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“STAND UP!” by Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs

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    • Didn’t the WHO only a few weeks ago issue a message that kids should NOT be jabbed??

      The lunatics really have taken over the asylum!

    • Good on you. If they jab children – this is abuse as far as I am concerned. No one knows if future generations DNA will be damaged by this poison.

      • I think they do. Which is why people are against it.

  1. Stop calling it coronavirus please, it’s a dumbing down tactic.

    • The past year proves that coronavirus doesn’t exist. Only an idiot would claim it exists. Hancock Whitty and Vallance fit the bill

    • Hugo you are right just say no to all this bullshit some people are just afraid of getting in trouble if they come for there kids they be better growing a pair protect your kids from these murders can’t believe people still cannot see what’s going on around them truly unbelievable don’t trust these government s look after your children protect them as Hugo said keep them close don’t let them out of your sight

      • Absolutely correct>>>>>LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE<<<<<<<<

      • From what I’ve seen over the last 18 months, If they come for their kids the sheeple will hand them over willingly. Hell they even volunteer them.

  2. DO NOT COMPLY , I repeat DO NOT COMPLY.Simples:)

  3. A couple of morons who need to go back to school are Whitty and Vallance. The beeb refer to Whitty as Prof but I thought a professor was someone who knows what he is talking about. Clearly Whitty has no knowledge of science based on his track record of the past year so maybe he should go back to school so he can receive an education which he obviously missed out on or skipped due to playing truant the first time round.

    • No. Take them to the woods and lynch mass murderers. People, they want to kill your kids!!! Teach other monsters by that example

  4. Trouble is Hugo they Will just change the laws as they are doing anyway ,so if the laws can be changed because of a so called health crisis the they ain’t worth shit ,so it’s then war with them.instead ,they ripped up the rule book not us !

    • They change them so they can’t be challenged in court.

  5. Hugo, I would love to meet you one day and give you a hug. So.much sense in your videos, thank you. Nobody, nobody shall put their children through any of this nonsense. Stay strong people and stand up for your children!!

  6. My grand children will not be taking the experimental jab. Over my dead body.

  7. The US supreme court has ruled that it is now illegal for anyone else to be vaccinated (in America) Not sure if this applies elsewhere but let’s hope the momentum will now build

  8. No fucking way,, my kids will not be having that shit, expermental or not, not having it. I know two people who have died after that injection and another nurse who has heart breathing and liver problems from the iujection. I do not know anyone who has died from “Covid” but many who claim friends have had it, I think they may mean a positive test!

    • Same here. Don’t know anyone who had an illness, but counting 2 dead and 1 paralysis from the jibjab. I keep away from all those jabbed now.

    • I would say 75-80% p-ercent of people in supermarkets here are still wearing face nappies, they are even still wearing them outside and in their cars! There really is no hope for these morons.

      • Absolutely correct my friend! In my knuckle dragging town I would say that over 90% are still wearing a face nappy in supermarkets. And it’s not a case of ‘ I’ve been in other shops and it’s already on my face ‘ as I’ve seen one frit sheep take one out her handbag before entering! But!!! They are allowed because we have freedom of choice regarding face nappies but not any choice, really, about the jungle juice! 😠

  9. This will be the hill to die on for many.
    Come for people’s kids with an experimental jab changes the rules of the game..

  10. Students take a year out and starve the Uni of funds

  11. As you may be aware, Lawyers for Liberty UK is raising funds to support an urgent legal challenge to Covid-19 MRNA injections for under 16s. Go to ‘lawyers for liberty uk’ and support them in their campaign and fight to protect the children from medical experiments. Give as little or as much as you can afford on their site for the legal battle. We are stronger together!

    • I have little faith in the court system. Here in Canada the courts have made some truly irrational decisions on perfectly solid cases. Seems the judges have been bought-and-paid-for. Our present legal system is utterly corrupt as well as being a bottomless money pit. Notice the lawyers all need lots of money to “fight for justice’. In a common law court, politicians wouldn’t be able to do an end run around their legislation claiming an emergency crisis.

  12. Why not look upon it from a BUSINESS point of view?
    If you are in-the-private you simply CHARGE them(your Trustees/Public-servants) to receive the vaccine.
    If you are the public-servant you simply CHARGE them(your boss) for changing the terms & conditions of your contract.
    The secret to everything is just two words……..CONDITIONAL acceptance.

  13. Common Law, well worth looking into. I am on oath to the barons to uphold constitutional law. Check out commonlawassent.com. Magna Carta

    • Check out evidencenotfear.com.
      Details of the case the Supreme court threw out recently which literally trashes Magna carta.

  14. If my daughters school trys it with our daughter see you in the courts, shes 15 in September so its just the piss about last few years left in school anyway. 😒

    My daughter has had Covid she just had a mild cold and was fine after a week. My partner has Covid now, yes shes ill but as shes only 48 its just feel like shit for a few weeks stuff. As my partner has said “It just feels like bad flu”. Nothing to worry about.

    We are all un-vaxxed, we are just waiting for the trials to be over.

    Fk Covid and this governbent you wont win with me and my family. 😉

  15. They want to sterilise our children with the poison vaccine to stop them reproducing! The whole debacle is a depopulation programme! Headed by the gruesome twosome Claus Schwab and Bill Gates! However, all we have to do to defeat these evil scumbags is to refuse their vaccine! Simple! 😂😂😂

  16. Surely in legal terms would it not create a conflict of interest and also mean that no avenue is open to pursue litigation for any injured party.

    Her Majesty`s Government have given full legal immunity from prosecution to all the manufactures of these substances. That closes that route down. But the Government have made no other avenue available through either standard or emergency parliamentary statutes. So that closes that down as well. A person would ultimately have no choice but to take out a private prosecution. Now , this is where the conflict arises. In a court of law the person(s) held accountable for legal recourse would ultimately be the Government in this case. This is because they have sought and been granted a legal ruling for immunity for a third party whilst also making it law that a person(s) undergo a medical procedure to receive this substance in regards to the same third party. That creates a conflict of interest. A law or ruling cannot be implied two different ways. A judge would throw the case for the defendant out and rule in the plaintiff`s favour.

    Surely since public schools are state run a decent barrister on behalf of a parent(s) can take the Government to court now that they are openly saying `you must` be vaccinated by September to attend school.

    • Civil case is the way forward as lower burden if proof

  17. If they carry on, they’ll lose their mansions.
    They are purposely provoking anger and hatred. The kids is the last straw. They want the public on the edge. They want a fight

  18. All anxiety with this bullshit is based around a few words the media love to use:
    Probably, could, maybe, likely, might, not necessarily etc.
    You’ll see the use of these words in every article.
    The solution: wipe your arse with said paper. Any article that talks about or hints at a future is garbage. Turn off your TVs and take off your fucking masks. Go to prison and enjoy the free food; have a laugh, fuck about, pretend you’re back at school.

    • Fantastic work as usual Hugo but the pronunciation of coup as in coup d’tat should be koo like koo day tah.

  19. Sadly I’ve just witnessed how people are brainwashed first hand. Having not seen my extended family for the best part of two years I travelled to visit this weekend only to be barked at and talked down to because I refuse to have the jab or allow my children to be subjected to this BS. My actual families first words were “have you had your jab yet”! Not “oh it’s so good to see you, or how are you”? My reply only seemed to irritate and anger them to the point where I was basically told it would be my fault if my family died! WTF! My sister inlaw even said she was considering getting a sign for her door stating that unvaxxed weren’t welcome! An uncle was adamant that kids should get the jab and I quote ” because they are only going to get older and need it anyway” I had to leave.
    Thankfully my wife and my brother are both on the same page as I am and I at least felt some support. I’m gutted but that’s me finished with the family now as it’s obvious that they are fucked both mentally and because they all have been jabbed.
    Whats more upsetting is my brother said to me at the end of the weekend that he might get the jab just to avoid anymore shite from his wife and the family!! Peer pressure at its best and this is one family of millions who all believe this shite, I am not hopeful for what the future holds.

    • Oh my friend, I’m in a similar situation! (Ex) friends and family are not comfortable when I’m around and the wife is a sheep whose had the jabs so she can go on holiday ! She’ll be going (she thinks she’ll be going 😂😂😂) without me, which just inflames the situation. She will not talk about thus BS either. Fortunately, I know ONE old school chum who is on my bus, and we’re having lunch on Thursday ( whilst we can still go into places without Convid Paperz ) just to talk with each other and try and understand the paranoia that the sheep are suffering from! I too am very uncertain about ALL of our futures. 😞

      • Your wife may not survive the flight. The pilots are dropping dead with brain clots. 9 I know of so far. One removed from the cockpit unconscious on the runway.

  20. Unfortunately, if we do nothing to stop this, it WILL become law under the health emergency act. We need to hound these evil bastards out and bring them to justice for their crimes against humanity before it is too late !

    • Thanks for that Elena. A very interesting and informative read.

  21. Every single person that I have spoken to who has had the V, had absolutely no idea that it’s experimental or on trial til 2023 and they had never heard of the yellow card system. We need to educate as many people as we can. So much for informed consent!

  22. The kids round my way have dipped the test kits in orange juice to cause a positive result. There’s 24 kids in school out of the whole year.
    This has obviously backfired on them now. The system are using this against everyone now.

  23. It didn’t go too well in USA and Israel where they’ve already jabbed kids. VAERS confirms several child deaths, permanent disabilities, blood clotting disorders, anaphylaxis, heart inflammation (permanent heart damage) etc….and those are just the short term effects. Vernon Coleman runs through these in his brandnewtube video entitled “how many children will die because of this woman?” Referring to the professor lying witch telling kids on a Newsround piece that the jabs are 100% safe. Hugo covered this too. She is connected to the WEF, what a surprise.

  24. We need one strong reputable team of lawers to file the case of UNLAWFUL BEHAVIOUR AND CRIMES OF THIS GOVERNMENT to the HIGH COURT…And find the way to REMOVE THIS CRIMINALS FROM GOVERNING THE UK TO SAVE PEOPLE AND THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY…Arange the donations to support their work.
    At the moment the UK is in the hands of a group of globalists hiding behind walls .The government have been promised apparently that they will be managers of this territory with unlimited access to the money and luxurious style of life if they successfully manage the herd …BIG PLAY..
    We must take them out of thei shadows under radar…We will find a lot of more crimes and disgusting deeds….

  25. In response to claus schwab book “the great reset”
    The book called” THE TRUTH ABOUT COVID-19. Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal.”
    by Dr.Josef Mercola
    Ronnie Cummins
    foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  26. We have to remember, THEY, are following a plan. Governments around the world are hellbent on locking everyone down and getting them vaccinated, no matter what their age!! A silent war has been declared on the people of this planet. by their own governments who are following orders. These governments will be well rewarded by the Globalists.
    We should try and get this song to number one and get it played on every radio station in the UK. It would be hard for the MSM to ignore or ban it

  27. All need to join their citizens assemblies on Trooth social media.We are setting up common law constables.Training people GET INVOLVED NOw

  28. IRELAND has just anounced kids over 12 need jabbed to go back to school! Nephet balloon heads just released it! Ben gilroy on FB brought it up.

  29. Why the incessant need to give everyone this ‘immunisation booster (a term I heard elsewhere). All it does is makes the symptoms of a so called virus less intense than no jab. Double jabbed can still get Covid and can still pass it on. Forgetting the agenda, it shouldn’t make logical sense even to the normies

    • What fantastic parents these tow will make. Have not been brain washed by the swamp/sum we have as politicians. I wish them all the very best for the future.

  30. NO MASK
    NO JAB
    I am really getting sick of the government thinking that they can ORDER us what to do 😤. We, as civilians have the free will that God has given us and NO ONE can ever take that away…even if it means you can’t go abroad, or go to your dream university if you haven’t had the jab NEVER GET IT!!!

  31. If we really want to DISMANTLE THE CABAL we have to dismantle this GLOBAL MEDICAL APARTHEID before it fully unfolds.
    What I mean by that is to deem VIROLOGY as FAKE SCIENCE that is here only to induce fear and impose total vaccination apartheid.
    As long as we continue talking about diseases, viruses, flu, cases, infections we are playing their game.
    COVID-19 has not been isolated and what is deadly are spike proteins Big Pharma developed to wage bio-war but first it has to inject it.
    If you are not enough motivated remember that 5 presidents who stopped the vaccine business in their countries were assassinated most likely by CIA/Mossad.
    Watch and listen to dr SAM BAILEY and read “BECHAMP or PASTEUR”.
    I cannot see going out of this if people keep using the following terms:
    – “immune system”
    – “herd immunity”
    – “face masks ineffective against viruses”
    – “last year I had COVID-19 and it wasn’t that bad”

    People can’t you see that you are playing their game?!
    Besides if COVID-19 is not that bad it does not guarantee COVID-21 is not going to be worse and deadly.
    What are you going to say then when conditions are far worse e.g people have no money to buy food, no food on the shelves and GOV/CORP/MEDIA/NHS has a much stronger grip on us?
    When twice jabbed people will start dying they will lock us down again and phrases you kept repeating and shouting at the protests will become obsolete.
    Please note that they completely dry ran so called 2020-21 Pandemic by just using medical/statistical fraud and media to push the agenda
    but I believe the main objective was us to get use to this vocabulary of virology so we can greatly help spreading the lies and fear to others for free.
    And if we continue that it is going to be a lot more damaging in the next round of the Plandemic.


    – DO NOT engage in any virus mania conversations
    – read about Theory of Terrain
    – explain to people that the paradigm they set us in is based on lies and this goes for over a century thanks to Rockefeller back then and now Rothschild
    – the problem with Theory of Terrain is that they make little money of it while they make billions on Germ Theory – this was tolerable until last year when they decided to go after every one of us but more importantly after children
    – however the main reason of all of this is that financial system is collapsing and for THEM it is not about money it is about CONTROL, with fear they hold a strong grip on population, seized people’s imagination with mass media
    – if you believe in viruses you cannot leave this circle of fear, simple


  32. They’ve missed school because of govt policy lockdowns, not because they’ve all been sick. The odd kid tests positive with dodgy tests.

    • Absolutely correct. They did not lock down pubs because everyone who went to Wetherspoons dropped down dead, they locked them down to ruin the businesses! And it is the same for aviation and cruises…. it is all about Control, Chinese Social System and Climate Change Bollox!

  33. We need more songs like this. Actually, we need a compilation album featuring all musicians who support this message.
    “Scotland’s Brave Billy Moffat Delivers A Terrific Music Gut Punch Of Truth That Is Needed With ‘They Lit Our Souls On Fire’”


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