BEWARE! The Digital Trap Is CLOSING FAST! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

113 Comments on “BEWARE! The Digital Trap Is CLOSING FAST! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. How does all of this impact on someone who decides to abort social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube accounts.
    Which social media accounts are the problematic ones with respect to the content of this video. Which ones should best be ditched?
    Would it be defeating the object by still keeping a Google account (for gmail). Many forum groups such as Group IO need a Google account to be able to use these. If you continue to have those accounts (or even a Google account), will that have the same effect as having FB, Twitter etc accounts?
    Can they still keep email accounts (with ISP’s or other email supplier’s such as Yahoo) without suffering the negative effects described in the video?
    If shops insist on you presenting an App or QR code on your phone, how will the shop deal with someone who either doesn’t have a smart phone or says they don’t have one?
    If you keep a smart phone, can they still be used for the various tools, such as bank and other access such as ebay, amazon?

  2. We need to come up with our own language or codes so we can still talk. I’ll just go off social media and send emails until that is targeted.
    The more they target people, the more we know they’re targeting and bringing this in

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