Runaway And Hide #FREEDOMDAY / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. How many more times is Boris going to have convid the man’s a clown

    • I’ve not had Covid and I’ve not had the jabs and I’ve not been wearing a mask and I’m not on nhs app. I’m ok and my children and grandchildren will not be getting any jabs 😆🤣🤪

      • same her 74 and had nothing. they can all go to hell. tha’ts where their going..evil scum

    • From the moment Boris talked about lifting restrictions on july 19 the dirty media has noy stopped banging on the increase of covid cases and increase of deaths daily. YET NOT A PEEP OUT OF THE FILTHY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT LACKEYS WHEN 75.000 SAT IN THE STADIUM TO WATCH THE WORLD CUP. OT NOT A PEEP OUT OF THEM WHEN WIMBLEDON WSS ON AND 100.000 PEOPLE SAT TOGETHER WITH NO MASKS AND NO SOCIAL DOSTANCING. INCLUDING THAT SANCTIMONIOUS PRICK DR HILARY.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!! This is government sponsored grooming. I’m glad you mention “Dr Hilary”. Do no harm? He’s a modern day Mengele.

  2. I do think normal common all garden flu will be seen in larger numbers because people who’ve fallen for this crap have practically no natural immunity left where they’ve locked themselves away under house arrest, worn govt muzzles and ‘(anti) social distanced’ but obviously it will be spun as being COVID and our fault for not obeying guidelines after so called ‘freedom day’s….so on and on the saga will go!!
    Come on turn off your damn tv set, throw away your news papers and allow yourself to the opportunity to think clearly and rationally so that you can see this for exactly what it is – LIES LIES AND MORE LIES!!!!

    • When you know we are ruled by Godless freaks, they bow to the other fella.
      It’s called predictive programming, tell the sheep in advance what to expect.
      Keep banging on about the poison jab, we are very close to the day when nobody will be able to( buy or sell)
      Make no mistake the mark is coming, spent a few days in Rothbury, my God the locals are fully on board. Went into co-op without a mask and as soon as I stepped in the door an old man, masked up came up to me and snarled mask.
      I just laughed at him, then one of the workers said you must put on your mask.
      I had just been on 4mile trek and had no water. I just stood there looking at him and said wait and slowly as I could I eventually put one on and could see him getting angrier. Which made me chuckle inside.
      My first encounter ever with the brain dead. I believe they are even more brainwashed in the villages.
      “Diabolical times we are living”
      Anyway I got my water which I drank in one go! LOL!

      Jesus told us to be wise as serpents, but have a heart of a dove. So true in these times.
      A mask is nearer here nor there in the scheme of things.
      The gospels of christ tells us everything that is coming.
      “People’s hearts will run cold”
      Lover’s of self, so, so true!
      divide and conquer is happening pitting people against people…
      Time is short! Seek Jesus whilst he still can be found.
      God bless all truthseekers!! Viva christ rey!! Christ is lord!! Forever!
      Remember! this life is a mere drop in the ocean, your eternal soul is forever. Always remember this! In these trying times! Don’t give into haters, do not hate! This I know can be hard but more fruitful!!

      • Good comment but I don’t think you should appease virtue signallers who have been brainwashed by obeying them. Try ignoring them instead. You’re just giving them more confidence and encouraging them to step up their odd behaviour on other people.

      • yes I fully agree it is all coming what was predicted by our Lord. I get so angry at all the suffering, Gareth Icke has a funeral director on his show saying about first wave last march mass murder of elderly in care homes please watch..
        there is nothing really left on this earth now. all manipulated weather all over world terrible floods so many dying. fires its horrendous climate change what a bloody joke..these evil scum it breaks your heart but so much worse to come. people just do not believe you when tell them we are in end times..
        desolation of abomination is vaccine…

      • I know, I’ve been telling people but few believe me :(. I am a Christian but am struggling with sin..I think the devil is trying to influence people (especially Christians) because he knows his time is short. Stay strong out there people and turn to Christ! 👏🙏🏻

    • Never mind switching it off, take it to cash converters and sell it.

      • Good point, at least they’d get some use out of it by selling it! I gave mine away 15yrs ago and have never looked back, one of the best decisions I ever made!

      • Zibbe zabba, yeah, true but I was knackered and thirsty.
        No mask, no service in that shop it was my first encounter next time I’ll walk.
        Absolute fascism disguised as saving lives, that’s an oxymoron if ever I’ve heard one.
        God bless! Keep the faith!

    • There won’t be any Flu next winter because Sheeple Will get tested and recorded as Covid

  3. Bojo supposedly had this killer virus so 1 would assume he as anti bodies but he then supposedly as the 2 jabs! And now he’s been pinged and as to isolate! Poor little potato in a wig!

    • Yes, Doris supposedly had the Killer Virus right at the start… along with other celebs who self-isolated when they thought that they had a cold. But I am sure Doris came back and said that one problem was the ‘incessant coughing’ that this Con-or-a-virus brings. Anyone hear about ‘the cough’ nowadays …????? Narghh!

  4. The key to all is the flawed PCR test, high amplification positive low negative. Manipulated to suit gov narrative. After lifting restrictions they amplify more to raise numbers. Enough said.

  5. Natural Law cannot be revoked, as they are inalienable rights from birth. Government is brought into existence by the people, and they cannot take away your fundamental rights from you ( freedom of speech, bodily autonomy, freedom of movement, etc ). Politicians are public servants. They have no right to revoke these rights or betray their oath of public service to protect those rights. They are under oath of their office. If they betray these oaths, they’re acting outside of any protections of their office, and are acting as individuals and are therefore liable as individuals. They are preying on your ignorance of your rights. Politicians are servants of the people. The same for police. They are public servants and are therefore bound to protect your rights, not to act against them. If you are accosted by police, ask them if they are acting under their oath as a public servant. Inform them that violations of your inalienable rights puts them outside of their office, and therefore makes them personally liable. Same with businesses who will act as ‘ vaccine enforcers for the government. Inform them that they are taking personal responsibility for violations of constitutional, or Natural law, and the fact that they have taken on that role is an admission of liability. Tishri isn’t going to age well. Hang in there friends! Reiner Fullemich really does have the evidence to bring this down. In solidarity from Canada.

  6. These are the masters of script writing – expect anything now, with most believing any garbage they spin!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  7. Hugo you said banker wrong, it begins with a W.

  8. they are cowards at heart and all full of bull shit


  10. Like your comment about these people being garbage at any job you put them in! I am not confused at all made my mind up ages ago to not engage with any ‘rules’ at all and I know this experiment is going no where near my kids. People are in a state of learned helplessness sadly all the psychology expts consistently show majority conform and obey to any perceived authority

  11. I didn’t fall for the double blind of them not going to isolate and then a supposed u turn. It will in the public’s eyes who trust them reinforce that Boris and co really wanted to be there for the people on “freedom day”.

  12. Boris is looking broken and old in this picture. Well I went and unfollowed all the shills on Twitter and if I see any of their propaganda on my feed their getting blocked, if this catches on I’d say it’s a pretty strong message, how do you think they’ll react after people start unfollowing them in their droves, their egos will not be able to handle it

  13. This is a distraction. They haven’t been pinged. They don’t take covid tests. They don’t have the app. They won’t be isolating. This is nonsense. It’s just more propaganda to keep the scam going.

  14. Just a thought for anyone still letting their children go to school and thinking they can’t give jab without your consent. They will use Gillick competence. For those who don’t know what this is, it is used to decide whether a child under 16yrs is able to consent to their own medical treatment.
    Although it originated in England & Wales it is now being used in USA. The distraught parents of a 10yr old discovered the convid jab had been given to their daughter at school using this bit of medical law.

  15. BJ goes to the demonstration against himself. Of course.

  16. Boris, Rishi & Sajvid are not sick, they’re just going on another holiday.

  17. Great Post Hugo ,we are all with you side by side on all this.

  18. I was born free and live in a democracy, end off, people imprison themselves!

  19. re the children – they’ve been doing drills, to get them used to locking them down inside the school. This is what parents need to be aware of. They need to take their children out of these schools and protect them.

    • Some schools have already been locked down for ridiculous reasons and it will only get worse unless people refuse to allow it which at this point with kids means taking them out of school and home schooling although I realise there are many parents who can’t because they work but they’d be better off finding somebody who could look after them during the day then send them into these mind control camps – I believe it is the younger generations this is all more aimed at so that they are already trained to be good little slaves

      • Hi 👋

        Yes I agree
        fortunately my daughter is not in school anymore but this is serious & I agree if people can home school or get other family members to help?
        It would show the governments people are serious & we can’t take anymore seeing our children used as bait 💪👍

        Again anyone who reads this with children I Only making a suggestion please please don’t shoot the messenger 😢😂
        Thank you

      • Fully agree with you. This way of life, masks, anti-social distancing BS scam, walking in and out of a building a certain way (😂) , will be ‘normal’ to these young, impressionable people.

  20. I bet he hasn’t even had a test. I doubt whether he had the lurgy in the first place let alone injections – theatrical syringes perhaps. He knows what’s in them so highly unlikely that would happen. Absolute poppycock. Liar liar pants on fire.

  21. I can’t even bear to watch or listen to Boris – he’s such an idiot. Just carry on and ignore them all.

  22. pls your right! they will set you up, they will try to find your weakness, they will threaten you and your family, if any of them are still talking to you! this has been years in the making a battle between good and evil, you either see it or you don’t, the best trick the devil ever did was to get us to believe he never existed! christians already being persecuted in canada under justin, it’s here, pls i’m a sinner who’s had a rope throw to me! x

  23. How many 2 weeks hoilday does he want who’s paying for him to sit talking shit any one who’s till listening to this complete clown needs help probably wants out of the way because they say oh we have to delay so called freedom day just for another year remember 2 weeks back in march that was all it was going to beat this lair’s I am free and always will be sack them all as u said put them in a real job and watch the fall

  24. Hugo, thank you very much, your videos are always spot on !!

  25. Hugo ,thats the price you pay when being a monarchy….always been slaves one way or another….i am afraid thats the truth….country ran by one useless family….nothing free there…also how did they vote mandatory vaccines for care staff without proper risk assestment….its outrageous and against any common sense….you cant make a law without proving the need for it

  26. I bet that these wealthy lazy dishonest MP are going to fly on their private plans or cars and head to their second homes in the country and have big private dinner parties

  27. The lord is my shepherd
    I shall not want
    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures
    He leadeth me by the still waters
    He restoreth my soul
    He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his names sake
    Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
    I shall fear no evil
    For thou art with me
    Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me
    Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies
    Thou anointest my head with oil
    My cup runneth over
    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
    All the days of my life
    And I shall dwell in the house of the lord forever.

  28. Rabid jabid did a runner from the grooming report .

    The man is a born running meme and a sneak

    • Absolutely 💪👍
      He sure is one snake 🐍

      Thank you

      Have good day

  29. You realise that image of Johnson next to the woman with the placard is one of his many clones?

  30. I think this Freedom Day is so they can do a hard lockdown later and pass a law for mandatory vaccination – look at Starmer and what he is saying – it is all a set-up

  31. Did they lift the restriction because the Cabinet ministers are going on holiday?
    Remember: COVID does not exist and virology is fake science.
    Crooks of Big Pharma overdone it this time and more and more people will realize this is all hoax, past pandemics and things like HIV virus and AIDS.

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