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    • Bizarre how the it’s the wokerati that are spewing the bile against those that don’t want the franken jab!
      So loving and tolerant.
      Whatever happened to “my body, my choice”?

      • Their choice always leads to killing

      • 1940 Germany. It’s for your own good! Yeah right.

  1. When you look at how the meaning of the word “Pandemic ” was changed so a “Pandemic” needed no deaths at all to be declared this all makes perfect sense. It is not about a virus it is about uptake of the Bill Gates vaccine agenda.

    • Yes that was highly significant, considering all the noise around the discredited testing.
      Easy to use an amplified test not so easy to fake deaths (although they did quite well with flu and the 28 day rule)
      Tyrannical government with a sinister agenda.

    • I think BIll Gates is just a pawn in this game.
      The real perpetrators are rarely or it at all mentioned at HugoTalk.
      I think Hugo should ask this question himself and dedicate a full video about the real perpetrator(s).
      Is it the Vatican or Jesuits or Martians or Reptilians or FED or City Of London or CIA or Mossad or Rothschild or Freemasons or heads of fin/pharma/media/tech working in unison.
      Some point to the Grey Pope of Rome to be the epicentre of this masonic crookery but I doubt it.
      I reckon Israeli intelligence which infiltrated all protestant movements in UK want to divert the attention from their god namely Jacob Rothschild who seems to me is orchestrating the politics and finances through his proxies like Kissinger, Soros, Reichmann etc.

    • True enough Ray. The etymology of the word pandemic is Pan=from the Greek god Pan from which we derive the word Panic. Demic has the meaning “of or pertaining to a peoples or population”.
      A pandemic then is a deliberate act of ” panicking the population” to send them ” into fear, disarray, confusion, and demoralisation”..
      So a pandemic is not a plague; it is an act of war and terrorism.

  2. These government officials must swing from a noose! It’s time!

    • That Bitch should be on the list, keep her whole face cover

  3. This is sick fuckery. When will the people of the world WAKE the fuck up and start taking action? This is NOT a joke.

  4. Fancy telling us Aussie’s to stop being human ha ha” you might get a few twats obeying this inhuman crap, but most Aussie’s won’t give a kahoota “
    It’s just like xfactor matey says on the video about Freemasonry “ Every Leader state and otherwise in this country is one “ it’s riddled throughout the country “

    • Aussies are not jabbing up fast enough. Less than 14%. Hence the subtle or not so subtle bullying with lockdown.

    • Thanks for this Paul

      EVERYONE should watch this and be very afraid!

  5. They don’t want anyone talking… People are waking up! Their goal is to get everyone jabbed and get a biometric ID.
    COVID 19=
    Certificate of Vaccination Identity the 19 is A I. This is the plan for the gr8 reset…everyones DNA will be linked to facial recognition /surveillance, hooked up to the internet of things. No wonder they did not want Katie Hopkins there, she likes talking!

    • Bang on there, I’d like to see Hugo talk out that, A I numerical symbolism for 1 and 9 in the alphabet, all planned, long ago but symbolism will be there downfall, I still believe that…..


  7. Someone kidnap this fuckin idiot and bury her in the outback .

  8. Kerry Chant is one miserable beach! Jheeze, I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t have any children, heck, why would any man in his right mind want to even spend a second in cahoots with this soggy ass woman.


    #TheyLive 🕶️

    • That’s just it. Bingo as the Yanks say. She definitely one screwed up power mad individual. Check this quote out.

      Is Dr. Kerry Chant Married? Her Husband. The talented Dr. Kerry Chant has managed to keep her love life away from the spotlight. In addition, she is seen focusing on her work only and hasn’t yet disclosed any details regarding her partner in the public news media. Thus, her love life remains a mystery to all of us.

      Acvery private public servant!. Ha! Typical psychopath with a covert background.

  9. Perhaps these lunatics in Australia and New Zealand assume that being an island affords them special powers over their captives?

    • You mean like we’re an island? Being an island does give authority more power which is why Australia was so successful as a penal colony.

  10. It’s Winter in Australia & New Zealand.
    Bear this in mind when citing thrse measures.
    They are trial ballons being sent up before the coming lockdowns in the Northern Hemisphere.

  11. I think all these puppets have been subjected to some kind of mind control, whether it be ‘Common Purpose’ style or MK Ultra…..they are definitely showing signs of it. Your video you showed previously on hypnosis highlighted this and anybody who is up with SPI-B tactics and who has listened to UK Column, read L Dodsworth and just 1984/Animal Farm at school, will be aware of this. My question still is why have I and others not succumbed to this brainwashing? Still not put my finger on that one….

    • Excellent point! Two types of programming, singular and plural. The power puppets get their own individual MK Utra treatment and the masses t.v..vand social media.

      • To me, it is blatantly obvious but to so many others not so. I still don’t understand why I perceive it this way and others don’t…..

    • You’ve not succumbed to it because you’re a critical thinker and can smell a rat like a polar bear can smell a human from miles away. You have an active third eye that gives you this kind of instinctive. Look up pineal gland and third eye.
      I would say to you and everyone like us that we should be grateful that we’ve been blessed with this trait as it’s something that sets us apart from the masses and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

    • Yeah definitely some weird ish going on with these nut jobs.

      • Let’s hope we can defeat them… will take a while but we must try our best….

  12. I always thought the Aussies were a tough lot. I cannot believe that they are standing for this.

    • Obesity levels as high as anywhere for years. Crocodile Dondie got hosed by the Aussie tax bureaurats years ago too.

  13. Some news just in:

    Covid: France rolls out health pass as cases soar

    Plans for a Covid health pass have proved controversial
    A new Covid health pass has come into effect in France amid a surge of new infections.

    From Wednesday, people need proof of vaccination, a negative test or recent recovery from Covid to enter most museums and cinemas.

    Later lawmakers will debate whether to extend its use in August for entry to cafes, restaurants and shopping malls.

    It comes the day after Health Minister Olivier Véran announced 18,000 new infections in just 24 hours.

    This was compared to fewer than 7,000 cases a day last week, a surge of 150%, as the highly contagious Delta variant spreads throughout the country.

    “We have never seen this before,” he told the National Assembly, saying Delta had led to far larger rises in cases than previous variants, like those first spotted in the UK or South Africa.

    President Emmanuel Macron announced the plans for a health pass earlier this month, as well as compulsory vaccination for all health workers by September. Surveys suggest there is widespread vaccine hesitancy in France.

    Mr Macron’s plans have proved controversial. Protests against new coronavirus rules in France saw demonstrators vandalising two vaccination centres this week.

    Analysis by Lucy Williamson, Paris Correspondent

    “Health Dictatorship” is what protesters here are calling it.

    If the government has its way, in a few short weeks, you won’t be able to sit down for a coffee at a Paris café – or board a train – without proof that you’re Covid-free, vaccinated or immune.

    This so-called Health Pass is the government’s answer to infection rates that are rising faster than France has ever seen in this pandemic.

    Already, from today, there’ll be no routine access to cinemas, theatres, museums – no trips to Disneyland Paris – without it.

    But it’s the plan to extend that restriction to everyday public places – cafes, shopping centres and public transport – that’s causing the biggest backlash.

    Some MPs have reported receiving death threats ahead of the debate today.

    And some protesters sparked fury last week by comparing these government restrictions to the singling out of Jews during France’s war-time Nazi occupation.

    A majority of French people appear to support the plan, with many believing it’s the only way to avoid yet another lockdown. 😀 😀

    • It all depends who’s doing the counting doesn’t it? Tested… by what? There is no test, just a gaslighting operation to remove people’s freedoms. It’s deaths that count, not phoney test results

    • They are just testing anything that moves.
      Kids are using orange juice to get a positive test result.
      They have not even isolated Covid so how can they test for it?
      Certainly not a gold star in testing.
      Amplification is set at 45 in the UK, the inventor said anything over 28 is just false positives.
      A pandemic of asymptomatic healthy people .
      We need these tyrants out, using old fashioned methods, as it always focuses minds..

  14. So let me get this straight, she stands there pontificating to NSW and the world basically, telling people not to start a conversation with a neighbour, yet she is infront of the media circus having a good old rant Infront of her bully boy mates?

    Aye dead on, makes perfect sense

    Why oh why can’t people see Hugo are their eyes painted on?

  15. Never was ‘Hue-Man’ = just Man, never the colour of man. Blacks 4th, or perhaps 6th describes Human as ‘Monster’. English is the language of slaves. Aboriginal – Ab original = not original

    • Ted, 4th edition of Blacks law ( not abridged version) definitely says that.

  16. We need to eliminate these monsters from OUR world …. NOW !

    • I have to admit seeing hang em, kill em and your comments make me shudder and unsettled.
      Yeah you go out and kill the monsters and in turn eventually you become what they are, you become the monsters.
      Perfect warning in Animal Farm when the pigs became worse than the humans they wanted rid of. If you read the book it didn’t have the happy ending the film had.

      • They should be tried and Judged with truth and righteous in an Independent Court free of Corruption “for their crimes against humanity “

  17. Morning thank you Hugo

    Firstly I want to say Go for it Australia 🇦🇺 👍💪💪
    Feck theses tyrannical slags!!
    This is getting Outrageous now!🤦‍♀️

    My goodness that speech was awful how Dare she!! HORRAS All of them!!

    Have great day Every one
    Thank you Hugo

  18. These people are out of control.
    Looking around the UK the people seem oblivious to theirs they have been fed.
    They hang on every word from the BBC and Sage as if it’s fact.
    This will only end when people rise up together but I fear we have too many compliant sheep and Covid zealots.

  19. So people of Australia go about your normal lives ignore all the shite they cannot arrest you all. Like here in England there are but 240,000 Police for 68 million people so in a stand off who’s going to win. Keep up the defiance fuck the Government and the Health Minister just stooges and do NOT have your best interests at heart.

  20. Remember the quote from NWO ” Nothing must stop this from going through,NOTHING” says it all !:(

  21. I don’t think it’s desperation at all. They went this hard-line in Victoria last year. Police have always been brutal in Australia, equally they’ve had plenty if demonstrations since all this began. NSW like Vietnam Authorities hadn’t been compliant to the puppet masters and both appear to be going in equally hard now they are complying.

  22. When you can be arrested for buying an essential item like a pair of shoes you know this has nothing to do with a virus. As for not talking to others, yes the governments all over don’t want you talking, they don’t want dissent to gain momentum.

  23. Been watching Australia from the beginning. Absolutely outrageous what they are doing. Total paranoia or commonwealth agenda.?

    • Ray, like you I also have been monitoring Australia from the beginning, police are also much more brutal than here in England. I try and keep my eye on every country possible, it’s like a round the world trip every day.

  24. Well, well, well… I never saw this one coming 😀 And on a side-note it is strange how the AstraZeneca (blood clot) is being ‘offered’ to 40+ age group and the Pfizer (heart inflammation) being ‘offered’ to the 18-39 age group. I won’t be having any of them 😀 Jimmy Krankie can got and shove it 😀

    Nicola Sturgeon warns low vaccine uptake risks delaying Scotland’s Freedom Day

    First Minister’s warning comes as new figures reveal almost a half of 18 to 29-year-olds in parts of Scotland have not yet accepted a dose

    Nicola Sturgeon has warned that people refusing Covid vaccinations risk derailing Scotland’s Freedom Day timetable, amid mounting evidence that a significant number of younger adults are rejecting jabs.

    The First Minister on Tuesday made a desperate plea for younger adults to take up the offer of vaccinations, as new figures showed that in parts of Scotland almost half of 18 to 29-year-olds have not yet accepted a dose despite all adults being offered an appointment.

    There is growing alarm in both the UK and Scottish Governments about the uptake among younger generations, despite almost universal acceptance rates among over-50s.

    Younger people are believed to be refusing vaccinations for a combination of reasons, including concern over side-effects, the inconvenience of attending clinics, and because many of their peers who caught Covid-19 did not become seriously ill.

    Experts fear that having large sections of the public unvaccinated risks the development of new variants, which could potentially evade vaccines.

    Ms Sturgeon warned at a coronavirus briefing that Scotland’s proposed Freedom Day on August 9 could be delayed if uptake among some groups remains low.

    “Every individual that is vaccinated represents a wee step forward on the road back to normality,” she said. “Conversely, every time we’ve got somebody who could be vaccinated who’s not, there’s a vulnerability there to this virus that potentially holds back our progress.

    “To put it bluntly, each and every young person who gets jagged helps us take a step back to normality, and of course the converse of that is true.”

    Mobile and drop-in vaccination centres have been deployed in an effort to encourage young people to get vaccinated. However, recent internal polling commissioned by the SNP Government suggests that only a minority of younger people who have not yet had a vaccination plan to accept one.

    The UK Government has said it will deploy vaccine passports in venues such as nightclubs, in part to encourage uptake, but Ms Sturgeon said on Tuesday that no decision had yet been taken about whether the controversial scheme would be adopted in Scotland.
    11 per cent of Scots remain unvaccinated

    Nationwide, around 11 per cent of Scots have not yet been vaccinated, although uptake drops drastically among younger groups.

    Among 18 to 29-year olds, 30 per cent are yet to accept a dose, while a fifth of those in their 30s are unprotected.

    Ms Sturgeon added: “Every adult has been offered an appointment by now, so the gap between 90 per cent 100 per cent uptake is people not coming forward for appointments.

    “And therefore, it is really important that we continue to chip away at that literally on a day to day basis, and encourage people to come forward.”

    However, opposition parties have said that the Scottish Government and health boards can do more to make it easier for people to get vaccinated.

    In Glasgow, Scotland’s largest vaccination hub was closed at the weekend. There are no drop-in clinics within the city centre boundaries or in the West End, which is popular with students and young professionals. Meanwhile, several of the drop-in centres close at 3pm.

    In the city, which has the lowest vaccination uptake figures in Scotland, 42 per cent of men under 29 are yet to accept a vaccine, with uptake rates across the country lowest among males and in larger cities. Under 60 per cent of younger men have accepted doses in Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

    Douglas Ross, the Scottish Tory leader, said: “Nicola Sturgeon has to stop mincing her words and tell it straight.

    “The SNP’s slow progress is risking the planned easing of restrictions on August 9. The First Minister should be honest with people, instead of dancing around the issue.

    “It is vital for the easing of restrictions that everyone who is able to get the vaccine does exactly that.”
    Majority of Covid-positive admissions are among the young and unvaccinated

    Meanwhile, Nicola Steedman, Scotland’s deputy chief medical officer, confirmed that most people being admitted to hospital with Covid-19 were unvaccinated, while two-thirds of cases were among those who had not received jabs.

    She said: “In terms of Covid-positive admissions, 51.6 per cent were in unvaccinated individuals, of which 70 per cent were under 40.”

    Discussing the lower levels of vaccine uptake among younger people, particularly young males, she said this trend had emerged in a number of different vaccination programmes.

    She said: “We often think that we are invincible when we’re younger, we think that our risk of becoming seriously ill is much less.

    “With Covid that’s true, but it is not zero, it is very far from zero and young people do become seriously ill from Covid.”

  25. Did the guy behind have a gun at her back. If not what the hell l is wrong with her

  26. I think this is all pantomime now, Like how long would our premiers have been waiting with wanting to do this treasonous acts, How long would Daniel Andrews have been waiting to go from Australian to Terrorist in a few months.
    Does anyone think the other primers would allow a rogue 4 people to tell a country of millions to bow to their will and they do without a fight. Can we believe a weakling like
    Daniel Andrews and the Glasses wielding cows from NSW are gods that can’t be touched by Military Tribunal? Are we to believe these people have been waiting in the mist for this opportunity to take over Australia like a wolf pack, and then think they have the balls to say to millions do as i say. Don’t talk to each other, Check in we are your new masters. We are the government were here to help you. FFS. These people forget they are among us. If they want to play Kim Jung Mentally ill. They best not piss us off in the mean time. Australians are like Americans were not as forgiving when we really get pissed off. Also if this a game their playing how in the hell are they going to keep Australians from demanding their hanging afterward. Did they think farther than a few months. Gaining power is one thing, keeping it is another. Remember to any dictator. in the end this is a rock. same place you were in when you were born. You can have zillions of dollars it’s meaningless when you buy everything you want and need, you still have nothing else to do after you have it all. I would never want to own the world. It would never be yours you can’t put it in your pocket and you would be to worried about someone else taking it from you. What a pathetic life to have. let’s imagine you owned the earth all of it. What the fuck would you do with it? order people around? command armies? control and power? over what. One asteroid and this playground you fought all your life for is ashes. Understand to all dictators and humans of this rock. We are here!. No matter what you believe what you fight for. It’s meaningless. We are all on this train together and us fighting for the best seat on it is stupid and thinking there is more than 2 genders. you have a penis and a vagina, What ever you classify yourself to be after that fact, be a fucking firetruck as long as i care, but don’t ruin life for everyone else because you don’t like the cards you were dealt. No one really knows what were doing here on this rock, and the few who might have figured it out. Good on ya. keeping it to yourself what good is it getting you. Does it make you a god…maybe not. All that i know there are no betters or worst. We were all shitted out the same way and nothing will change the fact were here. Wake the fuck up people….If i was an alien race i would think we were the lowest species. were fly over country. The shit neighborhood. We can’t get on with ourselves let alone anyone else. We need to raise our game to become more than we are…Thousands of years on this rock. What do we show for it. 100 years ago we got off of horses. made steam trains, cars, diesel, 100 years later we still have steam turbines powering our houses…Smart race we are? in the last 50 years all we really built is communications and electronics. What do we the smart humans do with it. To spy and watch ourselves like a pack of paranoid retards. What are we going to do build a secret ship to fly off this rock without anyone else that want to control things. What kind of resume would we give to anyone from off this planet if they asked. Who are we. Were Humans? That would be the only answer we would have it wouldn’t be we built a great world for all….No! We monitored each other like a paranoid hoarder. That’s our legacy over the years we were here as a species. Welcome to earth third rock from the sun.

    • From the Rocky Horror Picture Show

      …and crawling on the planet’s face

      some insects called the human race

      …lost in time

      …lost in space

      …and meaning

      • I hope you meant the original Rocky Horror Show. You brought back a few memories there. Showing my age now.

  27. MSM doesn’t say anything; yeah, but have you ever tuned to Sky News Australia?
    Have a go and see what I mean

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