SNEAKY NHS App Becomes PASSPORT Today Officially / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Thank you Hugo

    I just wanted say I tested something yesterday,
    going with phone to end of a road without Bluetooth on, I then came back to door at me pals & Bluetooth was on???
    Don’t all come at me please as I don’t use it other than in doors ok! Lol I was experimenting ok 👍

    But I wanted to check as my Bluetooth kept enabling itself??

    So just a thought if anyone has Bluetooth be careful I sure they switching them on themselves to our phones?!

    I very happy as I have half money saved for laptop then I can keep up to date with Hugo s messages👍
    Also Hugo you mentioned us growing a community & i personally feel that’s our way forward but again Don’t shoot messenger thank you 🙏
    Anyway have great day Every one

    Thank you as always Hugo 🦋

    • Does it have to be a laptop, Janie? See if there is a local computer group who could help you. The world is awash with desktop PCs that will run Linux. I gave one to a member of our local SITP as he was having problems with Windows.

      • Morning 👋
        Nice 👍 one I look into that I screenshot the message then I remember as I want stop using phone all together.
        I will do that thank you as no it doesn’t need be a laptop but I got nearly 200 saved how much shall I set myself? To get what I need?
        Hopefully you don’t mind me asking over here?
        Thank you 🙏 again for your help
        Have great day 🦋💪

    • Janie, a quick look on EBay showed me a complete setup for £60. (Used) I cannot get too involved on here and upset Hugo! Try and find a local computer group. (Volunteers, not commercial).

      • Hi 👋
        No problem, I understand.
        I do really appreciate your time & help I will have a look into it tomorrow 🤞🏻💪

        Have great evening 🦋💪

  2. Thank you Hugo, I’m glad we’ve helped keep you sane too. I sometimes imagine there will be a parallel society anyway really. It’s difficult as I have loved ones who have had it, not because they’re blind or ignorant, but through fear. They’re scared they will infect me, or their significant others who are vulnerable to respiratory issues. This is where I hope the public will draw the line, because my family cannot be the only one like this. I hope to meet you one day and you better not mind hugs as you’ll be getting a huge one from me. Thank you.

  3. I am with you Hugo. I will never forget how people have been over this, including family. Un vaxxed have been treated like Jews in 1930’s Germany. Yet the people who are causing the discrimination would deny that they are behaving similar to Nazi’s

    • The connection with the Jews is correct. The Jews were neither more infectious nor more wicked than their neighbours but were still rounded-up and murdered. The Blacks in S. Africa were treated similarly and even in the 60’s the Blacks in America were ‘normal’ neighbours until the whites decided that they were 2nd class. So what is the difference between a vaxxed person who can catch and infect others or an UNvaxxed person who can catch and infect others? At the London March on June 26th, yellow, Star of David badges were being worn by some walkers, I was one of those people. Sad times ahead my friend.

      • Within the next few months, I fully expect the armed vaccination Stasi to start going door to door to round up the unvaccinated, forcibly sedating them, putting them in the back of vans, and taking them to “vaccination centres” to be given the poison while they’re unconscious.

      • Your suggestion seems quite extreme, but! If , 2yrs ago, someone had said it was law to WEAR a face covering in a building society, you would have sent for the men in white coats! Nothing would surprise me these days, sadly. And I firmly believe that the frightened sheep would support the measures that you’re predicting. Sickening really! 😞

      • The NWO Nazi Cuomo in New York has already said the unvaccinated need to be forcibly taken from their homes, put in cars, and injected. Now, given that most of the unvaccinated in the US are likely to be armed, and those who aren’t are likely to physically resist, something like tranquilizer guns will have to be used on people, and let’s not think governments don’t have them and won’t use them. In the UK, most people don’t have the means to protect themselves, but those who resist will almost certainly be put to sleep. It will just have to happen elsewhere first. Johnson and his puppet cabal don’t have the guts to do it before someone else has.

      • Australia, Canada, Ireland look on the cusp of going a step further….. Not that the Normies will see it coming coz it will not be on the 6 o clock news! We’re in for a rough ride my friend.

      • Don’t think you really understand the history of South Africa. The government at the time setup different areas based on tribes and cultures those people could do things in their own way of doing and running their own communities. There were busses, schools, public toilets, etc. where whites weren’t allowed either. The messed up when they started forcing Afrikaans schooling instead of the native language. This was the catalyst for the communists parties (SACP and ANC) heavily supported by the Jewish community to use these riots to start oppressing black people and making those areas unserviceable and ungovernable. The aim of this was to create idea that white people are oppressors and that by the fear tactics employed by the SACP/ANC’s military arm, like burning people alive in their towns or doing political killings it made it appear that “they are 2nd class” citizens. The ANC, besides killing their biggest rival at the time aka the IFP came in with the political arm to claim they will solve this through a revolution.

        The tactics are simple, the ANC made the blacks 2nd class citizens, used media to propagate to the world that the whites are doing it and creating fear in the communities to convince them it was the whites. Then the same ANC comes in claiming they can free them by voting for them.

        I’m stating this as a South African, you cannot compare what happened in SA to this at all as the history books are clouded.

        What we can do is look at how this turned our in the past, and the past suggests that those forcing experimental vaccines on people will be frowned upon in the past and those people will know they were on the wrong side of history.

  4. Listening to this Hugo, it’s like you have put all my thoughts into words.
    So disappointed in people and that is the most upsetting thing.
    A parallel society has to come somehow for those that don’t cave to the pressure but in what form I don’t know. I’m up for it !

  5. When pubs full of vaccinated people test positive for C19 a week later who will they blame! No difference between vaccinated or unvaccinated in terms of getting or passing it on so what is the point of vaccine passports! Of course we know the answer I just wish more people would question it!

  6. Show us the way out, Hugo. I’m genuinely terrified of the world I’m living in. My sister’s job has just implemented a 12 week consultation period for deployment if the staff don’t get jabbed.

    • There are so many of us across UK who feel the same. But we are isolated – already care home staff, how long before other employers? How can we work together to stop this madness.

      • I dont know how we will stop this Juggernaut of Communism coming to a town near you. It is truly frightening and the sheep and general public are letting it happen without a single ‘bleat’ of dissent. They have bought in the Army in Australia to take control of the streets in case someone needs to go an buy milk. We are heading for a different lifestyle without any fight…sadly. 🙁

  7. My thoughts put into words Hugo. The disappointment and frustration I feel towards people who can’t see all of this is upsetting. A parallel society may have to be created by those who don’t cave but in what form I don’t know ,and for sure they would try and stop it. I’m up for it anyhow!

  8. Keep it up hugo. Totally agree with everything you have said. Im 56 and grew up in a free britain. Whats happening now is madness. People have no idea what they are enabling these greedy fkn “elitists” to do.

  9. I love your idea of businesses and people for us “regular people”. We need to brain storm to get out in front of this. Thank you. I love your talks! Campbell River B.C. Canada

  10. My friend left their phone on the widowsill to charge, and next thing it pinged up to self isolate. They could only assume it was because a group of kids who were hanging around their front window at the time, one of which had recently tested positive. So you don’t even need to leave the house to get pinged. Keep your phone in the middle of the house, and leave it at home if you go out.

    • Anyone who obeys a Phone app” pays homage to their phone “As there God” All Bow to the Phone God” and don’t leave home without it!

  11. Thank you for the uploads Hugo 🙂
    NO JAB
    My grandad went to hospital today because he had a heart attack and no doubt it was caused by that friking ‘covid-19’ jab! He and my grandma have had both, I keep trying to tell them how it’s a deadly jab and that the government are corrupt but they won’t listen…keep the faith, turn to Jesus Christ, turn to God, and amen 🙏

  12. Unfortunatley Business’s run under commercial law i.e. Thier law if business’s refuse to abide by thier law they risk losing there licence to trade, The business’s will not rebel and if they do they will be crushed by thier system, Why do you think all these new covid marshall jobs have been going out to tender these will be the government snitches who will be checking on business compliance

    • Everyone has a God given right to enjoy life “ All so called Covid marshals should be informed officially, and on the spot, that perpetrators of this oppressive draconian overreaching persecution “ shall be named and listed in the upcoming Nuremberg 2 Trials “ for crimes against humanity “ Put the Wind up them!.

      • I dont think there will be any ‘Nurembergs’ my friend. This scam is world wide, all establishments are towing the line. No courts will allow such ‘going against the Agenda’ trials. The sheep will bend over and take it like good citizens. It makes me sick with despair. Stay Strong and stock up on tinned food stuffs.

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