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  1. Does anyone know ow what happened to Andy c ,he used to comment regular but has disappeared for some reason ?

    • Yes” Tommy1471 I remember Andy c, he was always making good comments, it’s possible he may have been cut off from receiving notifications from other commenters such as ourselves “ This happened to me and for the last 3 weeks I was cut from receiving notifications from other people and I couldn’t see what others were saying, effectively keeping me out of the Conversation/topic at hand “ WordPress wouldn’t ask me to confirm my account, I got the notifications restored after trying many times and I even contacted Hugo himself and changed emails, just to have my original restored “ I’m getting all notifications now, but I still can’t Like 👍 “ what others say, when I do it goes to a Blank WordPress page “ Sadly I believe WordPress is a part of the onslaught of this world wide censorship that’s now happening “

      • Yeah , but it’s literally been ages since he was on here,not a peep.As for the censorship yeah course, I dont trust nobody.

    • I said this the other week Tommy i know you reply to me.

      Hope his alright or there come after him with his excellent comments ?

      • Yeah Darren I remember ,I was just putting it out there again ,all very strange as he was part of the furniture on here ,a bit like one of the founder members .
        I remember when I 1st came on here ages ago there would only be a handful of comments different video but same people.
        Now the numbers have grown and grown which is a very encouraging sign I would like to think I have woken a few up along the way.
        Speaking of which ,I commute to work on the train all week and I always play Hugos videos full blast. I cherry pick the ones the sheep have a chance of understanding.!
        I get a few funny looks but dont give a shit ,maybe it’s something others can take on board ,simple but I hope effective.

      • South Africa is in agreement with the UN to create the first two SMART CITIES. Down with Macron, Boris and Ramaphoza.

  2. Sadly the information about Macron’s ‘U-turn’ is completely wrong. All that he has done in fact is to remove shopping malls off the list where the ‘health pass’ is to be required . This is because it was argued ‘essential’ supermarkets and pharmacies are often contained within those shopping centres. France ,like ourselves in the U.K. and elsewhere have a massive fight on our hands .

    • I just came on here to make the same point. The French u-turn was a very small one.
      All the same places will still require a vaccine passport from 1st August – bars, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, etc – they just removed shopping centres under 20.000 sqm from the requirement list. As “sidlittle” says, these centres often contain essential stores.
      For those of us living in France who choose to remain unvaccinated, life is about to get much smaller. As sidlittle says, we have a big fight on our hands.

  3. If there was a real lethal human to human transmissable “virus” then all these unmasked marches should have statistically killed everyone.

  4. In my neck of the woods the indoctrinated, unthinking, chicken livered zombies are still masking up their scared visages. I’ll bet the government ‘Psy Ops’ goons can’t believe their good luck at how naive and brain washed these frightened clowns are. On a different tack, does anyone in the tribe know how the ‘Kochs Postulate'(I hope I’ve got the spelling right) fits into the scheme of things?

    • The postulates apply to bacteria but viruses have never fitted.No virus has ever been isolated.See Dr Stefan Lanka.
      We were fooled for years.

  5. Thanks for all your hard work hugo mate….me and my mum follow u daily plus 5 of my mates in the last month too following you….

    Hope you all saw fauchi in the US today getting called out for lying….the bat virus wouldnt have transferred to humans if they had spike gene two viruses together….

  6. Why are you or anyone believing these fuckin wasters. It won’t involve them, they will go wherever when ever they want regardless of Jabs the jabs they have NOT had. LIES LIES LIES BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT …….. What’s the point of people going on about over throwing governments this is just useless spouting off it will not happen so lets come up with something worth while I mean there’s 68 million of us …..
    You get the Jab you take the consequences….. there’s enough people warning you about it…

    • The one word that used to frighten these people was Revolution but that was many years ago.You cannot fight against an army of Billionaires who have bought and paid for the political animals who we supposedly elected who control the police,the T.V the newspapers,the army the NHS.WITH JOBSWORTH DOCTORS all willing to do their bidding against us ,THE HUMBLE PEASANT.The only weapon we have is the ability to say NO to their jabs TELLEMBOLOX.

  7. Love what you do, we need the unity of ALL people. This is not the top or bottom of it, what is in the pipeline, and has been for a very long time, is beyond anything which most people can imagine. We need to be strong mentally, spiritually and physically. And cautious of the many many different campaigns of which this is only one, we are being divided too in preparation for a far bigger operation.

  8. I believe the Nazis did the same thing with the Jews before they herded them into trains. Say one thing then change it the next day. Do the same the next day ad infinitum 🤦‍♀️

    Keep the people off guard by telling different versions of “the law” day after day.

    It’s absolutely DISGRACEFUL what the British Government is doing to their people 🤬

  9. I wonder if Boris has had a call from Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates to tell him to stick to the Davos agenda.

  10. I think there cannot be so many tyrants doing the same thing at the same time. Tyrants use to do things on their own not in sync with other tyrants.
    I think there is proper tyrant behind them and it’s not even Klaus Schwab.
    It’s a conspiracy.

    • Too many vested interests and virtue signlaers also on board.
      If you think this is a conspiracy with all the evidence of the last 18 months you must be an imbecile

  11. It doesn’t matter what Doris Johnson says from day to day, the plan is to keep us locked in our homes forever, going nowhere without proving we’ve been double pricked or our trip out is necessary, anything he says that strays from the plan is bollox & best discounted, not ignored though we still need to hear them say what their plans are so we can FIGHT BACK!

  12. here’s why it’s bollocks… Johnson the prick has apparently had both jibber jabbers so why the fuck is he self isolating? I’ve seen four videos of that cunt getting the jibber jabber on different dates so he’s had more prices In him than than a pin cushion.
    so are they saying get two jibber jabbers but a new variant might kill you? fuck off we all know it’s an agenda … Time to man up and protect your young. a lion will kill to protect its cubs.

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