Zahawi Confirms TYRANNY / Worldwide FREEDOM Rally / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Part of the nwo is the destruction of religion so anyone should’ve seen this coming. Tyrannical governments despise people worshipping a higher authority than themselves.

    • Can we start calling it a Rejection instead of protest. Words are more important than we think

    • I knew this was coming, known it for a long time. The attack on churches has only just begun.

      Look no further than Canada, where faithful, true shepherd’s are being arrested.
      Because the evil one’s know which and who are the true worshippers
      The problem we have here in the UK we do not have a lot of faithful shepherd’s. They are (wolves in sheep’s clothing.)
      Like wearing a mask to pray on church! Abomination!
      Never!! “Jesus” tells us do not be afraid, so why do people pray in a mask. Sickening! It feels so wrong to me I refuse to do it and sit in the courtyard on my own with my own thoughts and prayers.
      Many, many true believers, will not have or get the jab for this hoax!

      This by, denying them the right to holy mass and the holy eucharist.
      Shameful! Shameful!
      The clergy who go with this nonsense are fake! Fake! Fake!
      “ye shall know them by the fruits they bare” rotten to the core!
      This is just the start of persecution. All foretold in the” holy bible”
      Time is short! Separating the wheat from the chaff! So it begins!
      God bless all truthseekers!!
      Keep the faith!! Viva christo rey!!
      God is goo!!!

      • I agree with every word you have said. The Church does not reflect true Christianity any more. It is lost.

      • And why would a good Christian take the mark of the beast.

      • I said on here some months ago why where church leaders and clerics at the top of all Faith’s so silent right through the samdemic ?
        Because they know its a scam ,you would have thought the much maligned church would have jumped on the chance to gain a bigger flock with people at such a low ebb etc but they didn’t because they they know that when the shit hits the fan if they were seen to be partie to the biggest scam In the
        History of mankind they would truly be finished along with their servants ,salaries and big houses.I still have a faith and there are good people within in the church but the ones at the top echelons of it make me sick. If you believe in God whatever your God is then pray to him but the people running it on this earth in his name are no better than the dickheads trying to run our lives.
        Sorry for going on like fook.

      • Yes! “we will infiltrate their churches” “we will make the west stink to high heaven”

        So many working against us “franfrurt school of subversion”
        Freemasonry etc, etc.

        They’ve been at us subverting and weakening christendom for over 100yrs at least with their useful idiots.

        We went to two world wars on a lie! Our brave honest men thought they were fighting for us. Wrong!!! They were fighting to make the banksters richer and christendom weaker.
        When I think millions of our people on both sides perished and for what? Exactly!!

        Now we can see! It was all built on a lie! When I look around at our green and pleasant land I weep for how they tricked us!!

        “Land of hope and glory”other of the free! God! Who made us mighty, make us mighty again!!

        This should be the cry of every” “warrior of christ”
        Viva christo rey! Christ is lord! Hallelujah!! We will never be defeated! Unite brothers and sisters! In Jesus Christ!!

  2. Mandate a poison vaxx…

    They are going too far now mate. No way we are taking this SHIT!! and they don’t need to have a passport. Fucking joke mate.

    These people make me sick

  3. Does this coercion to have the poison go against the Nuremberg code?

    • I believe so….a former MEP Godfrey Bloome has said the ‘law’ states you can have defence Lawyers in a Court of Law….you are right about the ‘coercive’ nature of implementation is shocking….

    • Aye coz it experimental gene therapy n the masses don’t know tht they don’t know their involved in a trial till 2023/4 so aye it does break the code but until the masses get a grip n wake up then nuthin will change, we were told this would happen in the end days if ppl don’t see then I’m not sure what is gonna open their eyes, the Bible foretold everything thts going on thousands of years ago this has been planned for time most jst don’t have the eyes to see n ears to hear I pray for everyone to wake up before it’s too late.

    • They play the long game, make sure this clear in the mind…
      Any clear thinking person should be able to sense ‘the rush’ that’s going on here…
      They want as many people jabbed, as soon as possible… Why..? 🤔
      They are steamrollering through with this operation, regardless of the obvious adverse reactions… Why..? 🤔
      They are now conditioning people into taking it for a hundred reasons, with ‘for your health’ being pretty low on the list… Why…? 🤔

      See past the narrative.. it’s time to start asking why…
      These psychopaths are reading from a completely different hymn sheet..
      And I would suggest, the majority of them don’t even know it…
      A very sinister spirit is running through these decision makers masquerading as politicians, and it is a far stronger force than public opinion…
      Ask why…
      The answer may not be good, but it is ultimately, the truth…

      They know, something else is coming.
      And they need as many altered humans, as quickly as possible..

      It may be next year, or in the next 3/4 years, who knows for sure, but it’s time to realise… Something wicked this way comes…😔

    • Problem is the judges are as corrupt as the politicians.
      Police are now political puppets, I assume the military is not far behind.
      Nation is full of sheep and virtue signaling Covid zealots
      This won’t end until they we have the numbers to make it happen?

  4. Looks like these criminals will lose the next election then..

  5. The protests need to block roads and bring the infrastructure to a halt, preferably for days at a time.

    • The governments been doing that for the past 18 months😷

    • When the farmers blockaded the roads with their tractors, combine harvesters and whatnot back when when the price of diesel rocketed up by 1p a litre HM Gov had to beg them to call off their protest as the country was grinding to a halt 😀

    • And farmers fill their tanks with duty-free ‘red diesel’ which is only a few pence a gallon. The red is red dye so that HMRC can detect if your common or garden motorist/taxi driver has ‘ribena’ in their tank 😀 Oh yeah, and it is the farmers that sell ‘ribena’ 😀

  6. What about mosque’s are these gatherings banned too?

      • Cars and lorries are the key…. Chop off the head of the snake…. They are panicking now… Something has changed… They are rushing and becoming too obvious.

    • stufrodsham

      Are you as dumb as you look !!! Ignorant lot you are didn’t you hear he said places of worship meaning all places of worship so this means …… ? Give it a go, have a guess!

      Please, there is no more room for anymore
      prejudice or filth to come out the cracks let’s keep the focus on what is really happening here !!!!

    • If they are , would that somehow make this shit more acceptable to you.

    • stufrodsham. Oh, should we just add burning mosques etc; to wanting to hang, draw and quarter people without trial.
      I am slowly losing hope in people and I’m not talking about those who believe in the convid.

    • That’s a very pretty Sheila you got there, cobber 😀

  7. They actually think, because we’ve take it all the way, they can get away with anything. Good luck sweetie.

  8. Normies….oh my god the normies…I was shopping in Tewkesbury on Tuesday..80% of the sheeple were still wearing masks…I despair I really do,I know people that will not give the time of day to listen to anything else other than the government…fear is there delusion…

  9. These freedom rallies have got to take place on a week day to cause as much chaos as possible so that it affects the norms..

    • Blockades bring the country to a stand still block everything we have nothing to lose now

      • Agree with that!💪👍
        But we need start taking action it’s just going be tough with still so many IDIOTS out here still wearing masks & believing this BULLSHIT !

        Thank you take care

  10. Everyone needs to stand up & say NO! Nightclubs, pubs, shops, all independent businesses & people on the street, if the businesses all say no to vaccine passports it’s not like they can all be arrested & put away. If people still cant see we are being lead straight into a totalitarian regime they must be hypnotized like that hypnotist said on his video, they’re just sleep walking right into the trap. There are “A Stand in the Park” meetups for freedom fighters in most towns if you can’t get to the big rally’s in UK cities. Theres a website with all info needed to join with like minded peeps. This BS has to stop!!

    • Thanks Hugo
      I think the time has come to remove these bastards and string them up and take back our country.
      It has to be civil war now, no other way.
      Thanks again

    • News just in…. The Tories are threatening to boycott the Tory Party Conference as they will be demanding ‘vax-ceen’ passports for entry. You couldn’t make it up 😀

  11. LOOK as his head notice anything?, I can see horns under the skin, evil showing its self!

  12. Yes of course – all events where there are mass gatherings of more than 2 people (sarc). They want everyone jabbed no exceptions. They are deliberately stoking tensions between different sections of the community so we don’t stand united against them.

    • Exactly that’s been the reason behind all the racism rhetoric the past 20 years.

    • Unless you’re a ‘politician’ entering the House of Commons. Speaker of the House announced that none of them will be required to show a Vax passport to enter their place of work.
      Hypocrisy reigns supreme.

      • Yeah which is reason #233 why they can fuck off

  13. I can see this ending in one of five ways:
    1: A peaceful rebellion by a large percentage of companies and small businesses rejecting it outright.
    2: A *coughs* not so peaceful rebellion by the people of the world to bring down the governments and parliaments.
    3: A military intervention to support the people to bring down the governments and allow a military commander to take temporary charge.
    4: A military intervention by the governments to put down any rebellion.
    5: There is no rebellion and the people accept it.

    I put number 5 in there even though it has an outside chance of 1000000 to 1 of happening.

    • I think there will be an uprising but the army and military will be bright in coz the controllers want martial law have u heard of fema camps? Well thts what we’re up against especially children of The Most High we’re in the end days the most important thing is that the ppl turn to The Most High and ask for forgiveness and ask Him to save their soul coz ONLY He can do tht and thts all tht important everything else is will be took away anyway this world is only temporary but with Him we have eternal life. Tell everyone today🙏❤️

      • What kind of god threatens people with eternal life? Think of the enormity of that. Even the thought is enough to drive you round the bend. You would want ‘switched-off’, it would be unbearable.

      • Boris you and your tribe might be able to stop us going to church you can stop us buying food you can lock us up but your enjoyment is going to be short lived I read the end and you and your masters are going to the pit of hell

    • Where’s the punisher when you need him…☠️☠️

  14. Anyone else thinks this is Tony Blair in a Zahawi suit? These people are all singing from the same hymn sheet! Truly evil!

  15. When my MOG Pastor Chris was educating us on this, the MSM and most sheeple said he was a conspiracy theorist and now who is fooling who….everything is unravelling in our very eyes step by step as he said it.

    What is a conspiracy theory 🤔 😳….its the truth that tyranny governments don’t want sheeple to know…

    Thanks Hugo. You are doing great job. God bless you

  16. Like your idea about aiming protest at waking people up and it appears to me that ,the protest should not head into the cities but out from the city s covering as much area as possible this would probably fuck the state up .cause so far you doing what as always been done.

    • I totally agree, it seems villages and small towns have a larger percentage of people who don’t see this for what it is and we need them too

      • Tell me about it, I live in one of them. To be honest you could probably march a million through here and they’d just tut, tut and go back to the latest tv show. I truly believe they know deep inside but they don’t want to see the reality of it.

      • Yeah mate I live in a small town and it’s like the Stepford wives and husbands all thick as fuck apart from a few pockets of resistance.

  17. Zippy Zahawi another on the make fraud, is really Bungle .
    How did this rich fraud get picked for the commandant role after Rainbow?
    Vile looking man and obviously for dictatorship not democracy.
    Well maybe looking at him demoncracy.

    • This piece of crap is a evil Nazi who hopefully will be on trail for MURDER he a LIED who said weeks ago we have no plans for domestic vaccine passports.
      Not needed for shop LIED
      I signed the petition that is growing every minute against vaccine passports discrimination.
      Zahawi fuck your poison and passports i am prepare to cause trouble for businesses accepting it be warned

      • The tyrants don’t give a sh.t about a petition ffs

    • Norrak, it’s obvious that this piece of crap was chosen because he takes the shill so easily.

      Same with most of them to be fair… Never elected but placed

      Are the general public so brainwashed that they can’t see the lies these people spew?
      Last year it was… No passports, now we need them??

      With no excess deaths wake the F up people!!!


  19. COMMUNIST CHINA CONTROL UK. as usual total ballshit control. 1

  20. A question that ukcolumn always asks “Where is the evidence Zahawi” you lying prick?

  21. I agree, stay strong and it will come, starting to notice more people questioning this bullshit ✊✊✌️

  22. It’s now or never people, if we don’t stand up against this now, and I mean now, it’ll be too late!!!
    I agree revolution needs to be worldwide before we’re under an open one world government

    • Agreed. In the States they are busy ramping up the fear about the Delta variant, saying it’s the worst variant so far.

        Paul Alexander, PhD is an amazing man. Born in Trinidad, trained at Oxford, Johns Hopkins, and McMasters University, his specialty is the critical analysis of science. He currently resides in the United States, which is a gift to us. He was on the staff of the World Health Organization (WHO) and then became a member of President Trump’s White House Coronavirus Task Force—and provides us a rare insider look at its domination by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. There was shocking opposition from the bureaucracy that was supposed to be supporting the efforts of President Trump. Dr. Alexander thoughtfully explains the difficulties faced by Trump supporters like himself in a Trump administration that was overrun by enemies. Dr. Alexander’s personal testimony confirms the abuse heaped upon good people who try to help in the den of corruption that our government has become. He also describes the disastrous activities of the CDC and other agencies. You will leave this interview with new insights into the vaccine abuse of America and its children, and the ineptness and malice of our deeply embedded government bureaucrats. I encourage you to explore the toughest challenges with this honorable, soft-spoken, truth-speaking scientist.

        At approx 45 min in he talks about the danger of the vaccine, particularly for men/ boys and the delta variant , really good

    • The latest fakestream media guff is this ‘delta variant’ is raging through the 20-29 age group. They are all going to die. Get vaxxed ASAP is the message 😀

      • They are becoming desperate, clearly working to the clock on something big.
        Could it be the death shot come winter?
        Economic collapse?

    • I believe globally we’re already under a one world government. The bastards have got their stooges in place while we have been too trusting or sleeping.

      • Hi
        It’s a awful reality & your comment is spot on 👍💪
        Take care

  23. It’s tonslow the spread lol thought it was to reduce symptoms guess can’t claim that anymore lol

    Anyone notice the huge internet outtage is all the sites we expect to stay, moving them to new DNS servers so they can switch everything else off, I mean echo variant hacks them and takes them down.

    • Yeah, like when BT were pretending to have fires breaking out at exchanges on main internet nodes 😀 the reality was they were installing hm gov spyware routers. So, we can glean that Amazon will survive any internet apocalypse 😀

      • Ofcourse Amazon will be safe, how else can you consume like a good little sheep.

        Surely internet nodes, would stop the entire Net, and not miss the sites we are using ie here, BNT!

        French burning Jab centres, the Purge, I mean Civil war is coming!! 🙂

      • In the UK all internet traffic gets routed to the Internet Exchange (IXP) in London. You can see how it is routed if you run tracert (trace route) on an URL/IP address.

  24. Because I listen to how a things said as well as what’s being said, I closed my eyes and hell, but that man sounds like boris in a different body.
    Not going to be any places we can go if they get their way.

  25. We need to make arrests now…..go to Zahawi’s house and make a citizen arrest. ALL MPs NEED TO STAND TRIAL FOR TREASON…..NOW!!!!

  26. It’s all according to the illuminati protocols (international bankers) the plan to kill liberty and freedom (the USA) and replace it with global communism. Three steps to accomplishing the objective; 1) control politics- CHECK 2) control economics – CHECK 3) control/ eliminate the belief in God – this is the current battlefield. And the most difficult as the counter-revolution will be the largest of the three. The illuminati needs the people to believe nothing is more powerful than the State before global communism can be achieved. We must smash the international bankers and eliminate the illuminati or we will become Stalinist Russia or post- WW1 Germany.

  27. I have no sympathy for the churches, the catholic church (from which I am now thankfully excomunicated) is totaly wraped up in this whole aganda as we can clearly see from the words and actions of the pope. The churches that closed are as guilty as the Dr’s that shut up shop, they deserve all they get.

    • That’s the way I see it too. If their parishioners were scared half to death surely that’s the time they should have been there for them. Nearly all closed their doors without so much as a whimper.

    • if they were Christian leaders they would not be telling people get the jab they are not true men of God .. .. this is satanic agenda. pray in your own home anywhere God will hear you….

  28. This is Treason “ they all need to be put on trial by the People “ they all need dethroning “NOW “

  29. Cheers Hugo


    I don’t like him At All.

    He is Very CREEPY.

  30. This man isn’t an englishman. Where is he from?

    • He was born in Iraq but he is a British politician.
      That’s what came up in search ok.

      Take care

      • He a illegal immigrant
        Kick him out.
        Shame Blair didn’t drop a bomb on him.
        He rich on British people hard earnings.

  31. me and my 74 yr old retired nurse dad are coming to london, can some one pls confirm this is still on ?

    • Yes, it will be on. A good resource to use is

  32. Assassination attempt on President of Madagascar.
    Another President that refused the Covid jab in his country.
    Burundi, Tanzanian and Haiti Presidents all dead in office, all anti Covid jab for their countries.
    Nothing sinister of course.
    Almost like the conspiracy theorists “one world government” cloud be true afterall

  33. Food Shortages, they’ve just said the Military will be brought in to drop supplies, bet they’ll have there guns and it’ll be stage #1 of a full time presence.

    Meanwhile the GF asks, why I keep taking cleaned out 2litre milk bottles full of water to the cellar, why even bother trying!!!

    • Yep we are set for a year if need be.
      The sheep don’t know what’s going to hit them soon.

    • you keep doing it we have bottles water food etc and dog food …. can get 2 large 25ltr empty bottle e bay healthy plastic for 16.99 got them just in case need bit extra have wash etc lol.
      my son saving milk bottles too thankfully have 2 sons with me and rest family close by. im 74 fit well except arthritis no mask no jab no nothing they have for me
      doing ok devil scum lol

      • Poor at the moment trying to do it on the cheap, 50 fit as, training up weights and CV all good, still got my ex army training 25years on intact, BRING IT!!

  34. Yeah so i have tried until now to keep a logic to what they say but this is stupid. The vaccine does not prevent infection, if I am unvaccinated and someone is vaccinated the biggest risk is on my side, cause they say vaccinated people do not get that sick. If I wanna take the risk it’s my problem, my choice not theirs. Vaccinated people are already protected. If they can still spread it then the virus might mutate and become more aggressive but vaccinated people spread also not only the unvaccinated. This is retarded. This is now in our faces they just seem like they are trying to push it no matter what either to show how few of us are still resiting and that resistance is futile or they just want to make people so angry that some kind of large scale revolt happens. And I do not live in UK but it’s the exact same shit here also. Maybe this is what they want a large scale revolt. Then they would probably have the pretext to sweep in the military and take over completely.

    • There is no logic, they’ve dropped the reduces symptoms as it clearly doesn’t and changed to, it somehow magically reduces the spread.

      Had Covid, had way worse colds, I’m happy to sign something, saying I at my own risk refuse the vaccine and any medical care needed for Covid ( Well anything,pointless really) will not be available to me.

      Internet will go first, not there narrative side.
      Then if people start fighting back, power will be cut, military on the streets.

      Military will be on the streets from tomorrow, delivering supplies getting them used to the idea of being around the public.

      Will Soldiers which are normal people, rise up and follow orders against there own friends and family they’ve sworn to protect ?? With out there families being threatended ofcourse.

      WW3 / End of Times is upon us, why all the recent UFO sitting, there here watching another cilivilisation, blink out of existance 🙁

  35. So it’s official: You will require the ‘mark of the beast’ before entering a church?
    I sense the mother of all spiritual battles has now commenced and hopefully we know which side we are all on?

    • So When is the Church going to take a stand so far where I live they closed up over a year ago an not a peep outa them since

  36. We must make these bastards swing from the gallows! They are committing a genocide and enslavement upon their own people! We have to exterminate these vermin from our planet!

    • Not there own, they are ELITE and we are SLAVE, nobody is going to fight it, get used to the New World Order!!!

      Okay I’m going to fight it and kick ass so chill, it’ll all be fine, I got this!!!

    • Hi David
      I want to say,
      I am so gutted I have been bought to say this by theses Evil people..
      but I am agreeing with you to night.
      They have All lost their feckin minds now!
      It’s gotten out of control.
      It’s diabolical we are all having to think this way.

      Thank you David
      For comment 👍

  37. I have had enough of this earth any way when they come we are ready. can take our lives but our souls belong to God. will gladly leave this place and all its wickedness cruelty and sadness. God be with the faithful…believers…

    • No future in Suicide just a waste, fight and risk your life taking out Elites, but don’t waste your life!!

      Plus, I got this 🙂


    • For evil to prosper, all it takes is for good men (or women) to do nothing..

    • Helen don’t let these B get you down. I am sick of this daliy BS, putting comments on Hugo Talks distress me sometimes i make a joke comment just to put a smile on someone face.
      Stay strong we will never accept vaccines or passports it they put us in camps we all meet each over.

      • Hi
        Yes I am if you don’t mind me saying, the same,
        I share on here but it stresses me to sometimes but I don’t always show it because at least people on here are feckin listening!!
        Thank you & you & Helen stay strong 💪
        Have good day 👍🦋

  38. You see governments banding together Hugo. I see country’s banding in protest! The more the governments push together the more we push together! It’s begun an the normies are starting to think now. Let’s have it!!!!

  39. Normies are residing to, they’ve got to have the jabs to do stuff, they can’t fight it, many know what the jabs are likely to do and they just want to enjoy the rest of there lives, ignore what’s going on and it’s ruining what’s left of there lives, no fight sadly.

    Ex GF put in, no Covid talk at her house, had 2 jabs, 2nd Pfizer nearly killed her, know’s it’s a 100% Hoax and WW3 but why bother.

    Sheep Normies blissfully unaware it’s just a virus, then the scared normies in denial basically.

    Keep hearing, had the Jab’s, got to die sooner or later, they’ve given up and accepted it 🙁 Think they’d atleast get the damn jabs as late as possible in the hope they get stopped or just to live longer ofcourse but no odd!!

    These truely are dark times!!

  40. We are living in the end days
    turn to God
    believe Jesus died for you on the cross
    accept Jesus as you Lord and saviour
    Be ready, the Lord could return any second, amen.

    • Yes to End of Days, only cause the satanist scum believe and are trying to create it, not religious at all, I don’t believe in anything I can’t kill and / or eat 🙂

      Quite a few think Trump is god literally and he’ll return and save us in August, it’s a Q think

  41. WE reserve the right to reject everything & anything they say and bring them all to justice.

  42. Please God almighty, save us from this evil that has manifested on this beautiful Earth of ours. Please give us the courage in our convictions, and the strength of our trust in humanity that good always overcomes evil. Please God, let those who perpetrate this evil be freed from the darkness that has over taken them, let them see the evil they are doing and repent, and get on their knees and acknowledge their crimes and insignificance in the face of the creator. Please God your children need you now more then ever, the very existence of us is at stake. Please God I beg of you help us in our hour of dire need.


    • Amen don’t allow the enemy to steal your joy in these troubled times of strife and conflict. Be filled with His love and His passion for souls, and act on it in any and every way you can!

    • Morning 👋 John

      What a beautiful message…
      Thank you very much..

      Have a good day 🦋🛐

  43. Freedom day “talk about 1 step forward and 2 steps back”

  44. Did he also mention that mosques would also be subject to the same checks? I mean churches arent usually so packed as mosques.

  45. Zahawri looks as if the Devil is on his shoulder, his stance is so totally dishonest……we are fighting back, went to London on Monday and thinking of going again on Saturday, it is 6 hours travel but worth it. If you have never been to a protest or march or a Stand in the Park regarding this situation, I recommend you do go. You will be surprised at how enlightening it is and you will meet some wonderful people. If for nothing else, it is good for the soul…

  46. If churches are fair game, why not mosques?

    Is it because the powers that shouldn’t be are scared of Muslims joining the fight?

    Police only like bullying the vulnerable deplorable toxic joe blogs…

    And why aren’t Muslims showing up to these protests?

    Is it because they’re happy with the establishment letting them take over this country with hundreds more being taxied in daily from France, so staying out of it?

    Bigger picture for them warrants inaction, doesn’t it.

    Seeing as the pope has openly backed the satanists with coerced jab promotion whilst unconcerned that church doors are closed, I’m assuming Muslims are loving how all this is going down. Authorities won’t be going door to door in Muslim neighbourhoods I bet. Police shit themselves when dealing with Mo!

    • Like I said John in an earlier comment, I’m slowly losing all hope in people and not just those who believe convid is real.
      Go to the top of the class for being a world prize ********* add your own name I can’t think of one bad enough.
      People are people, I’m white English, nothing to be proud of there. The Union flag isn’t known around the world as the butchers apron for nothing.
      I don’t care who people are, or what religion they follow, there again I don’t buy into all the media hype about anything, not just convid.

      • Good morning 👋

        It is a great comment because it doesn’t make any difference were anyone is from I agree
        This is a world crisis
        We should not become more divided
        But unfortunately personally I feel people are so angry they say how they feel & this platform has enabled that I would say fair play to Hugo.

        I understand your frustration I feel it to it’s awful times but we in together …so Morning… 🦋💪

        Have great day

      • I agree that people should be able to express their views but not when they’re deliberately trying to stir up hatred against a certain group to make trouble.
        The world is slowly going to hell in a handcart as it is.
        You also have a good day.

      • No I totally agree with you
        We must not become animals to one another
        I did say that yesterday 👍
        Your very humble 💪

      • But we are animals by nature. Mostly sheep 😀 Didn’t you learn anything from the Great Toilet Roll Panic of 2020? 😀 You would soon find our true nature if the food ever does runs out. We would be living on Cannibal Island in short order. Read something like ‘The Lord of the Flies’ for an insight into human nature and how when the artificial constraints are removed we soon descend into the base animals we are at heart 😀

    • Fair comment as far as I’m concerned John. I read an earlier post where it was stated that Mosques will be exempt from Covid Passport laws. If correct, this should raise questions in any fair minded persons head and it’s certainly not racist nor divisive to say so.

      • Part of the NWO and one world government is one world religion and if course we know which one that would be. If the government dared to inflict the same rules on mosques as they have on churches, well, you don’t need me to tell you what would ensure. The government won’t dare to go anywhere near Islam. My guess is that they would abolish all religions as communists do but Islam is too big about to crack. Christians turn the other cheek.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised 😀 As I predicted ages ago if ‘vax-ceen’ passports come to pass lots of people/organisations (the ‘chosen ones) are going to be given a ‘free pass’. Now this is how you really do commit a genocide 😀 If you ever go passed a field of sheep you will notice that certain ones are dyed – these are the ones marked for slaughter.

      • I once asked a couple of Mormons about this – Elder Wendleboe and Elder Brown, don’t think they had first names 🙂 and very handsome American men they were too 🙂 about this turning the cheek business. What happens if someone hits the other cheek? Beat the living daylights of them they retorted 🙂 PS Just in case you are wondering nothing happened with them no matter how much I tried to seduce them 🙁 Short skirts, high heels, make-up, nothing worked with those guys 🙁 It is one of my biggest regrets. I think I would have had to have handcuffed the those guys to the bed to have my wicked way with them like that Joyce McKinley woman did 🙂

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