All ACROSS The World Freedom Rally July 24th / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different end result is the true definition of madness.
    All they are doing is giving more free information to the enemy.
    Time for talking has long since gone.
    Civil war now

    • I don’t feel quite so alone now!!…..My ‘pitchfork ‘ is ready…

      • You are not alone but if more people don’t wake up to the reality of what is coming soon, the opportunity to do something about this tyranny will be gone and we the awake will be rounded up like cattle and slaughtered.

    • So true but Hugo’s against it. He thinks throwing your phone away will save the world

      • It will if we all ditch internet connected phones and just use a home laptop /PC.

    • I really can’t see these demonstrations doing any good to be honest, they aren’t suddenly going to say…ooo look at all the people on the streets, we’d better stop doing what we are doing, now…and if a significant proportion did mobilise in some way to try to take things back by force, that would just give them the excuse to impose martial law, which would mean troops on the streets, and permanent lockdowns. I’m really not trying to be defeatist here, I want an end to all of the parasites as much as the next awake person, I am just struggling to understand how we actually stop them, for good.

      • Mass non-compliance is the answer. As soon as enough people stop obeying the dictates then its over.

      • Let them put their troops on the street, let them impose their martial law.
        We stand together as an unstoppable force for good and we impose our law upon them.
        We never stand down, we never succumb to evil and we fight.

      • Hi
        I am going reply because I admire your spirit for Us all.

        I did mention other day I know I going have to ‘do what it takes’
        When a time do arrive.
        Your words are reality because we are under tyranny control against our true freedom of everything now it’s gotten out hand.
        I personally certainly can feel how ‘thick the air’ is.
        Take care

      • There is no way to stop this. They would make sure we starve. Pray and repent and ask the Lord God our King for help.

    • Keep living in your little box of Hope sunshine. Thinking that mass gatherings are wrong or won’t change anything. So what if we are giving them our surveillance! We are the brave and the mighty. We will not be controlled! Be with us or be with the mask wearing zombies! There is not another option fool!!!

  2. Wakey Wakey People of this planet 🌎👍💪🦋

    Cheers Hugo

    Have happy day everyone 💪
    I think this does need be going on ,day in day out ..but that’s Only My personal opinion ok & yes I have attended couple things.. with lovely m8,s as nut job as me 😂💪🙃
    Thank you

  3. Another 3 Friends gone in the Recycle bin today but look at all these friends I have made Worldwide 👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰
    We are not all wrong, or are we??
    What is it about people that they don’t want to face the truth.??🧐

    • There probably too comfortable, like my ex friends..
      The rational is the only truth, hard to believe that human greed goes well beyond what we thought was possible
      Take care dude

    • Hi 👋
      Well Shane fella.. their loss!
      I found people all amazing on here…

      Feck the Idiots who don’t want see sense unfortunately let them believe something thats just a load Lies n bullshite! They will wake to late by sounds things.

      Take care 🦋

    • Yes, I see them read the stickers on my bike when it’s outside the shops. They look, then quickly turn away, before they have to make a decision! The truth is too painful for them, but it comes to us all at some time in our lives.

    • I’ve lost friends and family, as have a few of us on here. No, we’re not wrong, I chose to make my stand against it from the start come what may and we know it’s not always easy.
      A lot of people don’t want to know because it’s easier not to know or rather acknowledge that they know. They’re like children saying no, no and grabbing their comfort blanket.

      • That’s right brother “ they don’t want to believe that the conspiracy is that big and wide “ and it really is “ their bombarded with MSM guff continually and when the truth lifts the veil briefly, their shocked amazed, but that’s as far as it goes with them “ it’s quickly forgotten like amnesia just struck “ Partly hypnotised and partly just don’t want to know about it “

    • It’s not a vaccine it’s an IQ test – the steadfast refusals pass, but the next test will be harder


    • Totally agree with you Elena “ it is now an open war” so let’s spread what we know wherever and whenever we can “ Resist, Defy Don’t comply “ in your own Little worlds wherever you are “
      Resistance worldwide is growing “
      Stand strong be Steadfast “

    • In a normal world the elderly always keep the young ones safe. In this NWO they are telling the young to have the jabs to protect granny . The only time that the young protect the elderly is in times of war. How true is that today? This BS has gone on for far too long.


  6. So proud I was in London yesterday…. Was feeling slightly down went there, my strength restored…well done to everyone fighting this tyranny around the globe….proud to be one of the 99 percent…..

  7. Know you can’t show them all but there was a pretty good turnout in Belfast too.

    • Well Done to all our Irish brothers and sisters “ Stand for what Ireland was always about “ FREEDOM “

  8. Well done everyone , keep the spirits high , we are winning this war and the monsters will hang ✌️❤️

    • I wish this comment was true I really do.
      The truth is the opposite, they are laughing at the incredibly easy job they are having. They will ignore all marches all vocal uprising and just carry on and on.
      It will not be any other way until we stand and stop the talking and make if completely clear that we have had enough.
      Clear messages need to be sent to the tyranny the police and their like.
      Join us today or on this day you will all die.
      It’s that fucking simple.
      Time to stop the talking and straighten the back bone and start tge fucking war.
      Then they will listen,then they will know that we are serious.
      Having a fucking party and dancing our way to freedom is simply not going to work and it’s basically suicide.
      I will die fighting if I have to to give my children a taste of freedom.
      Where are the men willing to stand with me.

      • I think it is coming my friend. I was watching a live stream yesterday and there was a point outside Downing Street where the crowd ripped out the barriers and were a knats cock hair away from rushing through the Police line, they just didn’t quite have the bottle to follow through.

        Start jabbing kids and kids start dying and they’ll push through to the main gates and try and breach them.

        Of course they’ll get shot, but that will then turn the tide completely. Once the levies are broken through there will be a non stop flood of hardcore civil retaliation.

        But it just needs someone to light the touchpaper.


      • Give me a white horse armour and a sword and I will charge into that line of evi without fear with truth as my shield and I will show the British people what real courage is.
        Tyranny can only be met with an iron heart that cannot be dulled or bullied into submission.
        I would fight for all of us for all our children if I thought that it would awaken my brothers and sisters to stand together.
        They will never stop coming for us while we show any weakness and as God is my witness I stand for freedom.
        Rise up brothers and sisters while the blood still pumps through your veins because these evil bastards will, without any doubt, kill every last one of us.
        Mark my words, this is still only the beginning and this coming winter will be the darkest days in human history so we all must become the light for those who do not see.

      • You are no more than a voice in the fog mate.
        Something more tangible is req

    • I would love to see and hear something more tangible to clear the fog. Maybe we should keep listening to the controlled bullshit speeches we got in Trafalgar Square that put people to sleep and stop people from truly rising up.
      A full scale march at the top of the M1 maybe and park all our cars and stop the traffic and march on foot through town and city raising our numbers along the way, taking out every radio and TV station along the way until we hit London and then take down the BBC in fire rath and hold every member of Parliament hostage until the speak the truth.
      What do we have to lose because we are all going to fucking die anyway.
      I’m not afraid to die when I’m truly living in truth.
      How about you.
      Keep your petty weak words fir the slaves, I’m only interested in fighting for our freedom because nothing, I repeat nothing else will work.
      These fuckers would ma hone gun us down or bomb us all to death if thgey felt they could get away with it, but they can’t do that because the genocide would be to obvious.
      That’s their weakness which can be exploited by direct full rath civil uprising.

  9. So many wonderful people from so many different places. A shame that the media are signed up to the governments in those places and it’s only people like us who see this. Unfortunately I think the governments are most likely just laughing at us.
    Unless there’s rallies like this in every village, every town, every city on a daily basis I sadly don’t know if it does any good.

  10. I bet all these government psychopaths have beefed up their security since they started all this BS!! I can’t see how they will be able to walk the streets safely anymore!! I will NEVER forgive or FORGET what these creatures are trying to do..They have sold us all out to the satanic 1% Bilderberg tosses!! Everyone of them must pay dearly for pushing us through this MASSIVE hoax that was only brought out to justify killing THOUSANDS with a deadly injection!! Big respect to HUGO for getting this out there and it was awesome seeing someone with a HUGO TALKS sign at that protest..Peace Love and Unity to all my awake Brothers and sisters ❤👍

    • When this evil crumbles like a deck of cards “ may the Gallows be place to swiftly deal with all of them” everywhere “

  11. The world has spoken and it has said NO to the New World Order. Tell you what see if I was them and seen this wonderful, beautiful, amazing thing happening world wide I’d be shitting myself of the possible and probable outcome of my actions. You beautiful people God loves you all and removed the blindness and deafness the government tried brainwashing you into since school, the whole things about accepting authority, believing you can only do something if you’ve pasted a test, turning you into a nice little tax payer and all the other things we believe are privileges when their actually our God given rights

  12. I was at the Trafalgar Sq, London protest yesterday and I am more disheartened than ever. Trafalgar Sq. has a capacity of 20,000 – 30,000. That amount of people standing around listening to speeches will achieve nothing. And the protest being associated with people like David Icke and Piers Corbyn, whether they are right or wrong in their beliefs, is counter productive as they are already discredited in the eyes of the general public.

    For a protest like that to work there needs to be so many people protesting that the basic functions of a city to come to a grinding halt…there weren’t even enough people protesting yesterday to stop the buses from running around Trafalgar Sq!

    I’m sorry to be so depressing but I am close to losing all hope that things will ever return to how they were (Not that that was even normal).

  13. So many people say ‘What good does it do?’ Well, it’s a pretty good indicator to those who doubt, or those who didn’t even realise there was an alternative story. I could see the reaction of bystanders at the last big march in London. This went against all they had been told by the MSM. I put posters in my window at home and on my bike, People read them and thank me. Others look and turn away. The truth is too much for them, but we cannot help that. Get the word out any way you can. These marches give strength to the people on them and a beacon to the people watching. Well done to all around the world. (The naysayers could be 77th Brigade……)

    • Well done for what you are doing spreading the word
      This is my point on here some saying protesting is doing nothing what more can be done and what would they do ?

      As i said before the 77 Brigade are a bunch of tosspots don’t scare me next i may write about them when the firing squad send there 6 letter to me.
      This a another way of protesting send 5 letter back written on and Return to sender on the front they have to pay 😃

      • Vaccines invitation No thanks Feck off

  14. Wow wow wow wow 👏. Thank you very much for sharing and every one who risked it all and went out. No matter how these tyrannical doofacies try to ignore they are all having sleepless nights, some sleeping in their suits and shoes. We are impacting the whole world one day at a time. Our Lord Jesus Christ does not sleep nor slumber. He is seeing and action is seconds away. Be of good cheer.

  15. It’s war time….these globalist want to kill us

  16. Absolutely amazing to see all these people all over the world in this uprising.
    Well done to all who took part.
    At least we know we are not alone in this when you see all these like minded people.
    I wonder if GB News will show any of this on tv, they might.
    Does anyone know of any sites where I can find out where protests are taking place. I can’t get to London.

    • All we brits did was sing songs and have bbq’s. Come Britain for f*cks sack how is this going to help . We going to do the same again next time we have a lockdown rally. We looked right planks

  17. The more these Marches grow in size and strength weakens the NWO greatly “ they hate us standing in unity against them “and the nastier the system wants to throw on the people “ the Greater push back in their face will they receive “ their crumbling and losing this battle “ Stand Steadfast and True to yourself and everyone “ Truth and Righteous will Prevail “

  18. We brits looked right planks yesterday singing and having bbq’s what fat lot of good that did for us. We moan about this lockdown we moan about the dingy diving immigrants and all we do in rally’s is sing stupid songs come Britain wake up for f*cks sake

    • It was a complete disgusting exhibition of wankers and that includes most of the speakers, all controlled to keep people subdued.
      People are being murdered and we have a fucking carnival.
      I’m ashamed to be British.

      • All the speakers are shills, government agents and these protests are controlled by the government.

      • Quite clearly You have never served in the armed forces of the UK. If you had you wouldn’t be running off at the mouth, like a rabbid dog!

  19. If we really want to DISMANTLE THE CABAL we have to dismantle this GLOBAL MEDICAL APARTHEID before it fully unfolds.
    What I mean by that is to deem VIROLOGY as FAKE SCIENCE that is here to induce fear and push vaccination programs.
    As long as we continue talking about viruses, cases, infections we are playing their game.
    COVID-19 has not been isolated and what is deadly are spike proteins Big Pharma developed to wage bio-war but first it has to inject it.
    If you are not enough motivated remember that 5 presidents who stopped the vaccine business in their countries were assassinated most likely by CIA/Mossad.
    Watch and listen to dr. SAM BEILEY and read “BECHAMP or PASTEUR”.
    I cannot see going out of this if people keep using the following terms:
    – “immune system”
    – “herd immunity”
    – “face masks ineffective against viruses”
    – “I had COVID-19 last year and it wasn’t that bad”
    People can’t you see that you are playing their game?!
    Besides if COVID-19 is easy this does not guarantee COVID-22 is not going to be worse and deadly.
    What are you going to say then when conditions are far worse e.g people have no money to buy food, no food on the shelves and GOV/CORP/MEDIA/NHS has a much stronger grip on us?

    When twice jabbed people will start dying they will lock us down again and phrases you kept repeating and shouting at the protests will become obsolete.


    • Covid 22 still time for 21 will be the Jabbed + Spread to, they’ll blame it on a new virus or a mutation but I expect it’ll make Cancer seem like a walk in the park on a perfect day.

      • With a 97% recovery rate from the cungflu, and Cancer rates at the level of 1 : 2 people will contract Cancer within their lifetime, and the ‘recovery rates’ NO where near 97% – NO MATE Cancer is NEVER a WALK in the PARK!

    • You are absolutely right! This is not about a virus. “Certificate of Vaccination Identification: Artificial Intelligence”

      O = OF
      1 = A
      9 = I

  20. So good to see bigger and bigger crowds gathering and fighting back even in Spain where things have been too quiet imo. No turning back now as there’s nothing to back to anyway. We have to keep chipping through the tunnel to whatever lies beyond on the other side Humanity must have its Shawshank Redemption

  21. Not achieving anything, young haven’t got the patients and there getting bored and there the only 1s in the kinda fight 🙁

    We be SCREWED, they’ve won, if we go civil war they’ll just starve us out and no guns so don’t stand a chance against the army.

    Accept, the descent into utter chaos and the end is near, as this will spread to wars which will lead to nukes being used and Mad Max / Hunger Games here we come.

    • Saving Grace of your post is that if things do go Nuke , then Not even the Elites will have much to celebrate.

  22. I was at the Trafalgar Sq, London protest yesterday and I am more disheartened than ever. Trafalgar Sq. has a capacity of 20,000 – 30,000. That amount of people standing around listening to speeches will achieve nothing. And the protest being associated with some of the people who were on the podium is counter productive as they are already seen as conspiracy nuts by the “normies”.

    For a protest like that to work there needs to be so many people protesting that the basic functioning of a city come to a grinding halt…there weren’t even enough people protesting yesterday to stop the buses from running around Trafalgar Sq!

    I’m sorry to be so depressing but I am close to losing all hope that things will ever return to how they were (Not that that was even normal).

  23. Cardiff was Brilliant and made MSM because we were condemned for “ harassing Drakeford at his house 🤣💪👏👏👏

  24. I was at the Trafalgar Sq, London protest yesterday and I am more disheartened than ever. Trafalgar Sq. has a capacity of 20,000 – 30,000. That amount of people standing around listening to speeches will achieve nothing. And the protest being associated with some of the people who were on the podium is counter productive as they have been labelled as conspiracy nuts for years and therefore have no credibility with the “normies”.

    For a protest like that to work there needs to be so many people protesting that the basic functions of a city come to a grinding halt…there weren’t even enough people protesting yesterday to stop the buses from running around Trafalgar Sq!

    I’m sorry to be so depressing but I am close to losing all hope that things will ever return to how they were (Not that that was even normal).

  25. Great to see and it does point out MSM lies by omission. Please ditch TV and newspapers completely – they are the architects of fear and manipulation. Without MSM this would be impossible. Ditch you smart phone. Sell or destroy. If you must have one for work create a Faraday cage to prevent it tracking you. Whenever possible leave it at home in an outbuilding turned off. Let the battery run out. (Notice you cant remove the battery at all?) Cover the camera lens front and back with tape. If you see police brutality get involved collectively. Remember the book Gulag Archipelago. Alexander Solzhenitzin said he regretted standing by while the people were beaten and murdered. He said at the start there were so many people around they could have easily fought back against the police and stopped it getting worse. We must stick together. The vaccine failure and side effect deaths will become more apparent soon so there will be more bs this winter, the unvaxxed will be targetted. Network with like minded people. If you have a trade offer to help people in crisis, power failure, plumbing emergencies etc. Have ‘accidents’ with scanning equipment in the big corporate settings. Dont just stop going to public businesses. Turn up and refuse to scan. If they turn you away be vocal about them losing your custom forever.

  26. Tragic to think that all this could have been stopped 16 months ago if everyone had simply said ‘NO!’ But it wasn’t to be, with most not getting it at all. Many still haven’t, even after all this, so this may rule out peaceful non compliance. The 19th July was a wasted opportunity before politicians went on their hols to have done something worthwhile, but only about 3,000 of the 1 million or so who turn up on the Saturday protests bothered to appear. Guess we just have to keep our eye on the ball, but it seems inevitable that if we keep getting goaded like this by that fat f***** Johnson and his satanic minions it’s going to explode at some point. The protests as they are are going nowhere that’s for sure, and have even turned into an excuse for a picnic!

  27. To all those people on here who criticise the marches – what are YOU doing to fight the cause??? I was at the London one yesterday and am still buzzing from the effect it had today. These marches show that we are not alone – solidarity is the point. To actually be there and to see soooo many like minded people of all ages and backgrounds was amazing! It gives other people the knowledge that what they are thinking is what millions of other people are thinking across the world. We had taxi drivers, bus drivers and the people in restaurants all cheering and waving – WE ARE NOT ALONE as Dr Vernon Coleman says.

  28. The only way to defeat this is to say no but its a year and a half too late, its everyone for themselves now, don’t worry about the vaxed they are too cowardly, worry when the armed response comes calling you will need more then a pike then.

  29. NO MASK, NO JAB, NO COMPLIANCE!! well done to these freedom fighters 💪🙏🏻. Be ready for Jesus’s second return people, spread the word, and amen 🙏🏻

  30. this is what happens when you vote TORY,and what are the labour party doing about it? FUCK ALL.

    • All of this would have happen, whatever political persuasion had been in office. Way,way beyond politicians. All they are right now are the TRAINED MONKEYS.

  31. When the jabbed start dting 9n mass maybe they’ll get angry enough for a civil war, until then well maybe if they come after our pets.

    Animals die after jab on re exposure, if shedding is a thing, then will we see huge wave of covid pet deaths soon, you know they want rid 🙁

  32. They are going to release a more deadly virus to kill non vaxers off and say it’s a “new strain” in hopes to scare more people into getting the vaccine.

    • No they won’t because viruses do not exist and deadly can be a spike protein they developed but first they have to inject it into people.
      When the financial system collapses they don’t care you they terminate in what order.
      I don’t think they respect the obedient sheeple.
      They leave the antivaxxers for the dessert.
      Please remember that famine/hunger is the best tool of depopulation but as long as small shops are selling goods we should be good.
      They can just deny us access to Tesco and Sainsburys but I can leave without them.

  33. Hiya all ive just cried and hugged my rescue dog of 8 months ……..i live alone,difficult to travel,BUT HAVE ALWAYS SUPPORTED……!
    This website and all the positive awake people have given me HOPE that we are NOT DOOMED<<<<<<<………!
    BLESS YOU ALL……..!

    • Hi
      Bless you to 🙏

      We awake,non-compliant are in this together 👍💪 very true.

      I have a rescued,
      best friend I ever had 💕😉

      Take care yourself

      • Yes, a dog would never do what these psychopaths are doing.

  34. Great to see so many people out there ready and willing to make their protests public. I was at the march in Birmingham. So good to be with people of a like mind.

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