Zahawi Confirms TYRANNY / Worldwide FREEDOM Rally / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • I feel betrayed. I followed in step with Boris over Brexit. I wanted our country to be free of the tyranny of the E.U. and look where the traitor has led us! Friendly peace and freedom rallies are the way to go for now but in time, if this madness continues, revolution will be the only way. To hear this people talk anyone would think that this rather tepid virus is a threat to Mankind when it is hardly a threat to anyone. Boris Johnson is a traitor to the people of this country, a traitor to democracy and will have to pay the traitor’s price for his assault on Mankind.

      • Yes indeed Keith, no less than the death penalty (public executions) will do for all the plotters.

      • Great comment 👍💪
        Yes ..Boris Johnson has been so deceptive to the people.. who he was put there to serve ..he is a Disgrace as is All of them involved.
        Being them kind of ‘deceptive’ people ..they don’t sleep without one eye open, if they sleep at all!! how could you after taking human beings down like dogs without any remote of remorse.

        Thank you
        Take care

      • True enough Janie and although I believe there are puppet masters behind them, they are still guilty as they went into it with their eyes wide open.

      • Exactly!👍

        Yes I agree
        Because Johnson is to Stupid & Self absorbed to do this of his own thinking!
        Total Idiot!

        We ..All ..don’t deserve this & that’s that!

        I know ..he is going to remembers this when he gets old & frail … & scared & afraid as elderly folk do..
        Being old & afraid comes to Every one!


      • Boris is a Dictator in the making

      • Yes indeed they do but at a very high price in terms of human life. In the meantime, I guess from your comment you’re happy for your children and grandchildren to live under fascist tyranny?

  1. Yup, a mandate of negative energy keeps coming through: fear, control, compliance, hatred, division, etc, etc. Out of the goodness of their psychopthical little hearts this doesn’t apply to supermarkets so no one’s going to starve. How noble of them. Best way, apart from the protests, is do do a mass boycot of all these places that are mandated. If we can’t enter these places without the inoculation, then we won’t.

    • Listen more carefully. They don’t ENCOURAGE supermarkets to use it!!!

      • I listened again and spot on. You’re right but they’re not mandated in the way llike these other places are.

      • Not yet anyway. Give these fascists time as in the moment they think they can get away with it.

  2. Churches but no mosques?
    And people think there is no Satanic influence behind all this tyrannical government

    • There are no churches around here left to burn down since they have all been turned into pubs or converted into flats, and flats at eye-watering prices. The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost must be coining it in 😀

    • It is actually for Masjids becuase they are full whereas the church is abondoned.

  3. The logic they are deploying on this beggars belief. They want to ‘Keep people safe”. The very same people who have been double jabbed to prevent them catching Covid. The truth is the vaccine is not 100% effective, in fact they don’t really know how effective it is. It also assumes that everybody who has not been jabbed is suffering from Covid and is able to give it to people who have been jabbed. That is clearly ridiculous. The real laugh will come when all the people in a certain venue have been double jabbed and someone who has been at that venue contracts Covid, because that will happen, and you can bet the “authorities” will desperately try to hide the fact.

    • It staggers me that they believe the jab gives them protection, and they don’t mind being around other jabbed people (even though they could still give them covid) because they seem to think if they get covid off a jabbed person they won’t be ill. But if they catch the same disease from an unjabbed person they are going to die.

      So the jabs both protect and do not protect them from the same disease, it just depends on who you catch the disease from.

      The mental gymnastics is mind boggling.

      • Thank you for comment 👍

        Mental gymnastics.. your absolutely correct there!
        Great way of putting it👍💪

        Take care

  4. He can’t even speak proper English language…

    • That is because he is an Iraqi. English is not his first language. He should pack in the politics and take up acting and give us all peace. He would do well in horror films playing the Devil 😀

  5. Zahawi and Le circle might need a revisit

  6. So they’re saying the jab don’t stop the spread and you can still get covid1984, But you’ve got to get 2x jab to go to venues were large gatherings where infections are more likely. Sounds like Orwellian double speak, Russian Roulette saying, in order to live as you used to you must submit and risk your life not once but twice. We’ve have passed the point of no return…… End governments now and have massive civil disobedience. Don’t pay no bills, council taxes, fines, Vat and whatever you can get away with for a start. See how they cope. Good luck, say no to as much as you can a keep spreading the word. Resist.

      • But the sheeple are probably already lost. Really just a question of how many awake people they bring down with them. I estimate the awake have reached up to 20% of the adult population … well in excess of a critical mass IMO. But the rate things are going, our peaceful options are running out – especially if much of the judiciary are captured like the media are.

    • Great comment Tariq,I like your thinking pay no taxes to government,they are acting like masters when they are public servants,remove their funding Now.

  7. Thanks for that CurlyKev. Pointing out that churches are now out of bounds for the unjabbed but mosques aren’t is a statement of fact.

    Rheadmeow’s personal abuse accusing me of stirring up hatred towards a particular group is ignorant.

    Wonder why that is?

    Logically it must be to appease that particular group I’m accused of targeting.

    Hypocrisy, isn’t it.

    • Not being hypocritical, I know one thing for sure if all the different Christian leaders had refused to close their doors then the government would have backed down. Just like if people hadn’t been so eager to wear face masks etc; then we wouldn’t be in the mess we are.
      All I know is there is good and bad in all and I’m one of those stupid people who wish everyone could get on.

      • Shouldn’t abuse people then, should you.

        I’m calling you out as s shill, rhead meow

  8. I remember this prick only a few months ago ridiculing even the idea of these health passports, stoking the flames rubbishing any of us who who dared mention it, now here we are. People should also be following Ice Age Farmer, what he predicts if even half true should worry us a hell of a lot more so then this farce. I think were going to see a modern holodomor , in modern, western Europe.

  9. Basically there is no freedom of movement in England welcome to Brexot Britain I thought the Brexiteers said all Britain’s were going to have their freedom? All these so called Politicians are all working for Klaus Srarb and his
    World Economic Forum.

  10. I don’t know what the trend is on social media as I’m currently banned from all platforms but if the growing number of comments I’m seeing on here are anything to go by more people are waking up now they need to stand up too and we might just have a chance of ending this before it’s too late

  11. If the British had the right to bear arms, these fuckers would already be dead.

  12. No talking to them! I give up on them! Its like there under a spell! They think its funny how they can have a pint inside and we cant! Little do they know

  13. The way this is going is the Government are going to announce the cases are up and they are going to blame the unvaxed for it. In turn more places will require Jab id,s and they will forever the poison on everyone. Those who won’t take the poison will be vilified by Government and the general public and the invaxed will be removed from the streets assets seized and forced to take the jab or remind in a fully isolated prison with no access to the outside world. And here’s me thinking the Nazis were harsh.

    • Certainly there will be some kind of “Apartheid” between the two status’ of Jabbed / Un-jabbed / Triple-Jabbed (Mark of the Beast) etc.

  14. Why do youtube delete some comments about the vax? the answer is here:-
    It seems Google that own youtube have money invested in the AstraZeneca vaccine, oh what a surprise!

  15. Why does this puppet sound eerily like Boris Johnson?

    Got that waffly, pompous BJ thing going on, just parroting the script.

  16. Give it a couple of weeks and the only proof they’ll except are the double jab, and in autumn/ winter it will include 3rd shot along with the flu jab #support your local lodge.

  17. Anyone notice his clothing .. Black tie and jacket white shirt .. man in black same as what were prob body guards in the video with the NZ PM talking the other day MIB

  18. Well if only vaccinated are in these places id rather not be there…all braindead and common senseless and shedding spikies 😖

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