IRELAND Restaurants And Pubs Under ATTACK / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. pubs and restaurants, that ask for passports should be, excuse the pun be excluded like the plague.

    • This could be a blessing in disguise – as the clean, intelligent (the unjabbed) know where is it safe for them to visit – a place where the dirty jabbed self inflicted spreaders will not visit.

  2. Would it not be best to approach the matter from a BUSINESS point-of-view?
    Them- `Show me your `vaccine passport`
    You- `YES, CERTAINLY (now there is agreement, so there is no controversy) it`s just that we CHARGE you €999 to DO that for you, please and thank you` (be polite when conducting business)
    The secret to everything in life is just two words……CONDITIONAL acceptance.
    Please remember that THEY are NOT volunteers… why should You be?

    • You’re right.
      Everything in this manufactured reality is a business contract.
      They make an offer, you accept ON CONDITION they pay you £X000000.

  3. If you comply you are digging your own Grave .FACT !
    DO NOT COMPLY.Simples👍👍🥰

  4. I’ve just seen that NWO controlled charlatan Van Tam on the BBC News channel saying, without any challenge whatsoever, that the “Covid vaccines” AKA the death jab, have no major side effects. To quote The Two Ronnies, death can be fatal.

    • Unfortunately van tam lives, when he’s home, around 15 miles from where I’m living now. His grandfather was prime minister of the State of Vietnam.
      To make life even worse, he who likes to kneel before the queen, john hayes lives 6 miles away in the other direction.

      • Would you like to share Mr van Tam’s home address, please, for those of us who are curious?

  5. If businesses looked at it more objectively as opposed to doing what they’re told by the govt they would realise they are losing business, maybe that’s the way to approach them as well as boycotting them explain this whilst also explaining why it’s wrong

  6. All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing..

    • So the vaccinated claim to have won their freedom back, mmmm… Let’s take a closer look shall we, they CANNOT enter a restaurant without producing their papers Nazi style, they CAN’T mingle with other patrons inside, they CAN’T go to the toilet without a pass, they CAN’T go outside for a smoke without a pass, and they CAN’T move around inside without a face covering, and they claim they have won their freedom!! 🤣🤣

      • He was quoting Edmund Burke (1729-97): “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      • Sweet baby Jesus 🤦‍♂️ Shut Up!

    • Brace yourselves much more to come. Headlong into apocalypse.

  7. Yet today they say people can go back to offices without it! So you can pay tax but cant go for a coffee! Hearing about loads asking for your papers here!

  8. Glad to see this happening. More businesses need to grow some and stand up for their customers and their businesses! The government are after both!

  9. The highest law of the land in Ireland, as elsewhere throughout Europe, is Common Law, that which has set president and good legal practice for hundreds of years. “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” (Thomas Jefferson) – This law is not only unjust, but inhuman and contravenes the Nuremberg Code, set up and agreed to following the establishment of the UN by its members in 1945 to protect the world from medical tyranny.

    Conform to this and your children’s freedom will be next

  10. It’s the people versus the goverment . We need to take back our power. We know our rights, we know right and wrong, but these evil beings do not.

  11. This is to tie in with the internet passports too. Fake reviews and online abuse aimed at restaurants/businesses that support the tyranny will be used a as a reason to bring in the internet passports

    • You could be right. I have friends who live in Alaska and we’ve been emailing back and forth since the 8.2 earthquake struck this morning (our time). As there were tsunami warnings in place for several countries at the time, apparently people who were trying to warn other countries were told that their post were offending certain people and were removed for being offensive or a similar word. This happened to more than one person trying to post the warning! Hopefully some posts got through or were allowed to at some point. The mind boggles.

    • Apologies. Should have said trying to warn via Facebook.

      • if facebook removed posts from people warning about a tsunami then that is highly irresponsible of them and they should be fined a six figure sum and Zuckerberg jailed

  12. Why don’t Hugo do a video on the good headlines for a change

    BRITAIN is close to herd immunity, with the Covid pandemic “pretty much over for the UK”, a scientist has claimed.

    It comes after a week where case numbers steadily dropped for seven days straight, puzzling experts and providing a glimmer of hope.

    Fear mongers time is running out.

    • You have controlled opposition in the government and I’m sure the same goes on in the scientists. If your scientist is genuine then he doesn’t stand a chance. Hugo would then be accused of giving people false hope when it all went wrong.
      Most countries are busy falling into lockstep of blaming the unjabbed for the alleged spread of the “bug”.

    • Yeah like this is all over, even if it were too can we just walk away from all what’s happened?play some of your favourite music if you need cheering up, oh and the bad news is there planning a reset.

  13. This is how the US is falsely portraying citizens of Australia:

    The thesis of the reporter’s exposition: Australian citizens are outraged because “the country has not done enough to help them get vaccinated.”

    I’m at an utter loss. Nothing is making sense.

    Considering the recent and shocking flip flop on injections by US Florida’s Governor and FOX’s Hannity, one begins to imagine the range of things that might entice even the most “awake” leaders and media figures to suddenly begin encouraging citizens and their children to take the injection.

    One must wonder, then, if Hugo is on to something:

    Our magnetic poles are moving, and Earth’s magnetic shield has decreased by 25% . . . and it’s speeding up at an alarming rate:

    Something unavoidable and catastrophic must be headed our way . . . our billionaires are taking test-runs to space, building super boats, and building homes below the earth’s surface.

  14. I was in Limerick last week visiting some friends, we all went out for a meal, the I was the only one who had not had the injection, the first place said I would have to sit outside and they could put two tables out so we could all sit together. We just went down the road and found somewhere else that didn’t ask and were glad to get 8 bums on seats.

    • Good on you. I was going to say l’d love to go to a restaurant with a fairly large group of people and all walk away when they won’t admit some for being unjabbed.

  15. This is the country that CLAIMED to be oppressed by the English,first chance they get the dictatorship does the same tenfold.
    The banana republics corrupt Security firm -deaidee or what garbage this shit calls itself- did’nt “investigate” when t*rr*r*sts and the bigoted political party acted the prick and even now with their YT channel and t**tter/facebook bile

  16. Just seen on news this mornig, Google, Netflix cast and crew, and Facebook staff must all be v’d now to return to work/offices, and now Uni students here too. This policy is spreading faster than the virus. Won’t be long until it’s everywhere.

  17. This is just was what Thomas Sheridan a day or so ago, on his YouTube channel, said people should do.

  18. NO MASK
    NO JAB
    NO COMPLIANCE!!!!!!!!
    Like I said before, we are living in the biblical end days now like Noah was. Prophecies in the bible are being fulfilled today (read Mathew 23 and 24 and revelations) which is an indication of what I just said, I am not stating that I know when Jesus will return because only God knows that but I know that it’s very soon. 2 nights ago I had a dream where I heard 4 trumpets being blown from the sky and before this I also had 2 other rapture dreams (one which I prayed God to give me 🙏🏻) so please turn to God and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour, spread the word to save other lost souls from eternal damnation, and most of all NEVER take the mark of the beast, trust me..die instead, amen 🙏 💫.

  19. amazingly the pub/ restaurants who discriminate against people who make a choice not to take the jab, are complaining that they are being discriminated by those very same people WTF.

  20. So they banned people who chose to inhale chemicals into their bodies (smokers) to now banning people who refuse taking chemicals into their bodies WTF.

  21. Next step is denying access to food in supermarkets etc.
    Would they be that stupid & evil?
    Depends how strong they feel,
    It would be put up or shut up time for us all.

  22. All apartheid businesses must be and will be destroyed forever by the people!

  23. Doe someone have the link for the free information consent like the one in the video thanks

  24. Hi Hugo. Great job as always. I have a question about Resolution 2361 (2021)
    Is Council of Europe resolutions will be respect in UK?

    If yes, is it mean that i can ignore request for take quarantine as long as people with jabs are not have it? I’m immune naturally, but have no paper for it. I’m thinking to challenge the system, but want to find out first what is my chances.

    In Resolution points 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 are the ones interesting

    7.1.1 ensure high-quality trials that are sound and conducted in an ethical manner in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine: Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (ETS No. 164, Oviedo Convention) and its Additional Protocol concerning Biomedical Research (CETS No. 195), and which progressively include children, pregnant women and nursing mothers;
    7.1.2 ensure that regulatory bodies in charge of assessing and authorising vaccines against Covid-19 are independent and protected from political pressure;

    Bellow link to all act

  25. To the Irish people: well done guys, I am so proud of you for publishing these negative reviews. Please continue to do that, these companies that comply to discrimination should go bankrupt asap. By the way, why don’t we say to all these zombies they have to prove they don’t have Ebola, just criminalize them and pretend they have Ebola unless they can prove they don’t have Ebola. What a load of crap all this Corona bullshit.

  26. Businesses are afraid to stand against these measures because its all about the money. The money says that the MAJORITY of peoples have consented to these systems; with the App, the vaccinations (Vaxxed-Nation) etc. Its all tied-in of course. And the numbers add up. The government also have the power to put you (as a business) on their “naughty list”, that’s why I think the business who enforce it for it are afraid. Better to have balanced measures that consider ALL of your customer base

    Its down to the small businesses who are mostly Traditional or Family Run, who care about their people more than they do ticking Corporate boxes.

  27. Bring down business that sign up for vaccine passports. The Irish people should row with these Muppets on the door as they are following government order.
    When this comes to England i will have my say and they won’t like it.
    There is a website Open For All where business’s have signed up not to accept vaccine passports its worth a look to support business’s locally

  28. Yes. And also tell any venue that refuses you entry that you will be posting on social media and telling your friends and family not to go there. Hit them where it hurts – with a loss of income

  29. Welcome to COMMUNISM even more severely violating human rights than in Soviet Union or North Korea…

  30. Re your clip of Nadim Zahawi’s speech in the House of Commons, 22nd July 2021, which included churches in the list of places you could not go without a VP – did I email you to say I contacted my regional, national and European church HQ’s? I send a memo to their Religious Liberty directors and received 2 favourable replies. In fact the European RL Director sent another email to say he had contacted their Legal Counsel, and notified the WORLD HQ in Washington DC of the situation, as well as consulting with the HQs of the other European countries. Thank you very much – these directors did NOT know about the speech, so your clip enabled me to let them know. Watch this space!
    I also wrote a letter of query to Nadim Zahawi, copying it the the PM and my own MP, asking if I understood correctly that VPs would be required to get necessary food and to worship? And was it only Christians since he did not mention mosques or temples? and how did he define freedom? Without your showing that slip, none of this would have been done. Thanks SO MUCH!
    April and cat Scoots

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