UK Social Credit System ANNOUNCED / Get Rid Of Phone / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. @ 3.52 good idea but maybe best to have the back up phone a cheap no frills phone in use more than that of the so called smart phones. We can use smart phones to check our emails and website information then switch over to no frills for texts and phonecalls.

    • Nokia in smart phone is the way forward! My data my business right!

      • Where to get one & what model@?! Been thinking to fo this for AGES …. now is the time ….

  2. There’s only a tiny percentage of people awake enough not to want the jab. Out of those there will only be a tiny percentage of people willing to get rid of their phone so your idea is sadly dead in the water

    • Not true. Over half of adults in the USA decline the stupid jab.

  3. Phone on themselves are not the enemy they are a tool. The propaganda and people buying into it that we can’t get by without a smartphone is the reason they control most of the population. I woke up to this a few years back at a protest were the crowds, including me were told were to go via the phones. I never really used a phone fir more than making calls messages and gps. Most of the time my internet and location is turned off. But at the last update I saw that my location and wifi turn on by themselves….

    • I won’t be getting rid of my phone. Bought it second hand anyway as value the importance of recycling. Personally I feel it’s more important about making sure you are still in control and able to make choices for yourself. The problem with the smartphone for some people is that it controls them and they no longer question anything. The thing that worries me is whether they will say you need Covid passports to be able to go into work and also go into supermarkets. I could end up doing all my shopping online if I had to. But, my biggest worry is them making you be double jabbed to be able to work.

    • Wonder if we will see the same outrage as there was after the attempted super league takeover? Doubt it to be honest. Most people already submitted to tyranny

    • Gareth Southgate telling young people to get the jab to get back to normal.Now there in talks football clubs to have vaccine passports.
      The Olympics 2020 a year late no one in the stadium teams in the opening on Friday wearing face nappies. People should boycott these over paid footballers and clubs has all they are political scourges who don’t give a toss about the supporters stop buying tickets and season tickets let them go broke

    • This was obviouy the plan from the 19.03.2020…..

  4. My contract has just ended and I’ve bought a Nokia.
    My husband who is a contractor for the MOD has had an old phone for 20 year refuses to have a smart phone. No Smart meter here either and covers all the cameras on laptop, and tablets.
    He has signed the official secrets act.
    Also, and this is my opinion we don’t quite know what’s going to happen when 5G is switched on

    • 5G does have some sinister applications – it will bring the ability for just about everything to ‘talk’ with everything else. Don’t get into the ‘death ray’ conspiracy theories surround mmwaves etc.

      Current 5G implementations all work in the same frequency bands as are used by existing 3G and 4G installations.

      The millimetre wave bands (30 GHz and upward) have indeed been internationally ratified by The ITU, but none have yet been licensed or franchised.

      However, you have been exposed to millimetre waves for decades, as it’s the same band in which Ka band radar operates. Ka band applications include: aviation radar; police speed radars; fixed installation point speed cameras; airport body scanners etc. The most common source is people detection systems for automated doors such as those found in just about all supermarkets etc.

      The dissipated levels are absolutely tiny, and the frequencies are still far below those classified as ionising radiation (UVB and upward into the X-ray bands). To get there you have to go right through the IR part of the spectrum and right up through the visible light spectrum.


      SEE HERE and scroll down from the front page


      • Hi
        Yes I see this guy on bnt
        He knows his stuff 💯 💪

        Take care

  5. We won’t be going.
    Football needs to make a stand agaisnt this authoritarian coercion by government.
    4 of us go to Spurs maybe 8-10 times a year.
    Won’t go again.
    Government can shove its franken jab thank you.

  6. To all you the morons on here who say they cannot survive without their stupid smartphones: Use a landline, email, skpe, letters, physical meetings.

    • When I renewed my broadband contract the other day they asked if I still wanted the landline. They also said it was being phased out by 2024 or 2025…cant remember which year. Not sure if that’s true….

  7. If you must have a smartpjone, switch it off when not usng it or have it in aeroplane mode.

  8. Some of us who can’t run a computer rely on a phone to stay in touch with news like yours Hugo.
    I agree that not having a phone puts me beyond a social media program, but not having one also deprives me of community and real news.
    What to do?

  9. I hate to say it but I don’t see these protests going anywhere.
    As long as the regime control the media & the politicians nothing will change.
    They will simply ignore these street protests & go on as if nothing has happened.
    If we lived in a democracy then street protests might work. But Bliar laid that urban myth to rest in 2003 in the anti-Iraq war protests.

    • This is democracy Beijing-style. Our only hope of winning this war is if we, the people, do not cooperate with any law, guidance or protocol established by government and for the good scientists, those people who spoke and attended last week’s Question Everything summit, strive to get the true science out into the public domain. Between true science and public disobedience we can put a spanner in the works of this evil agenda.

    • Fony B-LIAR ( blair ) is also behind all this bullshit 100%
      – In The Shadows –

      He Is the Anti-Christ……
      …..& I am Norse Pagan

      Enough said

  10. What can you say doris fucks off on hols knowing full well this would be announced.

  11. Hugo you are right, the phones are fast becoming our jailors. I guess each and every one of us will have to decide on a personal level whether we are willing or indeed can make the sacrifices to stop all this. Not just phones but all in areas of life corrupted by the incoming new world order. I am not sure I have enough courage and my children are adult. I pray millions more see through this and fast but I fear that the lies and deception are so great now. I will try my best to keep faith. Thank you Hugo and to all who comment and support each other on here. Bottom line is food, water, shelter.

    • We dont need to take our phones out with us all the Time do we?. I bought a Nokia ( Burner phone) as a spare. I went with ASDA mobile where you can get a £4 per month TOP UP deal (Unlimited calls and Texts, Zero Data ) which you can make recur if you want or just TOP UP When you feel like it ! Its not the best service in the world and seems to have had a lot of problems transferring its carrier ovet to Vodaphone..

  12. Just run a open source android distribution etc on your phone, research linux its completely open source so there is no control over it.

    • Hi
      Thank you for advice
      I have look ..I not great with tech so I give it my best crack at it 👍💪

      Take care

  13. Throwing your phone away would end this tyranny but you would need most people to do this.I have been trying for nearly a year now to try and get people to do a coordinated switch off. For people to switch of their devices for one minute all at the same time,then the next day for two minutes,then three and so on.Although people like the idea I can not reach enough people to do this.I think it might work as it would not cause to much disruption to people’s lives but it would be a warning to the powers that be.I think you could reach enough people to get this digital protest started Hugo so what do you think? many thanks,Chris

  14. Like most technology it is not smartphones per se that are the problem. These ‘devices’ are OK so long as you use them as a tool to benefit you and so long as you are in control. But over time our options have been reducing , our ability to ‘tinker’ ‘under the hood is being taken away, we are generally losing control of these devices. This has been happening overtime with operating systems and even web browsers with their reduce configurability and their ‘phone home’ ‘telemetry’ and all sorts crap. These devices are now controlling us. I had a friend complain recently that she couldn’t set the time manually on her iphone. I was shocked as I have never owned a piece of electronics that didn’t have an auto/manual options setting for time. She thought it was to make it more easy to forensically examine what with every action being date and time-stamped to 1/1000 of a second 😀 , but maybe that was just her being paranoid :D. I showed her how on my ‘dumb’ phone I could set the time to whatever pleased me. She was gob-smacked 😀 But the big picture is that we are now at the mercy of ‘developers’ who can decide on a whim on which features to add and remove and ‘bake into’ the operating system with their forced/mandatory ‘upgrades’. Smartphones could be much better but the public are so dumb that they allowed Apple and Google to corner the market, just like that piece of crap spyware with a web browser attached Google Chrome (stolen form the open source Chromium project) now has the lion’s share of the web browser market. It is our own fault for making the wrong choices and being snared in ‘mousetraps’ over and over again: Oh, look, it’s the goofy Goggle guys offering us some ‘free cheese’. We have led ourselves into a very dark place 😀 As Alexander Solzhenitsyn said the Gulag Archipelago as we burned in the camps we well and truly got deserved every single bit of what we got 😀

    • Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago” was practically a warning to the world. I still own my old well worn copy and have read it more than once. The trouble is that most people cast it to one side after a few pages as a too hard a read or come out with dumb comments after a few chapters saying it could never happen again.

    • You can use open source software such as linux for your operating system and firefox for your web browser. There are also open source android distributions for phones. no spyware / telementry with open source software. Also Chrome wasn’t stolen from Chromium as they are both developed by google with chromium being the open source version of chrome.

  15. Sorry, but if I didn’t have my phone, I wouldn’t have been able to inform myself if everything I know about this scam and that’s an awful lot of information. However, if health apps weren’t an option then it would have to go.

  16. I don’t have one but think it wouldn’t be a big deal if the gov knew I buy bananas.

  17. If I didn’t have my Phone, I wouldn’t get any notifications for Hugo, and wouldn’t be able to see and converse with like minded people and what their saying “, If I only had a home phone, I would still be in the dark like most normies “
    Even though these things are needed in our every day life, I think a gradual drifting away from these devices in our own personal circumstances, ( like not taking it everywhere) is what’s needed “ So when the “Shite” really hits the fan” They won’t be so hard to “Toss”

  18. This means the money changers are going to launch famine that is going to be disguised under war on obesity and plant based food supplies.

  19. People, especially the snowflake generation will never get rid of their phones. Even if these people were taken from their houses and marched to a place of death they would be posting it on TT or FB. I never use an app on my basic smartphone which I am going to replace with one with no internet capability.

  20. You can ditch your phone, but the system has been engineered in a way that one needs to have one otherwise you won’t be able to do many things…

  21. I fully agree about the phones Hugo. Well said Sir!..
    0ne thing I wanted to mention, tho?..I think Boris has got a Bleedin’ CHEEK telling people about Obesity. He’s not exactly ‘Snake Hips’ is he????


  23. Mark Steele is a certified fruit loop who said that street lamps were military-grade lethal weapons 😀 If you want to feel the power off ionising radiation just spend too much time in the Sun 😀 If people are dumb enough to believe Mark Steele’s hogwash there really is no hope 😀

    • I take it you have the required qualifications to rebut Mark Steele’s assertion that the latest LED street lamps are equipped with 5G and able to transmit signals?
      Because my understanding is that he has this knowledge.
      It may be a step too far for your thought processes, but there is no need to insult him about something of which you know precisely nothing.

  24. I have to book my GP and repeat prescriptions via and app since before the pandemic. I’ve just received anvemail to say they are merging with the NHS App and telling me I need to down load before the merge or I won’t be able to access all services 😡🤬

  25. Freedom phone recently developed in the United States.

  26. Secret military armament residential technology phone,ya smartphone weapon

  27. So the “Social Credit System” is going to be based on the NHS “Pingdemic”, Track and Trace app? The one which many people are now deleting? Not going well for the government is it? As for the “Boris Fat App”, I doubt the land whales will be interested in it. To them fat is the new thin. They will just continue stuffing themselves with lard butties and Rola Cola. They think breathing is exercise.

  28. as kevin bloody wilson say,s You can stick your fucking phone up your fucking arse,your sposed to make it easy not to make fucking hard.

  29. I got rid of my smart phone two years ago and replaced it with a pay-as-you-go DORO (£30 or £40 to buy). It has no internet so no possibility to download apps, BUT you can still phone and text. For anything else, use a computer in the evenings, or at the library.

  30. I heard 5g is a hypersonic military weapon. Which means it can be used for crowd control and mind control. With mind control you need any smart device around you. So not only your phone you need to get rid of its everything thats smart like home security cameras, watches, alexa’s, tablets, home appliances ect ect… with the nanotechnology in the covid vaccine and a smart device your mind can be controlled. The family that funded 5g are the Rothschild family. Which is terrifying. This family is very satanic they practice spirit cooking and mind control. A lot of Hollywood are close friends with the Rothschilds. Marina Abramovic (rothschild) is really into spirit cooking and mind control. She has a video that’s about 11 years old on youtube preparing her spirit cooking.. its sick fyi… this is all part of Agenda 21 a cashless society controlled by dickheads with everything we do. The good news is we used to do all of our banking with the Rothschilds but, if you got to duck duck go and search “donald trump owns federal resevre” 😳 its pretty awesome you will see.. nesara and gesara saved our asses along with Trump and his team and #1 God. QFS is the new banking system. No more Rothschild.. everyone stay safe make your own decisions mine is to let my immune system fight what it needs to fight and don’t forget to look up the covid deaths in other countries you will be surprised… China has only had 6000 deaths in the media it shows as if millions are dropping dead on the street. In the USA since covid started they have had 600,000 covid deaths and 200,000 of those people are 85 or older. The average age to pass away is 78 so I will take my chance ☮❤🌍

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