Lockdown News Roundup / Mexico / Graphene Oxide Part 2 / Hugo Talks


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    • I couldn’t care less what they say I ain’t taking the vaccine no fucking way

      • I’m with you on that.

    • Yeah, people need to start taking to the streets like the French. When the army and the police begin to refuse going to get mauled by protestors to push their leaders ridiculous agendas, then they’ll be able to take their freedom back.

      • I am with you on that one

    • The actor is, I believe, David Rappaport. He’s been in a lot of U.S. comedy shows. I remember him from ‘Big Bang Theory’ where his character sold nitrogen (?) to Sheldon and Leonard.

  1. He will probably be the next President to mysteriously die in office. Tanzania, Burundi, Haiti Presidents murdered and an assassination attempt on Madagascar President.
    All rejected the jab for their respective countries.

    Not sinister of course.

    PS-Each jab magnifies the toxicity..

    • 5 dead presidents actually: Tanzania (John Pombe Mangufuli), Haiti (Jovenel Moïse), Eswatini (Ambrose Dlamini), Ivory Coast (Hamed Bakayoko), and Burundi (Pierre Nkurunziza). The attempt on the Madagascar president, and soon the Mexican one. valeks co uk.

      • And willing to bet this bloke has a sudden stroke and cardiac arrest before Christmas.

      • Boris Johnsons father said in an interview that the population of the UK is too high, it should be 14 million, what a coincident… or not. All the while these bastards breed like rabbits, his own son can’t even keep up with the count.

    • Don’t forget Belarus, where their long time adored President, became the target of an uprising last year.

      • same tactics vs Orban… not pulling the Eu strings so now theyre saying he is a dictator lol

  2. Graphene oxide is a solid. It cannot possibly form 95% of the jab.

    • Please find some more information on usawatchdog.com presented by Greg Hunter.

    • Salt is a solid as well till it’s dissolved in water.

  3. Big Pharma is Big Banks is Rothschild
    Jews all over the place. You don’t join our chutzpah you die.

    I hope this president prevail but he has to watch out for assassins.
    Stalin drank water from a key-locked bottle. I think he didn’t trust even his Jewish communist wife.

    If you want to know how things globally really are watch Brendon O’Connell a true dissident:

    I spent a lot of time trying to find the good source of information that is not mainstream but also not compromised alternative media.
    Alternative media are also infected with false and manipulatory content: fear-mongering, race war, white people, Trump, Icke, Hitler, 5G, chemtrails and a plethora of distractions. I am not denying some of these things but LETS ADDRESS THINGS IN ORDER not distract each other just for sensation.
    But what is more important a lot of these alternative media do not touch on real perpetrators, real masters.
    This is about the real elephant in the room and Brendon will save you a lot of time going through garbage information that alternative media are also serving and silly people resharing.

    Thanks to Brendon I lost confidence in Russia, Putin, RT and the agenda for opposition they are proposing.
    I even lost confidence in Telegram which I consider to be just another place infiltrated by secret services but the company is based in London, it hasn’t been shut down so it must be blessed by Rothschild.
    All seems to work for the same central bankster and Russia playing the haven for dissidents like Snowden and global digital underground.
    Yes, I was very sceptical about Assange but Snowden is also compromised in my opinion even if he talks like some very wise prophet.
    But NONE of them touches on Israel only US intelligence is the most evil but is it really American?

    • The jews have got away with murder and running the world since long before WW2. You don’t think the so called Holocaust actually happened, do you? It was an event concocted by the jews so they could deflect and ban all criticism of their activities and domination of the world. if so many jews were gassed by the Germans, how come the world is still full of them, and how come they’ve been allowed to run everything?

      • fully agree . they are not real JEWS the chosen of God..

      • AB

        You’re just an antisemitic Jew hater, there is plenty of video evidence and meticulous Nazi records of the Holocaust!

        Are you a slave of Satan following the dead false profit!

    • YOU are Brendan O’Connell 😀 I claim my prize! 😀 ‘Brendan O’Connell aka Flavius Stilicho isn’t a ‘dissident’ 😀 ; just another grifter trying to make a few bucks out of clickbait videos 😀

    • God bless you and Bredan. Taking the time to post that info is a tribute to both of you,

      Talpiot Unit 8200 Bibi’s Kill Switch

  4. I hope the Mexican president has got his affairs in order. He’ll be dead by the end of August. As for graphene oxide being in the poison, it would match up with Microsoft’s patent for what is essentially the mark of the beast.

  5. “They have as much viral load in the noses as the unvaccinated”. So they know that using the pcr test which doesn’t detect infection. What a load of bollocks.

  6. Cool video Hugo, does anyone have YouTube names or links to people like Hugo, freedom of speech is gone, struggling to find more information….

    • You can take a look at UKcolumn.org, aapsonline.org, healthimpactnews.com, FLCCC.com, americasfrontlinedoctors.org, Sheepfarm.co.uk, and maybe take a look at Peter Breggin(search him) as well. Just to give you some for starters. 🙂

      • Guess what, even time machine has removed it. A year ago, I have put all the numbers in Excel, if you want it, let me know.

      • More and more censorship… I love living in North Korea, dont you??!!!

  7. Did you see how shit that so called celebrity looked after jab ,,I’ve started noticing people looking different who are jabbed they look fucked ,,,ty hugo

    • thats Michael Rapaport, american actor (true romance, prison break etc)

  8. Check out Whitney Webb interview on Last American Vagabond last weekend. She studied the Spanish study on graphene oxide theory and showed serious flaws in this narrative.

    • I know it has luciferian in it. (also dead fetus cells, all vaxes have them) the vaxxed are the superspreaders.

      • It is a cell culture line dating back to the 1970s. It is like taking a cutting off of a plant and re-potting. Be gone with your nonsense 😀

    • You serious? Those two are nothing but controlled opposition. For coof information check dr Kevin mc cairn

  9. Hugo you should see what is happening in Sydney right now. Troops on the streets, helicopters flying over suburbs with loudspeakers telling all the residents to follow the covid rules etc. Thousands of cops out trying to prevent any protests from occuring. Full on police state martial law dystopia.

    • Hey I’m from Sydney and yeah this is whats going on! Im from a more quieter area, no police cars are roaming our streets. Theres been no cases here in our suburb Kellyville Ridge with this fake strain! This really feels like a mock play for when the anti christ comes and dictates the world and our state is just warming up. Its eerierly similar to the Left Behind movies I watched a year before Covid😬 Lest we should rejoice, Jesus is at the door to take us❤

      • From IMDB:

        This movie epitomizes the problem with religion in general.

        It starts with a conclusion, so it’s tediously predictable & boring boring boring, strictly by-the-numbers fluff for the easily entertained.

        As demonstrated the featured review, the only people who will like this dog are those who take a creepy satisfaction in their belief that they alone will get sucked up to heaven while everybody else fries in hell.

        As a result, it’s aimed at a narrow audience of knee-jerk true believers who would like it no matter how awful it is.

        And this was awful, folks. The script falls so flat I even lost my taste for popcorn. Even my daughter, who wanted to see it, got bored pretty quickly.

        So when some other people walked out, we ‘left behind’ them.


  10. The CDC has a Zombie Apocalypse page – now we know why! | “Wonder why zombies, zombie apocalypse, and zombie preparedness continue to live or walk dead on a CDC web site? As it turns out what first began as a tongue-in-cheek campaign to engage new audiences with preparedness messages has proven to be a very effective platform. We continue to reach and engage a wide variety of audiences on all hazards preparedness via “zombie preparedness”.”


  11. Got a progressive brain disease. I just hope I check out soon. May have to give it a bit of encouragement. I don’t need this shit.

      • Thanks Erica, I wanted to spend the time with my three children in the Far East. Trapped in the UK too.
        Look after yourself, kiddo.

    • Wishing you well, my husband has hypoxic brain damage, it’s a struggle but we still have hope for the future, the one we are all fighting for. x

    • may GOD be with you MIKE stay close to God and might see you one day ..in a better place,

  12. A work colleague who had been furloughed for some months, was returning to work in May this year. He, like me, refused the vax, then when l picked him up for re-starting work one morning, he told me that he’d changed his mind and had gone and got his first jab a few days before. We were in the car together for about 15 mins. I thought there was a strange smell coming from him. Anyway, a few days later, l started to feel ill at work. My temp had shot up, face burning, headache, felt weak, and shivers like l’ve only ever had on 3 occasions in the past when going down with the flu (last time about 20 years ago, which nearly killed me). I went home early, about 2pm, and got straight into bed, shivered and burned for hours, slept all night then woke up at 6am, everything soaking, hair sticking to my head, but feeling great! I’m wondering about this too, about vax’d people shedding or whatever, and do people like me who’ve had full blown killer flu’s in the past, have some sort of built up resistance to this virus? Im 65.

    • I am 63 and exact happened to me. Met up with family who had the jab and next day I was ill with similar symptoms to you for about day and a half. Also like you over 20 years since I got flu and can’t remember the last time I got a cold. There is something coming off them. My friend went shopping, lots of shoppers and she got shingles from jabbed.

      • Happened to me, 3 x’s at a client, last time I’d forgotten I saw them, severe fatigue likely barely functional and zombie like appetite all 3x’s I couldn’t stop eating, 6000cals no control over and not enough brain power to reason my way out of.

        They have the Tech, to make a Vaccine Spread like a virus, but legally can’t, yeah that’ll stop the bastards, we’ve all had it via contact, there smart okay.

    • The mRNA can also be spread thru sexual contact. Which is fucking depressing as hell.

      • I just slept with an ex who had Pfizer damn it, I’m defo screwed, feeling smarter every day, which means I’m getting dummer FFS!!

  13. Notice that the woman from Pfizer states “All of the mRNA vaccines contain a PEGylated-lipid nanoparticle” and that Graphene Oxide is “poisonous to humans” and that is the reason why it isn’t included in the list of ingredients.

    Why is there no acknowledgement from her that the PEG, which has been attached to the PEGylated-lipid nanoparticle, is also poisonous to humans (also roughly 70% of people have antibodies to it and could, at some point, develop nerve damage and anaphylaxis if exposed to it)?

    Could it be because PEG is a by-product of petrol production? Didn’t Sheep Farm release a video a while back about how many pharmaceuticals contain by-products from the petroleum industry because the people who own the pharmaceutical companies also have connections to the oil industry? Interestingly, graphene oxide is not made from petrol.

    Not sure whether these vaccines contain graphene oxide but it’s interesting that she states that it’s not on the label because it’s toxic and then doesn’t mention the PEG is also harmful to humans. Could the whole graphene oxide thing be a red herring?

    • It may be, or it may not. They have been experimenting with it for “medical” uses on animals though. https://www.spandidos-publications.com/10.3892/etm.2021.9893

      Interestingly or worryingly it says “Graphene penetrates the blood-air, blood-brain and blood-placenta barriers, and subsequently accumulates in the lung, liver and spleen, resulting in acute or chronic injury” which is coincidentally something Robert Malone was saying happened on one of the Dark Horse Podcasts. Something to do with the “mechanism” of delivery.

      As to the percentage of the Graphene Oxide, they may be going by the dry weight percentage, not the wet weight.

    • “…she states that it’s not on the label because it’s toxic…”

      Correct me if I’m wrong but she originally stated the reason was “…remember Bill Gates’s trade secret….”, in other words it was proprietary. Then she changes to the toxic narrative. So which is it?

    • If Graphene Oxide penetrates and accumulates the brain, would it manifest itself as a brain tumour??

      It’s just that someone I know was jabbed 3 months ago and now has just been diagnosed with one.

  14. Every moment every day someone learns the truth,,, that’s a whole lot of people and a whole lot of truth, I just had a friend who was deaf to truth 4 mths ago, so much so we stopped speaking as it was anoying both of us. He was in tears, his sister just died, from heart problems, at age 30 she has not been well since the day she got the injection 6 weeks ago. He now sees what I was trying to get through to him all along, he is also terrified that he has had the injection. There was little that I could say and nothing I could do.

    • I’m so so sorry to hear of your friends….l have fought some battle with many friends & close family members….’l’m highly irresponsible’ not having the jab…a close family member said….seriously worried about my son in the RAF..daughter Senior Radiographer…HAD to have jabs…or lose their jobs….not looking forward to Autumn&Winter….best wishes from a troubled UK..

  15. My spidey senses are calling BS on that woman at the end 😀 She looks as shifty as hell and then segues into something about graphene oxide fitting in with Bill Gates transhumanism agenda 😀 There is just so much guff put out there 😀

  16. Love you Hugo and everything you stand for brother …but these vids just getting boring af bro ,same old waffle zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. This president is an asshole. How can you even listen to him. His only purpose is not to spend money. He said the same about cancer medicine for children and adults and the government didn’t buy and many kids died the last 2 years. Before talking about someone investigate further. Because of him died almost 300 thousand Mexicans during the pandemic

  18. That actor played a cop in an old friends episode don’t know his name, don’t really care he sounds like a twit. Not sure about the graphene have seen loads of info all I know is I will never have this vaccine. One thought did cross my mind as the affects of the vaccine wear off some people seem to be getting autoimmune issues and can’t fight off the virus maybe that’s how it was supposed to be so everyone who’s had it has to keep taking the boosters.

    • I think you are right. That way the jabbed will be dependent on the jabs (aka government)

    • Had a Comedy TV show after aswell, he’s the 1 doing the cop drive with Joe and Matt and they argue over who’s got shotgun and shit themselves.

  19. Hello Hugo, the 2025 forecast was removed months ago and Is not accessible. ( Daegel )

    Mostly countries from the west shown depopulation

  20. How long before Mexican president is found dead after committing, ‘suicide ‘, or, dies in a, ‘accident ‘?
    He could be bought off of course, everybody has a price.

  21. One of the reasons why the plandemic came along when it did was because it was in the run up to the USA election and Trump had previously stood up to big Pharma and they wanted him out the way, and look what happened! Biden is the most pro jab leader of the lot. I doubt he has had it though.

    • Mark, one of the reasons is the elite or people really in charge need a war or similar to create a major distruptive event every 10 years or so.

      Look back in historic events to connect the dots. I couldn’t tell you why this is but there are major things that go on in that timescale.

      You also have to know that all parties are lobbied by big pharma around 60-70% of campaigns are covered by them.
      Trump was not exempt from that and don’t forget about the links to the federal reserve.

      Politics is a crappy sideshow to keep people hooked on why things are the way they are. They can blame a party for certain things… When all along they were going to happen wether one or the other got in.

      So a shitshow all along…. Unless someone has a better explanation??

  22. The name of the actor in the jab regret video is Michael Rapaport.

  23. Imo reason CDC is calling for people, including those jabbed, to mask up is because the D’s plan on orchestrating riots, which they will blame on Trump supporters, and want faces covered.

  24. I give the Mexican president 3 weeks tops until he dies from an “unexpected heart attack”. Then the next president will declare jabs for all children

  25. I don’t care what they say I still ain’t taking the vaccine no way

  26. Whatever is the injection is poisonous because will make humans genetically modified if they are lucky to survive. The satanists want to create a new hybrid as the image of their god baphomet which is androgynous. This is the real transhuman Agenda but nobody is talking about it instead they are spreading nonsense like super spread,

    • Nobody is talking about it because it is a load of old cobblers 😀

  27. Spanish researchers say that graphene oxide nanoparticles found in covid vaccines are compatible with neurons and other brain cells. Nanotubes of grapheneoxide search and become attached to synapses.

    Biomimetic carbon nanotubes for neurological disease therapeutics as inherent medication

    Nowadays, nanotechnology is revolutionizing the approaches to different fields from manufacture to health. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as promising…

    Building on last week’s findings, two Spanish researchers believe that the “secret nanoparticles” found in covid vaccines are nanotubes of graphene oxide. Read here.

    Fight against COVID-19 pandemic with the help of carbon-based nanomaterials

    COVID-19, a viral respiratory disease, which was first reported in Wuhan, China, in 2019 and subsequently spread around the world, is caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. These days, all countries are breathing hard in the shadow of….

    The Andalusian biostatistician Ricardo Delgado who hosts an online program called La Quinta Columna. (the fifth row) and his partner Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano (a family doctor) analyzed the undeniable magnetic phenomenon present in most vaccinated people. Read here.

    Study on the electromagnetism of vaccinated persons in Luxembourg | European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

    An alliance of member-organisations and individual members from 25 European countries. Our member-organisations consist of consumer groups and pro-choice groups whose members in turn include medical professionals and scientists.

    They found that graphene oxide nano particles are actually compatible with neurons and other brain cells. Nanotubes of grapheneoxide search the synapses and attach to them.

    Graphene nanoparticles were excitable through frequencies-generating behavioral changes in the subjects. To be more exact: graphene nanoparticles find resonance in the frequency of 41,6 GHz microwaves of the 5G technology.

    Con frecuencias 5G de 42,6 GHz, los nanotubos de 1,2 nm inyectados en las vacunas entran en resonancia

    Los nanotubos de 1,2 nm inyectados en las vacunas entran en resonancia y alteran gravemente el proceso cerebral

    Subjects inoculated with graphene oxide nanoparticles can be manipulated mentally by tuning into different frequencies inside the 5G ranges. They can feel, think and see feelings, thoughts or things that don’t actually exist. They could develop fake memories or delete real existing memories.

    Seek – Flipping a Switch Inside the Head

    Scientists studying appetite have developed new technology that makes mice hungry with the flip of a switch. What else could they do with it?

    Even without a fully-enabled 5G net, people have reported they feel strange after taking the jab. Other studies say graphene nanoparticles are responsible for covid associated symptoms and blood clots.


    ResearchGate is a network dedicated to science and research. Connect, collaborate and discover scientific publications, jobs and conferences. All for free.

    The scientists maintain that the global vaccination program is an excuse to cage mankind in a dangerous covert global transhumanism program that will end in a catastrophe for the human race.

    Ray Kurzweil: Humans will be hybrids by 2030

    Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, is a noted inventor and futurist who has some big ideas about the future of humans.

    5G is supposed to be fully enabled in July-August 2021. In order to stop the whole inoculation program, they call the people who suffer from this magnetic disorder to report it to doctors and health authorities.

    These conclusions are supported by other scientists and graphene producers (Graphenea Inc. and Nanografi) as well as research projects like Graphene Flagship, Project BrainSTORMS , the Obama Brain Initiative and DARPA:






    • I came up with shorting synapses and making us all dumber and more controllable, but yeah would be controlled by 5G, I’d ruled 5G as a trap to make us look stupid, but lockdown #1 the only people outside of there houses was me walking around pretending I’m in a zombie movie and the 5G cable layers literally, loads of them ODD!!

      Way more sinister than just depopulation isn’t it 🙁

  28. Previous video Micheal rappaport is the actor you mentioned with the
    Nice language . ( not sure of the spelling. Godbless you Hugo and all who read this .
    In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ of Nazereth. Amen .

  29. I worked with graphene. Even in small quantities it makes the substance in which it is mixed a dark grey.

  30. It’s all so sad. How & when is this shit going to end? Its WW3 us v them, something has to stop this in it’s tracks before our children and grandchildren have this killer jab forced on them. Thanks Hugo you are doing a great job.👍

    • Tess, it’s not something… It’s us we are the majority and we will make the difference.

      It’s the number of people that are waking up that is slowing this process down.

  31. Hugo, as always… Thank you for everything you do.

    All this takes time and effort to research and not to forget the drained feeling you get when you’re always up against the brainwashed masses out there.

    It’s appreciated!

      • Correct my friend. It is difficult to realise the work that goes into these kinds of things. And as for being constantly bombarded with BS fake-stream media, well, it fries all of our brains! Be strong everyone, the real fighting is yet to come I fear.

  32. Just planting the seeds for excuses for booster jabs

  33. I know what there doing and it matches what I’m seeing in the jabbed 🙁

    The GRAPHENE oxide is higly conductive and it’ll fuse out the synapses in the brain, making you dumber!

    There dumbing us all down ffs

  34. If there is graphene oxide in the jabs the particles would be nano particles and not visible to the human eye. Therefore the liquid would not change colour. Silver is also solid, however if you turn it into a colloidal solution known as colloidal silver, the silver is not visible to the human eye.
    You can see it suspended in the distilled water however by shining a red laser torch through it. As silver is highly reflective to light you can see the red light shining on the minuscule silver bits. So I do not think it is a valid argument to say GO is impossible to be in jabs because it starts out as a solid object or the colour should be grey.
    Aussie from down under

    • Excellent data. Nano this nano that. Read recently so-called air fresheners contain said particles. In my cheek-by–jowl neighborhood one can’t open a window without getting a faceful of the stuff. SMH

  35. It’s about profit! It’s disgusting, Johnson wants to watch this ! The Mexico president telling the truth !
    Johnson is a evil scumbag
    Hugo stating frightening facts ! The vaccine in the UK will it bring the population down to 14mil ?

    • Nonsense. To reach the deagel target would require 12.5 millions deaths a year between now and 2025. That is 25 times more than the current death rate! That is a massive logistical body disposal problem. Do you see lots of extra crematoria being built around the country? Thought not! 😀 Some people will believe any old crap 😀

  36. Let’s not forget this is all Conspiracy theory
    Just saying!!☠☠☠☠☠☠🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  37. Pizza, cinema, and Uber vouchers for the under 30s this month. Next month, vaccination under forced sedation.

  38. Don’t forget to supply Hugo Talks for all what he does. Thank you Hugo for such interesting video.

  39. Graphene Oxide is also being rained down from the skies.
    Please see below link:


    Dane Wigington – Geoengineering.com

    Also a heads up in early October, potential info on an event coming, in which skies may be utilised for something nefarious being sprayed over the population.

    God bless.

  40. Hi folks. Please may you signed my UK Gov Petition – I need five people to back it before they will look at it.

    This is about forcing them to publish the highly secretive Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Contract – for me info on this please google the leaked contracts from Albania, what is emerging from South America and also info on Israel. There is a chap on twitter that is leaking called Ehden. The contract is dictatorial, imperialist in nature, supersedes local and international laws (which is treason); forces the government to have an army of people defending its honour and the integrity of the vaccine – think 77th and 13th brigade, which makes them literal online cannon folder and guilty of sedition; claims total and complete indemnity from any side effects; does not guarantee its even safe and efficacious; admits the long term side effects are unknown; stipulates that they get to decide on boosters – in Israel’s case they signed up for a third booster in August 2021 so it’s right on cue – whether they need it or not. There’s loads in them and I think if we can push this issue to mainstream it will be the final nail in their coffin as basically, our military must act as Pfizer are acting like a rogue nation state just like IG Farben and must be broken up before this leads to another 1930s situation.


    Thank you, Katie Ball

    • I have signed the petition. It was a very simple task, seemples! I dont know what it will achieve but …. I can’t just sit and do F all !

  41. The actor that your were talking about is called ‘Michael Rapaport’. He was very good in the Coen Brothers movie – ‘The Naked Man’. But nothing else.

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