EX Policeman Mark Sexton Speech LONDON PROTEST July 19th 2021 #Freedom Day


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  1. Yes we know their game..rise up people don’t back down now..we are AWAKENING all over the world..wont be long before we can put these EVIL BASTARDS to death..POWER TO THE PEOPLE

      • Cheers Hugo fella

        All I want say is why has it taken him so long… to speak up.
        We ,,, all around the world, have been under unbearable Tyranny for 15,16 months now…

        Just feel he could been more outspoken Long time ago.
        But that’s my personal opinion so thank you.

        Have nice evening to All 🦋

      • Janie, Mark Sexton has been into more than one police station with loads of evidence reporting what has been going on as a crime. Videos are around of him doing this which normally take at least half an hour as he takes police through his evidence. He’s also served notice on different hospitals.

      • Right o 🙏💪💪
        Thank you for helping clear that up for me.
        I really appreciate it.

        Shows I don’t keep up with much anymore 😳✌️👍😊
        Thank you
        Have nice evening

      • I hope you receive my reply?

        I emailed Hugo to tell him my posts not showing?
        Also I unable to like ? It keeps logging me off Hugo s site?

        Hopefully you got reply though?
        Thank you 😊

      • Got your reply Janie, I also keep being logged out, having to enter details to WordPress again.
        You also have a great evening.

      • Nice one for that 💪

        Take care

      • Lol 😂
        Just seen it is!
        Age concern for me lol 😂

      • People of the United Kingdom are actually waking up to the truth now thank thankyou to David Clews and Mark Sexton for speaking up about the vaccine and the codvi test god bless these people

    • The lady that also did a speech was sadly wacky, she said nanobots are in the injections, this is pure conjecture, to get something so small its invisible to the human eye in a vaccination fluid is science fiction, its sad we have very serious messages polluted by wacky unproven theories, it sours the entire event.

      • Nanobots are in vaccines.they create a delayed illness. Which will be covid 21. Only vacced people will die

    • Indeed. It is so wonderful to hear like minded people whom are awake to the deception that has been perpetrated. We are to say no, to any more vaccines, no to control of our liberties and freedoms. We need to lobby our M.P’s on mass against the vacinating of our children which is wholly unnecessary and unlawful. This is genocide on a grand scale. It is high time the perpertrators are held to account. Prison sentences for our leaders in government. Karl Swabb, Bill Gates, Fauci, all whom are implicit in so called high circles around the world. I pray for God’s powerful intercession to save us, the human race from extinction. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  2. “Vaccine” never heard of it,, where is this “Vaccine”?

      • Thank God. This man is a hero. God bless him and his family.

  3. He said COVID didn’t exist and then said vitamin c etc can cure it ie COVID. Is that not a contradiction? He should clear that point up MSM will be all over it

    • He said coronavirus not covid. Two different things

      • I agree that’s true but the problem is that the people who he’s trying to reach possibly don’t know that so he would have done better to have explained it.

      • In the context of his speech it will be taken to mean the same thing, you know how these things are twisted out of context

      • Coronaviruses do exist. The common cold is one such coronavirus. Covid 19 however, that is a man made, patented virus created in a lab. Big difference.

      • It makes me fume when the media use the term coronavirus. I feel like shouting which one? I Googled definition of Coronavirus way back last year and it basically said a family of viruses. The way the media go on its as though Coronavirus is THE virus. Coronavirus is the number 1 word on my list of irritating overused pandemic words/phrase’s/slogan. Stay safe is number 2.

    • I think the point is that “covid symptoms” (whatever people have ultimately had because it could be any respiratory disease) respond very well to the list of treatments he listed

    • Sara cov 2 Virus never been proven to exist . However A disease called covid can be treated . But it is likely to be just another respiratory illness but it has been patented … why patent it ? Because it is bio engineered? Now being delivered by vaccines . So we now have a disease called covid .. spreading in variants CIA a bio engineered patented spike protein … patented because any cou try wanting to use it to make its own jab has to pay .. who owns the patent ? Bill Gates owns the patent.. look it up !

    • I thought exactly the same Garry, he does good work but to anyone who doesn’t share our beliefs it came across as a direct contradiction.
      Also he didn’t mention that the test was never intended to be a diagnostic tool.

      • Kerry mullis … the creator and inventor of the PCR test for research at 25 heat cycles conveniently died in August 2019 …
        We are now amplified dead rna microscopic tissue to 45 cycles ..this does not make MORE rna fragments …it merely amplifys to make it more visible …not infection related at all.
        This is a global scam aimed at controlling people ..like hypnosis ..to get back in your box when you are signalled to do so.

    • I think what he means is the Covid-19, proclaimed to potentially kill us, came about end of 2019/beginning of 2020 when in fact, as we know, Coronavirus has been with us for many years and no doubt responds really well with the remedies he pointed out, including 100% efficacy with a Vitamin C jab. You’re right though it sounded contradictory.

    • He said Sars cov 2 had not been proven and the treatments he mentioned were successful in treating coronavirus, ie: a common cold…

    • He said CORONAVIRUS. A type of ‘flu’, which is what everyone who was sick had symptoms of. We all have many types of corona within us. They are actually crucial in REMOVING toxins from the body. COVID19 is their non existent ‘virus’. Peoples general ignorance with regard to ‘flu’ is why they were able to convince millions that they were in danger.

      • Yes. COVID/COVID-19 in all caps is not English. Its fiction or a corporate logo.So as a viral disease its non existent. They are telling anyone who understands grammar its a hoax/scam.

      • Yes.. it’s is a scam and still far to many people still believe in this insanity!
        It’s a financial & power war I personally feel or
        Depopulation , we could call it all kind of things but one thing for sure mark it’s a scam! I totally agree

        Thank you

        Take care

    • When he says vitamin C can help, what he means is that it can help with the prognosis of what used to be called Influenza but has now simply been renamed Covid. Look at WHO Flu figures since March 2020…gone down to ZERO.
      So, has it been cured or re-named?

      • I don’t think vitamin C helps much with COVID, its vitamin D3 or sunlight that makes a difference in reducing hospitalisation. Neither will prevent you from getting the virus, but then again the vaccines won’t either! Remember to take enough vitamin D though, the NHS recommended daily amount at 800 micrograms won’t do anything. 2000 – 4000 a day is better.

    • MSM should be all over COVID in all caps in legislation or the propaganda they spread. COVID in all caps is not English. Its fiction or a corporate logo. According to Chicago or Oxford Manuals of styles.

    • Exactly. First he denied the existence of covid and then he acknowledges it’s existence? The truth is that covid doesn’t exist but many in the alternative media push the agenda of “ covid survival rate” or Ivermectin because they are Controlled Opposition. I don’t know if this man could be trusted. If a protest against the government is allowed in central London and outside the parliament is because the government is controlling it.

    • Cure the flu
      What he means is if its not been isolated how can you test for it?
      The tests are false positives.

    • He said you could not purify and isolate it, therefore you could not rightly test and detect it. Or words to that effect.

    • Garry , I think he said the virus has not been isolated , scientific talk for decoding and identifying the virus . Clearly something makes people ill and The brilliant drug Ivermectin , plus others can cure almost everyone , corruption and greed keep these drugs away from sick people and that’s wrong .

      • Yes Steven, flu vaccines make people ill. I remember clearly years when flu wasn’t a seasonal thing until they brought in the yearly flu vaccines. The more people lined up for their flu vax, the more people died from flu yearly. Convid is flu created by man.
        Before anyone brings up 1918 flu. It didn’t start until a new vax was created part way through the war.

    • Your right I noticed that comment. But he is right about the rest. Its a con to jab the whole world.

    • It’s a very good point, I think perhaps it’s effective in against most flu cases, as I believe this is the flu which of course kills people 🤷‍♂️

    • The statement is not invalid, what he said was covid19 has never been proved to exist, what does exist is a common cold virus that the government has named covid19 and it has been long proved that ivermectin has helped people overcome a common cold since it was approved by the WHO in 1968, but it and other medications have been removed from the markets simply to force people to take this untested mRNA.

  4. You carnt go round saying covid doesn’t exist. You will look so stupid. I thought the goal was to try and educate the people on what is good and bad. Yes I have heard the PCR Cycle is wrong. So educate and use reference. But I heard any cycle over 24 makes it false. So again the facts from what I have heard don’t completely add up. This will brand you and a conspiracy theorist. I agree with what most say. But you cannot start liking stupid or you will completely be ignored.

    • Saying that they haven’t been able to isolate it doesn’t in my estimation suggest there’s a possibility the thing exist, but to some they may infer that it it does.

      • True enough. I just wish the crowds would hush while someone is speaking, the chanting alone could make him lose his train of thought and not say a hundred percent what he meant.

    • The point is even if it DID exist there would be no need for a vaccine. But I agree he should’ve worded this speech way better – especially on such a pivotal day.

    • YOU need to listen to the late Kary Mullis video AND you need to look up Mike Yeadon,Dr Vernon Coleman ,Judy Mikovits(she is a virologist with many years experience) et el..YOU are uneducated

    • Convid has never met Kochs or Rivers Postulates to be classed as an infectious agent. That means its never been isolated. As Sexton said. PCR test is not a diagnostic tool as its creator has said.

  5. Hugo did u see the police take off there masks in the protest on tyrant finder uk

  6. Hugo my neighbour who has been doubly vaccinated, felt unwell last week, took 5 negative tests, on Thursday a positive, on Saturday a negative.

    Absolutely bonkers mate

    • yeah same here my next door neighbour tested positive in one nostril and negative in the other nostril its absolutely bonkers 😉

    • Because the jab destroy your immune system/fucks youR red blood cells, HENCE the clots..I have watched videos about this..WATCH THEM FFS

    • Lol 😂 it is All bonkers lol..
      I try avoiding my neighbours, not because any issues I always fitted in lol , it’s only I know most them will be jabbed & I don’t like getting into the (‘have you,s’) conversations any more it’s to overwhelming because they only then think I some nut so I stick to myself say hi ect.

      I don’t have the ap or any Bluetooth on anymore & leave my phone in doors now as bought little cheep basic phone

      Thank you for your comment

      Take care

      • Hi Janie 😊
        I always enjoy your comments 👍

        I agree with you; it is preferable to give certain people a wide berth due to their mindset and willful ignorance.
        There is a local man in my neighborhood who openly stated, in a conversation three months ago, that if his “unvaccinated” brother visits their “vaxx’d” father, he will retaliate by essentially “beating him up”. I consider this man to actually be dangerous as his attitude also reveals that he espouses a “snitch” mentality.

        We are on the right side of history.
        The truth can only be suppressed for a finite period of time.

        We must keep being true to ourselves, and keep standing up for our natural rights.

      • Hi Lisa thank you for a lovely comment 🙏💯

        People like the man mentioned are in all our communities unfortunately 🥴 it’s as you say.. we must come together not stab each other in our backs that’s what Bojo 🤡& his merry men & women want! The Twats!! 🤪🤣👍

        Thank you again for your comment.

        I wish you a happy & great day Lisa
        Take care 💪

      • Best idea to avoid the very awkwardness of the conversations because they all think we are bonkers

      • Exactly 👍🤦‍♀️😂

        I Really can’t be bothered with people who believe lies & bull crap you know 👍
        I know I am not nuts… but trying to reason with people who clearly enjoy being brainwashed is another thing!😂🤦‍♀️😂

        Have good day take care

  7. I sent Mark’s evidence to the chief constable of Warwickshire and to the police and crime commissioner of Warwickshire, they both replied refusing to investigate the matter.
    I also sent his allegations and evidence to her majesty’s chief inspector of constabulary who didn’t even bother to reply.

    On Friday I demanded of the metropolitan police commissioner that she take immediate action to halt the use of the experimental “vaccines” since the existence of other safe and effective treatments for “Covid 19” make their use illegal because it breaches the “emergency use only” certification which they have received. She has failed to reply.

    The UK police are in breach of their oath and of their duty to the public and their authority is therefore forfeit.

    • Don’t the police like army, air force and navy pledge their allegiance to the monarch, her family and her majesty’s government. The forces are not there for us and I think police are the same, could be wrong.

      • You’re not wrong. Taking this crime against humanity to the complicit, treacherous and treasonous police is ridiculous and only reinforces the belief held by propagandized, brainwashed and gleefully obedient muzzled zombies, that we’re all ‘covidiots’, ‘covid-deniers’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ etc.. Only makes us look more foolish than what they already (wrongly) believe we are. They’re all hopelessly TV programmed. All brain dead sheep, indoctrinated into UN approved group think. Helplessly Brainwashed. No hope for them.

        The solution to ending this state of absolute top-down control and tyranny lies with us: the oppressed and subjugated lower and middle class society:
        Everyone, and I mean everyone, especially the sleepwalking collaborating muzzled morons, URGENTLY need to WAKE UP, GROW A SPINE, STOP KOWTOWING to them and STAND UP for our God-given freedom and human rights, by partaking in en mass civil disobedience.
        DO NOT COMPLY with any and all of their dehumanizing mandates and diktats, which they had no right, legal, moral or otherwise, to impose..

        FORGET the complicit, treasonous ‘police’ they’re all part of the same humanity loathing, soulless masonic cabal who control their masters in all of the world’s treasonous UN member nation’s governments. They laugh at us and laugh even louder at those poor delusional folk who still naively think they’re on our side, like our good friend Mr Sexton does.

  8. Daily Fail has as expected labelled this as Antivaxxers and Conspiracy Theorists throw bottles as police

    • The labels “antivaxxer” and “conspiracy theorist” are becoming more and more in tatters as the number of deaths and injured increase each day.
      This global, genocidal fraud will not be able to be propped up much longer.

  9. People are waking up finally, sadly massive numbers have taken the jab and most either won’t make it to 2025 or they’ll be infertile.

    12months back I was alone on facebook calling out the hoax, these days the believers are alone 🙂

    For all those that took the jab Baaaaaaa Baaaaaaa OFF!

    • I know people have given me shit for my views ,well they ain’t laughing now ,tbh at this point if I’d been so fucking thick.to put an experimental drug inside me for no fuckin reason whatsoever, I would be too embarrassed to show my face in public again

    • I have zero sympathy .. Tried for nearly two years to warn folk..Yet they called me a tin foil hatter.1 I can n take my tin foil hat off,but they cannot take the spike protein from their veins!

      • Or the masks off by the looks of it FFS LMAO at these fools .

  10. I think he got it wrong saying the virus hasn’t been isolated. People have said it has. Unless they are wrong.

    • They haven’t…all the ‘vaccines’ are based on a computer synthesis – the info is out there and probably videos by scientists on brandnewtube. I saw one last year where a scientist had got a letter from the Oxford group stating this…sorry I can’t be more help with links…

    • Not isolated. People saying things doesn’t prove them.

    • My belief is that it has not been isolated. How ever there is a patent of it listed.

    • If it was isolated there would be a scientists name associated with having done so, waiting for a prize. Convid has not met Kochs or Rivers Postulates to be classed as an infectious agent.

    • It has not been isolated.
      Hence the testing is fake and discredited

    • Alledegly a part of a small sequence of it was sequenced, not the whole sequence.

    • I’m not sure whether it has or hasn’t tbh. But NOBODY – it would appear – has presented a fully covered paper/study to prove that it has. Hence the continuous assertions that it hasn’t. If it has, wouldn’t presenting it clear this up once and for all? Very frustrating!

  11. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently (I think a lot, but I’ve been thinking even more) and one of the things that struck me was – how do we know anything is a fact? Sheep farm did a podcast the other day where they said “how do you know the earth is round and not flat or something else?” – and the honest answer is I don’t.

    I’ve been taught since a child that it’s round, and we all laugh at flat earthers, but how do we know, can we verify it for ourselves? It’s just like kids who are indoctrinated into religion at a young age, if they know nothing else and have no way to verify, then religion A is good, everyone else deserves to die. How can you counter that?

    Anyway, I don’t know what to believe any more regarding the virus, etc, or if virsues even exist. I know that sounds mad but science can change in fundamental ways very quickly.

    When I started training in electrical and electronic engineering an elderly relative of my dads gave me a book he got in the navy, you’re only talking 30’s or 40’s, and I couldn’t make head or tail of what it was talking about, so took it to work and showed it to a guy who’d been in the signals. Ah yes he said, that’s talking about the ether – that’s what we used to be told is how electric and electromagnetics work.

    Then suddenly in the later 40’s they decided to drop that, basically turning the whole field on it’s head and explain it all in a different way. The issue is that using the (supposedly faulty (I don’t know which is right)) method of “the ether” everything electrical that had ever been invented was designed with that in mind, the maths, and everything.

    So do viruses even exist? I’ve just ordered a book that is co-authored by the lady in the video I’m linking to. I’m not saying I believe what they say, but I want to read the evidence and then think and decide for myself. Their assertion is that big pharma are propogating a myth to boost profits, which wouldn’t surprise me: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/mP1EGcpnZQlcnwv&cl=648621

    How can that be you say? Academics would spill the beans. Well, no, they wouldn’t. I know a professor of economics who wrote her paper on Douglas Social Credit. She’d never heard of it, but it was the idea that machines should make human life more enjoyable, not more miserable because it takes their jobs.

    Before WW2 it so was a massive movement, it sounds mad today, but there was a national magazine, newspapers, and huge social groups who met and went on walks, grew allotments, etc. After ww2 people just wanted to get on with living, and…

    …it was labelled as anti-semetic. How can an economic theory be anti-semetic? But any academic who writes about it, teaches it, promotes it, basically mentions it – funding cut off, blackballed, and out of a job – permanently. To me this is where science and academia is going wrong – it’s no longer a seat of learning and research, it’s a seat of do what the big money guys tell you so they can make even more money.

    Sorry for rambling.

    • Objective reality, and your senses inform us the earth is a stationary plane, water dose not bend , oh and a helium ballon is a anti gravity device🤫Drop a ball in your living room it falls to the ground now fill the same room up with water and that very same ball is forced up to your ceiling.Research Flatearth

    • A lot of what you write resonates with me. It does seem like everything is down to the way we look at a situation – perspective is everything. History is always written by the winners and then the future generations are indoctrinated into that dogma. I’ve found the last 18 months incredibly dispiriting, but I’ve well and truly had my eyes opened as to how the world is run and by whom. I’ve learnt a lot of things, most of which I’d be happier not knowing probably, and lost many friends. However, if we’re here just to experience and learn, then I guess it doesn’t really matter in the cosmic scale of things. It just annoys me that honour, integrity and truth don’t seem to matter anymore. Any old codswallop can be peddled and consumed by the unquestioning herd, who drag everyone else along in their slipstream. Nothing much has changed from day dot, I suppose, in the way man conspires and seeks power and significance. From Roman times the phrase ‘Control the mob and you control the senate’ sums things up, plus ‘Bread and circuses’ ie furlough, netflix and computer game like football matches in our times.

    • Yes Big Pharma pays people on WHO, SAGE, Fauci, Blair, Institutions and Universities to name a few.

      Check out UK Column for further details.

    • Guaranteed, it can easily be labelled whatever someone wants it to be.
      If that person wants a certain message out there and they have enough money and media control.
      Look into some of Dr Sam Bailey’s videos on isolation.
      Why would she and the team of non funded specialists put their reputations on the line?

      If they challenging the government experts, it would be simple for them to prove the people questioning wrong by providing the evidence.

      Why haven’t they done it yet? They’ve had long enough to do so.

      There is a huge amount of money that big pharma will throw at experts to get a certain outcome.

      I’ve seen a few comments on here in conflict?? Sitting on the fence etc.
      Where is the clear evidence (to prove Convid actually exists) that any person could clearly understand.

      If a person is scared enough to get tested then they will believe whatever the BBC is telling them about numbers and deaths.

      My theory is that most people will believe doctors when they put down covid as the main cause even if it was clearly other issues that actually killed a family member. It’s only when someone with half a brain challenges it and gets the truth stated on the death certs.

      Otherwise they are just added to the over inflated numbers to scare everyone to jet the jab which is not guaranteed to stop you getting or transmitting a cold or flu.
      So what’s the point of getting it??

      And more to the point… We all know that there are documented lethal side effects.
      Surely that alone provides enough clarity for most?

      • Sadly the brain washing is powerful and most people are incapable of critical thought. They have decided what to believe, and once they have that belief will twist and contort even the most contradictory and obvious evidence to somehow “prove” their belief is correct.

        Like a friend of mine, a really nice guy who belongs to a hardline sect of Christianity. They believe the Bible is the literal word of God and so you can look at the ages of people and work out the earth is something like 12,000 years old.

        “But what about dinosaur bones Kevin? You know they exist and are millions of years old, so how can the earth be 12,000 years old?”

        “Well I know they exist and are millions of years old, but they can’t exist because the earth is only 12.000 years old, therefore the Devil must have put them there to test my faith in God.”

        Etc – every contradiction is folded into the pre-existing belief.

      • Although I do not agree with the hardliners you spoke of, neither do I have to agree with you. You’ve seen bones but the only way you can prove to me that they belong to an alledged dinasaur is because someone said it, the same applies to age of bones. So at the end of the day you are no different to the we have been here for 12,000 years brigade. Neither of you can prove it. Just sayin’.

    • Emma
      Solid evidence that the virus was known about and manufactured. This really needs to go mainstream. I can’t believe the evilness of some people-and looks like it was all about money; gives get the control they want. Uphill battle here.

  12. Got my second letter from the NHS today telling me I’ve still not had my first dose yet, and they strongly advise me to get it. Anyway it Just went straight in the bin.

    • Hi Dan the man 😊

      May I suggest that, if you receive another letter, edit a few of their words with actual facts.
      For example, draw a line through their term “vaccine” and write “experimental biological agent” above it. You might also mention that the human testing trials for these injections are ongoing until 2023.
      At the bottom of this letter, you could write even one sentence referencing the Nuremberg Code Law.
      Mail this back to the NHS. It may be that just one employee reads it, but this could be one more person who is given an opportunity to reconsider the “narrative”.

      Cheers, Lisa 🙂

    • I save them all Dan, someone knocks on the door they’re going to get them all returned.

      • or you could always wipe your arse on it and send it back,maybe they will get the message,but are they worth the boot leather to the post box or the stamp?

    • So far I’ve had about 7 texts, multiple letters, calls from the GP reception and even a call centre. I ain’t budging. They refuse to answer any questions concerning deaths and side effects, whether it’s experimental and whether it’s safe. If you confront them over this they can’t get off the phone quick enough. They’re just trawling looking for those who can be easily intimidated. They’re just kids in a call centre.

    • I’ve blocked all messages with the c word and v word. When I looked how many messages are blocked, there are 40. One every other day from my GP who I haven’t seen for 5 years. Letters went back “return to sender, refusing to be euthanised” on them. I’ll expect a knock on the door soon.

  13. the CPR test. the perfect liar. fits perfectly with the powers that be.

  14. It is a simple NO , too all there shite . Now have a nice day .

  15. I loved seeing the filth melting and dying in their boiler suits with their masks on today. I hope they have suffered permanent damage and injuries to their health.

    • Aww, don’t be so mean.

      Remember they are people too, they’re just unable to see what you apparently can.

      • 😂😂💪👍

        it was funny see them suffer in the heat .. ok they got a job to do as being a copper…
        But NOT! .. mob handle decent human beings as they keep doing !!
        They been doing Far to much of that for my liking for long enough now !

        Thank you for comment
        Have great day

  16. That was really helpful and very brave of him. Bravooo. Well done inspector

  17. GB Resistance got arrested while having his lunch, footage on the end of his last upload.

    • You mean William Coleshill the conservative MP for Enfield allegedly suspended for racist comments, funnily enough just before being out and about filming as resistance gb.

    • Should have put conservative councillor not mp. Sorry.

  18. READ:

    DON’T get the mark of the beast, die.. (on your RIGHT hand or on your FOREHEAD).

    JESUS will ascend from the SKY, the DEVIL will come from the GROUND.

    Keep the faith and repent, amen xxxxx

  19. For whatever reason, I am able to watch any video, on any platform im on, apart from this one video, strange…

    • Thank you 🙏
      that’s seems to be
      a few of us in same boat with website at mo?

      Poor Hugo lol 😳 I emailed him to say.

      Take care

  20. At last first day of freedom and it’s been great long may it continue 😀

  21. I see they’re trying to mess with youngsters heads again threatening vaccine passports for nightclubs in September if not enough of them get vaxxed over the Summer Keep having to make sure my daughter stays on track and realises they’re more than likely to do another lockdown and the clubs will be shut anyway. Head messing b******s 😡

    • Hi 👋
      Yes I just see that on sheep farm on YT 👍

      I agree
      It’s more & more bullying & manipulation of our kids & grandchildren ,
      it’s up to us as you say to now Help our kid’s ect not comply & not let them get sucked into this Mayhem.

      Thank you

      Take care

  22. In Australia, The BS has hit the fan” big time “ all at once, there’s outbreaks in NSW, Victoria, and now south Australia, when last Sunday, there were no cases in South Australia “ with borders closed “ outbreaks everywhere “ WHAT A CROCK of BULLSHIT”
    These Bastards have to Pay for their Lies “

    • Yep. 12 million in lockdown in Australia again.
      And California has passed guaranteed income for all. Old Klaus must be rubbing his hands with glee.
      Funny how it’s mainly old ones who want rid of us old ones who are commoners in their eyes.

      • Good comment rheadmaeo💪

        They think we commoners but reality is.. we are Not because we are strong thinking ,good & honest people I feel personally.

        We must not let them break our human spirits
        Be happy 😃
        Their karma will be just.

        Take care

  23. good speech but if he agrees no virus why say about things you can take to cure the virus. double standard if ask me. doesnt make sense<<<<<

    • Good point Helen” I noticed this as well “ excellent statement to expose it as fraud, but then turn around and offer alternative cures for something that doesn’t exist “it surly is Double standard “

    • Hi Helen

      I agree because we have all been bullied & lied to for long enough now! so I personally feel no one knows who to believe in speeches when we see them.

      I been taking vitamins for years not just because this insanity has been thrown upon us All.

      Great comment thank you 😊

      Have great day
      Take care

      • thank you Janie. would be nice eat healthy but terrible things going on watch Zay Speak Truth on u tube Liquid dead humans being used as fertilizer<< all true.

      • Hi morning Helen

        Thank you for comment I will look into this thank you 🙏

        Take care

    • It’s a flu virus,period.
      Covid has not been isolated in a pure form, gold standard they call it.
      If its not been isolated how can they test for it?
      The testing is producing thousands of false positives.
      A pandemic of asymptomatic healthy people.

  24. If you now listen to the Blonde scarecrow in Chequers he now states that he cannot promise it will be the end of lockdowns if the case rates hit 250,000 in mid summer he may have to act. The plain fact is they can make the cases to whatever they see fit for the agenda. How do they think people will react if he does this – already they are manipulating the change from Lockdown to track and trace isolation that is much worse than the Lockdown idea – it is hitting every business in the country and they are poised to exempt the elites and few essential workers to just keep things ticking over.

    • What good does he think lockdowns will do? I seem to remember (especially during the first one) cases still rose (apparently) how can we live with covid if the country keeps getting shut down

    • Over 1 million adverse reactions, they should cancel the vaccinations rather than “freedom”. Insane, corruption everywhere.

  25. Anyway, I’ve got a couple of web design jobs on at the minute and I wanted to have a play around with the different options for images rolling in, etc, so I’ve set one up to play with.

    Thought I might as well make it something topical. It’s valeks.co.uk if anyone wants to comment on it or offer any insights…

  26. Vaccines are just a stepping stone to Digital ID’s, then implants, much like the electronic cow ear tags, because people are just cattle to the elite. Climate crisis, will be used to limit travel and gatherings, energy use and to take away private property. The end goal is bio-divergence and the creation on a neo-feudal system, run by the technocrats and the people will be enslaved to the system.

    • That’s probably reason why they want HERD immunity and there is a risk of getting mad Cow Disease as side effect!

  27. Everyone here including and in particular Hugo should look at Emma Bell’s link here in the comments somewhere. This is the best and irrefutable evidence that “virus” was manufactured many years ago. Best to watch it.

  28. Outstanding! This is the fight, it’s on. Keep pushing, keep speaking, keep standing up.

    The establishment KNOW exactly what’s going on, how much longer are they going to pretend that this isn’t actually happening?!

    WTFU! ⌛💣💥

    Come out and play you cowards, stop hiding and face the people!

  29. it saddens me that people would not investigate what is in a vaccine how its put together, just the fact that they are made up of bits of this and that chucked together in a lab, just the fact that the scientists are completely covered in complete safety gear from head to toe because of the dangers of the shit they’re mixing and concocting is highly toxic and extremely dangerous, I mean come on guys if these vaccines are so safe and are there to help you then why ain’t the scientists in normal white coats in a normal everyday lab producing the vaccines…….use your brains if scientists have to be completely covered with no part of flesh allowed to be exposed to the shit they’re making because it is dangerous and toxic , then that’s exactly what it is to your body dangerous and toxic, yet people are lining to get this have it injected in them , so self centered to be poisoning they’re body for a holiday a concert or the freedom they where promised ….really!!

    • Absolutely Agree Maggie 💪💪💪👍

      It’s true people are doing it the Fools..to then find out they got pay another 500£ odd feckin quid to even get in & out country s ! Then the isolation shite !
      I agree with you , people need to Stop this compliance with theses Maniacs in charge of us poor innocent people it’s all lies, BS & people dying why allow that for just some holiday that only last ya,s 2 weeks or whatever !?!

      Cheers Maggie that is great comment

      Have good afternoon
      Take care

  30. Freedom day Yessssssss!

    And while everyone out celebrating, they got the sell the NHS bill, great news for the 12million awaiting procedures, go without or sell your home’s, more poverty 🙁

    And Passports, while they protest parliament they go screw you.

    France twat massuve reversal there is a chance.

    When they’ve jabbed everyone that can take jt they’ll lose interest, not suspicous at all after all it does a great job,not at fighting a virus we’d all had and was over a year ago ofcourse, but I’m sure itll be great, under takers very happy!

  31. Unfortunately our people also repeat bullshit they heard elsewhere.
    There is no COVID virus so there is no treatment for a non-existent microbe.
    If some doctors e.g. American Frontline Doctors administered HCQ, Invermectin and Vitamins it must be for something else.
    Virology is a fake science.

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