Passport Protestors Gatecrash ITALY Parliament / SAY NO TO GREEN PASS

34 Comments on “Passport Protestors Gatecrash ITALY Parliament / SAY NO TO GREEN PASS

    • The vaccinated are spreading the virus on msn today

    • ….some thing is not right ?! Masks ?! …and how many people ?! It is the show , not reality ! I dont by that ! ( I wish , but it is not real )

      • In English, not Italian. Perhaps they just wanted to get the message to as many people round the world as possible. But you might have thought some of the placards would be in the native language.

  1. See yhr mad men run.. Run rabbit run rabbit run run run… Brilliant!!

  2. this needs tp happen in parliament here when it begins again 🙂

  3. Brilliant wish our m p s would be brave to do that . Just one and the rest would follow he would be a god

  4. Let’s do this in parliament take the fuckers I’m glad to do this who is with me

  5. Yes said it before take them out of there wall they hide behind no more listening to the bullshit thing there walls are falling down around them can’t wait for that the sooner the better thanks hugo

  6. Who was doing the security Max and Paddy or should I say Maximus and Patricio .😀

  7. Why are their signs in English?
    Shouldn’t they read.
    Nessun Pass Verde

      • And really all in office clothes suits ties dresses and masks as you noted.

  8. This feels difficult because I do not like devision. I work in a shop on a self employed basis which is part of a bigger complex. Do not get me wrong I have questioned everything from day one 1. 4 days after my Mum died, it was like waking up on a different planet, double whamy or what. I am so glad she did not have to put up with this crap and that all her chidren, grandchildren, great children and great great son where able to be there to say love you and goodbye.

    A lot of people seem to wish for end days but why can’t we give love without wishing for anything in return. I do not fear death nor do I long for it .

    The people who come into my shop 90% wear masks. I question this very gently because I respect others choices. I wear no mask and never have but feel they are pointless anyway from a being who sees souls.

    Thank you Hugo

    • I have not worn a mask in a pharmacy in the middle of a big supermarket.Nobody has said anything to me.I do it to show I have no fear.

  9. Love that guy at the start there with the blue suit on😄

  10. Lol. Love the guy in the blue suit he dodged about 5 men, he should play rugby

  11. To be clear, this video doesn’t show a gatecrash. The people with the signs are members of parliament and are enacting a protest against the introduction of the covid pass. They are doing this into the parliament to show the people there is an alternative, as well if in reality are all together agreeing to the covid measures. In fact, as someone has noticed already, all of them are using masks. It is the typical way we have in Italy to manipulate the mass. They are nothing else than a false opposition.

  12. All have identical A3 print outs, nobody ripped their masks off, very poor quality video (similar quality to the Matt Wanksock kissing video). looks staged to me.

  13. Thanks Hugo, I feel the same as many who have commented that this video appears staged. Why would they write the signs in English? I am sure I read somewhere that marshal law was planned at some stage, maybe in leaked Canadian document but can’t remember. Things are escalating so fast, they are pushing us to fight back and divide. Unfortunately as in previous wars they have feet in both camps. .

  14. 100% staged and the MSM will frame it as a disgusting attack on democracy. Capital hill all over again same script. And thre English wording is completely out of place.

  15. The whole thing is crumbleing and certain peoplel are frightened, I think very frightend, dogs backed into corners only want to escape it is all they think off.

  16. Hi is a shill, he is put there to look like the bad guy! its all an act, he will be given a new identity when all this is over!, you watch he will fake die over the next couple of weeks, so he can be used to make a point, look what happens, look what happened to him, so everyone gets worried and goes out to get their ID for the new system.

  17. I may be wrong, but I think the protestors are actually MPs from within the Parliament.

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