Hypnotist REVEALS Government BRAINWASHING Tactics / Hugo Talks #lockdown


Video by Brian Halliday – Links to his websites – help with deprogramming and book Brian

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  1. Where does that leave the people that won’t stand on the markers, that won’t wear masks, that don’t fall for any of this?
    Is it because they’re more aware of their surroundings, they can see people’s behaviour and think it’s wrong?
    This is interesting information.

    • Interestingly, Delta is the symbol given to gene-deletion, women who pass deleted/defective genes to the fetus will cause it to abort, look it up on wiki.

      • There’s definitely something more to it I wish in knew. I’ve always been told from my family and friends that because i cant sit and watch TV for more than 30 mins i have a small span of attention. I’ve always thought hypnosis was possibly a prank for attention seekers. After hearing from ex military I know its something they use.

    • Theres a percentage who cant be hypnotised. I remember derren brown doing experiment with hypnotising the public it worked out at about 5 out of every 6 would rob a bank or even help kill someone if pushed and hypnotised in the correct way ( obviously the actors weren’t killed they were ‘suicidal ‘and the hypnotised helped push them of a building at night but there was a net below) . Scary stuff , this whole thing has made me very wary of other people. Nothing else worries me.

      • I wanted to be hypnotised and twice, 25 years apart, paid for 2 different hypnotists to hopefully put me under. At no point on either occasion was I able to lose my grip on reality and they couldn’t do anything with me and, like I say, it wasn’t because I was inwardly fighting against it, because I wanted to go under. At the time, I was disappointed and felt I’d wasted my money, but now, in hindsight, I’m glad I was too strong to be influenced.

      • I went to a hypnotist many years ago for the relief of stress. At no point was I under his control. I was fully conscious throughout. But I went along with it because I didn’t want to offend him & I’d paid good money!
        It’s the same thing in the end. The controller gets your obedience.

      • I went to a physical therapist who tried something on me, but said it didn’t work with me. He was trying ‘kinesiology’, not the muscle science but a ‘method’ of diagnosing problems by raising a patient’s arms and asking questions while looking for resistance to pulling/pushing on the arm.

        It doesn’t work with some people, I think, because they are Christian and the Holy Spirit protects them from demonic entry by such things.

    • Or maybe some are like me. I could only watch this halfway because I can’t stand hypnotist’s. This even though a few years ago I read a whole series of books on their techniques. I am fully aware of how the people in power do what they do and physical pain is really the only thing that separates someone (s) being tortured or hypnotised. Though I guess we haven’t got to the starvation part yet.
      I have never understood how people thought it was fun to get up on a stage and be hypnotised. Even worse how people will pay to go and watch and laugh at people being made to act like idiots. Smacks too much of a Roman circus to me.
      And anyway, why would anyone want to give someone power over their mind.

      • I don’t want to repeat what I wrote on the BrandNewTube posting of this video but just have to say that I absolutely agree with you. I went to a hypnotist show in my high school back in the mid-70s and it was horrifying. Even at 15, I could not believe that the adults running that school allowed this show to happen. Underage kids up on that stage were made to do all kinds of embarrassing things for the general merriment of the audience and then go to school the next day and face the music with their peers. I would not have volunteered to go up on that stage in a million years so just the difference between those that will and those that won’t is an important one. Is it that people who crave attention will do this? All along I’ve thought one of the drivers of people joining in one the mass movement of covid believers is attention seeking and social approval. I believe that, unfortunately, these types will absolutely love a social credit system.

  2. Interestingly, greek letter of new varient is the symbol given to gene-deletion, women who pass deleted/defective jenes to the fetus will cause it to die, look it up on wiki.

    • That’s interesting because rhesus negative will naturally reject a rhesus positive fetus if there blood mixes.

  3. Hugo this man is explaining is telling us how easy it is to control people.

    • I think that was the point of the video and Hugo gets thay, hence why hes posted it up

  4. Everything this man is saying is true.
    I have studied psychological manipulation. It is around us every day. For many years.
    I have met and talked to one of the best in the business. His work is out there and shows exactly how it is done.
    My meeting with him opened my eyes and subsequently my observations of how it is done showed me that my work as a successful salesperson, I was already using these techniques.
    I have known from the start these age old techniques have been at play and my mind and knowledge have protected me from the influence.
    The trick to stay above it and not to be influenced is to stay calm. Take a beat and realise what is being used against you.
    Watch this all the way through and try and remember when it has worked and when you thought “hang on, this isn’t right”.
    Trust your judgment.
    Sage are physiologists. They know these tricks and are using them.
    The question is, who do they work for and what is their agenda?


  5. First Sheep Farm Studios, the video on the UN and now this cracker of a video

    Great selection of content, as always

    Thanks Again


    • Hi
      Yes 👍
      Sheep farm are great 💪some really interesting stuff to listen to…

      Bahh 🐑 !! 😂😂👍

      Take care

  6. “A State of Fear” by Laura Dodsworth also gives much insight into the devious and criminal activities of the government.

    • Yes, I highly recommend this very insightful book. It’s shocking the extremes they have gone to, to manipulate and control the public with behavioural techniques.

  7. Quiet a interesting film from this Hypnotist about Boris and Witty brainwashing BS and adverts now that pratt Johnson got to self isolated as Sajia Javid as flu.

    On a funny note A few years ago i was on a weekend away down in sunny Kent
    We been drinking in the afternoon in a lovely pub looking to the English channel, the same thing he said we see a flyer for a Hypnotist show in a village hall a couple of pound to get in,we had some Fish & Chips and went to the show oh you had to take your own alcohol we bought a box of beer in a shop.

    Wasn’t manly people there we ended seating right in front of the stage, i was pick on him asked my name.
    He try it on by saying Darren hold your hands together i was half pissed never got me.

    We then went back to the pub where there was karaoke and disco oh what a great night with people until these C**** destroy fun.

    Sorry to write to much details but it bring back happy times.

    Good luck Hugo and friends

    • Hi thank you for the uplifting comment 👍😂

      Take care

      • Yep spot on. The government have put fear into us (ok not everyone) I admit at the start I did believe everything they said and I was scared but as time went on I became less and less scared. I just get frustrated at what they say.

  8. The only thing I felt was anger at being made do these things. I refused the tests at school, I felt I was the only one, I believe there were a few others, but I never found out which members of staff because of the bubbles we didn’t mix the same for a chat. I believe on Monday they will be looking who takes their masks off to assess how many are still bewildered. I have felt disheartened with one friend who really is believing all she’s being told. I was slightly worried at the very start, but from May last year I didn’t buy into it. I’d worked in school all the while, didn’t see anyone hospitalised, people in all the essential shops, no rise in deaths there, and supermarkets and other shops that remained open all the staff remained well, I asked. I haven’t watched TV for nearly a full year, time to exercise, read and be on my computer sharing the truth. Covid is here, the hoax is what’s being done it its name.

    • Keep being strong and you.
      You know your own mind and see truth.
      A leader not a follower.

    • Exactly ,I noticed that in all the shops I’ve been to throughout this scam ive not seen one staff member sick coz if they had of been surely the whole shift would have to isolate and a new team brought in or closure.
      Also back in December I worked in massive parcel Depo ,when the Drivers arrived for loading at 6am it was total chaos I mean a couple
      of hundred or more people literally stepping over each other and not a mask in sight on anybody.
      Whilst waiting for the next trailer the 20 strong sorting team would be shoved in the tiny canteen again shoulder to shoulder to sleep or eat so no social distancing or masks by any of us .
      Remember this was just before Xmas so middle of winter.
      Again nobody got ill no staffing crisis also these multi drop drivers were going out into the wider community ffs.
      This was a multi national company so you can imagine no checks carried out by the covid police. Although all the token BS covid posters where around the workplace .
      All this whilst smaller businesses where and still are being left to rot.
      I remember telling some of my sheeple mates about this at the time and then as now it just falls on deaf ears.

      • I tried pointing out to locals that the dustmen on our route were still alive and kicking in spite of no masks and the 3 of them crowded in the front of the lorry with no partitions. Same 2 postmen, sorry feminists ones female. I don’t think people want to see the truth, it’s like in the beginning they got a kick or sense of excitement out of it and then the real hypnosis kicked in.

  9. It’s NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming (hypnosis) together with Subliminal Messaging- when someone needs to sell you shit but it actually smells of roses

    • 😂😂
      Yes & haven’t they tried to sell us A Lot of Shite over the years 👍😂😂

      Take care

    • I thought the same thing our Refuse and Recycling guys have worked every week through the last 16 months.
      No Masks on 3 – 4 n a dustcart
      I speak to them regular told them there doing a excellent job taking our Refuse including my 4 vaccine letters rip up.

      They told me about lazy council managers working from home doing nothing like them on Furlough oh we can’t come out to work we might get this so-called deadly virus.

      Sacked and delete there jobs not frontline jobs like our postmen or women.

      • All of our council office workers are still working from home. They spend one day a week doing home visits most weeks. My housing officer has already told me she won’t be coming to me because I haven’t had the jabs. So if something major crops up, guess it’s too bad.

  10. This is interesting because, for 2 separate personal reasons, I twice went to see a hypnotist (different hypnotists and 25 years apart – 1987 and 2012) and they were not able to have any control over my mind at all, even though I was trying hard to go under, as they describe the process. I was fully aware 100% of the time what was happening, and fuck all did happen, even though I wanted it to.

  11. Makes me wonder if, when they have a pracise run for a pandemic, for example, they are actually hypnotising the particapants in advance. Then when they device to launch it they are all triggered to act regardless.

    • That’s a great insight, because we’ve had plenty of previous plandemics,a bit like the flyers the hypnotist posted weeks before

    • Absolutely
      great 👍 point
      they do say that

      thank you
      Take care

    • I’m now a retired NHS nurse. Was working in school, up to this week, cleaning during the day, just waiting for my 66th birthday! Left a year early couldn’t take any more really. The NHS is a now only a logo and they’re using it against us. There are people working in the NHS who truly are worried, some are leaving others can’t wait to retire. CEO’s of Trusts all awarded themselves double their salaries in 2018, they needed to get the ‘right calibre’ of people in office. We know what they meant. Top heavy management, a huge percentage of bank nurses, that get paid a fortune but with no real contract, if you were off sick or on holiday you didn’t necessarily get paid leave or sickness, bit like 0 hours contract. There were so many on the bank it was unbelievable. You couldn’t blame the staff, you could earn a weeks wages in a couple of days or one night a week. Then when the pandemic came and all elective treatment was stopped they could let bank nurses go without any problem. It’s all been planned, rather expertly as well with the full weight of the establishment on board.

      • That’s not exactly true what you state about bank nurses earning a weeks wage in a couple of days. Take it from one who is a nurse. Best not slander your fellow (ex nurse colleagues) cause they want the likes of us going against each other.

    • How does anyone in the UK have any money left over for living with ‘our NHS’ and all the other government money suckers taking it and using it up?

  12. I have been hypnotised. Not this stage stuff. It was a different kind of hypnotised. You don’t actually know or feel you are being hypnotised and after wards you don’t feel like you have been hypnotised. You will feel how they have wanted you to feel. You feel awake throughout it and just like nothing has happened. You have full control of your body and body functions and can see the other person the whole time. If you have an itch you can itch it. You can still be very much aware of your surroundings and your own body throughout it. I was in a room for what felt like 10 mins and it was actually 2 hours. You can remember what they said. So it is possible to be hypnotised if you allow it.

  13. Hypnosis only works for the weak minded. Its why I’ve never been able to become hypnotised.

  14. Morning thank you Hugo

    This is very interesting video thank you

    Have great day Every one

  15. I haven’t seen most of those propaganda ads. The film with all the patients was quite hilarious. Didn’t their eyes look the picture of health! Thank you Hugo for the previous actor posts, and their performances are quite obvious now.
    Years ago I went with a friend because she wanted to have a reading by a Tarot card lady. I’ve always been sceptical but went along to see. Well she was told she’d meet her future husband within 6 months. She did and they got married – I just wonder how much was because of the cards and if they are still married. For me she said my cards were confusing and she was unable to read them. Probably because I wasn’t so eager to divulge information. She tried to come up with different scenarios which I couldn’t relate to. She did say I’d get what I wanted. So with that in mind I want the government taken down and for other governing bodies following the same agenda to be rounded up and punished. I want our old normal. I want my family to be healthy and I don’t want any more of these monstrous acts to harm them any more than they have done already. That’s what I want – will I get it?!!! If not, then shock and horror the Tarot reader was just reading body language. And I’m still sceptical.

  16. I know it’s difficult to find a Scotsman who can speak clearly, but this guy really tested my patience. However, I did persevere and watched all the way through. If you have read “A State of Fear” by Laura Dodsworth, then there’s not much new here. I’ve been telling my wife (double jabbed), “You’ve been hypnotised” for months now.

    • I think being hypnotised is the only way your wife remains married to you. So don’t knock it! 🤨🤨

    • Sandy Hamilton from Inverness always spoke clearly. He also said, ‘You’re either a wanker or a liar’, so I trust his judgement.

      • The Inverness accent is beautiful. Inverness-speakers are the clearest speakers in the whole of the UK, probably the whole wide world… universe… and beyond 🙂

    • That’s racist. You test my patience with comments like that!

  17. Do we think our politicians have been hypnotised? Which ones, and who by?

  18. Very insightful.
    What he doesn’t tell us is how – if you don’t even know you’re hypnotised- do you break the spell?

    • Well, it seems that you and I have avoided hypnosis. The only difference I can see is that we are already “awake”, or cynical and disbelieving of what we are told to believe. If your state of mind is such that you instantly identify when a statement or visual depiction is trying to tell you what to believe, and then you instantly test this “belief” and the possible motives of the storyteller, then you stand a pretty good chance of forming your own opinion on the matter without influence from others.

  19. This is very good. When I researched sage last year and they are all psychologists I knew it wasn’t right. This explains a lot.
    Thank you Hugo.

  20. Fascinating stuff . Those government propaganda films are just awful especially the final one . Talk about emotional blackmail. It’s pathetic

    I have just turned down attending a night out from work (colleague leaving do ) to be held outside btw .. because it was suggested we do LFT’s before attending 🙄🙄 no thanks !! And most of them double jabbed !! No testing and no jab for me and delete that stupid trap and trace app then you won’t go getting pinged !

    • The two most powerful things I saw in Missouri in the U.S.:
      1) The night the shutdowns were starting. What I wondered? Is the virus coming down the highway? Is it really that serious? By that time I had 4 pounds of vitamin C, 2 pounds of lecithin, an ultrasonic mixer, natural antibiotic, colloidal silver generators, and a nebulizer. My family would be okay.
      2) The day the store manager called a meeting with all employees, to announce one employee had ‘tested positive’, and we were all told so we would know we might be in danger. There was afterward a bad cold going around. It developed into a chest cold without any sore throat starting out, without any sniffles or runny nose. Just a cough, that later turned into quite a heavy cold with all that stuff. I nuked it with about 34,000 percent of the US RDA for vitamin C, divided up into doses every 4 to 6 hours, around the clock, for about 1.5 to 2 days, also taking garlic capsules, allicin, and probiotic capsules and vitamin D and selenium.

  21. Are they behavioural psychologists at sage or psychological warfare specialists?

  22. I guess that’s why some of us are shepherds and some of us are sheep…..baaaaaaahhh.

  23. I qualified in hypnotherapy quite a number of years ago and I am also a tarot and oracle card reader. Everything in this video is correct about the susceptibility of people to suggestion, my gut or intuition tells me that all this propaganda being put out there re covid is wrong, and like this gentleman presenting the video I can see the constant conformational straplines in our media, in the shops (over the tanoy) etc.. I remember doing a hypnotherapy session with me sister and she went under incredibly quickly, and was highly suggestible, she’s had the jab and buys into all this.. so I definately think this is what’s going on. The tarot cards are just a pictorial way show what’s going on in that person’s life, reading them is all about tapping into that person’s energy field, therefore any psychic reading is about understanding human nature/psychology and being able to tap into that person’s energy. Some are very good at it others not, but it all depends on how open the person that you are reading for is.. again we are back to this video and subliminal ques. A good reader is also a good counsellor their main job is to help people with their life problems there’s nothing spooky about it at all..in varying degrees we all do it naturally. Hope this helps

  24. Interesting. Went to a dentist 40 yrs ago. Needed treatment. Lifelong fear of dentists (injections in gum). Brilliant dentist hypnotized me twice so had all my treatment with no fear at all. Never fancied hypnosis on stage, never been. March 2020 I just used common sense. Worried for first 2 weeks and then thought this doesn’t add up. Obviously not believed a word that came out of their lying cakeholes since. So… I don’t think that you are prone to hypnosis or not… I am, it seems, but definitely not over this.

  25. This is a brilliant insight into how the government are doing what they’re doing – Everyone should be made aware of this! – just what government motives are when they achieve their goal is another rabbit hole that you maybe don’t want to go down! – This might help the hypnotised to see the light and wake up before it’s too late! – When I count to 3 you will wake up and be normal – ONE, TWO, THREE !

  26. Thank you, Hugo, and thank you mr. Halliday.
    I suppose the self-test of being awake or not is noticing the dreamlike music in the last video? Very similar to the music in the first, just before they go down, completely in chaos and so tired already.
    So what is it going to be; just asleep, agression or aliens?

  27. People will not believe until they understand WHY the gov are doing this. Pointless explaining without explaining the motive.. DEPOPULATION.. its true ..no point saying any of this as ppl will simply ask WHY WOULD THEY and continue to not understand.

    • But it’s getting them to stand still long enough! I think many of them know the truth, but they don’t want you telling them, or they will have to make some sort of effort. It’s easier for them to walk around going la la la.

      • My wife who is a stereotypical sheep, and despite my protestations showing her REAL facts n figures from ONS etc she still had her 2 jabs so that she could go on holiday and do ‘things’! So she must realise that Medical Apartheid is on the agenda…. But it’s EASIER to go with the flow, she says! Ignorance is bliss is her mantra!! I get somewhat annoyed at times with her! 😡👍😡

  28. Thank you Bryan and Hugo. Although, initially reluctant to watch this, I am glad that I watched it till the end. For example, it helped me to see how as parents we are fighting in opposite ways. (approx 23 min in) We both love our children and want the best for them, and I am sad, how much division this has caused into our family. Although, I struggled how Bryan could have done this as a career, with your expertise and past experience, you have now done me a great favour to help me further understand this control through fear. I have shared it with all my children. let’s hope they watch this, to help them make up their own mind.

  29. That Guardian thing at the end was appalling and incensed me more than anything on the video. I’d like to see every one of the people that appeared in that video put in the stocks, flogged and jailed for 5 years for wilfully perverting the truth and scaremongering humanity towards the abattoir. Judas goats, the lot of them.

  30. I don’t and won’t listen to the Main Stream Media, who being used by the Government (NWO) with there endless propaganda. Best advice TURN THE WHO LOT OFF.

  31. Was waiting for elaboration on the point at 21.30 about those who have the facts being just as brainwashed, but then it wasn’t explored/explained.

    • Yes same here. Didn’t agree with that part as everything in the video, all the propaganda, the psy ops and scaremongering will have been totally ignored by the likes of people like us.

  32. That last covid advert literally said, “Look into my eyes” : Hypnotism lessons by Little Britain. Ha! Yeh, how can people not know those people are crisis actors and we are being manipulated into complying with rules that actually not proven to work OR even to against basic science or our best interests as social human beings. I guess you’re the sort of person who is easily persuaded by propaganda, advertising, scams etc, or you’re not! Immune to bullsh!t or a susceptible sucker. If someone says something outrageous to me such as these adverts “you’re going to kill your loved ones” I don’t think “oh no, I’d best do everything I’m told”. It makes me think the opposite, like “you’re trying way too hard to scare me or control me so eff off, I’ll use my own judgment and common sense thank you!”. That does NOT mean you are selfish or uncaring to others. I exercise common sense and search for facts away from the tell-a-lie-vision. If I have a cough or bad sniffle I stay away from others, taking responsibility by choice as most people would anyway. But asymptomatic spread of covid is a proven lie! This unrelenting propaganda that we are responsible for everybody else’s health every minute of every day, despite being healthy and symptomless ourselves is the main scam. Presumably to gain complete control over the entire population for the agenda to be achieved, whether they are healthy or not.

  33. Very cool video Hugo, Iv’e been hiding from subliminal messages all my life, on everything, music, gambling, advertisements, i had to quit that video 30 minutes in for the headlines he was explaining, well played Brian Halliday, mass hypnosis, they’ll have the population barking like dogs when this is over, what happens to the ones that didn’t fall asleep?

  34. Interesting use of (what I believe is a rhetorical device called) the tricolon in the propaganda posters ‘HANDS, FACE, SPACE’, ‘STAY HOME, PROTECT THE NHS, SAVE LIVES’… ‘Veni, vidi, vici’, ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’.

  35. March 2020 the BBC PM programme on radio 4 opened without its usual good evening and the news summary but instead 1 full minute of blatant brainwashing by repeating the word ‘coronavirus’ over and over again from different people with some being well known and familiar voices.
    The objective was obviously to instill fear into the listener, but for me it was the turning point that convinced me someone isnt telling us the whole story truthfully.

    • Did you find yourself SHOUTING at the radio like I do???!!! The last time I shouted was when the news reader said that Gareth Southgate had told ALL youngster to get the jab.. FFS! I needed a few coins that morning, to throw in the ‘swear jar’ !!!

    • Manjushri I know what you mean about brainwashing. It was bad enough with GMB last year scaremongering and bullying dictating what we should and shouldn’t do and constantly using the word coronavirus. I just gave up with it.

  36. “One believes because one is conditioned to believe”
    A Huxley

  37. I’m not under a trance, or in a ‘high state of fear. On the contrary, I’ve been an anti-vaxer since my son developed vaccine-induced autism. Don’t bother looking it up because all the ‘experts’ (the ones whose job is based upon selling vaccines) will tell you it doesn’t exist. Just like the fact that this gene-therapy is ‘safe and effective’ and hasn’t killed at least 25,000 people already in the UK (add them up….Major Tom or whatever his name was….William Shakespeare…..Prince Philip) If these are the ones you know about, how about the ones you don’t? The MHRA has already logged over 1500 deaths from the vax….and this reporting is usually as low as 1-5%….you do the maths. I couldn’t give a shit now. I have nothing to say to those that keep referring to a ‘pandemic’, whether they are friends, family or anyone else. I’m prepped for what is coming…..because you’re wrong. This thing is getting worse in the sense of total collapse and all that comes with it. It won’t be ‘the virus’ that kills most people….it will be the civil war when hunger strikes.

    • Oh my friend! I hope that you ( and I ) are SO wrong, but I fear that we are now. The future looks bleak and the double-jabbers think that they are safe from the flu. They are, but they are not safe from what the WEF will deliver. Stay strong and survive, comrade.

    • I totally agree I’m not a royalist and don’t care how Philip died
      But did you say he died of flu I mean covid?
      If so why has it never been mentioned or was it the jab?

  38. Did anyone else get really angry when the BS Guardian ‘ Convid’ advert was played? All those actors and all those supposed NHS staff saying ‘ we can’t cope’ etc. Did anyone else shout at the person uttering general or ‘loose’ termalogy that made it sound like the Con-or-a-virus was about to KILL you?? The rest of this video confirmed the way I thought. Who wants to line these voiceover actors and actors against a wall???!!!!! 😡

    • Yes made me feel sick.
      Unlike the phoney pandemic.

      • Thank goodness I am not alone!! 👍. Almost all of my family and friends have been scared witless about this scam. My VERY first protest in April was the most exhilarating day of my life. Being HUMAN again with fellow humans, hugging, smiling and shaking hands….. It’s quite bizarre isn’t it that a simple, natural action is so important to a human being yet the sheep are anti-social distancing. Thank you for your reply. 👍

    • Of course the whole thing was staged. Who was doing the filming in this supposed hospital, when relatives and friends have been banned from visiting sick and dying patients for fear of spreading “the virus”? Yet somehow a camera crew is allowed in. Hypnosis stops you from stepping back to ask simple questions like this.

  39. This is a great peice of information. Hypnotism has its roots in dark magic so does this plandemic, hypnosis is a nice term for black magic and spell work. Love and light.

  40. So obvious it’s manipulation once I watched
    this video. 👍

  41. I found this video interesting but at 21.30 he says that even we Thinkers who can see all the BS are NOT awake ‘ and he will get onto that a little bit later’.. I watched it all to see why I was ‘not awake’ but he didnt seem to come back to this subject, or did I miss it?

  42. This video still working? Not loading up anymore.

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  44. Hypnotism only works on weak minds. Start meditating to strenghten your mind.

    • BS say that to the MK Ultra assassin / murderers your led to believe that suggestion can only be mapped to a weak mind. Electronics are also used some call them psychotronics , stage shows might be able to use house wives and manipulate people who you say have weak minds , however the more tougher mind sets are used on programs like mannequin , monarch mind control etc are not used upon weak minds because they would fail as a weapons systems.

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