Lockdown News Roundup / Carrington Event / Hugo Talks Some More

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  1. Hugo theres no such thing as solar flares that’s just NASA bullshit if the internet does go off it’s because they turned it off

    • I totally agree with you there Mary “ anything from NASA is surly BS” and that will be their excuse for turning it off”

      • Helium balloons are anti gravity devices.

  2. If the Carrington Event occurs when the ‘experts’ predict, wonder what will happen to their cashless society plans then.

    Imagine ALL of your assets destroyed by a solar flare if everything was digitised before it struck?

    Imagine the MASSIVE power the government would have over all of us peasants then!!!!!!!!

  3. Have you heard anything about pole reversal expected between 2030-2050. Self sustaining smart cities would make sense for an event like that. Also makes sense why we are being exposed to all this radiation. Cures for cancer needed. Mass dna harvesting. Already done it with animals and tress ect. When pole reversal comes we are left without a van Allen belt. We’ll be radiated from the sun. It wipes out all civilisations. The Chinese are the lucky ones. The water slows before hitting China. The Chinese even built a wall over thousands of years in preparation for the next one. They are making us prepared and separating us. Imagine telling the vaxxed the world was changing and most of them would die. It would be total chaos. This way they control the situation. It’s natural selection sped up. Be open minded. There are so many clues. Think Noah’s flood.. how water formed on the planet.. it’s built up over cycles. The 2025 solar storm will take out the vaxxed. Or at least that will be their excuse.

    Copy link to YouTube


    • FWIW, this remote viewer, his team is world class, got that there is a natural event coming, which “they”, the real power structure knows is coming and they have no control over. Covid is related to this. They hope to be in control after the event… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnA-iIkSmr0

      Another world class remote viewing crypto viewing also got some type of earth change involving the sun… *may* have a ‘supernatural’ aspect too.
      Finally Edward Roirdan who has a YT channel as well, had an ominous feeling back in 2017which he remote viewed and saw the release of an organism from a lab…
      I remember watching it back in 2017. he drew a man that looked like that harvard scientist nano-bio expert who had a “secret” lab in Wuhan and was arrested in Jan 2020.
      Again a huge pinch of salt with RV… but it has apparently been shown to work with well practiced professionals. Edward’s session even went into detail re: substance in the blood and clotting and how that dictates organ damage/death with who gets it, which has shown to be the case re: fibrin in the blood. He also picked up that the release was deliberately in conjunction with 5G, which i imagine is part of the control grid (and perhaps interaction with injection components?)…. Hugos talk of magnetic people and magnetic event is great intuition. I give him credit for picking up some missing piece.
      Oh yeah, Edward also got that Qanon was a psy-op and is just the tip of something much grander…. which involves some type of control over peoples bodies through satellites (starlink?5G?) as well…Again HUGE pinch of salt, but Hugos talk about an event and missing piece made me think of all this.

  4. Is the jag not highly reactive to magnetic forces? Remember the people putting magnets on their arms at the site of the jag.
    I wonder how an imaginary solar flare, a highly magnetic force, would react with those who have been jagged.
    I say imaginary as it will probably be the 5G turned up to full.

  5. Nah Cuba is witnessing another orange revolution, aka strikes against lack of democracy payed by USA specs..switched internet because of the Twitter which is illegally set on the territory of Cuba by the same forces

  6. Hi Everyone “ thank you Hugo “ for this info, I’d never heard of this before “

  7. lf the graphene oxid is true in the jabs and if it is sensitive for the magnetic field…

    The Sun will be responsible for the deaths because of its very rare storm and the goverments will say that sorry, we couldn’t count with it.

    I hope it will stay my insane conspiracy theory…

  8. On 16th July there was a massive Class C CME from the sun. Fortunately it ejected from the opposite side of the sun and was not directed at earth.
    We were lucky this time, as a direct hit on earth this could have caused power grid failures. Due to the speeding up of the magnetic pole shift our magnetosphere is not as reliable as it used to be in protecting Earth from the suns activity.
    For more info checkout:
    SuspiciousObservers channel on Youtube.

  9. “Hypnotised”. Good God Yes. Along time ago. Too far gone? Possibly.

  10. Fauci knew that there would be a ‘surprize’ pandemic back in 2017. Moreover he knew it would happen during Trumps administration. So by the same token, Of Course the scientists KNOW that there will be a ‘Solar Flare’ black-out – They have learned how to THROW A SWITCH!

    • Totally agree with you. Same old psychological trick being played as well. Keep saying it’s going to happen and it doesn’t, then one day, Bingo.

  11. Do we trust anything NASA says. They said Man landed on the moon. Proof out there, that was bull shite too..

    • Earth’s a level plane, standing bodies of water proves it, helium balloon are anti gravity devices.

  12. Christ. You are taking it next level if you think a solar storm carringtom event can be controlled. And yes it would cause mayhem. It would take out nost if not all of the transformers on the sun side of the earth and the reason for the downtime would be the world only has a certain capacity to build new transformers.

    It could take out gps, satellites, transformers, computers, magnetic media etc. And with no power everything down to the swerage and water being pumped to/from your property would stop. No internet, no power, no water, shit backing up literally. Supply chain collapse, covil unrest and looting for everything. Bot a place or thing id like to experience.

    Do some research before you start dreaming up fantasies.

    Oh and when it does happen it will be there in the sky for you to witness. There will be northern lights as far down as paris/spain. That is bot something you can fake.

    • I think maybe they can pretend this solar event happens in order to knock out all the power…today the White House announced that it is working with Facebook and social media platforms to stop ‘dis-information’. I believe they want to be in a position to stop any alternative news…

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