AUSTRALIA / Army Go Door To Door / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. It’s fortunate that the virus is nothing like as virulent as the authorities seem to want to make out – if it were, the knuckle-headed military personnel would be super-spreaders of a deadly illness.

    • UK Military being persauded not to as at there age 20’s generally heart conditions from would kick them out, don’t want to cripple our forces with shit about to kick off all over the world.

      Definately not being a jabbed or your out going on, like elsewhere in not important jobs like nursing LOL

      A lot of nurses are jabbing each other, well it’s going straight into the sink, shit gets much worse I’ll be doing the same soon all being well πŸ™‚

    • Yes 100% and how stupid those cups and military are to do this?

  2. Pretty sure the unvaccinated are the scum of the earth at the moment, but won’t be long until they realise we are the KINGS and the jabbed need us to survive πŸ™‚

    Already started with Delta + Jabbed = SUPER SPREADER!! LOL

    ECHO ( Made up obvs ) will start murdering the Jabbed as cover for the jabs being 99% poison and the jabbed will be self isolating.

    2nd Dose Pfizer worse than 1st, 3rd is going to be nasty and 4th is going to be suicide for most. As Graphene Oxide levels rise.

    So for the good of the none elite human race, HOLD THE DAMN LINE!!!

    It’ll be in the Flu Jab aswell this year, say NO!!!

  3. when history repeats itself, prepare people there coming for us all, anyone still think its about a virus think again, some people will be in for a rude awakening. stock up and prepare. the shits going to hit the fan. looks like marshal law is coming. exactly what they want, scaring the shit out of people, there the real virus, its so obvious what there doing, Australia starting to look like a outside prison with that helicopter pumping out that propaganda anyone would think there’s a virus. biggest hoax since 9/11, reminds me of a film called they live.

    • I watched the film ‘contagion’ that was made in 2010. The UK government have used the film script to plot this BS Scam since day one! Everything that happens in the film ACTUALLY happened in 2020. It all ends ‘lovely’ by everyone wearing their ‘star of david’ in the form of a blue wristband. Truly laughable when you watch the copycat script, but equally frightening once the film finished….. Be prepped!!

  4. Sky news aus has a weeks ban from ‘missinformation’ over covid Big Tech flexin its muscle yet again over freedom of speech

  5. I’ve been informed by someone in the UK military that they have been training for civil unrest here for the last four years. They are expecting to do this here.

  6. The satanic psychopaths pushing this agenda are relentless…..but we have to keep pushing back.

    Incidentally, does anyone know the name of the lovely lyrical tune at beginning of this vid and some of hugos other vids? Thx.

  7. yeah..quarantined for nothing 14 days …did have blueys at door waking me up twice…once with army fella in tow

  8. Thank you for some sense, Australia once again has become a prison colony. In Victoria you now need a permit to leave your home and a curfew had been imposed between the hours of 9pm and 5am. This is an agenda and as you said they are relentless in the pursuit of subjugation of the population. What is most sad is as of this date most people accept without a hint of opposition or concern.

  9. I live in Sydney we literally have been scare mongered by pollies and media into stay at home. People are getting massive fines from police from exercising. Fines for going out with no essential reason. Now communist Chinese diplomats are saying we need to vaccinate 8 to 40 yr olds. To get virus down which is b.s. Two children just other day died after getting vaccine parents told nothing. Another 3 university 18 to 19 yr olds died. Government is covering everything up as we r guinea pigs. The people have had enough. I personally have been in lockdown over 5 weeks. I feel for some that have injured this for 18 months already. A paramedic has come out and has said he gets 140 calls everyday with loved ones weeping over their wife’s or husbands that have died 2 days after vaccine even though they were healthy. People were putting up images and videos of what side effects happened to them on social media. It’s taken down within seconds saying its fake news. Where in fact it is the real news that they blatantly lie to our faces.

    • I am crying for you all my friend. How can you… And the UK very soon, halt the spread of this tyranny???
      But…. How many Aussies believe all this bs? What support would there be for a revolution?
      The idle, furlough-lovers of the UK are to f’king idle to fight back. We Thinkers are definitely in the minority, sadly. πŸ˜• Dark days to come I fear. 😟

  10. I’m English living in Sydney, been in lockdown 7 weeks I think now, we have a 5km restriction on travel. They stopped all contruction work so that was me and my partner out of work. A few weeks later they said construction workers can go back to work if they get vaccinated and have testing every 3 days. MANY complied. We did not. We have a 1 year old and one on the way but we will not give in. Truck drivers were then told by the government that they will have to get vaccinated to cross the border from New South Wales into Queensland, they’re already tested every day. They’re planning now to drive to the border and barricade the roads with their trucks in defiance. Tanya Davies an MP came with some better news today she’s been fighting against vaccine mandates in work and has said as of the 23rd construction workers will either have to be vaccinated OR have rapid antigen testing every day. Other new rules came alongside this, we must now all abide by a curfew 5-9 and people unable to work from home must carry a permit issued by the government, exercise is now limited to one hour per day, garden centres must close along with building supplies and plant nurseries, and police have been “granted more powers” that infringe on our human rights and freedoms . I attended that large protest a few weeks ago (pregnant) and will be attending another one this weekend. Many are still asleep.

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