KEEP YOUR KIDS CLOSE! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • They are following Bill Gates Eugenisist wants Depopulation. He didnt make any secret if it. The Rockerfellas did the same with the Spanish Flu and Dr Frederick Gates. William Gates Snr was friends of the Rockerfella”s. Bill Gates is just following on. Obviously with with Boris and his Father Stanley all Eugenics Belief people.

  1. In the school where I live there are 24 kids out of the whole year left in school as all the other kids dipped their tests in orange juice so the tests said they had cvid 🤣 go figure.
    Just like the Tanzanian President did a Goat and Papaya fruit.

  2. Absolutely heartbreaking to see those wee kids dressed like that. What hell are we allowing for the kids? There are going to be millions of kids with severe mental health issues, paranoia, anxiety, and OCD going forward…

    • All part of the plan.
      Messed up kids become messed up adults

  3. Home schooling is the future, this so called Government cannot be trusted.

    • We took our 6 year old son out of school to home educate him after he was being bullied by what we assumed was other kids. The school head denied any problems existed and refused to help. After he had been out of school for about 6 months he started opening up about what was happening in the school on a day to day basis, like teachers physically and verbally abusing him, and some of the other stuff the kids were being taught you wouldn’t believe! Young children are very suggestible and innocent. They are being taught things that do not line up with your values and beliefs as parents. This is deliberately designed to make your kids develop and grow away from you and treat everything you say as a lie. Take your kids out NOW if you can and create a HS community. That’s what we did. Message me if you want to know how to practically do this legally, and if you need any support.

  4. This is so sad to watch these poor little children what is going threw there little minds people who allow this to happen to children are sick sick people we all have to do more to stop this fight back with all you have got we have to people power

    • It is sad seeing this, couple of years ago we would be laughing, but this serious and not funny. now coming to this country.
      Parents what you need to take back control and attack these B****** at all needs.

      • Part of the problem is so many people here over the decades have been so busy pointing their finger at other countries that they failed to look at their own. I’ve always tried to follow the principal of always look in your own window first before looking in other peoples and commenting about others. The same applies to countries.

  5. Vietnam has had 334 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Almost 100 million population. Overreaction much?

  6. This gets worse by the day, those pictures where like something from a bad sci-fi movie! I think protests and other civil disobedience needs to be ramped up, as you suggested in an earlier video things such as a national strike, people obviously must refuse vaccine passports and most importantly I think the court cases being prepared for presentation to the courts need to be fast tracked and brought before the relevant courts asap as I think at this point it’s clear that we are running out of time and need to stop this now.

  7. Hugo, really appreciate all the effort! Greetings from Mart from the Netherlands

  8. This tactic was designed to encourage parents to home school their children thus making it easier to bring in remote schooling by AI, sack all the staff and sell the buildings and land. Lovely jubbly.

  9. The images are very sad 😞
    Only Sick people do that to children!
    Those children must be absolutely petrified in many different ways..
    It’s Awful 😞

    And as u say Hugo.. it’s scary stuff 😞

    Thank you

  10. Get ready they are going to hit the Internet it’s their arch enemy right now. Once they achieve this we won’t know anything that is going on be prepared to defend yourselves.

    • It does feel like that, time is definitely running short. September, October is looking more likely for when it could really kick off. Up to now its been like we’re the mice the fat cats have been playing with.

  11. When they have killed off all the parents and older children with the injections they will take the young kids into “Care” they will server the needs off the new society as slaves and sex objects and breeding programs to service the needs and desires of mega rich pervert classes .

  12. Poor children, Vietnam were one of the last countries to comply to WHO advice, now looks like they’re going at it with a vengeance.
    Our recently extended convid regulations did say somewhere that children could be removed without parental consent. I can’t remember exactly what part of the regulations it was mentioned as I’m casting my mind back over a year when I first read them all. It stated along the lines of a responsible adult had to be present like a teacher, nurse, social worker. Yes, keep your children close are wise words.

  13. Again, this is conditioning the parents into parting with their kids…..whats the bet , many kids are not returned, the Pedo elites need a steady stream of children to feed their blood lust of Andrenachrome and young meat, what better place to start this, than in underdeveloped countries…..the trafficking routes are now well established, they just need the product….absolutely correct……keep your kids close, we are now at war, it will be on our back step tomorrow , god forbid!!….another good video Hugo keep up the good work, respect..

  14. Seeing these little people Donned in this “Stupid getup “ breaks my heart “ What a sick mentality dressing them up in this “Garb”
    Like a foolish Poker player, their overplaying their hand worldwide right now “they must be getting worried people are coming out of their slumber “

  15. I imagine forced vaccinations of all under 18s will be brought in before the end of the year. The current crop of 18-30 year olds are falling for the government propaganda, so they’ll be first to have their lives shut down. No nightclubs, no football matches, no music gigs, no festivals, no access to state benefits. Once the under 18s see what their live will be like, they can either have the death vaccine or hang themselves. Both options are suicide.

    • You got the Benefits bit right. Dictatorship looms and Genocide.

  16. I paused on that article. It said the youngest is 15 months and the oldest 5 years!!!!! Not ages between 5 and 15. How are so many still asleep?

  17. Hugo, thanks as always!

    There may be a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon with self isolation and using it as an excuse to take kids out of school a bit early.
    Mainly to save money on holiday costs, everyone knows that rates double once the schools break up.

  18. This is just heartbreaking seeing these poor little children being kept away from their parents. They must be so frightened. How can this be allowed to happen.
    Maybe parents here can draw up some kind of paperwork and get the school heads to sign it in some kind of agreement that your child cannot be kept away from you without your consent. I don’t know if this is possible but something needs to be done.

    Thank you Hugo, without you we would not know what is going on in the world.

  19. The people of the world must topple their governments. And we need to grab Claus schwab and bill gates and co. We must make all these bastards swing from a noose!

  20. The kids are using orange juice to make the tests positive so they can go home
    Not daft them kids

  21. So now they’re trying to pass a new bill to change the Official Secrets Act. This means if a journalist prints anything that the government doesn’t like they can be imprisoned for up to 14yrs. No doubt the same will soon apply to anyone if they talk about something that they discovered a minister is doing. It’s being classed as spying.

  22. Hugo you have to focus on the people behind it, not on Boris, Macron, Biden or whoever They including Fauci and Whitty are disposable.
    If they are tyrants they cannot be puppets at the same time.

  23. I’m not sure if you realized, but the article said the children were between 15 MONTHS old and 5 years….😱😱😱…it’s madness!!

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