Britcoin Will Terminate Your FREEDOM / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. They’re doing all this quick while everyone is still busy with the covid rubbish. Sweden is already there – you can’t use cash anywhere – freedom what freedom?

    • Agree wholeheartedly, they can see more people waking up, so there are doing everything they can to roll out all this bullshit, before we all revolt.

    • Stopping eating animals is just a logical step. Better for your health. Better for the ecosystem. You aren’t truly capable of compassion till you connect the dots and wake up. Turn off the TeLIEvision..Increase you sources of information. Eat better. Exercise and Read. Slowly decrease your dependence on things outside of your control. Start growing your own food insane amount of information on YouTube for beginners. Watch Hugo Talks and share the love with like minded people x

  2. The banks are so reluctant to allow us to buy crypto with our own money . That tells me it’s a wise move

  3. What these people are able to force upon us without a referendum has become despicable. Then again what ever goes up can always be destroyed. Takes a couple million people who are against this tyranny to topple it at some stage, I will always say what I think some say its because of the spectrum. Doesn’t take a genius to pull down this crap who do these tyrants believe them selves to be. These people are only here for a couple or three years and then their gone leaving behind a trail of destruction being either emotional or psychical or both, all for their Globalist Globs how many tongues to these people speak with. No referendum no crypto brit-shit.. IMO.

    • History tells me all Empires and Reich’s eventually fall. So will this Dictatorship

      • Trouble is Annie, some of them take a hell of a long time to fall. I hate to think what the asleep are bringing on the children of all world

    • There are too many sheep who have been complicit with EVERY BS rule…. They will continue to be controlled in the same manner and call the Thinkers amongst us as Stupids! We’re very near the point of no return. The only hope is if enough people get furious when the next locked-in is brought in August/September. Providing they’ve been on holiday they won’t worry too much! 😑

  4. You will need 1000 of Britcoins to buy a loaf of bread.

  5. Why not rival fiat money but cash? How strange

  6. We ain’t got a chance cos they will lock us down soon divide people thats when they will turn power off for a bit

    • Rishi Sunak is not…. Ramanujan… Ramanujan was a gift from the Gods..

  7. If this happens….there will be a complete breakdown of society… it will result in total anarchy…….

    Remeber all the ancient civilisations from past…they disappeared….. thats what will happen to the current global population…

    Including all the elites.. the next reset.. will be….. by nature…. God has had enough of the elite human life forms…. them taking away freedoms of life…

    I feel sorry for the elite human life forms… they have no idea….. what their fate will become…

  8. They will put all people on Britcoin who are on government benefits but also force small business owners to join that unprivileged pack.
    To me the whole idea does not make sense, it’s only to get rid off cash because sheeple don’t need digital cash they can just continue using contactless credit or debit cards.

  9. END GAME if this goes through people πŸ™

  10. The middle classes won’t be able to buy coke for their schnoz. Just tell them that and they will reject it.


    • Its very tricky. If people revolt, the illuminati/ international bankers will send in UN troops as countries won’t pit their own people against their military…

      • Kobra Jackson. They may employ the boat people. All fighting age.

      • And that, Kobra is exactly what they will do no matter what way you cut it….but that doesn’t mean we sit back and allow it to happen, all biblically foretold.If you don’t know the Father and His son Jesus, you might want to seek them out and ask for Their forgiveness and help….time is running out and when the SHTF we will have less time to think straight.
        Joshua 1:9
        “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

      • I did wonder if our own troops would stand against there own friends and family, guess that’s the way around, mix the language, alienate the people to the troops, de humanise then they’ll obey and do what there masters require πŸ™

  12. People will simply establish local cooperatives and all they have to do is issue an iou that is transferrable and can be tracked on a block gain to stop corruption and counterfeiting.

  13. I’ve been researching all that’s happening for years and have known it would come but never in my wildest dreams did I think they’d get away with doing it so fast and so easily – COME ON PEOPLE IT’S NOW OR NEVER!! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS, YOUR, FREEDOM, YOUR LIVES AND THE LIVES OF YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN!!
    They clearly know that many people won’t make it this far, especially older generations as this is all internet reliant and many oder people (my 76yr old mother for one) don’t use the Internet yet there’s nothing being done to bridge that gap.
    I agree with all the comments saying this is being rushed through whilst they still have the masses running scared and unable to think straight because they know if enough people wake up it’s game over for them so we really need to get some new ideas as to how to get people to understand this and say no at a faster rate than it’s happening.
    Anybody know how the progression of the various court cases are going?

    • It’s getting really hard to wake people up. I mentioned to a friend ( an intelligent man ) months ago that they’d soon bring in digital money system. All I got was ” well, there’s nothing we can do about it”. How do you deal with people like that? Mind you he even went and got the double jab in spite of me sending written details on it.
      Britcoin FFS.

    • Ianfearv The compliance by the population of the UK took the government completely by surprise. Even they did not think people would stay at home when they announced the first lockdown back in Mar 2020. They expected a more difficult job than they had. Similarly they didn’t believe that as many idiots in the UK would download the track and trace app. I think they originally allowed more time for the other agenda but are able to proceed faster. As regards court cases the US supreme court has banned anyone else from receiving the vaccine – not sure what is happening elsewhere

  14. The chancellor is a human life form… like the rest of us all on this tiny planet… the bloke is nothing special.. he has money.. thats it… he wont be heard of in 200 years from now….

    What matters is removing these lunatics… and getting all mankind to being free again….

  15. Damn those conspiracy theorists, right yet again!

  16. Look at all the sport on TV right now . Distractions whilst this Web of deceipt is being woven . All from satan . Just like the fall of the Roman empire I its dieing days. Repent, believe and be baptised . In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ Amen

  17. Are they trying to roll out every item on the agenda before year end? Is this some sort of mad panic before too many wake up or are they still in control? It looks like a tug of war for the hearts and minds of the normies with governments pulling hard on one side and the increasing numbers of the awakened taking the strain on the other.

    • The Normies will win! There’s f’king millions of the brainwashed souls out there. It’s not their fault, they’ve been interfered with!! πŸ˜•

  18. Replacing cash with a digital currency should be decided by a referendum.
    This tyrannical government learnt it’s lesson from Brexit so won’t make that mistake again.
    Dangerous times ahead folks…

    • Who knows how these idiots would vote? Seems like they’ll believe any shite the Govt and MSM feed them.

    • Not public asset it is private – therefore a referendum is not required like it or not!

  19. The bank of England have been working on a digital currency for 19 years or so. It would tell me that they’ve now got it ready to roll out.

  20. Systems build by people, can be destroyed by people.

    It’s going to be a sticky road ahead. The amount of pressure on those who refuse to acquiesce to the new order will be tough. Will you submit? Are you willing to give up most things you’ve ever enjoyed or are used to?

    Now is a good time to learn tradecraft. While we still have what little cash we do remaining, first and foremost ALWAYS USE CASH wherever possible. The less we use Contactless Methods, the less feedback we give to these companies to suggest that “Digital” is a “preferred method” of transaction.

    And start securing assets which could operate outside of a Digital Currency, whether it be land (if you can afford it), Precious Metal for Barter or even securing some “Black Market” resources and network links that could help you “bypass” the system, if you know what I mean.

    If you haven’t quite got the gall for the former, learn a new skill or 2 that would be valuable besides any form of money, and can be traded for goods with people who might be willing to trade with you.

    • I bought gold today ( as security, not jewelry) , the first time ever. Hopefully it will hold its value whereas the UK Β£ may not.

      • I’m sure it will hold its value but in USA when they went into the great depression the government agencies went door to door demanding they hand over their gold, to help the country of course!! Some buried it in their gardens so agents wouldn’t find it. I think that’s why even today occasionally people dig up gold in their gardens over in the states.

  21. Just be clear Britcoin will be a CBDC. CBDC’s are NOT cryptocurrencies. They are centralised, controlling, recorded, tracked and traced NOT decentralised and anonymous. Just a replacement for High Street banks – who will then be allowed to go bust, leaving Central Banks in charge over any national sovereignty democracy.

  22. The missing piece of the jigsaw is Universal Basic Income, which I have no intention of engaging with, even if that means buying a tent and disappearing off into the hills to join one of the off-grid tribes.

  23. Who has ever seen the film “the village” spoiler- the people in that film go off the grid to leave society behind. I’m feeling more like doing the same every day. Move to an off the grid society.

    • Another spoiler, even the heads in that film created a monster to keep the villagers in place. Assuming we’re talking about the same film.

  24. I have been warning about a cashless society before Convid even hit the news, always encouraging people to spend cash and boycott cashless businesses. As someone who is well up on this subject I cannot add much other than to say that Hugo has nailed it here. It is entrapment, control, call it what you like and will replace cash regardless of what the government is saying. Bitcoin maybe, BRITcoin NO.

    • I’d purchase a little of the even more private Monero crypto with a tiny amount of Bitcoin. As you say, Bitcoin is entirely distributive and not centralised – as different as chalk and cheese to bRitcoin in that regard alone. With bitcoin (& monero etc) of course, there’s absolutely no roll whatsoever for any central bank. Peer to peer transactions – not a grubby self-serving bank in sight.

    • Another Shitcoin shill slips under the radar πŸ˜€ ‘Pump me bags’. ‘Look at me mad gainz πŸ˜€ ‘ ‘Dollas πŸ˜€ ‘ ‘To the Moon πŸ˜€ ‘ ‘and back’. No one is using Bitcoin for peer to peer transactions, it is all about ‘trading’, ‘mad gainz’ and ‘making dollas’. The only people who have gained from shitcoin are those who got in early, those who pre-mined it, the ‘exchanges’, the ‘miners’… It is really sad and pathetic using the fear of some CBDC to shill Shitcoin. Bitcoin is EVIL, it MUST DIE!

  25. This is far bigger than many seem to understand – This has been coming for a decade (+) and it not just UK its world wide. You need to look into Bank of International settlement (BIS) Try researching “Going Direct” “Wealth Transfer” Black Rock, Bank bail in vs Bail out – Did you know you DO NOT own the money on your bank statement? This will also not be an over night event these will be dripped out to the public SLOWLY over many years before it reaches their final solution.

    Just as a different slant on the control aspect – The CBDC can also be geofenced meaning they can limit your spending to a specific area so not more than 5 mile radius for E.G. – Should sound a little like certain CV restrictions – You are being trained.

    • Just another aspect – What if the CDBC interest rate is lower than you current mortgages or what if your current lender goes broke – Pay in full – sell or accept the CBDC? There are so many options open to the Central Bankers and they can wait a very long time most of us cannot! FIGHT IT!

    • Yes I did know that. When you put money into the bank/building society you’ve given them it to do as they will with. You have no contract with them so have no power to demand it back. There again most money is created out of fresh air and digital numbers on a computer screen.

      • All money (so called fiat) except the type you mine like gold πŸ™‚ so many don’t understand money – Simple question “Where does it come from?” – once you understand it is just a measure of debt a lot more things make sense – or as it was put in a “good documentary” it is all just fugazz it’s a whazzie, it’s a whoozie.. it’s a.. fairy dust. It doesn’t exist. It’s never landed. It’s no matter, it’s not on the elemental chart. It… it’s not fucking real!

  26. The Queen will be announced departed Aug/Sept and this most likely will be our new shit coin, which will give them even greater control and those that run it can have as much as they want!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  27. Been offered this shit coin stuff by loads!
    being me they got a ..NO THANK YOU immediately.
    This coin thing is a no no for me.!

    And I have Never listened to politician’s.. full of lies.. & here we stand because they are greedy -deceitful -&give not One iotas about your selves & I.

    Have great evening to All
    Thank you Hugo

    • This is true regardless of what party name they run under. You also have a great evening.

  28. How can you fight this is you first of all don’t know who the enemy is, you are not allowed to talk about or even identify the enemy?
    We have to do what queen Isabella I of Castile, king Ferdinand II of Aragon and king Manuel I did back in the days.
    This requires removal of these rats with a dual loyalty and a proper Reconquista because they hate Christians and will turn this and other countries into Almohad Caliphate back in the days.
    Some clues:
    All major corporations support the global agenda including communist LGBTQ+(paedophiles) and are kept afloat by Usurious International pumping fiat money into their shares. The economy is stalled but for some reason Big Tech, Big Pharma shares are gaining value.
    Jews being on the top and CEOs of Big Pharma and Big Tech corporations including those which prior to Plandemic for years made fortunes on opioids (look up Opioid Wars in China – Rothschild and Sassoon).
    Israel – the country that is a Plandemic template for other countries to follow.
    Rothschild the creator of Israel, central banker who controls Bank Of England who owns part of US Federal Reserve and most likely have shares in EU central bank.
    US states that are hit the most by COVID-19 agenda: Zionist New York State and communist California – two US states overrun by these internation Jewish movements that apparently oppose each other but implement COVID agenda in sync. Why?
    Because Rothschild funds and controls both of these movements trains communists and Antifa via his dog Soros but also created Jewish billionaires like Bloomberg, founders of Google, founders of Microsoft, Zuckerberg, Dell, owner of Oracle, Black Rock (the biggest and unregulated bank in the world) and Goldman Sachs etc.
    You think these guys are clever so they make big bucks, no they just get an investment boost from their uncle Rothschild. Who is close to this stream of free money is simply taking the lead, you are nowhere near to compete, in the best case they acquire your business.
    Israelis bragged about being the 1st to work on COVID-19 vaccine even before the pandemic has started!
    People this game is rigged, this requires a systemic change not chasing some puppets.

    “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire

  29. This is coming to quickly but we got to beware it’s OUR. πŸ’°not the corrupt government or the banks.
    Banks have been deleting there own jobs with machine not taking money at counters banks shutting down fast now.
    It’s these Muppets who accepted this i use cash and coins sliver and bronze in shop’s.
    Prediction where will we be 5 months Christmas, 1 year today and dangerous world i
    Though we only watch in films.

  30. NO MASK
    NO JAB

  31. This is what I’d said they’d do, Β£1 will be the same as B1 just only available via your smart phone, not like Bitcoin that’s a pyramid scam but 1 that if they cash in time has made many millionaires, but also bankrupted quite a few with it’s wild swings no doubt.

    Social Credit Score doesn’t work without this so figured it’d be quickly on the heels, next business day is faster than expected mind.

    Bad news if your a druggy, won’t be able to buy drugs or if you steal sell your goods to fund you habit, no more working for cash that’s me screwed πŸ™ Hookers I guess not screwed unless they’ll exchange for a trip to Tesco’s for there weekly shop??? Worth a ask I guess LOL

    Another conspiracy theory that’s come true, keeps happening this doesn’t it.

    Like the Social Credit Score kept on the quite side, so not many spot it to complain, sneaking it in the back door.

    6months, 1 year tops before Cash is no longer king πŸ™ Guess they can close all of the actual banks as no cash to pay in and cheques and loan availability linked to your social credit score, which is really just a fancy credit score anyway.


  32. To be honest, over 90%, probably more like 98-99% of my purchases since February 2020 have been cashless because of the pandemic. Before the pandemic, it was something like 80% cash, and 20% cashless. I despise, and have always despised using cards and money transfers because it can easily make you lose oversight, and go over budget, besides every purchase that you make being traceable.

    • Yes, precisely. That’s a result of us being imprisoned and every high street business shut down while Amazon ploughed on. They’ve made cash a niche payment method.

  33. How easy will it be for the oligarchy to delete your electronic savings? The bail-ins will be so much easier, too. Usury and the theft called “inflation” is not enough for the thieves. Remember, people, “you will own nothing…”.

  34. You can bet your bottom britcoin that the exchange rate won’t be in our favour. Yet another opportunity for the immoral public school reptiles to take a slice.

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