Grant Shapps Says ‘FOR EVERMORE’ #EnoughIsEnough / Hugo Talks #lockdown

84 Comments on “Grant Shapps Says ‘FOR EVERMORE’ #EnoughIsEnough / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. What a fkin wanker…he can shove his jabs up his arse..hope he drops dead real soon

    • Not just him, the rest of those wankers in that place of corruption wankerment – sorry I mean parlament

      • What’s the point of striking that’s another name for lockdown. Understand Phillip Davis MP told someone in Oct 2020 Vaccine Passports would be needed. Told someone on Richie Show. It’s Gates Agenda World Wide that World Leaders and Prince Charles are following. Climate change and all that.

      • Annie, show some solidarity with the cause, will you…

    • I had a phone call from a friend in Paris this morning. She said that no one there is taking absolutely no notice of the restrictions & said why are the British so asleep!

    • Stop these politicians in the street! Dont serve them in shops! Give them grief! Ireland pubs/resteraunts have sold out and all asking for passports!!!

    • Like it😄 I HATE this evil eye piece of crap.
      The W who brought face muzzle’s in LAST June on public transport Kick him out in Welwyn Garden & Hatfield to treat him for what he done to people life’s

    • I share that wish too, but the problem there is that he almost certainly hasn’t been vaccinated, so probably won’t be.

  2. The recent court decision in Alberta Canada is going to put a bomb under all of this Covid and vaccine bullshit then a lot of politicians are going to find themselves facing justice from some very angry people.

  3. These people should be hanged! Seriously!
    I am starting to appreciate the French revolution more and more each day! Before it was just a history lesson,but now I see how people felt back then and why they took the action that they did.

    • The French Revolution isn’t what you were told it was,the same group that are responsible for this crap show we are now in were responsible for the Revolution also…The Illuminati…..luciferians through and through.

      • Very true, Seamus. Aka the Jesuits, who are also Luciferians.

      • You forgot to mention the communists since that’s who was behind it Seamus.
        And incidentally, communism was invented by the Zionist Jews.

    • Me to I didn’t think I’d ever say this but I salute the French for doing this I stand with them 100%

    • These human beings.. the government… are.. ruled by evil…..

      They will be judged soon… and its not looking good for them……

      Hold on people…… soon all will be back to normal soon…… …. higher powers will see to it… not of this world…… trust me….

  4. I’m not sure what is wrong with the british sheep. If we dont fight now ‘we’ will just cease from being!!! The Fench need to blow some of that fire over here!!

    • The British are not stupid. Just brainwashed by constant fearmongering. My friends and family included. Try and wake up one person a day – it will help!

      • They’re looking quite stupid right now.

  5. All a big game. All about centralising . Banks. If we say no. No. They have no power. I have said No. Join me .

  6. It really makes me depressed, reaction of the public is below the joke.

  7. I think my crib need to move to France!! More balls than the average Brit sheep, I’m ashamed of my country!!

  8. There is only one solution to this situation, WAR! Arrest the scum and capital punishment for them as, what they really are, genocidal war criminals!

  9. Hugo just been informed my wife and I cannot attend my cousins wedding next month. Cant say im shocked or anything as they are all committed vaxers. I will always love my family over there, perhaps I’m being reactive to the news but I guess we will never again share a venue or event together.

    They have succumbed to the two teir society!

    • I am so sorry to hear that, Just so depressed right now that people in the UK are not reacting to this like the French-I hope that we never become a two tier society.

    • I feel your pain. Of 4 siblings, two of us do not want the jab, the other two have had it. Our own mother who did not want it was coerced by one of them to have it, ” either you have it or you will never be able to step in my home!”. The damage done physically, mentally and socially around the world is unmeasurable. I have been waiting and waiting for Spain, where my 90 year old mum lives, to be put on the green list. I believe now this is never going to happen, so after much prayer I have decided to take a leap of faith and go later this month. I haven’t seen her for a whole year and she is desperate to see me and she is in much need of tlc. These tyrants could not care less about all the damage they are doing, do not care if families, friends and loved ones living in other countries cannot travel to see each other, assist to funerals, weddings etc. If it wasn’t for my mum I would not contemplate going abroad on holiday. I would not want to comply with all these absurd protocols, covid tests, etc, and now the clear discrimination between the jabbed and the unjabbed. I mean, why the jabbed can travel without testing, but I have to have it 72 hours before? The jab does not give them inmunity. I do not believe in these money making covid tests, and I am only having those required to be able to see my mum under duress. At least they are not invasive like the synthetic gene therapy jabs which are irreversible. It is all farsical and a way of coercing more and more people to succumb to the jab. I know their game and I will not succumb with God’s help.

      • I heard Guardians 300 who deal with common law, helped a woman leave quarantine with her children. Might be worth a check out of their service.

      • Millions of Thinkers will feel your pain my friend. Sad, sad times indeed. But just like you, I fail to understand the logic in this Vax Apartheid. If the sheep have had their ‘ vaccine’ why are they STILL shit-frit of me, you and the great Unvaxxed??? Nothing makes sense…. And never has! It still doesn’t help your awful predicament. Love and strength to you. 💪


  11. We need to become more organised, any ideas?

  12. Shapps is a globalist puppet. Greedy and corrupt just like the rest of the puppets in Parliament. They can shove their ‘new world’ up their arse.
    Do not comply!

    • Totally agree, Globalist should be made a crime. It is totally ant-democratic.

    • He’s also committing treason to this country and he is at war with a British people the same as the other bank is in Parliament which are not fit for purpose

  13. When a person is not in their right mind that is already programmed by taking alien V into their bodies. This is now not a human talking as many others but taking and giving orders through Mind Control. We must always be a step ahead👍🏾

  14. This moron will be on the dole in the next few months after what came out of Manitoba Canada were the chirf medical officer could not provide evidence of the Covid-19 isolated. Once this spreads across the world there are going to be a lot of collabarating world leaders will be trialed for their tyriney against their countries.
    Watch all these scumbags say they were just following the advice of their scientist. Yet they took no notice of the truth from real scientist who were telling the truth. Their are going to be a lot of jail sentences and hangings for tyriney.

  15. There was a classic protest sign when Obama was elected in the USA stating ” Same shit, different arsehole” . It is the same here they all have the same agenda. Pretend the public are getting what they want while killing off the people who have paid in and now want money out. Kill off the sick and disabled. Keep a few healthy people to work for the corporations. While the “elite” do as they please.

  16. The problem is with this country is, that if it’s true and 70 odd % are jib jabbed, these people don’t give a shit about us the minority. So long as they can go to restaurants, pubs, events etc.they have the “Well, I’m alright Jack” mentality. They are selfish, uncaring, unfeeling look out for number one, ignoramuses. Their fellow men are absolutely nowhere on their radar. So unfortunately, we are off to a really bad start numbers wise as so many of them allowed themselves to be deceived. Basically, they don’t care one iota about us, they are completely illogical and have no idea where they are being led. It will be a bit bloody late when they realise but I genuinely think, the penny will never drop with them.
    I knew we were going to be banned forever from going abroad a long time ago so it comes as no surprise.
    However, we will overcome this tyranny. We will find a way.
    Remember the old saying “give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves”
    Keep the spirit everyone. We will get out of this.

    • This vaccine has been pushed through the medical and political establishment. I think in years to come a range of medical problems will arise in those who have been vaccinated.
      Why do people not remember the problems and grief caused by the thalidomide scandal! The biggest man-made medical disaster up to now. I think in years to come this jab thing will create even more medical problems.

      This jab thing is making a lot of rich people even richer.

    • The UK population are not stupid they appear to be totally brainwashed by the MSM and govt including most of my friends and family. The French must be less susceptible to mind control. If we could wake more people up to what is REALLY happening we could have month long national strikes too and a full blown revolution if necessary. We had a bloody Civil War in C17 remember!

      Please try and wake up one person a day and you will have done your bit. For ideas please see and google the white rose uk website.

      • It’s not a case of stupidity or mind control, there’s no solidarité in England.

    • You’re right , all the middle class nobbers have been jabbed and think they are safe so they don’t care about the rest. In France 🇫🇷 everyone is on the same page, rich , poor, doctors, lawyers, bin men, EVERYONE.
      There’s no solidarité in England.

  17. I’m not a believer, normally, in the death sentence.. However, I truly think its time to hang, shoot, lethal injection, I do not care, these b’s.. They do not give a shit and are evil NAZI BASTARDS.. Hamans of this planet, you will hang by your own noose.. And I will be watching and eating my popcorn when you do!!

  18. The time for talking is over, thank God for the French spirit. They are real men and women, strong and courageous. We must follow their lead and take these satanic entities out, one by one. We know what we have to do.

  19. I am really surprised at how compliant the Irish have been. It isn’t that long ago they had the IRA fighting and blowing things up, they even tried to blow up the British government in Brighton. Unless that was all an illusion as well, but I don’t think it was.

    So how did they go from that, to this total non resistance now?

    As for British people – accepting kids being jabbed is just pathetic, if that is allowed to happen then we’ve lost, permanently and forever.

    How can you get a more emotive rallying cry to get people resisting than kids being injected with this shit?

    • In my Midlands town they still wear face nappies whilst driving alone! What chance do we have???? I’m sickened and sadened by their complicity. What I can’t understand is how they think that THEY are somehow better. They can still catch and spread this flu, so what makes them superior? And why are they shit-frit of us THINKERS who haven’t had the vaxtermination jab’? Totally brainwashed sheep! We’re in deep doo doo 😕

  20. welcome to the great reset, you will own nothing but will be happy ( apparently ) 🙂

  21. Who physically stops us going abroad? The airlines? Airport security? Who are the people to target ?

    • Go to Dover or similar, pay some fisher man £100 to drop you near the french coast, preferably with a bike made to float ofcourse, then you can ride anywhere you want in Europe and a quick boat trip / swim and pop down to Africa aswell.

      Ways around everything!!

      • That won’t work if money is outlawed and you have to go digital. We will all be in a digital jail cell.

  22. He left off the word “order” when he said “new world”….but that’s ok because we know what he means and finally a corrupt, greedy, untrustworthy and dishonourable politician has outrightly admitted what this all is and which most of us recognised well over a year ago.

  23. You see the thing is, ask yourself who are the losers?
    The vaxxed think they have special privileges, like going abroad but that’s no privilege. The trade off is even more poison thrust into every orifice. Vaxxed for life and even when vaxxed, quarantine and PCR tests IE. even more shit to screw their bodies up. And they are lucky? I don’t think so. We remain here and keep our bodies, minds and brains intact, thank you very much! Winners!
    Our resolve will be getting right up the oligarchs evil snotty little noses. We know how to piss them off. 😂

  24. Other news today…………………

    Isreal, cases spiking despite 99% approx being double jabbed, saying if you haven’t had your 3rd jab then 6x’s as likely to die, which confirms your immunity is trashed and it’s jabs for life as expected or death ofcourse.

    UFO’s coming back aswell, they planted the seed, let it simmer, but there back more seed planting or is it fake alien invasion, we must all stay home, switch off all the power and hope they pass us by I guess LOL

    As expected this hell we live in, is never ever going to end, but atleast we get less BS over the summer yeah!!

    • Don’t be conspiracy theorists, they are only flattening the curve!

    • Concidering huge disparity, in that most of the poeple who have tested positive have had the Bill Gates Mandated injections it seems clear they are driving the problem, they are certintaly not stopping anything,,, yet we have idiot politicians like this with big flapping mouths who forget there place in society, “elected” and soon to be ejected.

    • I thought deleted, but it just plays up and loses some, or delays on showing you for a bit, when it’s saying Posting, don’t go off the page or it won’t post.

  25. The Bill Gates Injections and digital Chip/Pasports have been predicted for about 17 years that I know of,, of course it was only conspiricy theorists that spoke of it,,, then again people are people and they get restless, the only think that is holding them at present is the virus fairytale but they are learning how dangerous the injections are. Just like Rats they will stop taking the poison ad start biting back hard.

  26. well done France keep it up and stay strong, there going to throw everything at us because we won’t conform, there agenda is seriously in trouble, there plan is covid passports, social credit system, universal basic income, digital citizenship to use the internet, highly possible, microchipped population linked to a global computer transhumanism with the jab. exactly what the covid hoax was used for. there pumping the propaganda out hourly, interrogating us confusing us, mental toucher, turn the net of for a month or so and they cart get at you, until they bring the helicopters out with there microphones pumping it out, they don’t want us to forget, its mind control, keep resisting stay strong. where under attack and they are the virus. we need to watch out for. there keeping there manufactured computer virus alive. because they know there isn’t one and never has been, there laughing at us and its about control.

  27. I have always admired the French not so much on the men but their principles. You go there and try to ask a French person a question in English they blank you and I am sure they will be swearing in French. Bravo France 🇫🇷 👏 🙌 👍 well done and keep it up

  28. This announcement comes as no surprise. Sadly I accepted many months ago that I will never leave this island again.
    Unfortunately with the majority jabbed, who hate the unjabbed the Government will get away with this. I am secure knowing I have not had the poison though.

  29. No flying for evermore or jabbed for evermore…..easy choice🖕

  30. So what they are saying is this plan demic is never going away! That’s an odd one ….most pandemics have a life span of about 1year – 18 months!

  31. France has gone up many levels in my book ,hope uk follows in there footsteps ,we need block of the roads in London on a weekday , disrupt the working day in London for them to really listen

  32. Don’t forget Shapps is the same cunt who, bold as brass, said on BBC Breakfast the other week, “we know people who’ve been double vaccinated at more risk of catching covid.”

  33. Satans time is short all these demonic demons will pay dearly for these crimes .Trust in the Lord.

    • Agree Neil. But good people I know with principles are just as brainwashed atm. I hope our continued efforts to waken them gradually bring them around…. white rose uk website has some good ideas for enlightening the unenlightened which includes all my friends and family. SMH 🙁

  34. a Canadian guy called Patrick King being interviewed on The Stew Peters Show
    Patrick was arrested and fined for breaching lockdown rules in Alberta. So in his defence, he asked Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer to provide
    proof the Covid-19 virus has been isolated , guess what…..they couldn’t provide it!
    So there is now a record in a Canadian court of law stating that proof of the existence of the specific virus cannot be provided.
    Could this be a breakthrough….Watch the video and decide for yourself…

  35. While bumbling Boris government remain in power will continue impose these crazy covid restrictions to control the pandemic that isn’t

    • It does not who is ‘ in power’ as we have NO opposition whatsoever, Herr Schwabb and his gang are ruling the roost.

  36. We the people have to put in power someone/people we trust. No one currently in govt so have to look outside it.

  37. People from day one they knew COVID restrictions are here to stay for years.
    A friend of mine who works at the banks in Canary Wharf, London told me that during the 1st lockdown 80% staff had to work from home but some were still coming to the main offices.
    An empty office was a good opportunity to carry out all sorts of repairs but interestingly they were also reinstalling all sorts of devices to make interaction in the office as much contactless as possible. They already knew COVID is going to be an ongoing bio-warfare psy-op not a one-off thing.
    What I mean by that are all doors that open with a contactless switch or on a sensor, contactless water taps and contactless flush in the toilets, they replaced all of that during 1st lockdown because they knew it is here to stay so they can maintain COVID regime.
    This was prepared for some people who eventually had to come back to the office once they lift the lockdown but as you know not for long.

  38. Hugo you have to understand that what is going on in France is not a grass root movement.
    It’s virtually impossible to organize such large scale protests without some powerful people’s involvement and coordination.
    It could be that some secret services or masonic lodges gone rogue.
    Secret services infiltrate trade unions and they handle the Yellow Vest movement.
    Yellow Vests were used against Macron in the past and again it is used against him.
    It’s not possible to achieve a large scale grass root movement especially in a country that has been subject to a globalist agenda for so many years.
    Of course I am still interested how this is going to pan out.
    In the countries under banksters boot like in the UK, US or Germany you will not find any powerful allies.
    All are just cowards who wait for orders from Rothschild or his dogs.

  39. I hope this Nazi are his brothers in evil are hung, drawn and quaterered on PPV
    Blessings to all who resist!

  40. NO MASK
    NO JAB
    NO COMPLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And turn to Jesus Christ, he could return any second 😄😄🥰

  41. I live in France. The protests will result in violence soon, then we will see the military on the streets and curfews/martial law. Watch this space, the NWO know exactly what will happen in France. I hear ration books are already being printed. I wonder why…..

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