Aussie Lawyer Reports Covid Crimes To Police Station #Australia #Lockdown


40 Comments on “Aussie Lawyer Reports Covid Crimes To Police Station #Australia #Lockdown

    • Great, we need the police to break ranks but they appear to be enjoying it in the UK.

  1. I think this is old. Nothing came of it as far as I can see..

  2. I posted this discreetly on messenger yesterday to friends that are awake 🙂

  3. This is good news!! I already knew they were controlling the weather, so glad this is coming out!!

  4. The global elite are causing a global push back, right on OZ struggle forward our power is mightier than theirs

  5. This was last year I believe. I remember seeing this a few months in from when this nightmare started.

    • Possibly this is a new report but same lawyer and location.

  6. Hallelujah may God bless and protect those guys. Thank you Hugo . Good work again Hallelujah.
    Praise God . Let he who has ears hear . Let he who has eyes see. !

  7. Weather Control, only way Canada would see 49c, I was thinking Global Warming true due to events around the world, despite Oxygen Percentage being unchanged for the last 100years,I guess they might be doing these things on purpose to fit the narrative and destroy crops to destroy food.

    • Geo-engineering has been going on for many years. Check out Dane Geoengineering Watch. He is one of many to sound the alarm. It’s frightening to understand what they are doing to the planet.

  8. I’ve always know this is not a Pandemic its a PLANDEMIC this virus does not exist its a global Hoax, cloud seeding and Chemtrail spraying and Direct Energy Weapons are being used all over the world to change the weather,, Direct Energy Weapons are being used in Canada and USA right now that’s what causing all the big fires

  9. This is so encouraging, thank you Hugo for the mood lift! Please show us more of any legal progression around the world, it’s the most heartening.

    I wish there was something going on like this in the UK. We need to get the police on our side not shouting at them in the street.

  10. Fantastic…some eloquent person delivering to Police…l think Australian people have had a tough time….best wishes from a ‘troubled UK…

  11. II’m not a conspiracy theorist I know it for fact love it

  12. OK so story time…I had this induction day at this sixth form and they emailed me requiring an exemption letter for me not wearing a mask, but BY LAW NO exemption letter is required anywhere for anyone because that is OUR PERSONAL INFORMATION THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW! So instead I got a letter from my doctor stating that BY LAW no exemption letter is required 😤😒 vaccine, ‘covid-19’, government, (most of) the police, THE WORLD is bs! Don’t trust anyone and turn to Jesus, amen 🙏

  13. We have seen Mark Sexton do something similar in the UK. My question is: Are these people achieving anything by doing this, are their reports which are perfectly justifiable, being acted on by the police?
    To me it seems a bit like asking Gary Glitter to catch paedos’!

  14. A token gesture. Some cynics may even say controlled opposition, making the rest of us think something may come of this. Therefore we sit patiently in hope, while still the clock to a totalitarian dictatorship keeps ticking.
    YOU have to believe that YOU are mankinds last hope. And act accordingly.
    There are no limitations when fighting for our very survival.
    Start off easy. Businesses still enforcing muzzles, they all have door locks, right?
    We can talk about Guy Fawkes later…

  15. Never mind. They just take a very long time to post

  16. Everything is happening fast… US scrambling to make experimental injections mandated and they’ve just mandated the first federal agency, our Veterans Affairs, and are now discussing everyone else (& blaming non-vaxxed and those with natural immunity for infection).
    Let’s do this, world. Stay peaceful, gather the best info possible to show what’s needed for each specific audience, get police on our side, those jabbed on our side, get everyone OFF the lying mainstream media that’s controlling this cabal, and let’s do this. We need to get calm and healthy the best we can, get clear, and work together AND NOT STOP.
    Check this out as a source to share (SO pleased this was done… Clearly Dershowitz actually had an honest agenda, which was to let RFK Jr. BE HEARD):

    • The above is called “Heated Vaccine Debate – Kennedy Jr. Vs Dershowitz

  17. Thank you Hugo

    Great stuff to this gentleman 👍💪💪💪

    There is long way admittedly to go …but isn’t it refreshing to see posts as this👍😉💪

    Have nice to All 🦋


    This is a concise and most persuasive video I’ve seen stating case for not having the double serum.
    It’s value is if you know anyone who is wavering , I don’t think anyone will want the serum after watching this
    but as the guy, Dave, says, don’t show it to anyone who’s already had it.

    • Thanks for sharing, just watched it, excellent, but scary for those who’ve had the jab!!😒

  19. People are starting to fight back and I’m loving it I hope we can all fight back enough and stop this tyranny that’s going on also people need to looking in to klaus and any underhand tactics he is a big part of this

  20. We’ve seen similar videos from the UK and other Countries, but nothing comes of it.
    They just get logged as a complaint, and buried in legislation and red tape.
    Regardless if we like it or not, this is going ahead!
    The protests are next to pointless!
    Unless there’s high level civil disobedience, the Politicians and their Masters will just carry on!

  21. The whole covid hoax will be over by the end of the week, I reported it to a lollipop lady yesterday. Sorted.

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