PILLS Twice A Day / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. People who still believe the official narrative have literally lost their minds.

  2. They are so desperate to kill us off. Well, we ain’t going anywhere. Also when they say they want to bring these tablets out at the end of the year, you can be sure it will be much sooner. Wakey-wakey people of earth, time to wake up from the dream into reality.

  3. Ha ha. They think we are as unevolved evolved as them . Who are really the fool . X

  4. Looks / Sounds like a Treatment once you’ve got it ? but we already have that several of them so confused.

    Won’t be able to prove taking well unless monthly blood tests ofcourse which I guess will be the solution, obviously the sheep will take without question.

    Side Effects might LOL include feeling smarter, while actually being dumber then they’ll all want it to feel smarter, Idiocracy incoming.

    Graphene Oxide is already Nano Particle Technology, maybe there turning us super human to with stand some cosmic radiation burst there not admitting to ?? and not out to kill us all!

    • In all this carnage, you’re statement made me belly laugh! I love it! Cheers Les 👌✌️

    • And contaminate the very water you will drink and use daily. Not very smart now is it Jo. People need to stop thinking things like Water and food comes from a magical fairy land, it doesn’t and by throwing those drugs in the toilet you are contaminating alot of people’s water and your own needlessly, Throw them in the Bin! We don’t want to help them along guts!

    • I suggest you dispose with your regular rubbish. Flushing them will contaminate the water supply.

  5. This really goes to show, that there is no profit in the healthy. Not just healthy in body, but healthy in mind!

    A sheep spends it’s life in fear of the wolf, only to be eaten by the Shepherd in the end.


      • There’s already loads of druggies out there – they don’t know it though! All those people on statins, which kill, slowly and painfully. How many people do you know who take Amiltryptilene-haven’t spelled it correctly, it seems to be prescribed for anything and everything, it is a nasty drug and difficult to get off, I have been there. Unless you have broken bones or need stitching avoid ‘medicine’ it’s anything but.

    • …. or they THINK that their ‘safety’ depends on a drug. Fking morons!

  6. They are really desperate to wipe us out. They will stick their pills 💊 where the sun don’t shine

    • I think the endgame is One World Religion ( satanism) and transhumanism. The satanists want to create a new hybrid as the image of their god baphomet who is depicted as androgynous half male and half female.

  7. For a virus with a mortality rate of 0.26%.

    Tyrannical governments..

  8. That video of the WEF with the woman giving a microchip pill speech popped into my head to be honest. The internet of things.

  9. Folks are being erased and no one retaliates to kill the killers. What the fuck?

  10. Equilibrium
    Film by Kurt Wimmer (2002)

    ,,Equilibrium” is a vision of a dark future as well as a fairy tale of a man who finds his way back to himself as a human being.

    The daily intake of an emotionally deadening drug imposed by the regime leads to a wasting death of individuality and the loss of emotions in people, reducing them to a biologically functional existence. Anyone who stops taking their ,,medication” and begins to feel can only expect death. Against the will of the state authority, some rebels nevertheless refuse to take the drug.

    When the protagonist Preston listens reverently to the music of Beethoven and it becomes clear with what restrictive force any feeling has been held back in him for years, then a future thriller becomes a human drama, then the film proves how perfectly a scenario of conformity and control could be created, in order to now slowly rid itself of these shackles by its protagonist, who as a former product of the regime now fights its grandiose lie.

    Equilibrium Film


  11. This could be the anti-clotting medication. Then another pill to counter the AE of that , and yet another… We could be taking 50 pills daily. On account of some computer model.

  12. It’s been known for years that human immunity to disease was on the wane. A simple programme of cheap vitamins and other food supplements could have prevented much which has happened in the past 18 months, but where was the profit in that for Big Pharma?

  13. Reaching the end of its testing? When did they start making them? So yet more trials for the human guinea pigs. Australia will be empty soon. A war of the worlds – their abnormal one and our beautiful one.

  14. Roche in Switzerland who Hugo mentions in his video are actually in partnership with a Boston ( USA ) based company called Atea Pharmaceuticals and the actual name of the pill is called `AT-527`. Here are a couple of articles on it from April this year from Reuters https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/roche-looking-new-place-test-covid-19-pill-after-cases-plummet-uk-2021-04-21/ and Bloomberg https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/roche-s-covid-pill-tests-delayed-by-u-k-s-swift-vaccine-drive-1.1593121

    Hugo asks where is this going and what about the boosters ? The pills are designed to change your mood and make you more compliant and erm , happy !

  15. Absolutely yes these evil monsters are most definitely trying to kill us all off, and they are getting stinking rich in doing so too! I read on the front pages of the Daily Mirror that the CEO of Pfizer Bioentech and his wife are both billionaires, who were even working in their lab concocting their evil potions on their wedding day! Makes me think of Shakespeare’s Macbeth with the evil witches making their brew!!! Did anyone else here see that article? It was at least a year ago, but it sure did send a chill down my spine when I saw it! These evil bastards live purely to get filthy rich by making this poison, and with jabs, boosters and now pills they’re making a gold mine by genocide! All that aside, yesterday I had the serious misfortune to end up in our local a&e as I was taken ill with stomach pains. As I went in without my husband, the doctor standing at the entrance handed me a mask which I refused to wear. She refused to let my husband into hospital with me, but he fought against her bravely, and walked into a&e to give me my overnight bag!!! Bravo my lovely hubby!!! Of course he then had to leave. He was very brave standing up to this evil cow though!! She took my temperature and was well miffed when it was normal!! Later she interrogated me as to why I wouldn’t wear a mask, and I told her firmly that I’m exempt, but she kept pestering me. So I told her a valid reason which thankfully shut her up! Anyway the care I received was crap, and I ended up spending most of my time sitting in a hospital wheelchair in the waiting room, with awful stomach pain which makes me so bloody angry! You wouldn’t treat an animal like that!!! Absolutely disgusting!! So glad to be home again with my lovely hubby, and I told him I will never, ever go back there again which he agreed to. Jeez folks just what the fuck is going on here??????? Anyway before I left the hospital, I got chatting to a lovely young Mum who was sitting caring for her poorly son. They had been forced to sit out in the foyer of a&e and had clearly been waiting for several hours. My heart went out to them both. This poor lady was in tears, so I gave her a huge hug! We had a big chat, and it turned out that she agreed with me that covid is a huge scam, and we were able to share our views about it which was amazing! It was the absolute first time that I had ever been able to do that with anybody, so I was totally gobsmacked!! I encouraged this dear lady to check out our group here, and she also watches Carl Vernon regularly and Vernon Coleman too!! How amazing and totally uplifting is that!!!! We had a huge hug together, and I felt completely overwhelmed and thrilled to have met her. Life is so full of incredible surprises!!! I just wanted to share this with you all here. I’m doing all I can to fight for our cause, as I know we are all doing what is right. No masks, crap pcr tests, hand sanitising, jabs or anything for me!!!! God bless you all here, God bless you dear Hugo, I think you’re absolutely amazing, and thank you so very much for everything you are doing here. Sleep tight all!!!

    • Not seen the article, but I studied Macbeth. Sounds reminiscent of Lady Macbeth. The witches weren’t necessarily evil, they spoke in riddles.

      I tore ligaments in both ankles last Wednesday. Went to A + E.. Failed to notice the gestapo on the door, like glorified bouncers. After showing my papers, we were allowed entry. I did wear a modified mask, one I’d cut holes in so I could breathe. I nevertheless complained loudly about said mask and was seen within 10 minutes. Absolutely true.

    • Such a beautiful story..Made me smile that did..

  16. Nano technology they said, we know where this is going, linking it to the smartphone track and trace, transhumanism, not linking me up, still think its about the virus think again. I really hope enough people wake up in time….its not even a hoax anymore it’s the planned agenda… You can feel in the air for people who are awake so obvious…

    • It’s too late if we’re to believe the official stats. And the jabbed will be used as a proxy army. Look up the 8 stages of genocide.

    • A shame they didn’t make them as a suppositories, we could have truly told them to stick them where the sun don’t shine.

  17. Mayne they have created something where you need to take it or become ill

  18. No thanks. I’ll stick with Vitamins C and D3, thank you.Tried to Fool me once and shame on me,IF I believed you (which I did not).Try to Fool me twice and shame on YOU !

    I’m 81 and don’t even get colds, thanks to keeping my immune system, in great shape and I don’t take ANY type of INJECTIONS, especially when they call them “Vaccines”.

    • Good for you. Its all a scam. Well done and keep it up

  19. But they need to explain why anyone would need to take one of these as anyone with any intelligence knows covid doesnt exist

  20. For god sake bloody wake up and say no period. A new pill to replace oxycontin and opioids!!!! These are not FDA approved people.

  21. ‘Even nano particle technology,’ Jesus, bang goes another ‘conspiracy theory,’ proved right,

  22. how can we have confidence on Pfizer to provide a medicine? They have been lying for years…

  23. they are turning you into drug dependent junkies …do as you told or no drugs

  24. It is not the films The Giver or Equilibrium you want to watch, but the 2016 sci fi film Arcadia. Watch it and tell me this isn’t what is happening. As usual, advance notice given by films.

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