Paris France MASSIVE CROWDS Against Macron / Hugo Talks #lockdown

49 Comments on “Paris France MASSIVE CROWDS Against Macron / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Thanks once again Hugo, togetnor we will beat these evil bastards!

  2. I would take the fkers with me if they tried jabbing me…fight to the death the cunts

    • Excellent comment πŸ‘
      I’m not violent but they come need me with that jab i would seriously assault them.
      See in London today pictures of idiot’s with mask on queuing at stadium’s to have the poison and useless Khan there for his PR to see people getting jabbed.

      I let a young girl go in front of me at the supermarket counter today has she only had a few items and i had a lot of shopping she said thank you that’s kind.
      I was proudly unmasked as i look she had a sticker on I had the Vaccine, i give up πŸ˜•

      • It makes you shake your head in despair doesn’t it?? Time will tell what these guinea pigs have let themselves in for. Whatever happens to them, you just know that their illnesses, deaths and birth defects will have absolutely nothing to do with the Vaxtermination jabs don’t you??

      • I am pleased to say that there was no one wearing a mask at the protest in London on Saturday. Obviously no one should have been wearing a mask but at the kill the bill protest I think too many people were taking notice of what that idiot Khan said unfortunately. However on Saturday there were people with more sense.

      • Yes you know what that means but I think they will put us back in lockdown before that probably on 5 weeks. Well I am not wearing my mask again unless to hospital.etc

  3. Fantastic Hugo keep telling the world
    Apparently we are 40% againt macrom & the jab & the restrictions
    for 60% for the jab & agree with the obligation to vaccine us

    • 20% of those vaccinated will be dead over the next few years.

  4. We will fight till our very last breath

  5. I am from Holland you don’t see this on tv here same like those protest in London they don’t want the public to show

  6. Hallelujah well done French people . The whole world should back them. Let’s make our own world army ( non -violent) There’s more of us than there is of them!!
    Hallelujah Lord God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob we cry out . Unify us we pray with one accord we worship praise and adore your Holy Name. Bring us together in the ever-conquering name of Jesus the Christ to battle these works of the enemies of the Kingdom.We thank you for the victory on the cross at calvary and the victory in this on going battle . In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ Amen.
    Blessings on you Hugo.

    • I’m wondering … was it non-violent protest that brought down the Third Reich? Because we’re all surely up against a 4th Reich now.

      • The Soviet Union brought down the Third Reich coating 20 million Russian lives in the process.

      • Last year I got fed up with a couple of people saying how wonderful boris and co were. I turned round and said, ” if you think Hitlers little lot were bad, they’re going to look like a teddie bears picnic compared to what will eventually come our way. I meant it then and I stand by it now.
        I have to admit it was all the children’s future I was thinking of. Some of us may not be around to see the full extent of it all, I am slowly beginning to think we need a miracle to turn it round. Some people are starting to wake up but it’s beginning to feel like it’s too little too late. And I am not a defeatest.

      • if you compare Hitler with Hancock (who was responsible for actively promoting the vaccine) then there is no doubt that Hancock was a far more dangerous individual as he is responsible for mass murder on an infinitely greater scale that even Hitler was

    • Well said brother!!! We live in diabolical times, where lies is truth, truth is lies, etc, etc rejoice that we can see it unfolding before our eyes, it will get worse but stay the course till the end and your reward will be great in heaven.
      God is good!! Viva christo rey!!! Christ is lord!! God bless brother!!!

  7. Magnificent turn out France!

    Sooner or later such protests both here and on the continent need to start thinking about occupying Gov’t buildings. The elite globalists are going for broke – they will not stop until physically stopped. Especially if the last peaceful avenue, the judiciary, has already been captured and we won’t know that until Reiner FΓΌelmich’s class actions start biting, if they’re allowed to bite.

    I’m hoping against hope the Parliament protest in London will be huge for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

    • Just listening to Reiner’s latest and we need to be patient, they need to set up their own court in the first instance as all the current judges are corrupt – they’ve been put in place over the years

      • But who will enforce the findings of such a court? I really, really hope that his class actions win the day so to speak. But I think we need to be realistic. We’ve been peacefully protesting for months now, often in our hundreds of thousands. We haven’t even been able to halt the progression of this evil fascist agenda, make it hesitate – they’re still passing more and more draconian laws. We’re fast running out of time. Only late last week mandatory dangerous injections for care home nurses, won’t belong before the same meated out for teachers, then hospital nurses and then everyone else. 4-6 mega prisons being constructed in Britain, at least one of them next to a crematorium. How willing are we to gamble these won’t be used as internment camps for those refusing the dangerous injections?

      • The people need to start setting up their own common law courts and bypass their corrupt system. Every man and woman has the right to do it, but they just don’t realise their rights.

  8. Fantastic! Bring it on! Let’s stop these socio-psychpaths & the NWO/Agenda 2021!! The Spirit of We the People will win this war πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆ

  9. I’m only surprised they didn’t invite Mr Macron out for a very fair hearing and summary judgment, the guillotine awaiting his pleasure.
    One tends toward thinking this would not happen today but not true, it is the people with the power not the government or elected and corrupt officials, when an execution takes place it is done in the name of the people. No one was taken to task for the death of Gadaffi. It is not a case of if but when the people will turn, nothing will stop them and Rothschild will rule no longer.

    • Gaddafi was a good guy,the people who took him down, we’re the same people behind this plandemic,

  10. It makes me happy to see this, fortunately there are still people who care about this. If only this were the case with us in the Netherlands.

  11. What a wonderful sight, made me feel as good as seeing the last London peaceful protest. No doubt if our main stream media showed it, they would say it was the French people showing their support for their dickhead president. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at the G7 idiocy because no doubt all that’s going on now was thoroughly discussed.

  12. When Macron married his mum, I knew he is f***ed in the head. Now I see his backside with his head dropping like a dead mouse 🐁 πŸ’€

  13. I just tried to follow a link (from Tapnewswire) to a twitter about the French demo but the video is now unavailable.
    Maybe twitter are working with the French government, like they did with the Indian government during the farmers dispute.
    It’s like the private social media companies have to follow BBC/MSM agenda too, which isnt a surprise as they are all controlled by the same powerful elite entity.

  14. Internet is gonna go down soon,that is when we will know they have enough sheep jabbed and then they will really come gunning for us , when this happens be strong and focused on the job in hand and be prepared to die for your freedom and never surrender.

    • Internet or no internet – they’re coming for us anyway. Family outings to London aint going to stop it. I’ll be there in London on Monday but it isn’t enough, not by half.

      • Brother!! The truthseekers need each other more than ever!!! If you fight on the side of truth (Jesus) is with you!
        Believe in him and the truth will set you free!!
        In these times I’m a “Rebel” for Christ! Viva christo rey!! God is good! Never give up the good fight!!! God bless all truthseekers! In these diabolical times!

    • Yes my friend, Fight for ALL our Freedoms, even the sheep. I think it is too late too but I’m sure gonna go down fighting!!!! What else can you do??? My wife, she’s like all the other spineless sheep who believe these measures are to save them from the flu!! They deserve what they get!!! FREEDOM FOR THE THINKERS!!!

  15. The French population is the only one in Europe that you can trust that they will not put up with any kind of sh.t. They are famous for reminding their “leaders” that they are in charge, not their “leaders”. Some politicians sometimes seem to forget what “public servant” means. You serve the public, it doesn’t serve you.

    • You’re right, the old froggy carrot crunchers soon jump on their tractor if they even get a smell of increase taxes or fuel duty. They usually block sometimes!! 😷

  16. Vive les Francais/Francaises (with the accents under the c!) – applause indeed.

  17. 65% of the French not been Shot yet… but looks like they dropped some massive chemtrails on them!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  18. NO MASK
    NO JAB
    They can NOT tell us what to do! I will NEVER comply and will go to WAR for my freedom. Don’t trust them people, DON’T comply, and fight for your freedom!
    Amen πŸ™


  20. I was at a London protest today and got the organiser to announce through the megaphone what I told him to say about the BBC and how people should STOP paying the TV licence as the BEEB PRODUCE FAKE NEWS AND HAVE NO PLACE IN MODERN SOCIETY. I was quite proud of myself actually I have to say. Even if he had just previously said exactly what he thought of the beeb. But I thought a double attack on the beeb is only right and proper

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