BEWARE! The Digital Trap Is CLOSING FAST! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. We need to get these people out before they complete destroy us are kids will be slaves to thes sick people who the hell give these sickos these rights take it of them now what about the elderly some don’t even have a phone what will they do tell them to piss off there be no point in getting out of bed your freedom will be gone to these sick people take them out of there walls they hide behide thanks Hugo

    • Are you old enough to remember when mobile phones were first introduced?
      The excitement?
      The wonder of the internet and all it could do?
      How we gleefully signed up to this new wonderful technology?
      The creep starts when it is no longer new.
      Your children become used to it. As do theirs.
      And then it’s too late. It holds such a power over us.
      But those who remember the days before can see.
      See how it has been perversely turned around.
      Innocently at first.
      But today, it is ingrained into the lives of everyone.
      In 2017we used cash. Occasionally using our cards to pay. A four digit number to conveniently pay for our goods.
      But 2018 brought us contactless.
      Even more convenient than all that effort to use your finger.
      Today, almost all of our transactions are contactless.
      Get used to it. It’s the future.
      But 2020/2021 have brought and are bringing further amazing conveniences to our lives.
      Did you ask for them?
      Did you need them?
      Or just introduced to you?
      And how we have been brought up to be productive, successful and have children, a mortgage etc.
      We just except that is life.
      We used to call it the rat race.
      Them and us.
      Always striving to better ourselves at the expense of others.
      Well, today look at our lives. Our place and our standing.
      Realise this.
      We have always been a commodity to be used and steered for the benefit of others.
      The control has always been with us.
      Through social pressure and corporate greed.
      Free will?
      Only to to those awake to it.
      Easily bought.
      There are, but not here.
      In your city or town? Definitely.
      In your neighbourhood? Most likely.
      On your street? Maybe.
      The opportunity to strike back isn’t far away.
      Just open your eyes.
      On a level playing field, aim for the square.


    • These people are moving so fast at breakneck speed that I cant keep up! Which is why thank God for people like Hugo and others.

      I never thought in my lifetime (Im a 80s kid) that this would be happening!

      I am fighting off these peoples attempts to give me a smart meter, now I am fighting of their attempts to jab me too.

      I am wondering about the Saka debacle as well. They keep on going on about hate on line.

      But I am wondering if those guys were fitted up to take the penalty and miss, therefore causing England to lose the Euro cup which would have generated hate on line due to their skin colour and therefore lead to passports to use the internet which is what they are doing in Australia and not even a left wing government at that.

      I am no footy expert and I am a person of colour too, so no racism here. But the way in which the last two guys kicked the ball for the penalty, it looked a bit faint but then again maybe I am just imagining things.

      Oh yeah, You tube. We are supposed to believe that they have a highly sophisticated algorithm that can detect the ‘bad words’ that will result in suspension. Well can you not be anonymous in the comments section? Do people have to know who you are working for? I rest my case.

      • Players miss penalties all the time, so nothing strange about that. About 1 in every 4 are missed, especially under immense pressure. The players wanted to score, the manager wanted them to, but by the way he’s been used to ram home the vaccine propaganda, I’m glad they lost. Why? Because he’d have been hailed a hero and more would have listened to him and OBEYED the request.

      • @ Peter – you know something, that skipped my mind completely. I never thought of the jab at all. It is interesting now you have said it.

        You’re right. They probably would have used the win to push the jab onto us even more.

      • I can personally attest “ that there are no Internet passports in Australia “ Who’s feeding you the BS being sprayed ?

  2. Not a problem…. I won’t use social media and my life would be far better without the Internet and have they not heard of the dark Web!

    • How does one find the DW, additionally, can it not be infiltrated by the ‘outside High pressure, mob?

  3. Thanks for all your updates- know most, but good to hear some more❤️😊

  4. From a canadian (small c). Justin Trudeau never believed the digital system was bunk. He has been in on it since day 1. He is not backing down from China. We now have a new political party. PPC. People’s Party of Canada. They are FOR THE PEOPLE. They are against the illusion that most are living under. We are expecting an election this fall, because Justin thinks his ratings are high enough to win majority. Sadly he may be right. Hoping the new PPC can get a seat in parliament. Leader is Maxine Bernier.

    • I hear you’re having a hard time of it in Canada Barb, I hope things get better for you all but I think Justin will hang in there, after all he’s one of the chosen ones. Best wishes.

    • Everything in China has ‘People’ in the title – ‘The People’s Court of Beijing’… 😀

    • Gotta be better than what you have – He is rubbish !
      PS I love my new found Canadian friends I watch laura lynn online often!

      • Greetings from the West Coast 😊😊
        Yes, LauraLynn is a wonderful advocate for truth and freedom!!
        I would also like to recommend these sites:

        Cheers! 🙂

    • You do know that bearded Trudeau is a NWO clone puppet? The real Trudeau was “disappeared” a few years ago. Different eyes, teeth and ears. Those are the three things the Illuminati can’t get right in the cloning process.

      • I have never really bought into this ‘cloning’ business but there is something about Trudeau that creeps me out, all very Stepford Wives. I am almost certain he has been ‘swapped out’ 😀

  5. Yes Hugo, the Technocratic society. Klaus Schwab rubbing his hands with glee. I believe where it is already rolled out in China you’re not given a choice about owning a smartphone, you have to. I’m not sure if they automatically give you one or if you’re made to purchase one.
    As UK has more cameras per square foot than any country in the West we’re well set up and of course a lot of people enjoy buying the latest Fitbit and the like. I’ve noticed on YouTube adverts this last couple of weeks the bulk are about some new gadget or other. Or do they just aim those at me because I don’t buy any of it.
    Technocratic society is my idea of hell on earth.

    • If people weren’t stupid enough to buy smartphones, TVs, and back in the day radios and newspapers they government would hand them out for free. That is why back in the day most people’s telly was made by ‘DER’ – Domestic Electrical Rentals 😀 It was imperative that everyone had a telescreen in their living room 😀

      • Yes the Nazis made sure every family had a radio so they could hear the propaganda trnasmissions. If they start handing out free phones you know that’s what it’s for – complete control.

    • DER TVs were fitted with a coin slot. You put 50p in and the TV would stay on for 6 hours. The ‘telly man’ would turn up every week and empty it. If you had put more than the ‘rental’ in you kept the change 😀 This is where we are heading back to in the future 😀 This is what Klaus Scwab meant when he said :”You will own nothing and be happy.” 😀

    • Jacques Ellul was writing about the coming technocratic society in his book ‘The Technological Society’ way back in the 1960s 😀 Some people really do have a crystal ball 😀

    • There always a choice, use cash as often as you can.

      • Do you really believe that they cannot prevent that from happening. CASH, if need be, WILL be made Illegal !

  6. Change your name to Russell Brand, you’ll never get banned

    • There are comments to the effect that this is fake 😀 Another one for the Recycle bin along with that ‘leaked memo from Neil Ferguson’ 😀

      • Yes, Trev, I just about to say the same thing. It seems the intention is there, but it’s not who they say it is speaking, and this does the cause no good.

    • This is Amazing!!!

      It’s started. The revolution begins and they have the full Police support. I hope this spreads and all other countries Police start to snap out of this BS they are currently defending. Im ready to sign up!!!

      • I would love the police and military to be on our side – after all they are our countrymen and women!

      • It’s not the Police – read the comments!! Another bloody letdown!!

  7. If I get rid of my smart phone, how can I hear your message !

    • Michael Miles, If You did that You already would have Heard His message…duh

  8. YouTube age restricted one of the protest videos from the 19th and to watch it you needed to prove your age using a credit card or passport… The General Public have no clue of this as well as most the London protesters as they are welded to their phones and may already be running at -1000 credits.. The only way out of this is to demand action by as many as possible via their MP while you still have one, as this system too will soon be removed to the dustbin of history and replaced by the Dictatorship run by UN/Chinese troops! #AStandAtYourMP
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  9. these governments are unlawful, i think criminal behavior the government does will not be upheld in courts. dont give into their threats, they want you to live in fear.
    i can bet you 100% that child trafficking on the net and in social media will never get targeted. These governments claim to hate china but look at how they are ALL
    terraforming to their oppressive system.

    i think they are fast tracking this shit because they realize we are waking up and that scares them

  10. This is freaking crazy, I can believe something like this would happen because the whole world seem to be forcing the same agenda as do the governments, which are basically dictators.

  11. I kept telling my friends and family this was going to happen and they’re already 1 jab deep. Too much of a “selfish, tin-foiled idiot” to listen to anything I have to say. The emotional blackmail and stockholm syndrome is really strong at the moment. Sucks not having anyone to talk to about it, it’s alienating…

    • Keep smiling it makes them nervous
      I find that helps me!

    • Yep my family the same. There’s no point in sending these videos out; I’ve done it a few times since the So-called Pandemic and they either get rebuffed or ignored (and that’s the members I’m still on speaking terms with)

  12. ‘Black Mirror’ was very prescient with the episode ‘Nosedive’ – everyone you interacted with you had to rate you and you rate them on your stupid smartphone 😀 Or maybe Charlie Booker was in the plan 😀

  13. Hugo’s got a valid point
    Get rid of the smartphones, mines going v soon! I’ve been building up to it and my minds made up. I’m sick looking at the flaming thing, I hate it and what it is becoming.
    There is freedom in Jesus Christ, he will never forsake you

      • amen Amelia xxx hurry up and get us Jesus

    • Have you tried texting on a number pad recently? It’s a shocker. Get a linux phone (or a phone with graphene Os installed). As good as an Android phone but without all the tracking.


    • This is the end times, we are living
      in. Their time is limited and that’s why they are pushing everything all at once.
      This has been in the making for 100yrs or more, but first they had to weaken christendom with two world wars, monarchies abolished throughout Western Europe loyal to God!!
      Cromwell sacked the English monarchy, banned Xmas for few yrs allowed the Jews back into England in 1642 who bankrolled his battle with King Charles.
      The monarchy we have are Imposters who have sat idly by, watching the destruction of our once mighty kingdom. Puppets of the rothschilds. (Satanic Jews)
      Communism has swept through western Europe, without anyone noticing we live in a dictatorship.

      We strayed off the narrow road to “God” we liked pleasure and materialism more than God’s word.
      Now his patience is done with us!!

      “This life is a mere drop in the ocean, but your eternal soul is forever”
      Pray and turn from your sinful ways seek Jesus whilst he still can be found.
      We are at the beginnings of great birth pains. Only Jesus, God the almighty can save you,if you endure till the end. God bless!! Viva christo rey!!

  15. Here’s a new definition of hell , ‘ in perfect people trying to live a faultless life.

  16. Sounds all biblical to me time to fight back ⚔️

    • I agree start using cash as often as possible, the way to stop currency is to let it stagnate

  17. The new lowest form of scum. Lower than a traffic warden, even lower than a bailiff. Become a government rat informant. Coming to a town near you. What a bleak future our kids will have

  18. Hugo thank you 🙏
    I very aware..

    They been slowly creeping in with all this for years they have lost their minds!

    I got start remember use cash tho , I am guilty of using my Visa card & pin in machine payment wise still

    Nice one Hugo

  19. To all Canadian friends – one big thanks for seeing it as it is. Trev – our local freedom march was headed up by this party. We “met” the Americans on the Rainbow Bridge – link between ca. & the US. Couln’t get close – 100 to 150 foot space between us. “People” right now is fine with me.

  20. Not Governments but Jewish central bankers in power backed by Rockefeller’s Freemason dogs.
    “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire

    If freemasonry rules the world why criticizing them online is not going lead to a ban like criticizing Jewish conspirators?

  21. Hugo, I appreciate your warnings but it is just more fear promoting sadly…..I am done with fear. I can[t watch any more of these type of videos. I protest, I meet with like minded people to form a network at Stand in the Park locally. We all resist, we will not comply but I need to keep my vibration high, living my life, providing best for my family and truly this isn]t helping……we know we will get to the edge before this is over, please share something positive rather than this continuation of low vibration, it is not good for the soul!

    • I agree me and Hugo tend to become pessimistic however it’s hard to remain optimistic if you have to prepare for the worse.
      I mean we experience all sorts of things in our life declining during this time and these basters extinguish any hope we have by inciting chaos.
      Good that you have people in your neighbourhood you can meet on regular basis. This is a huge advantage.

    • He is trying to open people’s eyes for god sake, you know the score but he needs it to resonate with the sheeple so some of his vids ain’t too deep are sharable and easy to understand .

  22. I still don’t think this is going to work out with Europeans, Asians are different, they are more obedient to governments.
    However Muslims who Jewish Zionists are importing from North Africa and Syria to Europe are different and their Sharia Law can be integrated with Big Brother.

  23. Something that struck me while watching the clip about the Chinese social credit system is, as someone who regularly watches Chinese films and TV series as an aid to learning the language, I’ve yet to see the system either mentioned or featured in anything I watched – which I find strange. If it were such an integral part of people’s lives and they are okay with it, why doesn’t it make an appearance in the stories?

    • Coz they are all to shit scared to cover it ,it’s become the norm like buying a loaf of bread. Not on my watch , and why tf are you learning Chinese ? If you wanna be Chinese fuckoff and live there.

      • Great Tommy you made me laugh with your comment.
        Hugo they are coming after you and us commenting on your site.
        Well my message to the points system and twats grassing on people Shove it all up your Ass and that includes China

      • Why would they be shit-scared to cover something that is already a part of their everyday lives? You liken it to buying a loaf of bread, but the difference is that food shopping is heavily featured in what I see. Shit scared? If that were the case, then they could just as easily weave a “the social credit system is wonderful” propaganda angle into a storyline or feature it in a neutral manner – problem solved – but they don’t. Your reaction seems to be a knee-jerk one.

        As to why I’m learning Chinese, does it matter? I haven’t experienced their social credit system first hand, but the overhyped manner in which it is portrayed in Western media makes me think that something isn’t quite right with the story – in the same way that we were shown people supposedly falling down and dying from Covid over there. This is what I’m trying to get at, rather than falling back on the same old tired, ‘they’re shit scared of their authorities’ line of thinking. They’re supposedly shit scared of their government and do whatever they’re told, yet thousands of protests (some violent) take place every year – many involving anger directed at local officials.

        Also, if I learn French does it mean I want to be French? I fail to see the logic. So, I don’t need to ‘fuck off and live there’ as you put it. In case you hadn’t noticed, the Chinese are everywhere these days.

    • I think what fleetingmoment has said is an interesting piece of information. It could be this Chinese social system is another prop and applies to part of the Chinese population. Same like they propped Wuhan pandemic and lockdown same they can spread propaganda about successful social rating system which turns out to be a pilot system some naive people has signed up to like to vaccinations but not all or they find ways to bypass it.

      • Something that has always stuck with me regarding the lockdown in Wuhan is what was caught on camera in a video that showed a housing estate being visited by (I think) Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. As he walked about with his entourage, somebody in one of the tower blocks shouted, “The whole thing is fake!”

      • Another video I remember watching early on in this charade showed a team of medical staff in China rushing a patient, who was on a hospital bed, down a corridor, through what looked to be a waiting room and out of the main entrance. Once outside, they stopped and the patient sat upright.

    • Maybe they don’t want it to be revealed? It is big brother potentially!

  24. I think Hugo should become more insightful with his productions not just reactive, excited by some cheap MSM news otherwise he is going to lose viewers as his content has pessimistic tone across the board.
    Hugo if it’s hard for you to remain in peace at least try tu turn all of this into a joke, a parody because this is how it is going to look anyway.
    I keep forgetting that Jesus has said “Do not fear!”

  25. Saw an article somewhere earlier today about masks ,if memory serves me it was USA and the masks ,about relaxing the masks for the jabbed ….so that obviously means masks forever for the unjabbed ,but not me if anyone tells me to wear a mask again a screwdriver is gonna go straight throw their fuckin eye.

    • Just tell them you’re exempt shuts them up every time

      • not always
        I think “fuck off you cunt” is better!

  26. Australian here: 100 points id system isn’t quite a social credit count. It’s something been around for decades if you want a bank account or get a official government id. They say different id types are worth different number of points, e.g. drivers licence is worth 60 or 70, government card / birth certificate 40, bank card 20 etc, and you have to submit enough other ids to add up to 100 points. It’s a a pain when you first start out because you don’t have enough, so you need to get other people to sign declarations and vouch for you.
    How they think they are going to enforce that system on all social media is beyond me. They can’t seriously expect Australians on mass to post copies of all their main identifications to 3rd parties overseas. And is it just for Facebook or Twitter (fine by me, staying off those), or are they seriously going to trying and force this everywhere like any small forums that popup, like even individual websites like here on hugotalks? Good luck with that!

    • Yes i posted this in another comments section – unfortunate Hugo needed to do some basic “due diligence” on this – makes me question some of his other work.

  27. Someone should organise an international smash your smart phone day, where millions gather in the streets and simultaneously stamp on there phones at mid day.

  28. Wow, these things are accelerating quickly! We all need to say no with our choices, and not particpate in these evil apps.

  29. Delete social media, turn off the TV and speak to people, tell them books to read, tell them stories and information and to pass it on.

  30. The Chinese have been pacified, far too shook to even question, let alone resist. Here we still have a voice against this BS and our soppy excuse for a government, besides all their think-tank puppets and lefty loonies.

  31. better if the net just fucked of and did us all a favour, net is the virus. nearly time to go of grid. they have made there plans, and i’ve made mine.. just remember they don’t give a shit.. do what you like from now on. might as well, got nothing to lose… get a old phone for now. and stock up for when the shit hits the fan. get some seeds in while you can still purchase.

  32. Will Bo-Jo be docked points for all the lies he’s told? Don’t worry Hugo, climate change will level all of us, including those so pompous that they think they alone can rule the world.

    • Climate change is their construct and will replace covid narrative new green deals build back better all one and the same thing

  33. Finding NuBreed till the world over videos on YouTube inspirational he’s a rap artist who’s had a lot of previous struggles in his life He’s done some real good talks on what’s coming in the future. Good role model for youngsters not like other artists

  34. Is said to people months ago we should have signs in our airports saying welcome to the UK sorry if you mistake it for China and every day sadly that statement is becoming more accurate

  35. Thank you Hugo. This has been my concern for a long time.
    In some ways our existing credit file is similar and will be amalgamated into the social credit system.
    Most importantly, the Chinese system is brutal and it could be argued that if you go below 350 then you could end up like the Tibetans, Uighurs or Felan Gong who are imprisoned, tortured and are potentially subjected to live organ harvesting!

  36. Keep your eyes on France, gov just passed green pass law the French will no put up with that …once one gov falls the rest will come tumbling after..

    • Your right Warren “ hopefully this is the start “ and with the police already marching with the people “ it will surely be pretty swift “

  37. Hugo thank you for all your hard work, sorry I am always slightly off topic but value this site and all its contributors as a way of being able to express myself. I always thought the phrase ‘charity begins at home’ was selfish but over the last few years my belief system has been changing. For example. I’ve been giving to large charities via direct debit for decades. I thought job done, conscience clear and never even bothered to find out how the money was spent or if indeed it ever got to the people needing assistance. So I passed moral responsibility to others believing I had done my bit even though it cost me no effort at all and this is the trap society is in. I guess we will all need to take a look at ourselves and make the sacrifices necessary to stop this for the sake of the children at a grass roots level. I just pray I have the courage. Thanks loads to all on here.

  38. Well atleast all the pieces are in play, we know what we are dealing with and there is literally nothing else they can throw our way ( sure they’ll think of something )

    Most people won’t realise this is happening or care I guess, ohhh don’t need cash great, I’m a good person I’ll get rewarded, what they can’t see is when the world turns to shit they have to obey and the government decides to starve us you cant fend for yourself doomed!

    By 2025 we’ll be basically living in China with shit weafher, thats why 33mil forcast to die, shit bored and commiting suicide it’s not the jabs ( it is really )

    Atleast wanted some civil war fun, beats dying of boredom, 1 man civil war I guess!

    • FYI – Agenda 21 = 21st century They have a lot more to throw at you and your grandchildren.

  39. It seems pub landlords are looking to take legal action against implementing vaccine passports Hoping the fight back has begun. Need to seriously start fighting back as some companies are talking about implementing for the workplace


  41. Chinese people why are they so compliant! Is it because their country has become completely cashless! START USING CASH AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

    • Especially as BritCoin they can just stop you being able to use money you have, ohh you’ve been bad, no food for you or fuel.

      Good video going around, someone visits a country where there totally controlled, fined for everything by other people, camera’s in every room but your toilet, you swear in your own house you get fined, everyone lives in there bathrooms to get away from it, scarily good. Just small changes often and before they realised it, it’s too late.

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