This Won’t End Well #Cars #Pedestrians / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • If pedestrians are stupid enough to jump into the pathway of a moving vehicle we’ll they will have to take it up with god when they meet him.

      • They have the same rule in South Korea, worked there for 10 years, people throw themselves in front of cars to claim on their insurance

    • This is just smokescreen stuff “ People will not blatantly be stupid because it’s made Law” unless their suicidal, see the pointless rhetoric to it “

    • Nasty Grant Shapps is a Murderer with a stupid rule if pedestrians are injured or killed walking out a any street what he or the others pricks going to say They die of covid.

      The man responsible for smart motorways and face nappies on transport Feck off i hate seeing and hearing you

    • They have the same rule in South Korea, the weaker of the accident has more rights

      • we had/have the same in germany when i learned to drive with the caveat that pedestrians must behave sensibly. and i do agree with that.

  1. This is just another government policy, designed to cause more chaos in the country,it’s a race to the bottom that will be difficult to stop as the majority of the country are sheep ready for shearing

  2. Crazy just like the rest of the UK Government policies

  3. Another stupid rule put in by
    ‘Greta Thumbsdown’ and her ‘Elite’ pals at the WEF and all in the narrative of ‘The Great Reset’ . What a shambles .😂😂😂😂

  4. Pedestrians have always had right of way. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t stop if somebody crossing the road, you can blast your horn in disapproval. What this will do is increase “fake claims”

    Make sure you have a dash cam.

  5. In that case I’m going to ditch the car a buy a tank

  6. I don’t own a car but surely even those who believe in the government will see the con job this is. I’d hate to be a car driver if this goes through. Most people on here know the reason behind this, we can only hope others realise what’s going on and start questioning everything else.

  7. This will be along the same line as shared space, there is no right of way for cars and pedestrians have right of way, we have it where I stay, been a nightmare for drivers and pedestrians alike to be honest, lowered all the pavements at junctions, visually impaired with guide dogs especially effected

  8. Don’t drivers yield to pedestrians already? The question is one of responsibility & sharing. However, we forget there will be far fewer of us soon, walking, cycling or driving !

  9. I used to work with an old guy called George and he was one of these idiots “the pedestrian has right of way” so he would literally walk up to a junction and just keep going, not stop, not look (like the Tufty club tells kids to do), he’d just step out into the road without breaking stride – I know because i nearly knocked him over myself once.

    If the driver had to slam the brakes on he’d turn at them go red in the face and start screaming and shouting in the road about his rights, how they were wrong, and etc.

    So when I nearly knocked him over I said well yeah, that’s all well and good George, but you weigh 10 stone wet through, and my car is doing 30mph+ and weighs a couple of tonnes.

    So when you’re crushed under it and dying will it make you feel good to “know” that you are in the right and I am in the wrong?

    He was a moron, as are our idiot politicians and civil servants who come up with this crap, it’s like they can’t string a coherent though together.

    I suppose it will be another nail in the coffin of owning a car – they are just too dangerous.

    We need pedestiranisation, like in Norwich City center – aha!!!!

    • Guaranteed, I thought there was going to be more to the story?

      Something like… Years later, I found out that George did the same to a speeding ambulance and was sadly mistaken in his view of the pedestrian always has right of way.

      No… Just me then.

  10. Wtf 🤦‍♀️

    They have lost the plot!

    Thank you Hugo

  11. Oh ffs! Like we don’t have enough to be concentrating on in this country already! It’s already quite clear that you can’t just mow people down with your car even if they walk out in front of you without looking or using a proper crossing point (if you can possibly help it). But it is and should remain a stupid thing to do just walking out into moving traffic! What happened to self preservation and common sense? It’s going to be chaos! Another way to demonise and pick on drivers who pay a lot to be on the roads in the first place. Insurance for third party damage and VED according to how much or little their car pollutes.

  12. Why am I paying road tax to drive on a road …. Insurance will double no doubt as claims increase … surely these are rules not laws is the world devoid of CS

  13. This is to frustrate, and downgrade drivers in their co2 zero world!

  14. TBH, being in my late 70’s and having just stood in the pouring rain for 5 minutes, getting soaking wet, waiting to cross the road to my home, ignored by tens of dry motorists not giving a shit, having right of way is a POSITIVE move !!!

    • yes but I guess you look before crossing the road. The idiot who came up with this plan (Grant Shapps) expects car drivers to stop for people crossing the road when they arent looking where they are going because they are texting someone on their phone

  15. They always have had right of way haven’t they ?

  16. it’s always been the law that it is illegal to run people over, if it wsn’t my car would have had spikes on the bonnet years ago

  17. Why do t they put more effort into stopping the twats speeding around the roads to drop off there drug loads like they do where I have to live. I’d like to see the end of these bad attitude arses on bikes speeding along the pavement too Im partially sighted and have had threats thrown (including the race card!) at me by these bastards for them nearly hitting me on several occasions.

  18. Just when you thought we had seen the ultimate insanity, it just went to a new level. This is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. What about at night time when you can’t even see pedestrians. This has to be a diversion tactic does it not? Let’s get the people in some ridiculous debate while we pass further laws to empower ourselves !

  19. So be stupid enough to get the jab and also be stupid enough to step in the road when a car is coming ,do you know what I have truly had enough please someone throw me under a bus .

    • I know how you feel. Here’s a thought; when the bus driver brakes hard to avoid running over you, if several passengers are injured are you or the bus driver responsible? No doubt the bus driver is. So how many bus driver’s would want to stay in the job after the first case.

  20. Very strange and absurd idea. Seems like a distraction; look for the story they’re trying to hide…

  21. Yes you are correct – this wont end well. Grant Shapps has demonstrated over the past year that he has no intelligence. He introduced face masks on trains despite the fact that no one was travelling on them and he has created smart motorways which are death traps, his traffic light system is downright stupid and now he expects car drivers to stop in the middle of the road when he steps out in front of them suddenly to look for his lost marbles.

  22. Fairly common worldwide and its not about making “Jay Walking” legal but at designated crossing you will need to stop/give way for the pedestrian – but it is about getting cars off the road making alternate travel modes the priority.

  23. As far as I am aware Jaywalking is still an offence even though the useless Police will never enforce it. These new proposals have been tried in some areas like Coventry and they have not worked. All this will actually make pedestrians more vulnerable. Roads for cars, pavements for pedestrians.

  24. Regardless of any new potential laws, if someone hits you from behind it is their fault for driving to close. Keep a sensible 2 second gap and you will never hit anyone.

  25. There will be people who think they are clever and step out in front of a moving vehicle, but they will be the loser having an argument with a ton of metal regardless of the consequences for the driver.

  26. Sounds like more deaths but no immunity from prosecution

  27. I can only say this must be part of the population cull.

  28. how i learned to drive in germany decades ago. and rightly so!

  29. I hope Bozo steps out in front of me as I certainly won’t be hitting the brake,,,,, well only after I crossed the piece of s*it, and then it will be so as I can reverse back over the evil f*ck.

  30. I Ireland there is a Higherarchy on the roads the order is Ducks have the ultumate right of way,, Horses come second,m, I’m not sure what comes third,, not that any drivers would pay attention to the rule,, most today probably don’t even know about this, I think the law goes back several hundred years but it is still in existance.


  32. This is all part of the NWO plan to stop the use of cars – another step for loss of Freedom of Movement – All out there in the big organisation documents – WEF:

    Great Reset docs – to stop ‘global warming’. Tesla & Elron Musk…This legislation is not about protecting pedestrians it is about making you to scared to drive – stay at home.

  33. This is a roadmap to bring in driverless cars. Driverless cars have algorithms to prevent hitting clueless pedestrians. This will give government leverage in the not too distant future to remove licences and you will have no choice but to order a driverless car. Just a thought!

  34. Install a dash cam, front and rear to protect yourself against fraudulent claims.

  35. This is very funny that you think this is stupid. It was one thing which really puzzled me when I started to spent my holidays in GB. It is rule number one lesson each car driver learns right of the beginning. You always have to care for those who are weeker. Of course you are not allowed to cross the road everywhere without waiting until the road is clear. Pedestrians are not allowed to force cars to stop. But car drivers have to be careful especially in living areas. That’s why we have so many signs for speed regulation all over the places.
    You will get used to it, I would say.

    • exactly!
      how i learned to drive in germany decades ago.
      and sad to say that most drivers are not very considerate to anyone, least of all cyclists and pedestrians. i say that as someone who does all 3 of these.

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