers are wrecking the country and everyones lives.

    How are they still alive, never mind still in power?

    The more you learn about them the more you hate them, and I already hated them more than I’ve ever hated anyone to begin with.

    • He is not a Jew , he is a cunt . Special breed of people

      • A very special, self declared God’s chosen cunt. I just looked into Dominic Raab. Same story. They are parasites and an extreem danger to the world, even for secular assimilated jews.

    • It clearly said it on the wiki profile. “Born to a Jewish family “

    • Yep, you guessed right Ian, he is indeed Jewish, the people behind everything that has been and is going wrong in this world. The Talmudic Kabbalist Jews that is!

  5. News………….

    3 double jabbed covid deaths at mates care home, they had no immunity against ( her words ), worn off already, 3rd Jab on the elderly which had it first needed, rest soon after, or MASS Covid Deaths obviously won’t blame the jabs!!

    What’s happening in Israel has started here, they’ve already started there 3rd Jab!!

    Exactly as expected by the doctors there silencing!

  6. Just like Mat Hancock.
    Goodness me , we haven’t got any chance against them

    • Christ, is Handoncock a yellow star wearing jewboy as well? There’s a never a moustachioed Austrian around when you need one.

      • That moustachioed Austrian your referring to was related to that well known banking family the roof chylds. And what you have to remember he came from nowhere like a shining knight just in time when Germany was on it’s knees. The demise of Germany was engineered by the treaty of Versailles in my view to create WW2. We also have to remember the bankers funded Russia, Germany, USA and the UK in other words they controlled the war and which direction it went in. The moustachioed Austrian stopped short at Dunkirk because he was told to stop short, the war needed to continue to create debt for countries. It took the UK 60 years to pay off it’s debts to the bankers and who suffered?

      • That moustachioed Austrian your referring to was related to that well known banking family the roof chylds. And what you have to remember he came from nowhere like a shining knight just in time when Germany was on it’s knees. The demise of Germany was engineered by the treaty of Versailles in my view to create WW2. We also have to remember the bankers funded Russia, Germany, USA and the UK in other words they controlled the war and which direction it went in. The moustachioed Austrian stopped short at Dunkirk because he was told to stop short, the war needed to continue to create debt for countries. It took the UK 60 years to pay off it’s debts to the bankers and who suffered?

      • The roof chylds and their ilk have always funded both sides of a war. Like Lord roof chylds said: “The time to make money when blood is flowing on the streets.” 😀 Also, the UK economy always followed a boom, bust, war, boom cycle. So we are probably overdue a war 😀 There is nothing like a war to get the economy moving 😀 If it wasn’t for those pesky nukes 😀

      • Wars are also used as a ‘tool’ for ‘thinning down the population’ or ‘herd’ as the ‘good farmer’ would say 😀 We are probably overdue a thinning of the herd 😀 Even Marx talked about this when he stated that left to their own devices the proletariat would overproduce – and would dilute the value of their own Labour. And as Marx said maybe given their low IQ they just couldn’t help themselves 😀 Maybe this is why we have turned into an ‘Idiocracy’ 😀 Just a thought 😀

  7. Good find Hugo SWilliamisam did some great work back in the day… I doubt he is working for free now though!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  8. Whatever he calls himself , along with all the other blue bits of weird evil alien mold trying to pass as human. I think of them as the moldy cheese touch scene from `Diary Of A Wimpy Kid`. And that`s being cruel to cheese.

  9. Great video …Could be another matt handcock …guess we’re going to have to come up with a whole new range of superlative adjectives …scumbag …slimeball …arse faced weasel …weasel faced arse …entity just doesn’t seem to cut it!

  10. people who use aliases are are often victims of mind control, demonic possession or have had their minds fragmented by a traumatic event. Just look at tony “miranda” blair

  11. Thank goodness there is nobody in my family like that.

  12. This was the brilliant Swilliamism, who did some really great videos, but stopped posting a while back. You can still view his work on YT. He is bang on about this weasel as he was about many other things. Thanks for posting, Hugo.

    • Yes, where did Swilliamson go? He could have done some great coverage of the protests

  13. Great stuff . thank you.

    Shapps is a “charlatan” as is the rest of theses evil Twisted nut jobs running the Shite Show!!!

    Well done France 🇫🇷 💪

    Hopefully a idea 💡 will brew & were be able to maybe comes up with some kinda similar things. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ but anything’s worth try
    .. as you can see I not great at writing so I won’t nominate to compose a letter lol

    Cheers Hugo
    Have nice evening to All

    • Not going to said his so called name, with a number of identity what’s he got to hide ?
      Great clip hope his brought down very soon 🎻

      • He won’t unless the people do it. We can’t hope for another Hancock incident…..

  14. Canadian guy called Patrick King being interviewed by Stew Peters.
    Patrick was arrested and fined for breaching lockdown rules in Alberta. So in his defence, he asked Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer to provide proof the Covid-19 virus has be isolated.
    Guess what…they couldn’t provide it!
    So there is now a record in a Canadian court of law stating that proof of the existence of the specific virus called covid 19 cannot be provided.
    Is this a breakthrough?

    Watch the video and decide for yourself…

    • Canada Alberta just pulled all lockdowns as no proof measures work, might be linked to this 🙂

      Doctor in the UK about to be done for telling the truth aswell, he can’t lose in short, also highlighting that Covid is a Hoax!!

      Then they had jab’s and made Corona virus’s as deadly as they claimed it was, so they can pretend lockdowns is what stopped what’s about to come and they really tried and it was all real, and the sheep will well hide in there houses for ever more!! baaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  15. On the France news story, all I’ve got to say is Vive Le France, Allez Les Bleus. Keep kicking Macron in the onions. Don’t relent. If France is the first globalist domino to topple I’ll raise a glass of fine French red to you all. I’m across the border in worryingly compliant Spain. Not so much in a sleep as more in a deep coma. There have been some good initiatives here like doctors for truth, police for freedom, etc., and some resistance but the general population just loves to be told what to do it seems. After all why think for yourself when someone else can do it for you?

    • Yeh, I was living in Mallorca until recently, and I was convinced the Spanish would wear a mask forever!! There’s gonna be no revolution there, they are too compliant. They do as they are told.

    • I’m also in Spain but my VPN has me placed somewhere else…

      Completely off subject, I want to turn peoples attention to the sky,,, So, down here in the south of Spain the sky at night is beautifully clear. About a week ago I decided to do a bit of star gazing when I noticed a continually lit object moving across the sky, I’d guess, high altitude. If it wasn’t for the movement it would be easily mistaken as a star. Then, only a couple of minutes later I seen another one. Not far behind each object (30 seconds or so) was a plane (easy to identify due to the alternate flashing of the red and green wing beacons).

      I first witnessed around 10:15pm. With the curiosity getting the better of me I checked again at around 11pm and 12am etc… Each time I would look up I would eventually within a couple of minutes see it happen again but on a different trajectory. Lit star like objects moving across the sky at high altitude with a plane not too far behind.

      Since the first observation I have made it a habit every night to look at the stars, and sure enough, same thing over and over each night. I have literally just seen it again 10 minutes ago and 30 minutes before that.

      My first thoughts were that, perhaps, it was the placement of satellites and my second thoughts maybe just a plane flying at a really high altitude? I don’t know if satellites are lit and I don’t believe planes illuminate when flying?

      Therefor, It would be greatly appreciated if you can all help by observing the sky at night to see if anyone can confirm my observations?


  16. has anyone else noticed he has got red eyes that make him look a little evil

  17. Ecuador the Military are backing the public against the police 🙂

    And in the UK, still fast asleep!! 🙁

  18. You couldn’t make this stuff up! What ever will happen in next episode of ‘scum suckers in power? ‘

  19. My Nickname for Grant Schapps is “Chucky”,he puts me in mind of the Chucky Doll,especially with the evil smile & the Ginger Hair!.I have loads of nicknames for the Tories!.

  20. Some scary news just in, ‘Apple to scan iPhones for child sex abuse images, and report back to law enforcement. Of course like BT’s internet ‘Cleanfeed’ filter it will start out with ‘child abuse images’ before branching out 😀

    ‘Apple to scan iPhones for child sex abuse images

    Apple has announced details of a system to find child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on customers’ devices.

    Before an image is stored onto iCloud Photos, the technology will search for matches of already known CSAM.

    Apple said that if a match is found a human reviewer will then assess and report the user to law enforcement.

    However there are privacy concerns that the technology could be expanded to scan phones for prohibited content or even political speech.

    Experts worry that the technology could be used by authoritarian governments to spy on its citizens.

    Apple said that new versions of iOS and iPadOS – due to be released later this year – will have “new applications of cryptography to help limit the spread of CSAM online, while designing for user privacy”.

    The system works by comparing pictures to a database of known child sexual abuse images compiled by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and other child safety organisations.

    Those images are translated into “hashes”, numerical codes that can be “matched” to an image on an Apple device.

    Apple says the technology will also catch edited but similar versions of original images.

    “Before an image is stored in iCloud Photos, an on-device matching process is performed for that image against the known CSAM hashes,” Apple said.

    The company claimed the system had an “extremely high level of accuracy and ensures less than a one in one trillion chance per year of incorrectly flagging a given account”.

    Apple says that it will manually review each report to confirm there is a match. It can then take steps to disable a user’s account and report to law enforcement.

    The company says that the new technology offers “significant” privacy benefits over existing techniques – as Apple only learns about users’ photos if they have a collection of known CSAM in their iCloud Photos account.

    However some privacy experts have voiced concerns.

    “Regardless of what Apple’s long term plans are, they’ve sent a very clear signal. In their (very influential) opinion, it is safe to build systems that scan users’ phones for prohibited content,” Matthew Green, a security researcher at Johns Hopkins University, said.

    “Whether they turn out to be right or wrong on that point hardly matters. This will break the dam — governments will demand it from everyone.”‘

  21. Another scoundrel: Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, canceled his visit to Israel after it turned out he has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

    Let that sink in a minute: The CEO of Pfizer has not taken his own company’s vaccine.

    Bourla and members of the delegation that was meant to accompany him during his visit were not vaccinated. As a result, the visit was delayed. Bourla said in December that he had not yet received the vaccine yet because he does not want to “cut in line” and would wait until his age group is next in line for getting vaccinated.


  22. Ah Hugo thank you, there is so much deception now from both sides that I am struggling to see through it all. All I know is that when we collectively ‘allowed’ government to sacrifice our elderly for the common good in March/April last year to ‘save’ the NHS we opened the door to hell. Personally I no longer believe in viral contagion. Virus in Latin means poison. I think symptoms like coughing, sneezing, fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, rash, aches, pain etc. is our body’s way of detoxifying from toxins derived from bacteria, food, water, air pollution, chemicals, medicines, vaccines, electro magnetic radiation (to be massively increased), poor sanitation and so on. It appears contagious as groups of people in same settings seem to ‘catch’ it at the same time but probably all came into contact with same toxin. Clean water (without the added extras) sanitation and better nutrition have done more for the health of the human race than big pharma’s potions. Real science would allow debate and informed and free choice. Dr Tom Cowan and Dr Stefan Lanka’s theories make more sense to me.

  23. Does anyone here know what happened to Samuel William (the creator of this video who had the YouTube name swilliamism)? He seemed to vanish from all social media around the end of 2019.

  24. What a three faced evil little weasel this man is and yet Boris and the rest of his cronies entertain him. This government is getting more corrupt by the minute!

  25. Great video. Argh I always felt there was something slimy about him but I didn’t know any of this. Is our whole government criminals! How is this allowed to happen — they all need removing.

  26. Schnapps was elected with a whopping 10,000 majority at the last election. In 2005 he won the seat from Labour. So his constituents believe he’s an OK guy & all this is ‘conspiracy theories’!

  27. One rule for them, another rule for the rest of us 😀

    ‘The president of the UK’s upcoming climate change conference is under fire for reportedly travelling to more than 30 countries in seven months.

    The Daily Mail said seven of the places visited by Alok Sharma were also on the Covid red list – but he used an exemption available to ministers to not have to quarantine on his return.

    The government said face-to-face meetings were “crucial” ahead of COP26.

    But Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford called it “inexplicable”.

    He said all government ministers “have to demonstrate that we too mean business” in tackling climate change if they want the public to follow suit – and travelling so often “doesn’t advance the cause”.

    Liberal Democrat transport spokeswoman Sarah Olney also criticised the government’s quarantine exemption policy, saying it showed there was “one rule for them and another for everybody else”.

    The Daily Mail also claimed Mr Sharma held a meeting with Prince Charles days after returning from Bangladesh – a red list country – before going on a visit to a primary school.

    The newspaper said the meeting with the prince was held indoors and without masks.

    Mr Sharma is currently in Brazil – also a red list country – and has tweeted that he is having “constructive meetings”.

    Prince Charles and Alok Sharmaimage sourceReutersimage captionPrince Charles met Alok Sharma in June – days after the minister’s return from a red list country

    Mr Sharma left his post as business secretary in January to take over the presidency of COP26 – the United Nations Climate Chance Conference due to take place in Glasgow in November.

    Since then, he has met with dignitaries across the globe to discuss climate commitments ahead of the conference – despite the ongoing pandemic.

    Asked by the BBC’s Nick Robinson in June how he defended his air travel when he is leading on environmental policy, he said it was “really important” to meet other governments to discuss plans and the visits had been “targeted”.

    But Mr Drakeford said ministers “couldn’t exempt themselves” from the changes we all needed to make to tackle climate change.


    He told BBC News: “I accept that there are some crucial meetings where being in the same room with other people does bring a new dimension to your ability to make progress. [But] was that necessary 30 times in the lead up to COP26? That I think is a completely different matter.

    “We need to maximise the way in which we avoid travel and we avoid adding to the emissions that creates and we need to lead by example, and I am afraid that is not what we are seeing.”

    The Green Party’s Baroness Jones also said she “despaired at the inability of Tory ministers to grasp their hypocrisy of talking about our climate emergency then behaving as normal.”

    But a government spokesman said: “Helping the world tackle the climate emergency is an international priority for the government.

    “Virtual meetings play a large part, however face-to-face meetings are key to success in the climate negotiations the UK is leading as hosts of COP26 and are crucial to understanding first-hand the opportunities and challenges other countries are facing in the fight against climate change.”

    It is also understood the government plans to offset the emissions associated with travel by Mr Sharma and other UK officials in the run up to COP26.

    Exemption for ministers

    Mr Sharma is also facing further criticism for not quarantining on his return from the trips, including from red list countries, such as Bangladesh and Turkey.

    UK citizens are advised not to travel to red list countries “except in the most extreme of circumstances” – but if they do, they are required by law to quarantine in a government-approved hotel for 10 days at a cost of £2,285 for one adult.

    However, “Crown servants” – or government ministers – are exempt from this rule if they travel to carry out “essential government work”.

    Lib Dem Ms Olney said the policy should the government had “fallen completely out of touch with the concept of decency”.

    She added: “While Alok Sharma flies to red list countries with abandon, hard-working families can hardly see loved-ones or plan holidays as the government changes travel rules on the hoof.

    “People are sick of the government giving themselves get-out-of-jail free passes while the rest of us stick to the rules.”

    The government said Covid tests were taken frequently by Mr Sharma and all members of the delegation, and measures were put in place to ensure social distancing at all events.

  28. A Jewish Freemason from BnB working for another Jew Cameron.

  29. I would not be surprised that this is some dodgy Israeli company that works for their secret services or for Jewish criminal mob from Las Vegas

    What is COVID Plandemic and spike protein ‘vaccines’ really about?
    It’s a systematic extermination of debtors done by creditors.
    Banking cartel don’t want you to find out their crimes
    so it proactively kills you before you come to the same conclusion and kill them. Do you really think it’s because
    of overpopulation and they started it just now?
    Remember time works against us.

  30. “A Self Help GURU” he certaintaly seems to be good at helping himself: the raison d’être for most politicians!

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