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  1. Just wait for the cytokine storm this winter with flu, to those that have been jabbed. I hope am so wrong. 😒

  2. I live in the countryside in Notts. I often walk with my dog through fields containing livestock. People think sheep are weak and stupid. If you annoy sheep by getting too close to them they will stare at you and stamp their hooves to warn you to back off. They put most humans to shame.

  3. The muted johnson is more sinister than the usual johnson!

  4. When this is over Boris and his side kicks arses will be sent to jail.

  5. There’s definitely a sense of urgency and panic by most governments to hurry things along. Perhaps the consequences of the injections are appearing quicker than the elite anticipated. Israel regularly publishes details on cases and deaths etc. and the majority of sick people have been double jabbed.

  6. Wow that’s frightening the amount of deaths after the vaccines. Why the hell did I have my first a few months back? Seriously tempted to miss the 2nd one on the 16th August. I had an NHS email earlier urging me to book an earlier date for the 2nd. I just blocked it. That’s the 2nd email I’ve had from them getting me to book an earlier date. They can fuck off.

    • My advice is definitely don’t take the second one, from what I have seen and heard around where I live it’s the second that has caused more health problems. A shame you had the first but what’s done can’t be undone.

    • I had my first and only shot on 19 March… never went for my second. They will bombard you; I must have received 30 calls/text and three letters from my surgery and NHS. I totally ignored them and have heard nothing for around a montj

  7. What, I wonder is ther time limit? Always had feeling they were working to a dead line…

  8. Johnson looks insane…or on the bottle….he has declared war… being a narcissist he didn’t like being told he carnt escape self isolation…he hides in his hovel and yes declared war on us hr was showing anger in that speach…mark Sexton is ex police so he would know his stuff….his doing it for his daughter…a true hero….

  9. I saw the metro reporting after seeing various posirive videos. Including those where they took their riot gear off.
    The Mtero portrayed and angry and inciteful crowd.
    I’ve emailed them to share my disgust.

  10. We are in the end times…
    DON’T comply with the governments corrupt and satanic ways…they’re under control…
    DON’T take the mark of the beast…
    NO JAB
    stay strong out there soldiers..we can get through this 👏👏

  11. I said this yesterday everyone vaccinated unvaccinated everyone children all all races religions everyone stop work for one day in the week bring the England to England to a standstill and everyone take to the street and don’t sit at home ma and say I’ve got a day off I sit and watch TV all day get out there and make it known that you are not happy with the government as it stands and what you stand for they done this many many years ago 17th century United We Stand divided we fall get a big protest at someone I don’t know I’m only 72 years old and I don’t know how to go around this kind of things but I’ll certainly would make a stand no buses no trains no nothing everyone stand at their doors make a noise like they did for the NHS it has to be done her something has to be done fast there are employed by us to help us not to interest and not treat us like robots people get together and the united United We Stand divided we fall

    • Hi Kay
      It’s a great idea💪.
      but I feel unfortunately it would be truly hard to get Everyone to do something that amazing & challenging.

      I would with you though Kay 💯👍💪

      Take care
      Have a nice evening

      • Done it
        It’s growing every minute
        Written to my MP telling him my views and to speak and vote against this as a constituent

    • I suggested something similar on the comments here last year and got a negative response or more like no response ,however I’ve seen the numbers grow on here rapidly last few months .

  12. To misquote Jean-Claude Van Damme in Hard Target “I think the favour gonna be done for you. Now take your little prick and your handlers and go find a bus to catch”.

  13. these vaccines are of satan. iron does not mingle with clay.
    keep the DNA God gave you. No turning back if you get it

    • True!! We must pray hard everyday, prayers are very powerful.
      I’ve tried to tell my siblings we are in a spiritual war and the evil one’s have the power in this world.

      One of my brothers lives in sheltered accom, he has mental health problems.
      But I know now after finding Jesus it’s a lot more than that!
      I pray for him in his darkest times I can see his suffering. Somehow I came through it when I was down and out about two yrs ago, I had an urging to buy a rosary.

      I was a sinner! Did the usual get drunk, chase girls etc.

      Now I know! If you do not repent you will die in your sin!

      I shrugged it off, but in the back of my mind someone kept telling me, get a rosary.
      So eventually I did searched my hometown for a church with a shop then I eventually stumbled upon one.
      Guess what? The church was called St Mary’s then I started to take notice (coincidence) hmm!

      I had no idea about the rosary or what it entails, so I looked it up wrote down the prayers in order.

      It felt strange at first but when I started to recite the (apostles creed) I started crying like a child.

      My soul knew I was home!! My heart started singing my soul was dancing it hit me like a” hammer”

      I felt this pure love and joy, just running through me, something I’ve never experienced before.
      I knew it was from the holy Mother, I just knew!
      Then my heart burst open and everything I had locked up came flooding out tears of joy and sorrow. Hallelujah!
      The rosary is a powerful weapon against demons, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I know! I experienced it.
      Which lead to “Christ Jesus” I knelt naked at the foot of the cross and put all that I am good and bad on the alter and hid nothing from Jesus!! This happened over the course of 6months or more in that time I learned all the prayers I could wrote them all down compiled together. Studied the bible, understanding the gospels and trying to live for Jesus!

      Then one night it happened I confessed everything to Jesus and asked him to take my sin from me
      I forgive everyone throughout my life who had done me wrong.
      Jesus took me through my life from being child onwards and showed me the things I did even as a child.
      I was like my God!, Jesus loves me! A wretch like me!
      Then something amazing happened I felt my sin come out of my heart (like a piece of string) carried up to heaven.
      Then I went back to being a child again( briefly) laughing and seeing all the things that made me happy as a child. It blew my mind!
      Even to this day! If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone! Just believe!
      God bless all who seek truth!
      Jesus is king!! Hallelujah!!

  14. lets face it we are at war it is a spiritual war for our soul. these scum bags working for dark side i mean dark side. it will go as far as planned by God.
    stand up for truth no matter what:::;;;;; BE READY for anything and everything the devil will hit you with everything BUT THERE IS A GOD THAT IS IN CONTROL.
    watch out for one another help each other through all the hard ships that are coming.
    do not pollute your body with this genetic substance put on whole armour of ( GOD ) WE ARE GOING TO NEED IT ‘@@@@@

    • Sadly I’ve signed these petitions right through all this BS and these fuckers are not taking a blind bit of notice they and the controlled opposition are all on the same side.
      I’ve been saying it for some time now the only way to take back our freedom is by brute force.
      If you think signing a Govt petition is the way out of this your are as nuts as Boris .

      • Just signed another petition Against vaccine passport Discrimination going up every minute 200.000 to August 24.

        I written to my MP telling him my views against these discrimination passports. Which i will never accept.

        Letter 5 come yesterday they won’t take the message.

        Been written on
        Stop writing to me
        Never write to me again
        They will be rip up.

        They want war there go war prepare to fight this tyranny Bojo and his cronies.

  15. He is eugenics psychopat same as his father…vaccine already passed the trial in their eyes Hugo….they dont care,its formality to them….i said in the beginning…i cant see peaceful way for sorting it worldwide…all going to a war and massive conflicts….if anyone thinks there is,please let me know.

  16. I think he looks rough because he’s angry and frustrated that some of us dare to challenge the order. I won’t forget him spitting venom about us “nut jobs” – a term he’s used more than once. I do think he will attack us though, just round us up. I don’t think he’ll kill us in one big firing squad, but I do think we’ll be picked off and vanish bit by bit.

  17. The governments and the msm.. have gone insane….

    The people of this planet is your strength… be honest.. be free.. be pure….

    Evil will never overcome your heart…

  18. I am not saying its Aliens, but its Aliens! think about all the UFO drip feeding stories at the moment! its the Aliens that want all of humanity “jabbed” before they get here! and they are telling Boris and other world leaders what to do! and to hurry up!

  19. This is nothing short of tyranny. But will the British sheep take to the streets. This man has lied from day one

  20. I see most of the world spell bound in a trance queueing up for the jab and openly avoiding protesters and truthers trying to show them how bad the jab is yet I also see people looking at the contents of their shopping reading the labels before they make their choice. What the fek is happening to this world and its inhabitants. I always knew this was another worldly level of psychological warfare but boy this is some heavy ju ju. It looks as if it will take the inevitable collective dark night of the soul with some help from our friends across the pond, before we get our clear vision back. Love and light, respect to the Duck and his Ducklings.

  21. Pray to the Lord God Jesus Christ ask the Lord God Almighty for help. Repent your sins. Spiritual warfare has begun. 🙏

  22. Just look at his evil face, he’s a reptile….just like the rest of the f—ing idiot puppets who are acting like they are running the country..Bo Jo can sod off….We the people are not having this shite anymore….

  23. Not the first U turn or the last U turn,, no one could think more of scumbag Doris and his cabinet of stinking shit filled cups than I do.

    • It used to be “sorry boys no jeans” now it’s “ sorry boys only modified Genes.”🤡

  24. It really does look rather obvious that this is mainly about reducing the global population one way or another, because it’s so illogical what they’re doing otherwise. Maybe an element of it is experimental too, and they are monitoring that by knowing in some way who’s been given what. However, they basically know that these vaccinations are in no way a good thing for the human race. I live in a place called Bearwood in the West Midlands. I just went to the local supermarket on the busy high street and, at a guess, there was about 40% still in masks, and about 16% outside still in masks. This on a scorching hot day.

  25. Yes indeed Doris looks right rough! I really hope he snuffs it really soon! Evil bastard!!!!!!!

  26. There certainly is absolutely NO freedom at my local church. It’s an absolute tragedy what is happening there; no bibles in the pews as they have all been locked away in a cupboard! So now you can’t follow the sermon as the bible reading is also removed from the screen during the sermon! No singing of hymns by the congregation, and very strangely no saying of the liturgy either! They put the words on the screen, but nobody actually said them last Sunday! I watched all this at home live stream, and now feel that it is all so weird that I will give that up too. Absolutely terrible!!!!!!!!!! Right now I feel complete despair about everything, especially knowing that we will be back in full lockdown again by September so the churches in our parish will all be closed down again. Utterly heartbreaking and tragic.

    • When two or more are gathered in my name there I am in their midst. Don’t need a church to be with God . Jesus. Jesus is king , God is on the throne and all will be well, we just have to believe for the mountain to be removed. Fear not little flock …

      • Yes I agree , I have been outside the walls so to speak for years… have not lost my faith it has just got stronger, am used to d=standing against the mainstream… all good training I think for what we will face. I do like reading and listening to Chip Brogden, he too cam out of the institutional religion. I share a link to his site if you want to find out more…. https://www.chipbrogden.com/about/

    • I am so sorry to hear about the state of your church. I too am shocked at the state of the churches in the U.K. There are some awake people here and there, but on the whole the church is asleep and going along with the whole narrative, I am ashamed to say. Christ will have much to say to them on His return, which according to Bible prophecy is soon. Don’t give up on the Lord Jesus, as He warned us that the love of many would go cold in the last days, but He also said that those who endure to the end shall be saved. It is a disgrace that they are obeying man rather than God. There are some churches online. Try Grace Community Church in California (Pastor John MacArthur), great singing, great preaching. Their 10.30 am service is at our 6.30 pm, so it is a good time to catch it online, as they livestream it, and by the way this church won a court battle against their state governor, because of his severe restrictions on the churches during this scamdemic. I think now it is the time for small home groups for Bible studies, prayer, support and encouragement of one another. I pray that if there is such a group in your area that you will find it. LOL.

    • Many have found themselves outside the walls with Christ… the church He is building is made of living building stones that don’t need institutional religion. I like listening to Chip Brogden, he also was a Pastor that came outside the walls and has good podcasts etc. There are other ways of fellow shipping with other believers
      Link here If you would like to find out about —– https://www.chipbrogden.com/about/

  27. Avoid those ghastly PCR and lateral flow tests too!! When I was in hospital last year, a nurse tried to give me one, but I wouldn’t let her! I kept putting my hand to my face to stop her, and she had to give up in the end, and she never tried again!!!!! No PCR tests and no ghastly Serco app either! So many people don’t realise that that ghastly app is not NHS, it is made and run by Serco!!!! Seriously the public really need to give their heads a huge wobble and wake the hell up!!!!!

    • Apps by private security firms eh? No thanks.

  28. Even by Johnson’s own twisted logic, the planned rules for nightclubs etc make no sense: vaccination doesn’t stop transmission, but those lucky enough to get one of the PCR kits which doesn’t go false positive WON’T be allowed in?

  29. I’ve got a really big bad feeling that Bill Gates is pulling Doris’ strings! I bet Doris has Gates on speed dial or WhatsApp. He has admitted that he conducts a lot of his meetings on WhatsApp! I bet Gates is telling Doris to get a move on with the jib jab roll out, and as Doris will do absolutely ANYTHING to make money for himself, he will do whatever Gates orders him to do. Someone is definitely pulling Doris’ strings, that’s for sure! Anyway no jabs for me, no masks or anything!! I’m continuing to rebel, and I’ll never stop!!!!!!!!! Britain fought 2 World Wars to live in COMPLETE freedom and under no circumstances should we be treated as slaves! I will never be a slave of this evil and totally corrupt government!

    • Yes I think you may be right. Maybe Boris is waking up too (who knows). He is a bit of a leaf in the wind that’s for sure. , I am making plans to live a peaceful life away from the trans humanism and everything else they are bringing in. If I can’t go to pubs and hotels I’ll live with it I guess. I’m busy creating my own cafe/bar restaurant in my garden, bistro table, tablecloth etc, lol. I wouldn’t choose this but if I have to go back to pre-internet days, mobiles etc, I’ll be ok.

    • Yes didn’t they have meetings last year which we weren’t privy to! Scumbags !!

  30. I am a man of peace who abhors violence BUT I have zero problem with eliminating the devil and all his accomplices. It is time we accepted their declaration of war and sent these evil bastards to hell.

  31. More than likely just weighing up people’s reactions so when they really decide to go in hard on us, they’ll know exactly how to handle it. It’s also a case of will all countries do it at the same time? Or will it be one or two at a time. A black out of internet and electric would be needed in the latter option. Like, just have it up and running in the countries they were going in hard to communicate to their public, then move on to couple more countries. Whatever it is, it has to happen pretty close together.
    Wish I could have faith that people are waking up, all I’ve seen are odd spurts and then they slip back into their old comfortable world. Having said that, I’m equally sure that there are more people wide awake like us than we give credit for. And this is why media don’t mention a lot or we’d all have a better idea of the amount on our side.

  32. Thank you Hugo.

    Won’t be having it .
    Won’t be testing.
    Won’t be having any app.

    Boris & the rest of these Loonies can kiss.. were the sun no shine!
    They are full of Shite & ALWAYS have been!!

    Thank you again Hugo
    And have a great afternoon to All 💪🦋

  33. I think we should now consider taking a leaf out of the government’s agenda and not engage with anything they say or want us to do. Just live our lives as normally as is possible. Ignore them. We must determine our own lives, as to allow a corrupt government to make the rules will lead to a loss of freedom and free association forever. Governments around the world are wanting to rule in mimicry of China, as if China has a hold over them. Where is James Bond when you need him most?

  34. This is nothing more than a policy of segregating and economically politically oppressing the populace of England.

  35. Thanks Hogo, they are all traitors and should all be on trial for Treason and Hung or shot not according to the Law 🙂

    • Hanging or shooting is too good for these elitist scum

      …upon conviction how about 2 jabs of their own medicine plus a cocktail of Midazolam & Morphine?

      They need to suffer and squirm like the sewer rats they truly are (apologies to all genuine Rattus norvegicus)

      • Do unto them as they would do unto us!

      • Hi 👋
        Don’t apologise 💪

        They have treated Us all like idiots for far to long it’s no wonder people feel so ‘sore’

        We have ever right to feel what we want to , & say what we want to

        Take care
        Thank you

  36. They are rushing to get more to take the jab.But more people are wakening up.These psychos are starting to fear and worry like us. Resist all you can and they will have to back down.

    • Then least we forget we demand justice and retribution for their crimes against humanity.

  37. And I quote from Hugo “This is the most lethal of vaccines in vaccine history “ I don’t need to add to that ,well said sir , bravo

    • Yes mate fuck there passports illegal raves will return.👍

    • Perhaps calling raves ‘illegal’ is playing into the hands of the legal system. ‘Lawful Raves’ seems a better way to go…

  38. They are now obviously trying to CONfuse the general retard and us. As Hugo says never trust a word they say or do… keep on waking more up especially the police and shop floor supermarket staff…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  39. Theyll go in hard, judge reaction, back off like frenchie just big malls ohhh yeah that’s fine, then ramp it back up again later.

    6 months and it’ll either be can’t leave your house or jabbed are all dead and peace and a nice clean world for us 🙂

    Shit doesn’t stick to me so stick with me and all will be fine, go against and your doomed!

  40. Do not confuse u-turns with lies.
    A real u-turn is a change in thought. A u-turn in words is a LIE.
    The thought behind all this seems to have been the same all along.

  41. Puppet looks rough. Not exactly a picture of health….


      • I totally agree with you. Well said!

      • Although there’s probably only 2% of them if you include the police and military, the other 98% would probably be divided into:
        95% SHEEP
        3% AWAKE
        … meaning we’ve got sheep like them to fight against as well in trying to remove them, meaning we’d be heavily outnumbered.

      • Yes, I bet there are thousands out there who agree with you Peter.

      • The truth is there aren’t many people who are actually either willing or able to “Remove” these so called tyrants from power.

        How do you think it could be done?

        When do you think it’s possible to be accomplished by?

        Where would they go if they were removed, and replaced by whom / what?

        What would the result be?

    • Interesting. If you do something wrong, it eats at you and your health – unless you are a psychopath. Looking rough indicates that Boris has a conscience (although grossly outweighed with ego and narcissism). Look at Hancock, Whitty, Valance and many SAGE members. There you see no empathy – only coldness.
      So, although a puppet (a quockerwodger – look that up!), Boris may be a weak link that we can use.

      • I agree with your comment. I see Dom Cummings is saying Boris never wanted to lockdown etc.. I do wonder who is leaning on Boris,

    • All prime minister’s, president’s look rough after a couple of years. I don’t think it’s so much as pressure being put on them as let’s say, other certain activities they get up to after theyve joined that particular club.

    • He look like crap,serves him tight. I heard they ran out of tests.

    • The clone is probably starting to break down. It certainly wasn’t the real Johnson on TV yesterday, that’s if the real Johnson is still actually alive, something I doubt. We know from basic observation that at least two Johnson clones have been doing the rounds for over the last year.

      • Finally someones said it! I’ve been keeping this in for months! You’re spot on. The REAL Boris has been dead for a good while. But I wouldn’t say he’s a clone (in my opinion), his face has been CGI’d onto a double. Look at all videos on The Guardian of Boris and Hancock (especially over the last month or two), the backgrounds are green screen and their heads are completely off and don’t look right. That for me, if you know what’s going on, is a dead giveaway.

        All will come out in time… maybe sooner!

        Everything is a Hollywood production at this point in time. All the technology wasn’t for Hollywood or for the benefit of us… It was for this…. The Great Deception!

  42. In those heretical Satanic Verses, Salmon Rushdie wrote: What kind of idea are you? Are you the kind that compromises, does deals, accommodates itself to society, aims to find a niche, to survive; or are you the cussed, bloody-minded, ramrod-backed type of damn-fool notion that would rather break than sway with the breeze? – The kind that will almost certainly, ninety-nine times out of hundred, be smashed to bits; but, the hundredth time, will change the world.”

    • Governments only concern should be how we pay our taxes and that’s it.

      • Taxes are a fraud and the government is a registered corporation….so if you are content to continue to pay a bill twice to a corporate entity that tricked 98% of us that they are legitimate then…slavery will remain..

      • I’ll revise that: A legitimate government only concern should be a fair distribution of how we pay our taxes and that’s it.

      • Journalists have been replaced with activists, so no MSM is holding the tyrannical government to account or speaking the truth.

    • I thought Boris is looking rough… I hope he dies…. With stress… Pure evil what he’s doing pure evil

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