Piers Corbyn £10,000 Sting / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Too many people (Youtubers etc) are using Covid as entertainment. These people would have poked fun at the Holocaust and what we are going through now is building up to be either the equal of the genocide of the Jews or perhaps even more evil. There is no fun to be got out of Covid, this is about life and death, freedom fighting for free speech, freedom of association, freedom of religious assembly. Anyone who is using Covid to boost their ego and to have a bit of fun should be boycotted.

      • What Holocaust? The one you tried in the First World War, or the one that is illegal to scrutinize, today? The Holohoax is the most easily debunkable nonsense that needs laws to protect its fraillty.

      • Holocaust is a hoax like Corona
        It is like the alleged atomic bomb of lies and ww2 lies invented by the Zionists to establish a state for the Jews, and they had that in 1947 in Palestine
        It is enough to look at the European census records and the League of Nations to see that the number of Jews did not decrease by 6 million, or one million, or half or a quarter of a million
        I have a surprise for you, their number in the 1946 census is 20 thousand more than their number in the 1933 census
        How is this when the Nazis got rid of 6 million burns as that was possible?

      • The Jews started world war 1cand World War 11.
        All the proof for that is available.
        Once you start looking at real history you start to realise that we have be spoon fed a lie and its all part of the plan to bring us to what we are now living with.
        This is a Jewish agenda.

      • What a well-named idiot you are!

  1. Anyone who the MSM show or have on regularly are nearly always controlled opposition

    • I know that, and they were exposed in the June 24 demonstrations and the square party
      The street rallies should have continued

  2. Insightful comments. Thank you Hugo. Beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • I dunno Hugo. I like Piers. My friend and I ran into Piers and his helpers when getting off the tube at Charing Cross to go to the Rally last Saturday.. He had a cart load of campaign paraphernalia and they had quite a job getting it up the stairs and the escalator. He also had a shopping trolley full of stuff which he was really struggling with and it struck me that this campaigning lark is not for the faint hearted. Even so he started chanting his mantra (Resist, Deny, Do Not Comply) on the way up the escalator which we were happy to join in with and looking back it was the highlight of the day really because at the rally we just stood there for hours going bow legged, not being able to hear half the speakers and we’re too tired to go on the march. I think the MSM interest stems from the fact that he is Jeremys Corbyn’s brother and I thought he did quite well on GMB and totally ignored the other Piers and Susanna’s patronising comments. Also I heard his helpers say he is up in the Magistrates Court again this month so whilst accepting 10 grand may have been unwise, I imagine he needs all the financial support he can get.

      • Hear Hear Piers has spoken out about all this nosence from the beginning he hated by the media who want to bring down as a odd bloke who’s brother is Jeremy who they brought down.

        Well done Piers we need people like you to stand publicly as they would not listen to me or any other person.

        The youtuber’s i don’t see your sick point and i just wonder what side you on the MSM and the government.?

  3. Spot on I don’t trust any of them government puppies with their feeding bowls in hand

  4. Each day reveals another person who is untrustworthy and a hypocrite. Perhaps, it’s the human condition. I’ll trust nobody but my nuclear family, brother and sister, from now on in.

    • Bro Hugo we are going to protest at our local mps house randomly in a weekday, if everyone finds out there own shithouse mp and do the same! Let them have some disruptions to there life. See if their neighbours like it as well!!
      Take it to their front doors!!

  5. Can’t trust any of them use your common sense works every time there al in it for the money don’t care about us are all the kids thanks Hugo

  6. Piers asked that you watch the entire video. It has been cut. I hope you get the full video Hugo.

    • I agree, it is very disjointed like it has been edited to ‘fit’ the narrative. My gut says he has been set up and genuinely thought it was a campaign donation.

      Trusting people is hard but trust them until they prove otherwise. This is not proof.


  8. Its the same in IRELAND … the people on MICROPHONES are leading people down cul de sacs…all want a career and will get paid off to divert peoples frustration.

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  10. Could never take anyone called Corbyn seriously. Far more dangerous to the freedom movement is that Sky News Australia has been banned from youtube for a week. Looks like the Australian government is really starting to turn the screw on the Australian people.

    • Sky News Australia (and come to think of it, a majority of the Australian MSM) is owned by Murdoch. It’s not a legitimate opposition channel in the first place.

  11. Parry Baskins the man for the job! Find him on FB ❤🙏✌

  12. when the video is closely examined, Mr Corbyn did not say that much that was out of place and if you look at the video when he says “Well as long as I can accept it with, with no, ah, insistence on any policy changes or anything that I am doing!” What he continue saying after this is blocked out but he is obviously saying something firmly (for Mr Corbyn) the paticularly effeminate guy looks extremely startled when the voice over stops, like his plan has just went wrong, he looks desperate at this stage to try and salvage things and is even more coy and very selective in his choice of words.

    This is obviously a set up for Mr Corbyn but having said that I think it may best if he were to let someone more authoritive take the lead. I would suspect Mr Corbyn, suffers from some type of Savant syndrome and while briliant in certain fields is not a great comunicator.
    He is however to be commended at his achievments to date!

  13. In my opinion, and as Hugo states, all sides of the argument are controlled. The resistance to their plan is purposely set up/helped along to smear the movement when the time is right. WE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND – that the arguments they present us are demented to the core, probably 100% lies and even saying that you won’t have the jab but people are free to have it is cementing the fact that what they are telling us is real. At this point I believe that everything we are told is absolute nonsense and solely there to divide. The way to neutralise it is to not play any part in it at all. Carry on with your life as you normally would. But with them having the power of what the big stupid narrative they push out it makes this very difficult. Please see this operation carried out during the Bolshevik revolution.


    Just like the Qanon movement, the counter movements to their plans are always created by them. A little truth scattered with huge amounts of disinformation (which you can then be smeared as conspiracy theorist in modern times) but ultimately, like the Bolshevik resistance, you are lead to your doom. In one way or another you end up looking like the enemy or even imprisoned/killed if they can get away with it. They have not changed their tactics because they don’t need too. People are not taught about it now, so are unaware.

  14. This is cringeworthy to watch, not because of Piers Corbin but because of the amateur attempt at editing by two pompous individuals.
    Firstly, why did they only show Piers reply email at the beginning?why haven’t they shown what they wrote in their initial contact to him? You will also notice the editing when he’s switching between t-shirts ( which is roughly around 3.40-3.60) and it is then they make mention of the £10,000 to help his campaign,and again,towards the end of this video when they mention ‘ leaving Astra Zeneca out of it’…one moment it’s quite obviously raining and then suddenly it’s not 🤔
    This video is roughly 8 minutes long and in that time, Piers has managed to order a drink, have a discussion with them, take a selfie with a ‘ planned’ female fan, sit back down and order a meal….wait for the meal…eat the damn meal and take a photo with what looks like two amateur schoolboys…all in 8 minutes? More likely to be about 1 hour at least. So where is the rest of the footage? If Piers is really what they are trying to portray him as then why edit it? Personally I would have preferred to sit and watch a video uncut for the full duration of an hour or more,no matter how laborious but at least then I could see it for what they are trying to put forward; they couldn’t do that though could they,because it would have shone a completely different light on what was really happening and showed them for the manipulative liars they are.
    I listened to this with headphones on so not only could I see the editing but I could also hear all the cuts…of which there are numerous. This video which has been put together with more missing pieces than an untidy child’s jigsaw puzzle has only gone on to prove how desperate some people are to discredit Piers and the rest of us, it wreaks of desperation but also shows how ridiculous the two men are to have actually expected no one to notice their obvious mistakes; they underestimate us…silly little boys 🙄

  15. I always thought his brother was a shill, and I think he is too. Jeremy, friend of the working man although he’s never had a job outside politics and is a multi millionaire. They are in these positions to obtain money for favours. Shermani is another one, don’t trust her at all, she is grandiosing herself, her “nursing” seems to be homeopathic type stuff, alternative medicine and she keeps on banging on about God – that’s a tactic often used by conmen, people who are trying to persuade you of their good intentions, rather than providing proof of what they are doing through action.

    I am totally anti vax, anti passports, etc, but you can’t just believe anyone who claims to be fighting the fight just because they say they are. The other nurse, younger dark haired one (Loiuse something?) – something doesn’t sit right about her either, nor Cahill either.

    They are I think there to attract dissenters, then lead them on a merry dance away from anything useful.

  16. yes you are probably correct. It needs an ordinary person not someone that the mass media can find out info on and hence discredit. I CAN be that person. Ive got no objection to standing in Trafalgar Square and telling people that the BBC are spreading misinformation. I may not have the fame of some people and am no-one special but I can certainly persuade people that only an idiot thinks covid exists

  17. Wouldn’t trust Piers at all. Not only because like Fox he was brought in late as a london mayor contender to assure it stayed with the chosen one who as already caused so much damage in london but he has too many people around him that are always forefront in starting trouble around peaceful protests and not just the convid protests.

  18. please people never forget this…….divide and conquer is a prime tactic used by the elite…never forget we are connected. please dont fall into this trap

  19. you sounded really depressed in that video, i don’t know much about peirs corbyn because i don’t follow MSM the alternative media doesn’t seem to mention him that much, so i don’t know why he is a ‘leading’ anti-vaxxer i haven’t followed him, the only people who know about him are the people who still watch the bullshit media, tells you all you need to know

  20. The Christian bible speaks about false Apostles, and false prophets

  21. I understand we don’t want to confuse the public what MSM and controlled opposition is doing however some stickers would help.
    I can see you touch on 911 (Building 7 sticker) which is a very good idea I mean War On Terrorism being the foundation for current COVID agenda.

    I would also want to point out the next crisis Schwab (Rothschild) squad is talking about:
    1. cyber crisis
    2. climate crisis – I was very sceptical about the possibility of a weather warfare but after these heavy rains and floods happening on all 3 continents (US,UK,Germany,China) around the same time and this happened after unprecedented cloudless heatwave (at least where I live). HAARP?
    and in the meantime pretty quiet financial reset with 3 disasters (pandemic, cyber, climate) as excuses to cover it up.

    Anyhow I think all revolves around banking system in need of an imminent reset which will result in US dollar losing its status (for some it sounds like a dream come true) but unfortunately banksters (Rothschild) will turn this dream into a globalist nightmare.
    In the meantime unprecedented transfer of technology and intellectual property is going to happen from US (to where?) and all will be blamed on alleged cyber warfare.
    Basically I think US and UK too is deemed to collapse like Soviet Union did. Some European countries will follow.
    Countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will be at the mercy of Israel, China and Russia – South Africa is already a mess.
    How do you think who profited on the collapse of USSR? I think someone is using the same script hopping from one victim country to the other.
    I still think communist totalitarian emergence and establishment of Soviet Union over a century ago in comparison to what is going to happen looks just like a bad dream.
    The magnitude of money in the system and industries that depend on quantitative easing is unprecedented and this will lead to a systemic collapse big time.
    I just cannot believe there won’t be any fireworks.

    Please note that your stickers similar to the ones of White Rose do not connect the dots.
    I mean you show a German Wehrmacht soldier checking papers but this comparison for people in the West does not make sense.
    Please note that the West (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) did not experience totalitarian government (at least not in the recent centuries) and they don’t understand the connection between the Plandemic and a communist dystopia.

    I think you should make more direct links to banking, hyperinflation, Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe. Maybe some hints ideas about gold or silver standard.
    What we are facing is a result of central banks FED, Bank Of England, ECB feat. Bank of Japan run by Rothschild evil operations.
    Things began centuries ago but establishment of FED left us with no way of return but I think things really accelerated after assassination of JFK and of his family members in the 60s but then the global power went out of balance when in 1978 John D. Rockefeller died in a car accident and a year after his brother Nelson died on a heart attack.
    I believe wars in Iraq have nothing to do with oil like war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with terrorists.
    Similar to decades of militarization in Syria and a never-ending war has nothing to do with an attempt to remove Assad regime.
    What it really is is a very expensive demolition of Middle East to prepare the ground for a new superpower.
    General Soleimani was assassinated in January 2020 just days before the Plandemic and he was advocating for peace among Muslim nations but now Iranian leadership is run by a bankster approved Hassan Rouhani who will continue helping with the demolition of Syria and Iraq.

    Do you now understand?
    Almost 20 years ago after 911 we talked (perhaps we were too young to fully understand and interfere) but nevertheless we didn’t act against warmongers because the perpetrators waged wars far from home (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen).
    10 years ago we talked but we ignored and we didn’t act against war in Syria because it’s far from home (it has no impact on our life).
    10 years ago we talked but we ignored and we didn’t act against warmongers targeting Libya.
    Northern Africa and Middle East is a mess and manufactured Plandemic accelerates the destruction and depopulation of these regions but refugees migrate to Europe with a help of George Soros (Rothschild’s dog).
    To you it looks like Western countries, Russia, China collaborating in arms sale and warmongering but this is purely banksters enterprise and they just look for people who can enable that but those who oppose are killed like these 4 African presidents + president of Haiti who rejected Big Pharma vaccines.
    I think the president of Mexico is next in the queue.

    Do you now understand?
    Almost 20 years ago after 911 we talked (perhaps we were too young to fully understand and interfere) but nevertheless we didn’t act against warmongers because the perpetrators waged wars far from home (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen).
    10 years ago we talked but we ignored and we didn’t act against war in Syria because it’s far from home (it has little to no impact on our life).
    10 years ago we talked but we ignored and we didn’t act against warmongers targeting Libya.
    Northern Africa and Middle East is a mess and manufactured Plandemic accelerates the destruction and depopulation of these regions but refugees migrate to Europe with a help of George Soros (Rothschild’s dog).

    To you and general public it looks like Western countries, Russia, China collaborating in warmongering to sell weapons but this is purely banksters enterprise and they just look for people who can enable that but those who oppose are killed like JFK and like these 4 African presidents + a president of Haiti who rejected vaccines from Big Pharma – a new weapon.
    I think the president of Mexico is next in the queue.

    This is a global terror of Rothschild (after the death of David Rockefeller in 2017 he increased his shares in Rockefeller’s trust and pretty much controls the narrative)
    This is not a freemasonic loyalty but a financial dependency that enables this synchronous execution of the evil agenda across the globe.
    1, We should not just sit and watch world in flames because the Jewish bankers and helper Jews cannot take the responsibility for their financial crimes but like any narcissist will most likely find a scapegoat and it will be you. WE & MIDDLE EAST SUFFERS
    2. We should not just sit and watch world in flames because the Jewish bankers promised Great Israel to some rabbis. MIDDLE EAST SUFFERS

  22. Hugo=The Leader??? hmm you have a big voice and people watch you.

  23. As far as I know Piers Corbyn is member of Fabian Society. To me it is a red flag.
    The whole video looks to to me exactly as you said a setup within a setup with Piers being a poor actor.
    There is a bunch of insider shills in the movement and as the Evil Elite is running out of ideas they have to sacrifice some of them.

    To be on the safe side I assume all of them being compromised and I didn’t like what happened with all these conspiracy celebrities speaking at Trafalgar Square that talk about COVID and vaccines but nothing more.

    We should be marching not wasting time at Trafalgar Square, at Parliament Square, at Downing Street or at Buckingham Palace.
    We should march and arrest all the banksters especially Rothschild, charge them for financial crimes, high treason and financing wars not only in Middle East, the penalty is death.

    This is not a freemasonic loyalty but a financial dependency that enables this synchronous execution of the evil agenda across the globe.
    1, We should not just sit and watch world in flames because the Jewish bankers and helper Jews cannot take the responsibility for their financial crimes and other crimes but like any narcissist they will most likely find a scapegoat and it will be you. WE & MIDDLE EAST SUFFERS
    2. We should not just sit and watch world in flames because the Jewish bankers promised Great Israel to some rabbis. MIDDLE EAST SUFFERS

    Some say that Jewish bankers only enabled countries that wanted to wage wars. If not the Jews someone else would do it.
    I think it’s dog’s tail wagging the dog.

    watch Brendon O’Connell and bring back balance to this world of chaos because of Jewish owned social media, BigTech and MSM.

    • Brendan delineates between ordinary Jews and Lubavitchs.

  24. If I were Piers Corbyn nothing would make me happier than to take monies linked to big pharma and then use it against them…however, I’ve given up trusting figureheads for the truth movement… would like to see a public statement from Piers Corbyn … oh dear another day in paradise !!!!

  25. Clearly orchestrated with the knowledge of the MSM.
    Same as on the freedom marches, always an agitator and a MSM cameraman in the right place.
    500k people but always get the one shot that protests badly on the march and appears in the MSM the next day.

    It would be laughable if it were not so serious.
    Same applies to these pranksters and paid MSM trolls.
    Doctors, scientists, nurses, police, politicians, MSM, big tech, fact checkers….


    Hundreds of thousands have died needlessly from a virus, when early intervention medicines could have saved the majority.
    Tens of thousands are dying from the experimental jab.
    If these people think its a joke or believe “they were only doing their job”, they need to remember that was not an acceptable excuse at Nuremberg.
    I prefer to be on the right side of history, even if it means standing alone.

  26. Also with regards Piers, i never judge these things until i hear and see the unedited footage.
    I remember what they did to TR , DJT and Avi plus others, to know the skills in editing create the narrative they want.
    Not a single bone of honesty or integrity in these people.
    Karma will have its day.

  27. A good analysis of the situation Hugo.. the problem is most people need a star to follow rather than them being their own leader. However Piers must have woke many up too, so not all bad.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  28. Thank you Hugo

    As said by others Don’t Trust them Hugo 👍💪💯

    We all need Not trust theses charlatans !!

    Have good evening to All 🦋

  29. Piers is the very first person to stand up against this tyranny, without him there wouldn’t be any resistance movement. The people calling out the sheep are becoming sheep themselves.

  30. While I do have suspicions about Piers Corbyn, I do agree that this ‘sting’ was setup in order to ‘discredit’ him in the media, and to then discredit anyone else involved in these ‘freedom movements’, such as David Icke, through ‘association’.

    Maybe he is ‘controlled opposition’, I don’t know for sure. But I do remember that prior to Covid, he rose to some prominence as the ‘climate change sceptic’, and a counterbalance to the antics of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg. And yes, its true that he only gets media airtime just because he is “Jeremy’s brother”.

    • Or it could just be another double blind. People think that he’s been set up, so even more people follow him to prove the one’s that did the “set up” wrong. Which is the double blind, a lot of people were beginning to wonder about piers being quite what he portrayed so he joined in with set up plan.
      As for his alledgedly constant fines, even they can be portrayed from beginning to end as real. Once you realise how the top freemasons work together in all circles of life, nothing is impossible to get to the endgame.

  31. All like a load of pathetic old women, fantasising about all sorts of rubbish.

  32. Having watched the YouTube video and Piers Corbyn’s response on BNT, it’s nigh-on impossible to get a grip on whether he actually agreed to lay off AZ because the footage is edited to such an absurd extent.

  33. Where can you see the full footage though????

    As from looking at this, we do not know what truly happened and at 8minutes long so much has been cut out. That must incriminate these two losers even more taking the footage and what exactly did Piers say to them. Did he even take the cash or did he hand it back “Saying thanks but no thanks?” We do not know, that could of been edited out. And how on Earth can these msm shills have comments about it so soon too? Who are they working for? Begs the question where was Piers helpers when he got this invite from these two normies? They either let him down very badly or are in on it. Who they are would be a very handy thing to know as they could be working for other organisations to bring the fight to stop the new agenda from happening down around our ears, then we may as well just all go to China, Who is/are their next target these so called Piers helpers? Plus he couldn’t of just gone along to this meeting without talking to someone/s else to ask “Do you think this is on the level? Or is it a set up?” He is either very naïve which is possible. Or batting for the other side possible. Brings up lots of questions in my mind and not many answers. If anyone finds out please post on here or let Hugo know. Also please Hugo follow up on this as this could be trouble for people such as you and all of our freedoms. They are desperate and will resort to anything. Yet again they have shown their hand and what they are capable of these fiends that lurk in the shadows and too cowardly to step into the light.. They have made a mistake doing this as it will strengthen peoples resolve to say. “GO DO ONE! I AM A FREE MAN/WOMAN!”

    Take care everyone and stay strong. We are the people we have the power to resist and to say NO!

  34. I don’t get we are arguing about Jewish people who have been victimized by the Nazis and anti Semitic going on in London.
    We need major speakers at protest’ s as i said above are they going to listen to a unknown person from eg from London they would come for that person bring them down dig up there personal life who they work for and pay dirty money for stories to bring you down.

  35. Its just a setup load of rubbish, Piers is a hero wake up Hugo

  36. Are u one of these dumb uneducated unread muslims, that do not even obey your own Koran, ie. where it says you better read all 4 books (Torah/Tenach,Psalms of David, New Covenant & of course Koran)! It says in Jermaih, Ezekiel, & Isaiah that God brings His Chosen People back to His Land in 1948 (in Daniel) so you are fighting against God, & against Him you Cannot win!…Today you have been told, so what happens to you at the Judgement is up to you!

  37. The guy at 3.10s with Corbyn was filmed at one protest. Some of the crowd were calling him out as false opposition while he was shouting at the police

  38. Hello Hugo, sadly I can’t see beyond the fact that he was happy to take the money and that shows that, so far as integrity is concerned, he is a long way down the list of genuine cause fighters. According to him, the tape has been edited, but seeing how he secretly took the loot, then why should anyone believe anything he says anymore…?

  39. I seen the whole clip of this, the 2 posh turds said they wanted to fund the cause as they thought it was great work they were doing. Pierce did say he wouldn’t be influenced, but he thanked them for supporting the cause. I don’t trust anyone anymore, and maybe a set up in a set up,, but I do think Pierce is an eccentric, and comes across as a bit dim at times, and doesn’t always explain in the right way, and the media love that! Also the fact he’s the scruffy brother of Jeromy Corbin. You’ll never see them interview the likes of the other speakers. I think all this talks is not doing anything, people need to get out in the streets and put a halt to everything, by stopping traffic at a complete stand still! Blocking roads as much as they can. Look back to when all the lorry drivers did this because of the petrol, in the end it was the government that had to comply to the public.

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