FRANCE NATIONAL STRIKE! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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      • Judging by the RMT clown who keeps popping up on BBC R4, firming in the Govt’s camp.

      • In with the Labour party and agree with them and management
        Lets fight these governments there coming for 16 year old and saying they don’t need parents consent.
        Parent’s on here threat and sue them .

  1. We need more countries to do this! Good for France!

  2. Well we can learn a lot from the French in this . They like a good strike at the best of times but at least they are showing sleaze bag Macron what they think of his policies – Vive La France & Vive la liberté !

    • Absolutely correct….they are leading the way!!…fantastico!…l always feel ‘inspired when people break out …UK are so compliant..

      • The majority of people in Ireland are brainwashed unthinking sheep, most of my friends and family are constantly on about me needing to take the jab otherwise I won’t be able to get a pint or eat in a restaurant or enjoy their company without a vaccine, stupid idiots. They are so gullible. People doing as they are told and no critical thinking, vaccine apartheid legislation in operation and police checking all the pubs, restaurants to make sure they complying. Respect and love to France for making a stand.

  3. the uk nedds to get a grip and rise like this .:)

  4. We need a leader that won’t take a bribe – Any thoughts ?

  5. And yet so many British gobshites have taken the jabs like lambs to the slaughter! Spineless cunts!

  6. Vive le France ……more bollocks than your average Brit… least they’re not sucking up to politicians like children sucking up to teacher. Many, many Brits should be ashamed of themselves for their ignorance and lack of courage…..go on average Brit go give teacher an apple…….wankers……

  7. Hugo makes a valid point as we know the government around the world have been actively seeking to destroy their economies.

  8. I live in France and percentage that took the jab is about 35 % and may even be lower. As yet I didn’t hear the details of the planned strike but Macron only got about 6% in the recent Departmental Elections so he’s pretty much detested.

  9. We are french and unvaxxed (waiting for the jabs to be fully tested and appoved “sic”), most of our friends are now jabbed. We have been to protests and so happy to meet like minded people (vaxxed as well). Going again on the weekend. Everyone in the world must unite against the governments (which are just puppets of TPTB) JUST SAY NO. GOOD LUCK.

    • Great to hear ALL people are against this ‘tyranny’…many calls..e-mails from Medical Centre…my response is (politely) l will take the ‘jab’…when the ‘Trials’ are over in 2023…THEN l will look at the data and then make a decision “….thank you for the invite”…..the loom of puzzlement on people’s faces…even friends&family!…

      • 2023 is Still a lot rushed, in my view !

    • You are absolutely right. And here in the USA…complete silence, it’s shameful. This is a real World War and the entire world should UNITE. And so far France is leading the battle…Liberté, Liberté, Liberté…Merci France.

  10. We only cripple ourselves. The only way is to not pay banks what we owe and to not enforce their retribution.

  11. To all Brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ join with me in Praying in Spirit against The Satanist Macron and his henchmen and evil rituals supporting and upholding this wicked government Pray for the Fire 🔥 of God” to confuse and weaken this Satanic stronghold “and that it will crumble and FALL” into the hands of the French People and be overrun “
    Blessings to you All “

    • I’m with you Wesley. Remember how we all clapped at 8pm on Thursday nights? Well everyone should visualise the fire in Macron’s head at 8pm every night and maybe the power of prayer will do something good.

      • Agreed Diana” I’m with you on this “
        8pm every night it is! Please keep spreading the word”
        God bless you dear sister
        Blessings to you from Down under 🇦🇺

  12. Gutless sheep cunts in the u.k.have bowed down to this scamdemic …sheep cunts

    • Kevin I agree with your sentiments but as for the c word! And they are useful whereas these gullible fools are not.

    • Judging by your choice of words, I am wondering if you are any relation to Matt ?

  13. This looks to be a spark of hope – Alberta man takes on State Government over a $1200 mask ticket by asking for authorities to provide evidence of a pandemic which would require a mask. This goes right up the chain and the Head of Medical Health Agency can’t provide anything under subpoena and so all Covid restrictions illegally put in place for reasons of an unproven pandemic are being removed – this looks to be a template for others around the world to follow – check it out:

  14. Well done Frenchies, take it all back about the surrender monkey stuff, you guys rock!!

    Brits are just useless brainless sheep with no opinions and that’s before the makes you dumber jab, absolutely disgusted with the British no back bone what so ever, just PC Woke useless, they deserve the Cull that’s hopefully coming to them.

    France, 3 hr drive to Dover, wet suite, inflated inner tubes and a quick 20mile swim to sanity and away from bloody sheep.

    Sooner the Brits start dying on mass, then sooner I’ll be happy,when they ring me up, omg your right, help, FUCK OFF and Go DIE!! Simples!!

    • Are you British? You’re tarring everyone with the same brush and some of us have a modicum of sense tho sadly a minority it seems.

      • the 90% who’ve had the death/dumb jab, them, likely only 2% of us smart enough to see what’s happening, most of my friends think I’m crazy, 1 laughed at me, took the jab don’t want covid AGAIN FFS, then died13hours later from a heart attack, yet despite the rest have still been rolling there sleeves up, moronic!!

        Younger than 30 are generally okay, above 30 generally sheep!!

      • BBC News has just reported that 75% of 18-29 year old have been jabbed 😀

        ‘BBC News: a place for like-minded souls who don’t follow the fakestream media 😀 ‘

      • (Turveyd)… There are a lot of us older ones…. I literally stalked my adult children through the first lockdown to get them to see sense. Thankfully they listened. My 82 year old mum told her doctor to get a gun if he wanted her dead as she doesn’t fancy lethal injection. 😂

    • The ” surrender monkeys” is what the English were taught at school, along with all the other lies about ww1 and 2.

    • A bit harsh maybe…son in forces..HAD to be jabbed….daughter MIR Radiographer…HAD to be ‘jabbed’ or lose her position….she did say..”mum , if l were going to have children l would definately NOT have the ‘jab’….lm truly shocked by the ‘coersion ‘ of people….

      • It’s sad to know that some people value their jobs, over life itself, even when they know their senior management are pure evil and that by taking the Jab they are effectively committing suicide.


    That is why Macron is making new laws, it is because the contracts with Jab Labs that are hidden from the public guinea pig says/orders the governments to make new laws about it…. This so disgusting, horrible, makes me want to vomit and becomes seriously demanding for a radical justice toward all the actors of this horrible against human conspiracy.

    Good luck to all of us, we will need it as their trap is so well organized since decades that it is almost alredau closed arround the whole world population. This is so evil !!!!!!!

  16. Call on all health care workers in France from La syndicat SUD Santé Sociaux to go on a unlimited strikes from today all over the country 🇫🇷

  17. Liberté égalité fraternité
    There is TOTAL solidarité in France, the national strike will happen and it will involve EVERYONE.
    Macron is dead in the water.

  18. I’m ashamed of the UK. Majority appear to be cuckold bitches to the Government. Where the hell is the bulldog spirit? Where’s the fight in the soul? I am truly ashamed that most of us here seem to love being pegged by “authority”


    Good luck France. Good to see you’ve still got strength and conviction as a nation. The only thing United about the UK is the suckling on the tit fear mongers. Weak bastards.

    • Yes mate! It has sickened me too! Even today, over a fortnight since the BS freedom Day, I STILL saw a Wally in a Mask, in his car… on his own!!!! That’s today!!! What chance of the UK standing up for their freedom!?? No f’king chance! There are just a few of us, but the stinking sheep will have us all wearing striped pyjamas before long. 😩 Vive La France!

    • ….”pegged by authority” and probably, their Wives !

  19. A strike will only play into their hands, then the blame is gone from them when the country collapses.

    • what utter bollocks – who do you represent Pfizer ?:

  20. Everybody on this strike needs to have the correct message, otherwise it’s just noise. What do others here think the correct message should be on the placards?

  21. Too right they need to find a way to hit the corporations whilst not damaging their local economy/Small businesses further!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  22. Global tyranny needs global revolution.

    The elites and their minions need to take the franken jab & own nothing.

    Lets see if they will be happy…

  23. Those comments that the Brits are weak and the French are syrong etc, should bear in mind that over here, we are still muzzled, with no exemptions. We also have full-on apartheid with a covid pass. Maybe we are being pushed further than you. I hope to find out more about the strike at Saturday’s demo.

  24. From 9 th Aug. Unlimited strike of all parisien hospitals.

  25. From 9th Aug unlimited fire fighter strike. Fire men also provide emergency transport for medical emergencies.

  26. Pity that we don’t do something similar in UK against our covid restriction and lost freedom

  27. First Covid/Flu death!

    He was 1 of us no jab, wife jabbed had covid/flu, symposium to dead in 4 days way to fast jab death speed.

    Early theory jabbed shedding and killing none jabbed, I’d kinda given up on might be correct, bad news for us.

    Still not having the jab, bettee dead than dumb and controlled.

  28. Well done France. Great Britain,how much longer will we put up with these power crazed ,tinpot politicians? Those who are supposed too serve us not themselves.

  29. Order out of chaos. They create the problem, then trick the masses into begging for the implementation of the solution that these cunts have always wanted. Vive la France.

  30. Catholicism means very little if a country is run by bankster approved socialists.

    I appreciate that you explain to people what Agenda is really about but do not exaggerate.
    Your attitude is a bit like Cullen’s – doomy and gloomy I would say appropriate maybe for women over 30.

    This agenda does not have to succeed and only by explaining it it won’t solve that problem.
    By explaining this in detail what you basically do is unwillingly promoting ideology of the globalist elite
    so this whole project looks very clever and well thought.

    It’s not and this is only a next phase of life of an average Soviet Man.
    First he lived in a socialist country that pretended a capitalist country or let me rephrase a country is capitalist for the J*wish bankers and their helpers but socialist for the Goyim. Do you get it now?
    Of course you will find some middle class Goyim capitalists but their business can be acquired by corporations anytime or simply destroyed by COVID.
    When it comes to money power J*wish banksters led by Rothschild have no match and we feel it now very well seeing that CEO’s of most SP500 corporations are J*ws and their masonic stooges.

    I don’t like when you project these visions of smart cities, social credit score or bankster issued cryptos.
    Don’t be like a pussy. Who does f***ing care?
    Go with the BASICS otherwise you are overwhelmed with all of this stuff and you spread it to others.
    By solving small challenges you have a chance of succeeding but by looking into future is only going to depress you.

    Let’s go back to the main thread. So the next phase of life on a welfare state dependent Soviet Man is living in a communist state.
    And there are two reasons for that.
    Either the bankster who is managing this and generated capital for that – Rothschild is no longer able to cook the books, the bubbles in financial system and subsequent bubbles in other sectors are so big it’s about to burst (Babel Tower is about to crash)
    OR a bankster wants to turn a particiular country into a slave labour camp like communist China and steal its resources.

    And this is not some high tech invented by J*wish communists like Marx.
    This is much much older and Joseph the J*w did the same to Egyptians thousands of years ago long before Christ.
    You find the recipe for a disaster in the Book of Genesis (Joseph and Famine).
    All is staged and people in power used it since the beginning.

    These mainly J*wish banksters are basically criminals and do have plenty of time and resources to make the numbers, calculations, run some simulations, plan the building but also the destruction of that financial Babel Tower or call it WTC if you prefer.
    Even 911 relates to that as war on terror and anti-terrorist legislation is exactly to serve this communist rollout 20 years later.
    It’s all J*wish criminal bankster Rothschild, FED, ECB, Bank Of England, BlackRock, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase.
    It’s not some wise men deciding for the majority.
    Overpopulation, COVID passports, freedom from vaccines, Trump, critical race theory, drag-queens in schools, paedophiles drinking blood and adrenochrome, flat Earth, no Moon landing are ALL distractions.
    These are and especially the vaccines and viruses are head distractions why?
    Because the crooks know that most people are mortals and if their life is even virtually threatened they will abandon their principles.

    Do not help promoting this shit because it’s not going to succeed. It’s all bullshit to keep you preoccupied while the crooks shuffle stuff around. Do not spell that curse.
    Please note that majority of people respect the government and if your arguments are weak they will go with the government.
    Some will think “Oh maybe these killer jabs are not that bad after all. I see so many people and cars on the street, traffic jams all the time, this world is overpopulated!
    They must know better than me how to solve this problem then. Of course wise people work in the government at least are smarter than me.”

    • Great comment and so true about getting distracted by bs stories in the MSM,but even more so the banking fraternity trying and hopefully failing to make slaves of us all,that is if we get our act together and use our brains and unite against them.

    • “By explaining this in detail what you basically do is unwillingly promoting ideology of the globalist elite”

      How so “Flavius”? It doesn’t make me run into the arms of the global elite, it merely makes me more aware of all the twisted things theyre doing.

      Your comment seems to suggest that Hugo’s stuff is somehow too complex and doom & gloom to understand. Ironically thats exactly what your comment – which inexplicably drifts from catholicism to “soviet man” in a complex thought-stream of drivel that I can make no sense of whatsoever – is.

      I suspect your some sort of A.I. Bot, but if so you need to be reprogrammed with a better grasp of the issues. Big fail.

  31. From a french frog! Situation is not as bas as Australia but lawyers are now harassing the governement and other institutional councils to withdraw the infamous law which extends the sanitary pass to trains, unessential shops, and even hospitals!!!! … so non jabbed can only stay at home and get food. Tomorrow is the decision by the highest court. These guys are corrupted as the others, president is Laurent Fabius famous for a contaminated blood story and his son works for MacKinsey advising the vaccination policy. Should I say there is no chance that the law is withdrawn? Next step is clear for us: boycott! We have already started boycotting all places that ask for the pass. From tomorrow, the hosptial staff goes on unlimited strike, until everybody gets access to hospital and vax mandate for health workers is cancelled. Many demonstrations are planned for this saturday, maybe some will get out of control, we don’t know but clearly we want peaceful ones. Shops are invited to close all day tomorrow in support of heath workers. During the next weeks, we will boycott big supermarkets and priviledge local farms whenever possible. We might even block Rungis which distributes food for the whole Paris area.
    Pretty much like everywhere else, unions are totally invisible, the main stream media are showing fake news round the clock, stating we are 11k in the street, when just in Paris we were 300k asking for freedom to get the jab or not, the media are telling we are antivax and say we are brainless and egoistic. We know that more 1000 deaths from vaccine have already occured, and god knows how many will suffer for the rest of their life from the shot. Infamous Health Minister denies all this, has even vaccinated a pregnant lady in front of cameras. Never seen so much junk and harassment.
    The narrative anyway starts to fall apart and so will the french instituation that have totally failed to the nation. Yes, revolution against covid religion will start in Paris!!!

  32. They love the passports in ireland no one cares as long as they get a pint or dinnet

    • They certainly are not complaining about the passports in Ireland, we are now a fully functioning medical apartheid state.

  33. Hi Hugo,
    Apparently healthcare workers have called for a strike from 4 August. The government has made it obligatory for healthcare workers in 70 professions – equivalent to 1.5million people – to be vaccinated by September 15, on pain of being suspended without pay. Their union says it is “not anti-vaxx, but is “with those who protest against the health pass and compulsory vaccination.” “We are not against vaccination, but it must remain a free choice.” An online petition has so far reached 200,000 signatures. Source: ConnexionFrance

  34. All this for a virus that has never been isolated. It exists only as a digital representation, a representation derived from a monkey virus and our common cold.

  35. 1. Its insane and surely breaches the “Nuremberg Laws” re genocide to coerce people into taking an experimental, unsafe gene therapy merely certified only for emergency use like this.

    2. Good for the French unions doing this, but as you say Hugo a National Strike is probably playing into the billionaires hands & Macron will probably just let it happen and not back down (cos thats what his handlers will probably tell him to do).

    3. If those unions were really smart and knew the whole picture what they really ought to be doing is targeting their strikes on big corporations like Amazon and let small shops & businesses etc carry on as they please… hmmm hopefully thats how it might pan out anyway.

    4. Dont forget that Macron, like many people in positions of power around the world today, such as for example the last Bank of England chairman and various presidents & leaders is an ex-Goldman Sachs banker.

  36. It’s official : the government’s don’t work for the people anymore, but against them.

  37. I love the French they know what it is like to be invaded and dictated to the Nazi’s starved the French people especially if they did not collaborate. The French made the best resistance fighters during World War 2. Oh lets all watch
    Les Miserables to the barricades and dont forget the galatians

  38. Why not just stop paying taxes. Every government is literally using up all tax money into the evils pockets. Stop feeding them.

  39. Just herd macron is making it law for passports in supermarkets as of the 10th september? Wouldnt surprise me! Gonna happen in ireland shortly and nothing will happen

  40. I am from England and we are rebelling but we do not yet have the impositions made in Europe. I will happily go to France and rebel with you.

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