1. What is the world coming to, anybody who thinks this is OK to test babies straight after birth are part of everything that is going on right now and it’s all bad.

    • Wont be long until they start injecting them right after birth.
      Women will stop going to hospitals for birth. And sadly some babies will die because of hospital policy.

      • You know Chris , this is exactly what I was thinking may happen eventually as well. A member of my family is not far off being due but she hasn`t yet had the jab. She is waiting until after she gives birth. I imagined in my mind a scene similar to this very video from Hugo only for the jab “Here you go darling , a little jab for you and one for baby , might as well get it over with since you`re here”. I am just shaking my head in disbelief.

      • @Tanya Louise, it’s not safe even after she’s had the baby. ESPECIALLY if she’s going to breast feed! The spike proteins and toxins come out in the breast milk and damage babies’ stomachs and worse. Plus the risks for mum, Look at Lisa Shaw, a healthy young woman now dead by jab and her 7 y/o son is motherless. VAERS, Eudravigilance and MHRA Yellow Card show an alarming unprecedented amount of deaths and life changing permanent injuries by jab!

    • This video did not actually show where the nurses actually said they would PCR Test the baby. They could have been talking about anything!

      • the man in the video said those words “You wanna PCR test baby as soon as it comes out” and not one nurse said “no that’s not what we mean” or denied the statement made against them.

    • Those called midwife’s should be stuck off.disgusting behaviour.

    • @GinaW Oh I completely agree with you love. No worries , I am fully red pilled and have all the PDFs of the reactions from each one etc. So many people have absolutely no idea about what these jabs actually do. I have been trying to warn friends and family for ages , show them vids from Hugo and the alt media sites. My hope is that she will wake up before it`s too late. I am the only member of my family who hasn`t had the jab.

  2. We will tell the safeguarding team ? Whats the were threatening you with social services if you dont comply ?. Great parents though standing strong best wishes x

    • They always use safeguarding as a excuse if a baby or child had been abuse they would not do nothing oh it’s F fake covid good for the parents.

  3. Wtf? Publish their faces. Disgusting piece of s… Cowards following the agenda. Here you go people, keep clapping them. PCR a baby born? This has to be spread around as matter of emergency. Scumbags getting paid by us to care not to coerced. Do not let these people to get their hands on our kids. Evil NWO all written

    • People who think this is about any virus are brainfucked….pcr tests do not state if you are ill or infected as stated by the inventor himself…vaccines still in clinical trial stages and even scientists do not know how efficient and safe they are even now….every normal cause of death or illness has this disgusting “covid” word labelled to them and also attached to anything that can go wrong with a person…asomatic carrier is a myth..media is full of lies and scaremongering since day 1..

      • Absolutely correct. I just do not understand how well-adjusted people can’t see this scam for what it is! They have had 18 months of this to come to a proper conclusion and they STILL jump on the wrong bus!!!

  4. welcome to the new world order that needs to be taken apart .

  5. On an NHS related note, I’d be very wary about having operations under general anaesthetic if you’ve not had the poison. They fuckers are likely to stick a needle in you as soon as they’ve knocked you out. This is how they’ll get us.

    • I’ve recently had gallbladder surgery and the nurse injected me with an anti clotting agent SO she said.. I really did worry she was sneaking the jab into me but it was only one injection so fingers crossed she was being honest. These are terrifying times.

      • I took a friend into A&E a few years ago and the nurse jabbed him with a totally unnecessary anti-clotting agent. He hates needles and she had no respect for this fact but went straight into his stomach with it, really hurt him. He was in hospital for several weeks and they tried to carry on with this as a daily routine. He refused to have it and funnily enough didnt get any blood clots either. Its a strange practice.

    • The appallingly central point being, that we can no longer trust the captured NHS. An organisation that now puts Gov’t policy way above patient care.

    • Thought about this myself . Hoping I never end up having to go in for an op as you just know they’ll do it under their ’emergency and safety’ policies or something similar

    • You notice no one is asking if the Spike Protein can be transferred by blood transfusion

      • That’s a very good question. I would imagine it can, not that I’m a doctor.

      • I asked that question soon after Hugo started this .com channel when there was only a few of us commenting. Have to admit I’d already made up my mind it would be passed by blood transfusions so have already made up my mind no matter what, I will definitely not be having any no matter the outcome. It’s only 3yrs since I had to have several transfusions until they located tumour and cut it out. If it comes back too bad.

  6. This is disgusting why do these hospital staff think they can do what they want with your baby wouldn’t even call them nurses they need people like them parents to stand up for this bullshit they don’t expect people to question them they actually be shocked when people do can’t trust them question everything

  7. Home birth probably is best nowadays, when even the MHS staff gets tyrannical and threatening with safeguarding, clearly willing to do the evil hands in hands with the devil. Every staff who behaves this way should be arrested and tried in Nuremberg Tribunal.

  8. These FUCKING MONSTERS need exposing – Covid testing a newborn, Swab pushed up against the brain and down its throat – CONTAMINATED WITH ETHYLENE OXIDE – One of the most CARCINOGENIC (Cancer Causing) substances known to man and of course the SATANISTS behind this GENOCIDE

    • Feel like I’m gonna go fuckin rambo on there asses soon shits getting way out of hand now wankers all need hanging on trial even after all this how are things ever gonna be normal agen because it still won’t be we can’t trust any of them anymoor things will still never be normal after everything thats happend not now this many people know what’s really happening

  9. I’ve been wondering lately, that as of when/if a real serious pandemic, I mean a really bad one actually surfaces, what’s gonna happen? Everyone has lost all faith in the government, and most people lack the most basic common sense

  10. If these people want to have two legs and two arms still attached to their body by the time they finish their shift they’d better stop their filthy complying nonsense…

  11. They are building a genome sequencing database for the globalists where every man woman and childs dna is sequenced and recorded where they’ll know more about you than you to package up and sell to whom ever wants to pay for it, and I envision a future where the may target the sheep on their genetics maybe restricting those with what they class as bad genes you will become invalid not allowed to have kids or completely separated from the society base on your genetic make up. So no one is safe stop getting tested have ur babies at home if possible

  12. There is a new breed of doctor’s and nurse’s they no longer have empathy (possibly not human or mind controlled) the good ones are leaving or being forced out they do not see us as humans as the enemy in this silent war, this is war against the people throughout the world.
    This will be the war to end all wars. This is the final battle its Spiritual and has been planned for thousands of years.
    The ship is going down you can at least save your soul. Repent of yours sins ask Jesus Christ into your heart believe he died for you on the cross and rose again in three days and walked the earth before ascending to heaven.
    We probably will loose our lives but we can save our souls and that’s for ETERNITY death is not the it is the beginning of a new life. We choose Heaven or Hell.
    If you choose Jesus you will be amazed what he will do within you and outside of you.
    God Help Us All.

    • It’s the same with the police force- the few left honest bobby’s are being hounded out akin to the Good Nurses

  13. Disturbing, cruel and unnecessary. They call themselves nurses. God have mercy on them. They will reap what they sow. We need all parents to stand up to these evil people.

  14. Speechless, totally speechless…home birth, home education is the way forward.

  15. At the most vulnerable time for mother and baby. Disgraceful. And by the way it will go on your record and we will remove your child to do as we wish, no doubt! Disgusting people – not nurses. Not doctors. Not human beings are they.

  16. NHS Bullying the people into harmful procedures is nothing new. Stop the madness.

  17. How long before social services start confiscating babies of parents who refuse the state agenda.. These nurses threatened as much.

  18. One of the most vilest, most distressing thing I’ve seen over the last 19 months is medics (I don’t know which country) shoving swabs up a screaming baby’s nose. And they appeared to be laughing.

  19. Let’s all clap for the NHS.
    I don’t f***ing think so!

  20. something very sinister is going on with these jabs, being branded and tracked i think, sooner we find out the better. as i predicted two month ago beta variant was coming and gamma which came out the other day, ecco next. being genetically branded, possibly microchipped, i think, its definitely not a cure,

    • Very Sinister in deed, no way PCR can tell between Flu and Covid, so no way on earth can they detect variants which I’ve been saying all along, the test is False or Positive, not Covid with this mutation BS.

      I’m hoping it’s just depopulation massively and control, but maybe it’s worse, wouldn’t mind slow zombies ?? Fast well I refuse to run, better dead than someone who witters on about running 24/7

  21. The NHS cannot be trusted, not now not ever, do all you can to boost your own and your families immune systems, only go there if it’s a life or death situation, do not sign a do not resuscitate clause and have someone with you all the time, make it clear that you DO NOT consent to them forcing the vaccine into you, video it and tell them you are videoing it, as for their names so that’s recorded as well, stay strong and support each other, they are coming for the rest of us and they are using the coercive tactics of the NHS to “capture us”🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💙

  22. Children born today, are expected to have literally dozens of vaccinations in their first few years. In the US, if you refuse the jabbing of your child, the state confiscates that child, force injects it, then adopts it out to some state agenda compliant people.

  23. This is the end time spoken of by so many. We need to protect the children now as they are after them. The children are our future and must be protected. They will do anything to take your child away from you, even unborn. They are satanists and pedofiles, watch and protect your children at all times until this bullshit has finnished.

  24. Imagine sticking that test that doesn’t work up a new borns nose.
    I’m no doctor but one false slip and it would penetrate the membrane. May God have mercy on our souls .
    Nazi s . Lord we cry out for mercy on us all our newborn babies . Lord protect these innocents from the work of satan we pray. In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ Amen.

  25. Horrendous! Important to stress that under the LAW a human body is NOT property of anyone, including a mother. However, should the baby unfortunately die at birth the parents retain lawful control and possession of the baby and if a coroner takes an interest in the death ‘the control’ is only temporary until a coroner completes his/her investigation. If a coroner does not take an interest in the death hospital staff CANNOT retain the body of the baby to do with it as they will. The baby doesn’t even need to spend time in a hospital mortuary and it’s the parents legal right to take the baby home until they decide how to ‘dispose’ (an insensitive legal term) of the body by burial, cremation or “any other means”.

  26. To all Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ “ Pray in the spirit against all witchcraft and satanic rituals associated with the NHS” the government and media “ these are enemy strongholds and only by diligent prayer can they be weakened and defeated “ hold fast to Jesus till the end “

  27. The blind doing the scums bidding. Just like Nazi Germany! Unreal how utterly compliant these people are! How can anyone in their right mind think poisoning a new born child with one of those tests be in any way right or safe?

  28. Any babies born now how no rights! this country is using this virus to become a dictatorship…..

  29. Anyone following stupid logic like that needs shooting, a baby can’t even be born with a cold as it’s protected from everything, which as experts they should know.

    Checking to see if the baby’s born with the Flu, it’s not even Covid that’s over, it’s Flu testing positive via a PCR test which means no way are there variants cause no way PCR can detect.

    So to protect ourselves from the Flu I mean Covid was are going to PCR your baby at birth, then put in on the door step for 24 – 48hours until the PCR test results are back, is they okay with you, yeah sure what ever you think is best wouldn’t like you to get a mild cough FFS!!!

    Heard it all!!

  30. Absolutely disgusting. These so called nurses are just as evil as the scum in government going along with this bull shit propaganda. No chance can this be acceptable.

  31. I hope this despicable excuse for a human gets sacked…..what an utterly vile Karen. How dare they even contemplate doing this to a baby….A fucking baby!

  32. Hey women, this is NOT the time to get pregnant.

    • Or if you do get pregnant have a home birth, no two ways about it. I’m sorry but no matter what the nurses promise I’d have got out of that hospital there and then.

      • I wouldn´t trust a single one of them, they are brainwashed morons. All they can do is call in the social services when a mother wants to make a decision about her own baby´s care. RETARDS!

  33. Did the nurses just say they would get the safeguarding people in? This is so shocking!!

  34. Well done to those parents for Standing up to the dictators.A swab up a baby’s nose???…Who the fuck do they think they are.??.They are supposed to look after us not kill us.!!!

  35. It’s becoming a f****** joke excuse my language but I’m really ticked off with all this crap the program must be terrified and stress that that as a mother of three it’s not a joke being pregnant absolutely disgusting to be treated like that

  36. Interestingly, you could have TB, Hepatitis, AIDS and several other diseases that are far more highly infectious and kill 100 times as many people each year, compared to Covid – but the government isn’t planning to hold you down and vaccinate for those – what is it about the Covid Jab that is so important ?

    I do know the answer, but feel free to reply

    • It’s all about getting PEG into people- the swabs contain ethylene oxide, when it mixes with water (e.g. in the throat and nose) can create PEG, the Pfizer and Moderna jabs contain PEG and the Astrazeneca jab contains Polysorbate 80, which the body mistakes for PEG because it has the same structure.

      PEG has been proved to suppress the autonomic nervous system and has been shown to cause all of the side effects that have been recorded on VAERS for the Pfizer jab e.g. Bell’s Palsy, seizures etc.. Look up vaccines, PEG and gastroparesis (a condition which is caused by damage to the vagus nerve). Interestingly, in some spiritual groups, the vagus nerve is linked to enlightenment- do the Freemasons also believe this? Is this one of the reasons why they are carrying this out?

  37. Just having a re-think on this! Consider that there’s nobody identified in this clip! IF I was the ‘dad’ there, I would be filming the faces of ANY and ALL medical staff in that room. For all we know they all could have been reading off a script while the phone was pointing away. NOBODY is identified, we hear voices BUT do NOT see anybody. It definitely tugs on the heartstrings. I’m calling this out as a Hoax that has high hopes of going viral with the emotional subject. We’re being primed on their intended plan of action

    • This is happening. Whatever you may think, there are so many examples of bullying and of total negligence by nurses and doctors. I can speak from my own experience.


    • In case it hasn’t already been done, I’ve now reported this incident to the Nursing and Midwifery Council but of course we have no personal details of those involved or their location, so if anyone sees this info elsewhere and could offer some context, the email for raising concerns is newreferrals@nmc-uk.org. The more of us who complain, the more likely the NMC will be wary of such practice and it’s more likely these appalling behaviours will be dealt with.

  39. Absolutely unbelievable! I so feel for the mother-to-be. How horrendously stressful for her. I am praying for all 3 of them for God’s divine protection from this evil. “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones”. Luke 17:2. KJV.

  40. The baby needs protecting ,from social services!social worker,s ,are cowboys!they don’t like working!always of with stress!

  41. 3 per cent pay rise .these nurses need funking sacking.
    It’s there duty of care .

  42. I fear soon there will be orphans all over the country, over the world. And the little ones will be the ones who the globalists will train to fit into their “perfect” world. Yes they will start using social services etc to take children from the ones who refuse the vaccination. Using the grounds that you are putting your child in harms way. Peaceful marches and protests are obviously not doing anything for change. But come for our children and you have declared war. Literally, you will have to prize my children from my cold dead hands no other way is it going to happen. Surely this has to be the point where we who are thinking and awake stand together and fight. Physically!.we have no leaders in this world now. We have to fight even if it means we die. Some of us know how sick some of these world leaders are. Just look up John wedger on you tube and watch his interviews then you will know what these sick fucks do with children. Enough is enough.

  43. 3 percent payrise for nurses bullshit.
    These nurses need funking sacking.
    We’re is the duty of care for the mother and baby

  44. The NHS seem to be becoming more and more complicit to down right negligible wickedness. More and more of the people who choose to work for them are loosing their back bones to the “Box Ticking” agendas, thinking less and less logically and critically and speaking out against all the BS, and our rotten leadership is corroding a once great service.

    NHS is no longer healthy, NON HEALTHY SERVICE seems more appropriate. It appears this once “public” service is turning more into a weaponised arm of the NWO agendas and their “private” interests.

    Private Health Care ironically may soon be the way. It may be in all our interests. Also, Home Midwifery might be a valuable skill to learn, keep your children out of those laboratories and don’t sign away their Sovereign status to the “Birth Certificate”, which is just a Writ of Corporatised receipt for “Goods Delivered to the State”.

    Learn about the truth of Birth Certificates:

  45. Really people.are stupid enough to belive this. You might want to stop breathing Oxygen

  46. This goes beyond evil. I am reading and seeing videos all over of the disgraceful treatment of pregnant woman by the NHS. This is not a lone example.
    The nurses in this video were intimidating and stressing a pregnant woman. What I will say to these nurses who should be sacked is that there is a thing called karma and expect it to come calling for you.
    if your work for the NHS and are reading this you should feel shame for what you have been doing over the last 16 months.

  47. The NS staff seem to have turned into a bunch of mindless cretins. We shouldnt be clapping them, we should be demanding to now why they put fake causes of death on death certificates (covid when it isnt), why they carry on injecting people with poisonous fake vaccines without question as to the side effects and what is in them and why they continue to use tests for covid thhat do not test for anything. NHS staff who have done this should go to jail. No joke

  48. NO MASK
    NO JAB
    NO COMPLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!
    Well done to the parents for not complying to that nurses corrupt and satanic agenda (the governments agenda)
    Already sick of this world and most of the people 😤😒I just pray that our saviour, Jesus Christ returns and SOON

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