BBC Covid Man IS ACTOR! Yet Another Actor! / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • ITV a couple of nights ago on news at 10 showed an actor supposedly suffering with Covid.
      Obvious propaganda.

      • They been doing it for years but this,I think is exaggerated at no because they are going to be exposed very soon and all the sheeple will be gobsmacked that they believed any of

    • Thank you, Hugo!! 😊

      This is a very useful compilation for us to share with those who continue to believe the “pandemic” narrative.

      Lisa 🙂

    • So this guy is on oxygen and they dont remove his nose ring to help him breath better 😂😂😂😂

    • Isnt it funny how our main stream media news channels are copying American CNN over there they are called crisis actors.

    • But his story is legit. It was last march when he got ill, there is full documentation of it by his friends and family too. Plus in the hospital discharge records.

  1. You would have to be a cock to believe Mathew Roche.
    As for god free, they are the ones doing this.

  2. Hasn’t got his Dick out and flapping it around on here like on Naked Attraction has he .😂😂

  3. I’ve never seen so many healthy looking people on ventilators, perfect eyebrows, trimmed beards etc, must think we are stupid

    • The NHS offer a free manicure before every induced coma for Covid patients…get yours now before all beds are filled with people dying from flu..

  4. Although it doesn’t apply to the most recent liar, decided to say it for you Hugo, as he was allegedly taking selfie. How could viewers of this rubbish buy into the fact that a reporter and camera man were allowed to go into hospitals and interview when people weren’t allowed to visit even close relatives. Really proves the point that television takes away your ability to use your brain.

    • Yes, and in addition to this, many people want to believe that 2+2=5.
      They do not want their worldview to be challenged, and will now comply with ANYTHING in order to avoid this.

    • This is probably what they tell the actors. They lie for a living so it probably doesn’t seem suspicious to them?

  5. How stupid are these people…..why don’t they just walk around with a sign saying,,,,,’YES, I AM A COLLABORATOR…….STRING ME UP FROM THE NEAREST TREE BECAUSE I BETRAYED MY FAMILY, MY FRIENDS, MY COUNTRY AND I TOTALLY DESERVE WHAT IS COMING TO ME…………for thirty pieces of silver.

  6. This is interesting, a couple days ago my friend told me he was made to get the jab through his work. He then got really I’ll then weeks later he noticed he’s easily out of breathe. I’m thinking it’s either lungs or heart. I saw the Spanish broadcast dunno if it was legit or not it’s incredibly hard to find real info but they’re saying it’s graphene oxide in these jabs, which scientific trails from the past deem very likely, anywho, these guys are saying zinc helps bind to the graphine oxide and pull it out of the body. I’m going to get him some zinc. F knows it can’t hurt at this point. He’s not getting the second jab thank goodness.

  7. Don’t know if it was a comment on this site or Twitter but I was just saying how much the bbc are pushing their propaganda on the younger generation to get the experimental gene therapy experiment. Can I ask we stop calling this experimental gene therapy a vaccine and call it what it is? Maybe another way of trying to get through to the flock, can you imagine Boris asking everyone to get the experimental gene therapy experiment rather than get the vaccine?

    • It’s not even a experimental because they know exactly what it will do. They would of been experimenting this type of vaccine a long time ago in poorer countries disguised as helping them.

      • That’s true enough Dan. They’re not likely to have gone in this deep and hard without knowing short and longer term effects. Not so sure about using poorer countries simply because it could have come to light. Plenty of soldiers where QuinetiQ have got there underground playground! Or homeless go missing, so on and so forth.

      • They definitely use other countries. Just look at what Gates and the who did in India and parts of Africa.

      • I know they use other countries for a variety of vaccines but I don’t think it’s as likely for an experimental gene therapy jab. I’m sure our mad scientists would want to monitor the results here and keep the people being experimented on under lock and key. Regardless of how it turned out they’d only be leaving in a wooden box.

  8. There is no level to low that many actors will not stoop, they seem to be able to confuse fact with fiction a moments notice and not know the differance,, I’m shure there is a medical name for the condition!

    • I think you’ll find the condition is called, getting paid for the job.

    • Look to see them in bit parts in eastenders, fit well in with the storylines of this bbc soap propaganda, blm trans,and woke

    • There’s a medical name for idiots that can’t even spell ‘sure’!! Moron

      • There is no need to be rude. This is a safe place for people to share their views.

      • Actually this doesn’t seem to be the same guy, Darren Howard has proved it with his earlobes lol. The others Hugo has shown us were actors though so I’m not saying they don’t use actors in this pantomime!

  9. Sajid Javed supposedly has the convid now as well – I don’t believe it I think he’ll be super healthy in a few days and will be saying see the jab works, go get it now! Everything is propaganda.

    • …the PCR & LF tests are not acurate, so I suspect there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. He probably put some orange juice on the swab to ensure a false oositive so he didnt have to go to school…..err sorry, I mean his government ministerial work ☺

      • Apologies! I had a 5G-senior moment and was sadly thinking about Sajid Jabid testing positive for covid and not the pathetic actors 😕

  10. He’s the kind of guy to take a selfie at his mum’s funeral

  11. This well and truly confirms you cannot trust ANYTHING you see on the telly or in the papers. The broadcasters, presenters, actors, “experts” given air time are all paid off and handsomely funded by the people running the scam to push the narrative. Can’t even trust our independent regulator MHRA, it took nearly £1M of Gates Foundation money before it approved his Pfizer jabs. And they ignored warnings from several respected doctors and scientists regarding the risk of blood clots/bleeds and other serious health problems that were inevitable with the gene based vaccines before mass roll-outs. Tens of thousands of deaths and disabilities in Europe and USA now and they are still allowing the jabs!

    • Can’t even trust my mates anymore, all too fuckin thick and blinded by fear .

  12. There’s no business like show business.
    ..and the illusion goes on and on because this show must go on and on and on and on….
    Can just imagine Lady Lyoyd Weber managing the auditions for these cretinous out of work actors 😊

  13. Thank you for point this out Hugo……..What a complete useless *unt !! pardon my words please

    Please have a listen to this “covert” information

    Thanks again for continuing the brilliant work.

    Warm wishes sean

  14. What a scandal- these are psych ops that are ramping up to control !!! Great work Hugo!!

  15. Organ damage and death are possible side effects from some of the antiviral drugs that have been used to treat “covid” patients in hospital.

    • Better that than… Where did you say they were, in hospital, right so they are facing death, and you rather they are not given any treatment then?

  16. No mention on his Instagram page maybe we should be sending him best wishes and glad he’s overcome his dice with death

  17. I dare say if he hasn’t already he will have his 15 mins of fame on GMB saying how awful his experience was and dictating to us about following rules. Then a somber reporter dictating to us and telling us cases and hospital admissions are rising. So boring and tedious now.

  18. If it were not for mms the govts of the world would never of been able to sell this story to the masses for thier puppet masters!! IF we manage to stop this bs they should be held up for crimes against humanity with all the rest, I include these z list actors in this!

  19. You are so spot on with this Hugo, thank you.
    We are hardly watching any tv now so haven’t seen this. Don’t believe anything on MSM. Like it has been mentioned why are these actors having their photos taken when they are supposed to be so ill. Wonder how much they got paid for this.
    Pity some can’t come out with the truth for once.

  20. Lying bunch of CUNTS….FUCK MAINSTREAM MEDIA….

  21. Hi diddly dee an actor’s life for me sang pinnochio before his nose grew longer! It’s never anyone we know who gets covid is it? Funny that! Except it’s not funny!

  22. There is actually two posts that fella made on his Instagram account from last year. He says he contracted pneumonia and was tested positive for Covid.
    I was really ready to give him some abuse then I read that. Be careful guys…. we gotta double check everything.

  23. For somebody who is apparently ‘at deaths door’ he certainly had plenty of colour in his face, positively glowing!.

    • That was spray tan, concealer, foundation and blusher

    • Yes it’s a joke, who starts taking and posting selfies if that sick.

      • He’s sick alright, sick in the head.

  24. COVID-19 has doubled his eyebrows in size. Not all bad then.

  25. You know what else might also cause organ damage? The covid shots…

  26. Amazing all these people with covid they find only actors.

  27. Can’t trust a word from MSM.
    As corrupted as Government.
    Want their slice of the £320 million advertising revenue.

    • it,s amazing how many lying bastards there are with their hand out willing to go along with the gag .

  28. The hypnosis is really working on the British people. No matter how crazy the rules are they obey without question. Hugo posted an excellent video last night from a Scottish professional hypnotist who explained the tactics of this government, the comparison is astounding. Well worth watching.

  29. The only sickness these idiots have, is in the head.

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