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  1. If it looks too good to be true, then it is! It would probably be used to round you up and lock you up.

    • Yea, unfortunately, my first thought, too, and bounced it off an ex-SEAL, who concurred; info gathering

    • If you sign up for this you are being affirmative that you don’t want the vax-ceen; it is a lot different from ignoring an ‘offer’ letter 😀 Just forgot, couldn’t be bothered, were doing your hair or whatever 😀 This info is going to end up in the hand of the government, the police and who knows else 😀

    • my thoughts too, a way of identifying us unvaxed and rounding us up

  2. Hugo, Fack! I perhaps stupidly signed up for this a couple of weeks ago and have my ID card. I completely get your points but when the time comes, still intend to flash it in front of little Hitlers and ask their names so I can report them for discrimination. If nothing other than to push back and raise awareness of the BS among the sheep.

    In related news, I wonder if there’s a legal challenge we can collectively launch against “vaccine passport” discrimination. As we know – the jab doesn’t meet the definition of the word vaccine [an actual vaccine DOES provide immunity from the disease it’s for], making “vaccine passports” illegitimate. Just a thought.

    • Go to ‘Big Brother Watch .com’ they’ re preparing to launch a law suit against the passports if necessary and you can contribute to them , if it is not necessary they will use the funds raised for other aspects of their important task to protect liberty.
      Big Brother Watch: Defending Civil Liberties, Protecting Privacy

      • Nobody is going to get you out of this mess. Whoever wants you to sign petitions, write to MPs, Court cases, is wasting your time and brainwashing you. These people are shills! And people think they are “ awake” !

      • Yes! that is the way to defend our rights and freedom of integrity!

    • Supreme court threw a case out recently from a UK businessman that literally trashes Magna carta.
      They ruled they should not get involved in Government business!
      Same Supreme Court that was actively involved in trying to thwart Brexit and ruled in favour of Gina Millar twice. (against Government)
      Supreme court was one of Tony Blair’s little babies.

      A corrupt judiciary as well as police force does not bode well in the fight against this tyranny

    • Agree with Jon 27th Jul Its better than nothing at least it’s a Ltd Cooperative standing together worldwide against tyranny Are you going to join them or wait for them to hunt you down like the Nazis did in Russia? It’s strength in numbers there has to be something to stand up to it at least it’s a grouo of people getting together to push back It’s better than shooting something down before it’s even had a chance to take off.

  3. trap. yep, smell a rat with this one. its just fuelling the fire.

    • Thanks for link Tateziwin. The lawyer very well spoken and explained it all clearly. He put very eloquently what my gut has been telling me for the last couple of months. Sad state of affairs…

    • Well that’s depressing because part of the reason I hung onto hope was I thought we could win through the courts. So, what do we do to win this what doesn’t involve using the law or politics?

    • Its the people that are the law not the criminals.You don’t call what they claim to be law as law.

  4. Your making it easier for them to find you and know your business.

  5. They are handing you an unloaded gun, asking you to load it for them, then give it back to them.

  6. Personally I wouldn’t read too much into this. Conservative woman often writes against this insanity and Laura Perrin who is the co founder and editor is often on delingpoles channel. She views the whole thing as it is, pure evil.

    • Yes, Conservative Woman has staunchly called out this Covid nonsense every day, and had some really good articles, written by many different people, many are just contributors. The article featuring the Vaccine Control Group has now been republished with the original authors name, There was a certain amount of scepticism in the comments at the time it originally went out, and people were querying its use of their data if they joined. Also, it looks like there is a charge if you become an Associate member (where you will get plastic id cards) which they encourage, but I think you can just register as a participant and receive a digital ID for free. Personally, I wouldn’t join but that’s not to say this organisation doesn’t have good intentions.

    • Yep, it would be called self-denunciation in Stalin’s Russia. And this is exactly the kind of tricks the Cheka and NKVD got up to to flush out ‘dissidents’ 😀

  7. Cathy Gyngell has been a vocal opponent of the government on the Covid Scamdemic. Her and Nigel Lawson have also called out the global warming scam.

  8. Sounds like a Controll scam to me, to round up all who have refused the jab

  9. I agree – sadly, this is too good to be true. They talk about consenting to giving unvaccinated blood – are they harvesting blood donors for themselves and the rest of the Cabal? I’m positive neither of those evil monsters have had the jab – those made a big show of having the jab would have all taken the placebo. So, of course they will want an unvaccinated blood in case of an emergency.

  10. This sounds like a phishing expedition to gather info on the seditious unvaxxed. As well as a rip-off.

  11. Joining the vax control group is free. It costs £6 a quarter if you want a card. I got one a few weeks ago, but I did check up on the company and directors and did not find anything untoward at the time. The group admit that they do not know quite where this is going, but the recording of health problems, experiences of discrimination and blood group could prove useful (yes, I know, useful for who?).
    I thought this card might be a nice bluff in some situations. It certainly highlights what a bogus Phase 3 clinical trial has been forced on the world’s population without an official control group. Although a bit sceptical, I thought it worth a bash. Maybe it was rash of me, but I will not live in fear of doing anything just because it may have a bad outcome. I also have a bluff vaccine ID and vaccine status on my smartphone (well, half-wit phone really).
    One has to find a middle way through it all. That way will depend on the individual. I use my real name here. I use it on forums and Telegram. Anyone can see it. It may make me vulnerable to outside sources. Too much worry about that makes me vulnerable to inside sources – negative emotions etc. As I say, we find a middle way that suits us best.

  12. Information gathering tactics, stay anonymous as possible, they can’t use something against you if you haven’t signed up for it. I mean IF these are all safe and ARE going to save everyone they could say well you’re not getting it now for 30 years cause you’ve signed up for this? The least control they have over us the better, you can only accept authority, authority doesn’t work if you don’t accept it, simple

  13. Not many of us left 88.1% has had atleast there first jab on bbc! The nasty the unjabbed are selfush heading yeah thats it ffs

    Why doesn’t anyone else other than us care about what the long term effects are before forcing it on everyone, sure if the odds are dead or sterile then we’ve just wiped out the human racez but hey ignore that.

    131 dead, bet most double jabbed, they don’t like positive tests coming down, do we not need to jab everyone?

    • Remember rule number 1: The MSM lies. They only deliver propaganda for public consumption. During WW2 theaters and newspapers used exactly the same tactic. In The film `good morning Vietnam` Robin Williams is a radio host and is never allowed to read out anything other than what the official narrative is. 88% , take it with a pinch of salt. It is more like 25%.

      • 88% seems high,don’t know any sub 30’s having it, but all over 30’s are pretty much, some I’ve busted saying they’ve had it but haven’t really 🙂 just to stop the,ohhh no you have to have it.

        Hope your right!!

      • There is no point in asking people. People are just going to tailor their response to the company they find themselves in 😀 It avoids a confrontation if nothing else 😀

    • I don’t believe any government figures including exactly how many have been jabbed. Having said that, all those in the housing around me ( except children ) are double jabbed. I’m like a sore thumb to them.
      I don’t know if vaccine control group are good or bad but I’m not interested especially when they want details like blood group.

      • And in other news tractor production is Eastern Siberia is up 400% 😀

      • Why do the sheep feel the need to ask if you’ve ‘had it’??

        Are they terrified of looking like the fools they are, for getting the jibbyjab?? Haha

  14. All these that went to these protests in London should be ashamed of them selves as this is what I read on inews.

    Latest data from the Office for National Statistics showed coronavirus in England is most prevalent among young adults, with cases in 16- to 24-year-olds almost six times more common than in 50- to 69-year-olds.

    Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, senior intensive care registrar, warned that ICU patients are “getting younger and younger” as vaccine uptake remains slower than anticipated among younger cohorts.

    “The vast majority of those requiring intensive care are unvaccinated: some of them will die,” she warned.

    When your son’s and daughter’s are in hospital on a ventilator then don’t go crying to anyone you have caused it on your selves.

    • Why are you believing any of those statistics, Lee? SarsCov2 has never been proven to exist and the “cases” are a complete fallacy. The registrar is, at best, talking nonsense.

    • In the UK Valance I think it was said 60% of hospital admissions had been double jabbed, spent 5 minutes explaining why and JVT chimed in with his “science” as to why this meant the vax was working, then next thing “Oh, I mis-spoke, I meant 60% are unvaxxed” – what a load of cobblers.

      It matches Israel, one of the most jabbed places on the planet – 60% of cases are fully jabbed up. But somehow it’s a pandemic of the unjabbed.

      Then in Australia the health guy stood up and said “we have 141 people in hospital, all except for 1 are double jabbed, the other one had just one jab” – then “oh I misspoke I meant all but the 1 with the single jab are unjabbed”.

      In US they are trying to claim 99%+ of people getting ill are unjabbed. “It’s a pandemic of the unjabbed”.

      They are clearly lying, because by their own admission the jabs are not 100% AND they predicted already that most cases will be fully jabbed because “when more people are jabbed that’s what you’ll see”.

      But now while claiming many people are jabbed, they aren’t getting ill at all, and it’s all the unjabbed.

      I predict it won’t be long before the UK and Israel and everywhere else are claiming ALL covid patients are unjabbed, and the jabbed make up zero percent of cases. You can already see the groundwork being laid in for example the daily fail, where every day there’s a story about “an antivaxer who’s last words were “I wish I’d had the jab””.

      It’s all propaganda and total bollocks – AND totally transparent.

    • The hospitals are overloaded wuth vax adverse reactions, fact, my wife is a nurse and works in said hospitals. Tbey dont tell you that on the BBC now do they!!!

    • well aren’t you a bit dim lee! they will tell you that those dying atm are the very same group of people they want to jab! it’s all bullshit propaganda, and you fell for it!

    • And in other news… tractor production is Eastern Siberia is up 400% 😀

  15. NO MASK
    NO JAB
    NO COMPLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As always thank you for the uploads Hugo, keep up the hard work 💪😃

  16. Well if the law ain’t going to help us then the only way is through physical force ,and as a result people die.
    Unfortunately you can not reason with evil.

    • The law is going to help you? You are far from being “awake” . We are living in the beast system.

  17. Only reason for this is to get names and that to know who are unvaccinated

      • Signing up to a database is not the same as ignoring an ‘offer’ letter from you local health board 😀

  18. Thanks Hugo. This is exactly what I thought when the questions became a bit to nosey, so didn’t complete it even though Mike Yeadon had shown support for it. Asking for my blood group made me feel like they might hook me up for continuous blood donation 😫. No thanks 🙏🏽

  19. For what it’s worth, Kathy Gyngell writes articles for the conservative woman that vehemently oppose the current gov policies, and particularly the va(( and va(( passports. Despite this, I too have grave concerns about any organisation basically having full details of unva((inated people, due to the potential harm that could be done should such a database get into the wrong hands…..

  20. Hugo, I know the people organising this – it’s 100% legit. A lot going on behind the scenes including organising a non vax blood bank. Mike Yeadon and his family have signed up. It’s free if you don’t want a physical card. Your worries are unfounded. All the data is protected,

  21. Nah. I’m not joining that shitty group. Nigel Lawson’s a cunt anyway.

  22. There was a senator in the States who came out all pro-gun lobby. He had all the gun supporters handing over his their info. Once he had collected it all he turned them in to the authorities. This smells of something similar. You would have to be nuts too sign up to this 😀 If the media whips up fierce sentiment against the ‘unvaxxed’ and by a remarkable coincidence this database was ‘hacked’ at the same time this could lead to serious harm. And, asking for blood group type it really strange, how many people even know that 😀

    • I recall in the early days of the pandemic that blood group seemed to affect the outcome if you caught Covid with I think it was blood group A having worse outcomes.

  23. Come on, would you trust the Conservatives or any politician giving out this shyte?

  24. Jacques Attali, 1981, advisor to François Mitterrand:

    ”The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly. Then the weak, then the useless that do not help society because there will always be more of them, and above all, ultimately, the stupid.

    “Euthanasia will have to be an essential tool in our future societies, in all cases. Of course we will not be able to execute people or build camps.
    We get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good. Overpopulation, and mostly useless, is something that is too costly economically.
    Socially, too, it is much better when the human machine comes to an abrupt standstill than when it gradually deteriorates.

    “Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that! We will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment. We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself.”

    [The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981] Interviews with Michel Salomon, Les Visages de l’avenir collection, éditions Seghers.

  25. I think you’ve missed the point on this one Hugo; it doesn’t cost any money to join and thereby get an albeit fake looking card. But actually the idea is really quite good – this is a fake crisis so why not join the game and make a placebo control group to go along with it. You will be then playing them at their own game, surely nothing to criticise?

  26. Just had this passed to me, USA but it’s the games there playing!!

    In short, admitting the PCR tests can’t tell the difference between Flu and Covid, why ZERO Flu deaths last year, there all Flu deaths and Jab Deaths.
    Switching the test to a test the isn’t crap to lower the infection rate therefore proving jab’s work, to push a mandatory jab mandate.

    Notice the Cases dropping in the UK, could this be the same ?? Where I’m hoping for Cases dropping, leave us along, might it be the next trap to force mandatory jabs.

    If someone asks you are you jabbed, say YES FFS!!

    Read the Comments some good posts below aswell.

  27. As this post is vaccine related I might aswell add this comment. I went to the cinema last night (lol re release of Top Gun if anyone cares) and during the ads before the film there was a jib jab ad. It was only short but it said happy jab day and showed someone smiling after being jabbed. I thought to myself get off the screen for f sake. So not only are jab ads on tv they have reached the cinemas aswell.

    • …and how many Convid adverts are there on the radio?? FFS! On the radio it’s every 15mins… subliminal…Drip Drip Drip feeding the sheep brains with BS all day long.

  28. We mustn’t brand all journalists or ex journalists as Convid Believers. Sue Cooke,former journo and formally of Crimewatch, has questioned the quality of the journalism and the approach by msm to this scamDemic. I agree that nearly all of them are sheep, but there maybe the odd one who has more integraty. 👍

  29. I have signed up for this. I don’t see any issues. The NHS already have my details. So does my local medical practice. Also, I have informed (on two occasions) the NHS / their representatives that I will not be taking the vaccine. BTW, forced vaccination is not legal in the UK at this time. Why do you think the government are trying to scare people by threatening to restrict the unvaccinated?

  30. Hi Hugo,

    Just to say that, surprisingly, the Conservative Woman site is a really good place for proper debate on COVID issues. I’m not a Conservative, but I think it is sound and is one of the few places where the v…x and lockdown can be discussed without censorship. The editors’ Twitter accounts also seem genuine. I have found it a good source of information. I don’t agree with all the articles on the site, but the ones on the experimental gene therapy, masks and lockdown are good.

    Thanks for all your excellent videos, by the way!

  31. Totally agree, an exercise to gather personal info. However, Hugo, totally disagree re Global Warming Policy Foundation! They are antiestablishment and lobby AGAINST UN Agenda 2030, AGAINST government net zero policies including ridiculous dependence on “renewable” energy, gas boiler replacement and battery cars. Strongly recommend anyone take a look as the global warming “crisis” will be used by governments to lock us plebs down permanently now they have had a practise run with covid.

    • Do you really trust a foundation, that was run by an ex chancellor of the exchequer who was recently at the G7, do you think they are anti establishment? Sounds like controlled opposition, and lets face it, hardly been effective have they, like you said, they are planning Climate lockdowns next.

  32. lots of interesting discussions on cw, no matter who runs it. i thought unvaxed group was snark as in , i am NOT vaxxing 🙂

  33. Hugo is right, they now come and want me to change to a smart meter FOR FREE!
    The thing is few months ago I looked into this topic and it’s not worth it, there is no savings in terms of cost per unit but in exchange they monitor you 247 and hold you by the balls same like on Facebook when you get a FREE account!
    I already have one smart meter for gas (it was before I moved in) and this piece of electronics is using up a lot of my electricity just to work and report back to base (always hot piece of electronics and LCD light bright backlight that never turns off!).
    You look at it and it’s clearly an overkill.
    Perhaps it makes sense to have a smart meter at big property to spot some devices draining power but definitely not for a small property.

  34. ‘Smart Meter’ is a 2-way communications device. It transmits data and receives commands. Simple.

    The ‘receives commands’ bit IS the problem.

    BTW how would a ‘smart meter’ spot some devices draining power? They don’t monitor separate circuits.

    • I wondered this. I guess it could work out the number of amps and the length of time they are switched on for, a cooker for example will pull more amps than a TV, A 2KW kettle takes a minute or two to boil, making it easily identifiable,

  35. I signed up for this before watching this video. I was aware it could be a honeypot then, but it didn’t ask for much in the way of personal details, no address, name, anything, unless you want to print out a card (I didn’t). Usually these trap sites gather sensitive data first.

    The website registrant has redacted all company info, but then if it is genuine, they’re probably protecting themselves from the system.

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