UK Govt Want To Register Home School Children / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. British BRAINWASHING Corporation . (BBC). Working full on for the work of satan . They are thieves ,liars and cheats. Hallelujah Jesus is Lord .

    • the name of the organisation you are referring to is the British Bullshitting Corporation. They are one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations and should have their broadcasting licence removed

    • Hi Mark.
      The BBC eh?
      Haven’t watched for a few years but does the 6 o’clock news introduction graphics start by highlighting Beijing?
      Check it out. Let me know.


  2. If they even think about my 15 year old having a jab before school start in September I’m taking him out. Why would I have him as a lab rat when me and my other older children have refused it. Kiss my arse.

    • Good for protecting your child health
      Michael Gove said people who refuse the jab are selfish.
      F*** off Gove you shit weasel my choice not your’ s stuff your vaccine passports
      Up your back side, he the second after Bill Gates i or someone else to punch right in the face.

  3. They mean the opposite to what they say. Twisted psychopaths.

  4. Great news
    Theses parents are saving their beautiful children from more tyranny 👍👍💪💪💪
    Good for them!!!💪😉
    Wake up now people 👍👍💪💯

    Great stuff Hugo thank you

  5. They can get a grip of my middle digit and swivel on it!

  6. Don’t call them a government.
    They are a regime.

  7. They have been trying to push a home education register for years the last huge major push was around 2009 I do believe. This has been simmering in the background for a couple of years, long term home educators have been fighting behind the scenes to stop it happening. I have a feeling the huge influx of new home educating families will be used to push the agenda and bring about a register we do not need.

    • I was just about to say this same thing, my friend. I’m glad that my teenager is now of an age where we’re free of all this bs. I was one of many who successfully fought to keep home edders free from registration and monitoring on an ongoing basis, helping to draft notices to protect our rights and stand out ground. I totally agree that the recent influx of new families to the home ed community must have their freedom-hating panties in a wad, and that they will take advantage of pretty much anything to suit their nefarious agenda of control. Kudos to all who resist! With love, Jay

  8. The problem with registration is it gives an outside entity a say in how you educate your son’s and daughters, because by registering you are agreeing that you haven’t sole say in their education,do not register

  9. This is coming to the UK very soon Israel leading the way

    n 22 July, Israel’s prime minister Naftali Bennett delivered a strong message to the roughly one million Israelis who are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine but, due to scepticism or neglect, have chosen not to get it.

    “The science is clear – the vaccines work, they’re safe and they’re effective,” he said in a special address to the nation. “Vaccine refusers are endangering their own health, the health of those around them and the freedom of all Israelis. Our freedom to work, our children’s freedom to study, our freedom to celebrate with our families. They’re hurting all of us, because if everyone gets the jab, everyone will be able to return to normal.”

    This wasn’t just rhetoric. Bennett announced that from 8 August, Israelis must present a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid test if they want to attend cinemas, theatres, amusement parks, football matches or any outdoor and indoor activities involving more than 100. Synagogues are no longer exempt from restrictions (perhaps because, unlike the previous government, Bennett’s administration does not rely on ultra-Orthodox parties to remain in power). On top of this, the state will no longer fund Covid tests for people who aren’t vaccinated. “There’s no reason the taxpayer and those who fulfilled their civic duty to get vaccinated should pay for those who won’t,” Bennett said.

    Israel has seen a surge in Covid cases in recent weeks driven by the highly transmissible Delta variant.

    This is despite Israel having one of the world’s most successful vaccination programmes: about 80 per cent of the adult population was vaccinated by the end of May and the country reopened after lockdown on the first day of June. Normality seemed almost within reach as infections dropped to single digits – but now, as the rest of the world is opening up, Israel is shutting down once more.

    The new first clusters of Covid cases in June spread from schools: Israel has started vaccinating 16-18-year-olds, but the under-18s are still the least-vaccinated group. At the time of writing, there are over 11,500 confirmed Covid cases in Israel, with around 200 patients hospitalised; half of those are in a serious condition and only 20 are on ventilators. Around half of patients in Israeli hospitals are vaccinated, and most belong to higher risk groups: those over 60 years old, and/or with underlying health conditions.

    [See also: The race to beat US vaccine hesitancy]

    To deal with the current spike in cases, the government has reimposed mask-wearing indoors. This isn’t a matter of personal choice, as in England, but a requirement, as Bennett made clear in his announcement last week. “Masks have been proven as exceptionally effective in protecting you and those around you,” he said. “When two people wear masks the chances they’ll infect each other drop by 98 percent. So everyone in the country has to wear a mask in indoor settings. This isn’t a recommendation. It’s your legal duty.”

    Along with this, Israel is ramping up its vaccine drive, offering Pfizer vaccines to 12-18-year-olds and a third booster shot for at-risk patients originally planned for autumn.

    It’s too soon to tell if the change of tone will be effective against the coronavirus surge, especially as sanctions on the unvaccinated won’t come into force until 8 August. But the effect of the government’s zero-tolerance attitude towards vaccine sceptics will be studied closely by leaders across the world. If Israel succeeds in suppressing the Delta variant surge through these strict measures, it will provide a strong case in favour of vaccine passports.

    Good luck to all the unvaxxed.

    • not too sure how they are going to suppress the delta variant as it doesnt exist. Nor does covid in the first place. Vaccines are meant to protect against viruses. Why would anyone want to get a vaccine to protect themselves against an imaginary virus?

  10. Once registered you will get an Ofsted inspector call, who will find your education of the children ‘failing’. Your children will be taken into care and in their care will, for their safety and well-being, get the Jab. They will probably let you pay for their funerals.

    • That isn’t what happens. You get a visit from a EHE officer so she can tick a box that all is well. Hiding from them raises concerns (children were found dead like this, so the check is worthwhile and essential) but no law has changed. It’s perfectly legal for you to home educate. Don’t let fear win… At the rate kids are coming out of school… They’ll be grown before they get through that amount of checks…. It will likely be a letter and a phone call.

  11. So they’ve kept everyone locked down for the last 18 months and parents have seen the positives of home schooling, ie no indoctrination, daily commute, and ridiculous covid rules at school. Now the elite are in panic mode that people want to home school. Isn’t it sweet when some of their plans backfire

  12. Until 2018 I worked in the education system… I woke up early, before this clown world occurred. When you inform the school, they inform the local authority. The Home Education officer, pays a visit as courtesy as some parents take their kids out when they are not coping or suffering with mental health issues and it might be the help they need. In our borough, there is just one woman tasked to do this. If the welfare officer knows the family and all is well, she/he informs the Elective Home Education (EHE) officer that all is well and the family get a phone call to check they don’t need advice or to tell them about groups and services available to them. So they are registered with the local government anyway. Those figures/total numbers of EHE children are shared with government…. Which is how they know of the surge. MP’s must know that EHE children are registered with the LA. This is just scare tactics, putting it in news like it’s a new thing. It was better to have the phone call or the visit to end the involvement or they keep coming back. Just say.. “we are doing this and that…. Thanks for your advice, but we have planned well and set ourselves clear goals. Have a good day.” Parents who tell the EHE officer to get lost would raise concerns and they are duty bound to call for a welfare check through police and social care (imagine if they didn’t, we’d all be screaming “they” should have checked when the kids are beaten to death) So new EHE parents, just be polite and they go away to tick a box that you were checked and all is well. Good luck to you all…. From an ex-insider you have made the right choice.

    • Unfortunately it doesn’t always work like this, there are numerous stories of LA’s over stepping the mark and not following the law. We advise all home ed families to keep things only in writing for this very reason. The law as it stands says we are not allowed to be monitored and we do not even have to respond to enquiries although it is in our best interest to do so. We can respond with a written report.

      Only children who have been deregistered from school are known to the local authorities unless a parent notified them. The only other way to be found is for a member of the public or health care worker to report the child as suspected missing an education. There are thousands of happy healthy home ed kids currently flying under the radar.

      Currently there have been no cases of home educated children abused or killed, the ones that keep coming up were children who were in school and known the the local authorities long before they were removed from school.

  13. Well done to all parents who have taken their children out of schools to home educate them.

    Having freed your children from these tyrants and their brainwashing so-called education agenda, why would you consent to the registration to endanger your children again by bringing yourself and them back into their tyrannical grip?

    The rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ is imminent. If you hear of millions of people worldwide suddenly disappearing, the globalists will say we were taken by aliens to be re-educated. Don’t believe it. Jesus has taken us to heaven to rescue us from the tyrannical antichrist rule to come under the global government and the cashless society. Small children will be taken as well so that they are protected from the evil that is coming on the Earth. If you want to go as well, repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and call upon His Name today that you too can go. We will return to earth with Christ after the seven years of the tribulation of the Antichrist rule. (See the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible).

    Romans 10:9-11; John 3:16.

  14. I went trough the whole education program and its just a brainwash daycare for kids, teens and young adults. They don’t teach you real (life) skills, just useless shit. I have learned more of myself and life, since I became a dad, then 20 years of state education.

  15. i brought up 5 beautiful children all grown up now. i wish i had known about home schooling in 60s and 70s my children did not like school. the happiest time was school holidays we used to do so much together we had fun were relaxed and happy. used to keep them off quiet a lot lol.
    going walks collecting leaves swimming etc. played camps under table pretend shopping collecting all empty boxes a till and play money. play games .
    id be teacher give them things to do give them stars for good work etc. we did so much. 11 to 12 year olds traveling so far to get to big school buses etc was not right. it breaks my heart when i think of all years wasted in these hell holes, i am just grateful they are decent people of whom im very proud and my late husband was too.
    you are all doing right thing these places are not fit to raise a child no values no God any more. we are parents and have right to teach our children the true meaning of being a human child of GOD..MAY GOD BE WITH ALL PARENTS AND CHILDREN NOW THAT WE ARE IN END TIMES.

  16. Opaque Indeed, unlike the the Govts bullshit which I can straight through like cheap toilet roll.Talking of which kiss my arse Gove and Co.

  17. Israel is setting the standard to follow ,lol…. my 11 and has been doing jujitsu from the age of 7 I have told him any forced inoculation injection come nere him as he starts high school a quick turn of the wrist and it will end up in somebody’s neck now that’s not standard attitude just a bit self defensive.lollllllll.all jokes aside his mum and I are in agreement if he comes across any issues he’s out…one more point I am a season ticket holder to a Premier league side.i live in belfast but I would say if there is anyone else that also holds season tickets to email your club if you are against stadiums from October having to be double injected with emergency experimental not mandated vacination.i did, this week that its not written in the direct debit financial agreement or has any season ticket supporter received of any information from the club before they invited people to renew their tickets.and I am williNG to give mine up if this is forced in the nere future.and I will want a full refund ,if every season tick holder did this as a form of discrimination as of free choice for believing that they have an imune system to fight off diseases.maybe .c.e.o’s of clubs might a different view point they have already got it on there individual websites of (code of conduct) that (cashless and contact less will be used.)..I asked for my email to be reviewed by the hierarchy of the club and I think it’s a disgrace that the newspapers highlighted that it could push people to get vaccinated as form of entry so psychological blackmail, does not look good …I don’t see my email getting through, but if 20 season tick holders to premier league clubs done this would be a high number of supporters, then you have championship clubs scottish premier league,Irish leagues, aswell that’s would be some emails then a petition for football supporters of the uk set up and sent to the goverment.only a thought.take care everyone….

    • A better solution would be to write to the Sports Minister (not sure who he is sorry) to tell him that he will be held personally responsible for any adverse effects due to the vaccine if the measure to introduce mandatory vaccines as entry to football stadiums. And get everyone you know to do the same. There are hundreds of thousands of people who attend football matches every week. If everyone threatened the government with this they would probably back down. Conviction of causing thousands of deaths it would be a jail sentence at the very least.

  18. Bought a car of a foreign lady this evening, got chatting, banking issues, wanted to know the reason and the car being purchased only £1800 aswell ODD!! anyway, she’s 1 of us, millions dying soon, her husbands a doctor, he’s faked his cert and hers, has to go along with it or job and life ruined but no way is he or her or any of the kids having it, he’s in the millions dying aswell group and doesn’t see a real purpose for the jab or that the jab even works, and he’s a damn GP Doctor.

    Fair few of us out there 🙂

    Register Home Schoolers because obviously there all extremists and need to visit the FEMA Bill Gates holiday home and get reeducated in there ways or visit that gassy kinda chamber.

    It’s impressive those, atleast twice per week the government make me realise we are slightly more fucked, government finally good at something.

    Anyone up for a little bit of Civil War, start a little group, we’ll kick ass and the rest will come out when we’ve finished and ask if they can help, so to save the planet we’ll shoot them and rock on!!

    • the beeb like peados as demonstrated by the fact that Jimmy Savile was employed by them

  19. I did think it is a little ironic that the beeb are talking about home schooling and their concerns about parents taking kids out of school as everyone should by now be aware that the BBC actively encourage child abuse

  20. So Gove this its selfish not give kids an experimental gene therapy that they have granted immunity from prosecution?
    A jab that’s killed thousands and maimed many more.
    For a virus with a survival rate for children of 99.9998%.
    Will Gove accept liability for the ones that die or are maimed like in the USA?
    Sick and evil…

  21. Pretty sure in the USA that all the preppers are on a data base aswell, so they know who to round up.

  22. I think when taking children out of the mainstream education that it would be a good idea (to avoid the situation like in the lockdown isolation and stress) that several families in an area link up and then the children can still socialise as can the parents with people the same ages and have fun exercise in the local park. Swimming lessons are important to good health as is exploring the countryside!

  23. The UK Government want alot,, they want to register Births Deaths Marriages, Chickens, Dogs, Ones Car, Ones House, Ones Land. We have already lost trust in Dr’s Phama, Goverment and the Pathetic and deterioating Educational System, it is not education it is indocternation and kids are better without it.

  24. Hugo, can you help me with a problem. My daughter is being forced out of a job she loves, caring for adults with difficulties. The House of Lords have passed a law stating that all staff in care homes must have the vaccine (mandatory) be the end of October or they will be out of the job. Does she have a case to stop this happening or not? Please can anyone point me in the right direction to fight this, which is against all human rights and I am devastated for her! I will never have any of these vaccines nor be tested, I will go to Jail before they touch m. I am a 66 year old woman (retired) thankfully! Thank you :o)

    • I am certainly no expert, but whether or not a law has been passed, it doesn’t mean it is right, it can still be contested, and that is how common law is formulated over time, a lot of what is going on is about pressure and intimidation, they are intimidating people into getting the jab, call their bluff wait until the employer sacks her, whatever you do don’t quit voluntarily, and then look into taking them to court for illegal dismissal. Wrongful dismissal is a common law claim which is essentially a breach of contract claim.

    • I feel you. My daughter finally made manager after years of work in special needs respite care and is devastated that not only would she have to take the poison, but enforce it! She’s a single mum and feels trapped. She has tried asking her GP for an exemption (even offered to pay him to say she had it!). Now she’s armed with real data, to argue her case. Has signed a petition (like that will work!) contacted union and legal advice. It will boil down to what she values most. Health and liberty or her job. I’m terrified for her, but she knows my feelings and I’m trying not to pressure her. I’m stating out loud daily, ” how lucky are we all that we don’t have to take the jab” and hope that believing manifests that reality. Stay positive, the fear will bring you down.

      • I really feel for your daughter. I am in a similar situation in Italy where they are discussing mandatory vaccination for teachers and I am one. If this happens I will have to have the lethal injection. I have no other money and no one I could stay with such as parents.- even if I returned to England. We are slowly being forced to be rats in a laboratory forced to be in an experiment with no choice.

    12 new gene therapy clinics, “peacekeepers”, fringe elements, a small number of dissidents, “bond between humanity and the Elders that cannot be broken”, “pre-emptive arrests of known collaborators”
    “The ADVENT Administration reminds you to report all suspicious activity to your nearest peace keeper”
    Now you know why they come up with aliens and an alien invasion so you cannot spot the real perpetrator.
    Replace Elders with someone else and understanding of current situation is going to be very easy.

    What is going to happen in the next months and years is going to look more or less like that except aliens.
    The officer who went through the gates and triggered the alarm of course has COVID, ignored lack of symptoms and forgot to put a face mask.
    Are these genetically modified soldiers talking in Hebrew maybe?
    This is Orwellian dream come true!
    Let’s prepare!

  26. I think these governants need to be reminded who’s their boss.

  27. IF home schooling picks up, you can bet that they’d soon administer “Officials”, to come to your house to “ensure” that correct homeschooling methods are being applied, and proper “safe guarding” requirements are being met, according to some new legislation that they’d eventually find a pretext to usher in because of the increasing numbers of homeschooling participants.

    Just imagine, “Karrens” in long coats and clipboards, along with some snooty-nosed, ‘wet behind the ears’ assistant, fresh off some 1 week long course on Social Affairs and Education Mandates etc.etc. telling YOU that they NEED to come into YOUR house!

    Comrades, the revolution has begun. 🚩

  28. I heard home schooling has one up by 75% since the pandemic!!!

  29. School is about making our children stupid and compliant with standardised tests and homogonised words, it is farming, Our children are not encouraged to think but remember, it is about buzz words and phrases. Any attempt to give a child a classical education is a threat to goverment and the corperate world. Education is an industry that has been taken over like medcine, it is nothing more than another incorperated opportunity that has been co-opted for the benifit of the few.

  30. as a home/unschooler, years ago, mine are grown, in ireland, butt reading about the uk and usa, this has always been a battle.
    worse in some places than others.
    uk is one of the beast re ”education otherwise”.
    in germany you couldn’t even.

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