SNEAKY NHS App Becomes PASSPORT Today Officially / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hi Hugo not doing it. Ever. I know you are right. Anyone who wants me to show this to them is not getting my money

    • Government said mths ago they were going to use the nhs app for the passport

    • Don’t think they will give a shit as 70% of the country as now been double jabbed therefore there profits belong with the double jabbed they don’t need the unvaxxed money

      • Wrong “ the double vaxxed won’t be around long enough to spend money”
        They will always NEED the unvaxxed business, just to stay afloat “

      • But the ‘double jabbed’ will have to keep having shots to keep their ‘passport’ active. How many will be happy with this? See the Eric Clapton interview on Brand New Tube. He said he will have no more shots because of what it has done to his health.

  2. Don’t go to the pubs that are acting like little Hitlers .. anyone vaxxed not vaxxed is welcomed in my back garden I don’t discriminate

  3. Keep going Hugo . We love you for what you do . You are our light in a dark world . Xx

    • Thank you so much Tif, I just watched this video. I welcome the renewed sense of feeling that I can be more in charge. It certainly erased more of my recent gloom and doom thinking…The video encouraged me to actively rethink and to plan how I can pay my duties with a greater faith. And to trust in pennies. Even that is all I got! I will go and use cash wisely, supporting local people, voting back again to some sense of control. I love the idea of cash Friday. I will investigate who I bank with and see if I can change this (she has a good report: “coming clean” about who I back and so empower, and how to take my control back with healthy choices, investments, i.e local communities. She gave me such a feeling of hope that together we can do this, and not fund the ones we do not want to take charge of our lives. Literally. I owe you a penny for your kind thoughts for sharing this!

  4. We are in n the minority trust me..I know techno goons who are thriving on this… they love it,and do not care…

  5. Just as well I didn’t download the app and never will.sneaky feckers..

  6. From one second class citizen to all likewise bods. Hang in there.

  7. I am disgusted by a theatre that is saying you have to show proof of double jab or negative PCR to be allowed in, after you’ve booked the tickets.
    I commented to my friend that these businesses should be ashamed of themselves for their discrimination and should be avoided at all costs, she told me that she doesn’t blame the theatres , they are just trying to protect their performers?????!!!!!!!
    Fine, my Christmas card list gets shorter by the second.

    • The question needed to be asked ( but I understand how difficult it is with ‘friends’ who are like sheep ) HOW does it protect the actors/customers/staff that someone who is not jabbed is not allowed in when the jabbed can catch and pass on the Killer Virus? Am I missing something here?? What piece of the jigsaw have I not got?? Is it just me who thinks these questions…. but doesn’t ask a ‘believer’/

      • Your’re not missing anything videoman 1959 …the simple truth is there is so much about this whole farce just does not stack up.

        For example …If you’ve been stupid enough to get double jabs, why should you have to self isolate if you get pinged???

        People seem to have entirely lost the abilty to think or reason for themselves!!

        Truly disturbing!!

      • Cheers mate! Problem is that friends, family etc cannot see this obvious discrepancy in the Doris Johnson rules etc. Why is that???? I dunno! As Pres Harry Truman said, ” if you can’t convince them, then confuse them” , it looks like it’s working 😕

  8. Thank you Hugo, as ever. I said to my boss, right at the beginning of this scam kicking off, that I could see a parallel existence springing up. You know a bit like the Polish have their own Polish shops etc. Hopefully “Freedomairways” will get going as well and I believe they could be setting up directories of business’s that are on our side. I’d have to double check that because there’s so much to read these days that I can’t remember exactly where I get half the info from!
    Anyway, I am sure we will work something out eventually. Take care fella.

  9. I think the fun and games will start this winter when people start dropping like flies. Plus there’s apparently a huge food shortage coming, and it’s nothing to do with a pingdemic.

    • There’s increasing evidence that the scenarious you touch on are coming true. We now know the NHS has budgeted for some £3billion to secure blood clotting treatments. On top of that there is the effect of the next wild pathogens on the vaccinated ADE immune systems. Then there’s also the effect of these synthesised spike proteins known to cross the blood brain barrier, hence the neurological issues some vaccinated are experiencing. This is only likely to increase over time.

      The globalist technocrats are using the scamdemic to deliberately destroy small and medium sized businesses – the next lockdown could well be the final nail in the coffins of so many such businesses. Enter the centralised programmable central bank issued digital currency – not to be confused with the very much de-centralised and established Bitcoin. A big part of the solution for ordinary folk will be for local community organisation and co-operatives at local level which can operate outside of the emerging centralised dictatorship, that WILL seek to enslave people.

  10. And it will morph yet further. It will include the “good behaviour” Chinese-esque healthy rewards scheme BoJo announced. And then it will become part of the government ‘britcoin’ crypto currency they’ve announced. An entire digital identity in one app.

  11. Thankyou Hugo for keeping me up to speed with what’s happening in UK. We have just come out of 5 th lockdown in Melb Australia. it was only 2 weeks this time. So over it!!!! We

  12. You are spot on Hugo over the realisation that friends and lovers you once thought were intelligent reasonable thinking people are quite the opposite and are incapable of possessing common sense . I see them quite differently now not because they have another opinion but because they seem
    Incapable of rational logical thinking…. Maybe we should form an alternative tribe 😳

    • So true, the human race has been a total let down and so easily manipulated its hard at times not to think, they will get what they deserve

  13. People need to understand that the NHS has been a controlling arm of the state for a generation that’s why when you go to hospital with a problem with your nose the strip you naked, dress you in a backless gown and march you through public areas. It’s all about making you feel vulnerable!

    What is more most NHS medical staff are woefully under qualified and far too lazy to keep up to date with true advances in medicine.

    Anyone with a brain avoids these quacks and parasites like the plague and they certainly don’t clap for the malicious motherfu**ers.

  14. I know how we can fight back.. WE NEED SOME PROPER HACKERS IN THIS GROUP.
    SO If the NHS app can be subgigated and attacked from all quarters so that it becomes totally unreliable, then that’s a kick in the teeth for the tyrants. Fight fire with fire, people against people won’t work or people against police and army won’t work. BUT DEVIOUS COMPUTER HACKER RESISTANCE FIGHTERS WOULD BE OUR FRONT LINE, AND EQUAL TO THEM! And would work.

  15. No money for App pubs. Oh well. And I drink a lot…

  16. Fighting a losing battle sadly.
    Anything with smart or digital as a prefix and the current generation assume its progress.
    To think how many died for the freedoms we are offering up without a fight.
    No wonder they are laughing at us.
    Masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work and PCR tests don’t work but the sheep will comply as soon as the the flu arrives and another lockdown is announced.
    Imagine an experimental jab, non disclosure of ingredients and immunity from prosecution for the manufacturer and the sheep try and shame the sceptics into taking it!
    Bizarre world we live in now.

  17. I also feel the same i want nothing to do with the sheep. But i think we shouldn’t accept this yet. We need to fight this. All together once the twats get back to parliment whatever it takes i cannot live in this world. I have a home and family abroad but its there too. Wherever you go this problem will follow you i will not comply and i haven’t finished yet.

  18. It’s been more than 1 year we have been locked in, so, at least myself, got used to not depend on those business anymore, I love going out to restaurants, but if any of those I used to go in the past, starts to request the pass, which I did not even download to my phone, I simply don’t go, as clear and as simple as that!

  19. It’s official we have lost there is no coming back to many fucking dumbed down sheep have all really screwed us

    • I don’t accept that. I refuse to be technologies bitch.

  20. I saw that clip of the guy trying to get into the murderers arms it was ridiculous and I agree so many people like blind sheep I don’t want to be in a world with people like that. If things get really hard for us unvaccinated we will need to help one another. We can all see the direction it’s going and no one is going to step in and stop it.

  21. I’m 46, I don’t want the jab, I’m getting married soon with a partner who has. I am saddened and appalled of my fellow humans. Maybe it’s the gullible and insecure personalities that fall victim to all these lies. I am awake to the agenda. I feel a nasty end looming and it’s difficult to see any good anymore.

  22. “Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking to avoid upsetting the imbeciles.” Dostoievski.

    • ” If you can’t convince them, then confuse them” . Pres Truman. Sad isn’t it? We Thinkers are in for a rough ride!

  23. Hello Hugo
    I have been with you from the start and want to thank you for all you are doing and have done. We are out here and so many are hearing you.
    It’s hard work, we know that and we all really appreciate your news, your care and your intelligence.
    Stay strong buddy. We are connecting.
    Rebekah x

  24. Thank you Hugo, I appreciate you. Keeping the faith !

  25. Hugo don’t be naive, who you are talking about is called Homo Sovieticus – a Soviet Man

    Banksters orchestrate socialism that raises masses who supposed to become Soviet People so then are easily led by the masters.
    Communisms in the West same like in Russia defeated humans and their intelligence and turned them into half-animals and orthodox Jews are happy about that because goyim now match to what is written in Talmud – half-animals to serve.

    As long as their bellies are full, TV is on and benefits are transferred to a bank account they won’t see a thing.
    You need a government that protects their people not a Jewish led states that want to slaughter its people.

    Look at poorer countries like Mexico, Brazil, Thailand that have little or no welfare system.
    Leaders in those countries have no reasons to kill own people because they are not a liability like in socialist countries.
    In UK people are a liability because a lot live on a welfare system in exchange for support of this type of government where the banks shuffle stuff around.
    People who retired or are close to a retirement are also a liability.
    Jewish banksters are in big need of savings is welfare system, healthcare and in retirement funds.
    First they sold a lie and bribed voters with their own money and now they won’t deliver.
    Welfare system, retirement system, free healthcare system are all socialist/communist invention.
    It’s nice until Jacob Rothschild is happy to pay for it otherwise you become just another number in the concentration camp.

    Rothschild decided he cannot afford it and is pulling the plug because building Greater Israel and mass technology transfer from the West to Israel is more important.
    For the criminal Jews in power the West is going down the drain and will become the periphery of the exactly New World Order with Israel in the epicentre.

    This culling is possible primarily in Jewish-led / ex-Protestant countries like (US, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa – Rothschild is mining in most of these countries) and countries that are Catholic on the surface but the economy is rigged, is long gone, it’s socialist (e.g. Spain, Ireland, Poland, Italy), communist countries (again controlled by the Usurious International – international banking cartel) and countries where leaders can morally justify the culling of lower castes like in India.
    In the countries where people look after themselves this is never going to work and will never receive the acceptance of the leaders (definitely not local leaders).

  26. To me it was obvious this is what they were at, it’s tipical Gates/Government subterfuge.

  27. Obviously this is no surprise. I mean c’mon.

  28. I agree we need to start organising! Maybe attending local stand in the park meetings and discussing things there is a start. I think this is going faster than many of us had thought, or at least hoped.

  29. Don’t think they will give a shit as 70% of the country as now been double jabbed therefore there profits belong with the double jabbed they don’t need the unvaxxed money

    • …..then the third shot, and the fourth etc. These people are no better off than the rest of us sane people.

  30. Hi Hugo.

    I have listened and shared your videos and never sent you a comment but you keep me going and you sounded really down at the end of your video . So I felt that I had to let you know that you do an amazing job and this is why you are here at this time in life and keep the faith . The truth will come out at the end .,

  31. They showed up and revealed themselves. There is no way back for them.The war is open.In this case either we win or they.
    There are 2 questions bothering me:
    1.Who is BEHIND this? NAMES. If we don’t know the enemy we can’t conquer it.
    2. WHO will be able be the LEADER of a NEW PARTY in the fight against NEW FASCISM which is supposed by Boris Johnson and other UK government members?

    • Yeh right you really Gona take on the British army with your kitchen knife good luck I for one will be fleeing into the mountains just as Jesus instructed us

  32. I forget where I heard it might have been farage labour, 52 conservatives and liberals have all said they oppose the passport. They have all joined with big brother watch (I like them). So it ain’t over yet folks..

  33. We can beat this 💪 it’s gonna be a tough Autumn/Winter but there are always like minded people to be found who will help us through when we feel isolated and struggling. We will win the fight in the end ✌️Met up with a close friend I’d not seen for a while. Was so heartened to find we had such similar views with regards vaccines etc So never lose heart even when you feel you are alone and everyone has lost the plot with Covid, you will find that special person who will help you keep the faith and believe the fight can be won 😊✌️

  34. Honestly these videos have helped me not feel so alone. I provide a personal public service and I honestly can’t believe how dumbed down people are either Hugo.

    The only thing I’m immune to now, is bullshit! Virtue signalling makes me want to vom!! It’s so transparent. We have a nation of people who care far to much about how others perceive them, live for likes and live beyond their means. I try to look for the good. But how these people can say they’re good people for having the jab and protecting others, then in the next breath wish the unjabbed dead from ‘covid’, is not a society I want to be a part of. Some of my friends have shown their true fascist light too.

    I have made my peace with not going to gatherings, not going to pubs and not finishing my degree… I will not partake in this bollockery. I have my integrity and I will go toe to toe with anyone who challenges it.

    • I’m so glad I’m on the side of truth, thanks for you’re comment.🙏

    • Well done Hugo you are my nightly relief after a hard days work i switch off from the zombies who follow what they are told. My only problem is i am a calm person but i know i going to get it when i go to a function in a couple of weeks time i know most have been jab i will have my opinion if asked i probably will be side line after but this my views not there’s.
      Anyway there is a website Open For All that business’s have signed up not to accept vaccine passports worth a look.
      Thank you

      • Thank you Hugo I’ve been following your videos for a year now you are doing a great job. The truth will set us free praise to the Lord God Jesus Christ 🙏

  35. The amount of folk I keep telling shit like this is going to happen and they all take it with a pinch of salt as I can see it in their eyes! I really can’t get over how many sheep there are in this world that are happily lead to the fucking skater without a fight! Utterly baffles me! I’m glad I came across your page by chance on YouTube and came to here! I don’t even do the QR codes when entering a place. I’m healthy and I will not ever be getting that vaccine. I do have asthma but it’s never stopped me before and this won’t. I’ve always got it under control. And always have my inhalers just incase. My dad thinks I’m crazy as I don’t wear a mask. But I don’t need to and I get told I need to get the lanyard to point out I don’t need to wear it. Told him nope not a chance! I don’t need to be singled out like hitler did with the Jews! Folk need to wake the fuck up!! And soon!

    • Asthmatic here too in the same situation. Sometimes I’m scared of being hospitalised and left for dead, but then I ground myself by remembering it’s only sheep repeating the MSM. I’ve survived all other respiratory illnesses and in fact I’ve never had a chest infection! I get shocked reactions coz I don’t want the jab. My reply ‘that’s how strongly I stand by my beliefs.. with my life!’…. shuts them up!

      • Good for you my friend! As we have all said for so long, ‘turn BBC news off and this Killer Virus doesn’t exist”. Most people have no actual contact with this Flu and if they have, its more than likely nothing more than a cold. We have NEVER been so aware about a ‘flu’ , ever. Total BS since the very start and ALL about control.

  36. The truth is that healthy unvaccinated people are now the ones at most risk because those who have had the double jab are spreading the covid.

  37. Hugo, most of us experience ‘down’ days as well as ‘up’ days – this is to be expected in such a dangerous and uncertain era. I believe the size of many of the protests over the past months demonstrates that whilst we are a minority, I estimate 20% of the adult population, we have already achieved a critical mass. I say 20% because for every one person on these protests there are a good few like-minded unable or for whatever reason unwilling to attend. This certainly does not mean they’ve given up or that they comply with the globalist and state diktats.

    So many thanks again for your passion and stubborn attitude against the grubby plutocrats. There are as you know many other platforms with varying strategies and style but equally passionate in fighting back.

    • I don’t think people are unwilling to attend. I have been offered a lift to London, but my health is a bit suspect. There are probably loads more who are sane, but just cannot get to a march. I realise there are still idiots with masks, inside and out! There is no hope for them!

      • There is no hope for them…. they will do whatever these tyrants tell them so that they feel ‘safe’. I just wished that I knew how many saps were out there years ago, I would have taken them to the cleaners!! But! There is a point that many, many nappy-wearers only read he Daily Mail and watch BBC/ITV propaganda and do not even know of the Freedom Marches around the world etc. They only KNOW about the BS, no other viewpoint at all, sadly.

  38. Your video was spot on know what you mean there all walking around like strangers to me like there afraid to smile are speak I get looks from them when they see you without a mask if yo smile at someone they are shocked what the hell has happen to these people tryed to talk as many people as possible into deleteing the app think I got though to some it would end if they just didn’t listen to the shit pumped out of that MSM thanks again your videos are amazing keeping us informed

  39. Hugo when you get 5 minutes look up wetiko might explain what’s going on with people

  40. Thank you Hugo you are one off a small group of people I follow and listen to and need. Believe me you and Dane Whittington in California keep me strong and awake.
    Especially now protect FEAR about the DELTA variety is coming !!!!

  41. These people and their ‘passports’ don’t seem to realise they will have to keep having shots to keep it current. If they miss one (if they live long enough) it means no ‘passport’, and they will be just the same as the rest of us. As someone else mentioned on here, the first hacker will have the whole lot down anyway.

  42. Thanks Hugo. I would like to join the parallel society but I live in France. Wish you had an equivalent here!

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