London Freedom Rally / What Next? / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. All those now ill with so called Covid and all those in Hospitals and those that are dying or have died are COVID VACCINATED – THIS IS THE MESSAGE THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW – We need to STOP THE POLICE before they help the government to murder us all


    • To late, they’ve already killed millions, they just haven’t realised there dead yet 🙁

      Jab uptake is pretty much zero here in the UK, those that are left, don’t want it very.

    • David Icke and Vernon Coleman are both big players batting for the other team !
      Both have string links to both the Media and Rothschikd empire

  2. I went to Birmingham on Saturday as it’s more local for me. I would have liked to see Dr Coleman and the Ickes and one or 2 others but some there were too divisive and 4 hours just standing was too long. Birmingham was great. Nurse Jenna, Mark Sexton and others each talking for 5 to 15 minutes with a couple of songs and 2 amazing little boys rapping! This lasted probably about 1+1/2 hours and then we all marched through Brum obviously waking many observers to the fact that something is going on. We’d parked in the city for 4 hours and got back with 1minute to spare. I’d like to see weekday marches, billboards is a good idea. I’ve ordered stickers to put around town and our sitp group is getting more organised. Could we gather around BBC local and national offices and cause disruption? Park cars causing delays, I’m sure others have ideas and more experience in what to do. We need to keep the pressure up and not split or argue amongst ourselves!

  3. Hi Hugo. Thanks for all your footage about the Rally. I hadn’t been to any of these before and a friend and I felt it was time we did so we pitched up. And like you we had been expecting a march. The thing is, the speeches went on far too long – at least for aging rather overweight people like us. It was all good stuff but some of the speakers weren’t present, just on a screen and therefore seemed to almost be reading a script. Also we were some way back and there was a lot of background noise from ghetto blasters and suchlike so we couldn’t hear the more softly spoken speakers. We couldn’t hear Dr. Vernon at all which was very disappointing although it was great to see him out of his armchair and I was able to watch the video of his talk later in the day as it was rapidly posted on BrandNewTube. We were really suffering though and had to shuffle off to a cafe an hour or so into the speeches to sit down. They obviously saved the main speakers till last and we really wanted to see them but there were just so many talking for too long. Also like us, most of the crowd knew this stuff so they were preaching to the converted. By the time the speeches were finished it was 4.20pm and we were completely done in from standing for 3 hours with just a 30 minute break so we never made the march although we caught up with them later as we had parked at Hyde Park. It was great to meet likeminded people and it was a very good-humoured event but I felt a bit cheated at not being up to going on the march. I think it’s a lot to expect people to stand for three and a half hours and then march a few miles. 90 minutes would have been more than enough for the speeches. There did seem to be a militant group who had come to march not to picnic and good for them. I see there have been accusations of this event being “controlled opposition”. I dont think this is the case. I desperately hope not but I can understand why those accusations have been made There must have been others like us who were wilting by the end or didn’t make the march at all and my impression is that the eventual march was a fairly low key affair. So, enjoyable though the event was, more marching and less talking would be my suggestion if we are serious about getting our message to the masses.

    • Got a month to shift some timber for the next one.

  4. David Icke is used as a Discreditor. What are the public to think when the lead of the opposition says that the royal family are lizards and reptiles! All on stage are controlled opposition!

  5. All these that went to these protests in London should be ashamed of them selves as this is what I read on inews.

    Latest data from the Office for National Statistics showed coronavirus in England is most prevalent among young adults, with cases in 16- to 24-year-olds almost six times more common than in 50- to 69-year-olds.

    Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, senior intensive care registrar, warned that ICU patients are “getting younger and younger” as vaccine uptake remains slower than anticipated among younger cohorts.

    “The vast majority of those requiring intensive care are unvaccinated: some of them will die,” she warned.

    When your son’s and daughter’s are in hospital on a ventilator then don’t go crying to anyone you have caused it on your selves.

    • You have been socially conditioned to think this way i’m afraid. Don’t you think it’s a bit of a co-incidence that all of a sudden its young people who are allegedly suffering with Covid just in time for the mass coercion of jabbing these very same young people. If you knew anything about mind control the first step is repetition and you have had this message repeated to you 24/7 for the past 18 months. Hence your mind has been taken over and you are unable to think critically any more.

    • I was at the protest. Some of us need to stand up for everyone’s human rights.
      Anyway, your argument has a major flaw: there were actually very few people in their early twenties who attended. I was there all day, and the average age was early to mid forties and I saw far more older people in their 50s and above than very young people.
      So perhaps instead of treating ‘inews’ as a Bible, you should start doing some research before criticising the very people who may actually save your backside from tyranny.

    • Yeah “ go back to watching your Brainless MSM BS”

    • There is one thing about this Con-or-a-virus scam, we do get to laugh at some of the comments from the frightened sheep….. and yours is one of those comments! 😂😂

  6. If half of the population, those who resist, would open their businesses, take off the masks and go to school and work, the tyranny would end in one day.

  7. You must have gone home before the march. The march was after the talks. It finished in Hyde Park.

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