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    • I have been thinking that for a long time now..people think I am a conspiracy theorist, but now all of the conspiracies are coming true 😒. If the government don’t stop with the bs then there will be a war and I will be part of it.

      • they wont be stopping ..theyre just getting started..I’d rather be dead than take their filth into my bloodstream..and when the shit hits the fan and theyre beating my door in to give my my shot i’ll be taking few with me ..I will not be going without a fight and without inflicting some hurt

      • And me !! I am not going down without a fight!! Whatever it takes, I will fight for my beliefs!

    • Yes please, Hugo. I’ve been telling people that Billy Goats will own them if they have the jib-jab because he has a patent on it since this scamdemic kicked off. Not that folk are capable of hearing the message, sadly.

  1. My son believes all this mask, vaccine bullshit. He berates me as a tin foil hat idiot! I have to let him go! I can’t help him anymore!

    • I feel you man. This is heartbreaking having to let them go.

    • Same as my daughter just disowned me today!

      It’s a shame but this what they have wanted so I taking on the chin
      What else can I do

      • I feel your pain, Janie (and David). My son disowned me on my birthday last year because he didn’t want to listen. We were very close for 29 years…

      • I feel your pain Janie, I am very fortunate my 3 lads are wide awake to all this nonsense. Hopefully that protects my granddaughters too. Phew!

      • So many close families now divided. War is coming. I know which side I’m on. I’m wondering what the laws are on keeping chickens. I know pigs have to stay out of sight for the front of a property…

      • I’m so sorry to read this Janie, and others with there son & Daughters and family members.
        What us this Fucking country become.

        Best of luck to you all hope you children see your personal choice

      • They don’t trust their eyes they only trust what their phones screens tell them such is the propaganda.

    • That’s a shame to hear David, this is dividing a lot of problems. You are making the right decision, one day your son might realise.

    • Yep my eldest has had it and my youngest told me tonight that it’s her 21st sept and she will have to have the vax so she can go clubbing and stay in the hotel she has booked, she also wants to travel, she said vax passports are coming no matter what so she will take the jab and doesn’t care about the outcome 🤷‍♀️

      • Amanda, you would think that their health I more important than going traveling?

      • It’s called making a deal with the Devil.

    • I think a lot of us are now in that position. Both of my daughter’s gave me up as a hopeless case last summer. I can cope with that. The part that hurts is them both stopping my 4 grandchildren from being in email communication with me. Like people of our opinion are poisonous to their minds.

    • The new crazy mask backing bedwetter’s now saying Men are more embarrassed to wear to mask.
      Feck off and a grow a pair 🐑

    • That’s one of the saddest thing I ever heard, I’m so sorry, for him as well as yourself! I’d be heartbroken! I understand you have to let him go his own way but tell your door is always open to him and, if you are a man of faith, pray for him.

  2. Exactly…it was the same with the lockdowns and pcr cycles and their (very quiet) declarations that lockdowns were potentially more harmful than the virus and that the pcr cycles were too high. So transparent.

    • And the Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s COVID-19 lead (epidemiologist), told everyone early on that “it’s rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” yet here we are – still guilt-tripping healthy people into masking up and removing many of their freedoms for 16 months. They’re all corrupt!

  3. Hands up, Hugo subscribers, how many of you still have a smart-phone and how many still have the N.H.S. app? Not me.

    • Keith I hold my hands up I do have smart phone still because truth is can’t afford a laptop as yet 👍

      But absolutely NOT A NHS app Keith

      Truth seekers tell the truth so hopefully I answered your question

      Take care

      • I’m in the same position as you Janie, there again I never take my phone outside of my bungalow.

      • My phone is my only access to the internet and to communicating easily with my 3 daughters (who haven’t taken the jib-jab, although their male counterparts have; as has my son who has blocked me from his life :((( )

        I don’t take the wretched tracking device with me when I walk my puppy or go to Sainsbury’s; neither have I ever worn or even possessed a face nappy. And as for anti-social distancing…well, you know what they can do with that. I wouldn’t dream of downloading the stupid NHS app, and I check regularly that Google hasn’t surreptitiously defaulted their app to “On”.

      • Well done and well said! It is such a shame that friends and families are being divided though. But that is their plan, Devise to Conquer. Also, the more the rules don’t make sense then the more there is scope for so many more theories for these irrational rules which brings on more division in society. These scheming bastards are playing a psychological war!

  4. I am actually vegan but have been so for 38yrs but I am aware of what I need to keep my vit, mineral, protein etc levels right but not a chance I’d eat any of the fake lab grown crap nor anything the govt advices as you’re right they have no interest in our health or wellbeing what so f***ing ever!! I also use natural health remedies as again big pharma (as so clearly proven by the jab)also have no interest in healthy people, no profit in healthy people is there! They are at best a sickness maintenance industry at worst a killer and that was before this poison being put in peoples bodies!!
    Keep fighting the good fight, say no to all thier stupid rules. For me it’s simple I DO NOT CONSENT I WILL NOT COMPLY!!

    • Don’t think lab grown is for us, to expensive, perfect meat for the Elites no doubt they’ll trial it on us for years like the jab’s,insect burgers is what we’ll be eating soon enough though 🙁

      And Soylent Green ofcourse, millions dying soon can’t let it go to waste and it’ll spread the jab aswell winning.

      • I thought of soylent green when the government put out that contract for companies to provide cold storage in case of morgues being over run in the next 4 years. Although the idea sounds crazy, I really wouldn’t put it past them these days.

      • @ Rhedmaeo
        Cannibalism coming right up!

  5. Thank you Hugo

    They are all lying!

    I believe what I need to so thank you Hugo

  6. So many unanswered questions about the contents of the injection.
    A good one is why certain manufactures have to keep the injection ingredients at minus 70 (unsure if thats Centigrade or Fahrenheit) ?
    Could that be to maintain integrity of certain nanoparticles??
    As the injection ingredients are still being tested, it could be they are being changed over time during this live sheep experiment to guarantee the right result (whatever that could be!)
    I don’t believe graphene oxide is an ingredient, as that would cloud the clear injection solution. Maybe the reported cases of magnetism are due to nanoparticles which either directly, or via DNA changes, are somehow harvesting iron from the haemoglobin.
    As usual my information conveniently comes from this smartly dressed bloke sporting a carnation plus a copy of the The Times at a bus stop somewhere in Kent 😊

    • A bus stop in Kent? Don’t hold your breath waiting for fathom Thanet coaches.

  7. Yes and I saw that about salt and sugar meat ect
    The man who they interviewed the top health gezza … smiled really eerily 🥺 through out the interview was very strange

    • Totally agree, they can stick where the sun don’t shine!

  8. The Wizard of Oz is far deeper and truthful .. and maybe the reason they ran it endlessly when we were kids…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

    • It is. I read a book several years ago that broke the film down to show the full meaning behind it.
      Trouble is, we don’t know how to get to Oz to expose the puppet masters behind the curtain.

  9. Hi Hugo, please have a look at the interview of Dr Martin with Reiner Fuellmich. He has more than enough proof this scamdamic has been planned for years….

  10. I said to my wife at Christmas time that they would be a lot of misinformation coming out in the months to come to discredit the so called conspiracy theory’s, stay strong people

  11. Thanks Hugo. Unfortunately I could not find that website Back 2 Common sense. I may need another search engine.

  12. These divide and conquer tactics their trying to cause? Well this is just a thought but you know the disgusting racist comments the England footballers received? Do you think some of these comments are made to cause division and people are actually paid to do so? Just like the crisis actors at the anti lockdown protest there to stage fake events, maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part hoping that our country isn’t as racist as made out

    • the vax contains graphine oxide this is true ,this in food and masks and chemtrails and lights you up for the 5g kill shot, the cabal wants you to think it is a spike protein to hide the fact that 5g is there main weapon to kill us.

      • Yeah, I heard somewhere that the vaccine injects mRNA into your bloodstream which alters your DNA, then they link you up to 5G control towers-mind control. I know I might sound like a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, and yes that does sound very unrealistic, but with the technology today anything is possible…scientists have already figured out how to genetically modify the DNA of food-GM crops, alter the DNA of animals-selective breeding for desired characteristics ect…

        NO MASK
        NO JAB
        NO COMPLIANCE!!!!

  13. Hugo I have a great deal of respect for your integrity, not to mention your dedication to truth. Lots of love ❤️

  14. You know what, history will always repeat itself, it is the urge to control everything that sets us back from our full potential as humans. We know from history that collectives existed with zero morals and what comes with it. They are no wiser today, but sneakier, beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing on all sides, that goes for everybody including police, they are also being led by the nose, only the bad cops end up on a viral video. I hear some of you speak about abandoning your family like it’s a good thing, it is not. Never abandon your family, especially at a time of war. Only a cult would tell you to abandon your family.

    • What do you mean “us” I was always on the other side watching them.. I wasnt interested to join them.

      • What I meant by “us” is the general populace, the non controllers, we are being and have been controlled throughout most of our existence in some form. What made you think I made a suggestion about joining them. I never suggested that. Are you a troll Thomas, also rhymes with a certain underground mammal or just another alias.

    • I haven’t abandoned my daughters, they chose to break contact but both know I love them and that I’m here for them if they ever change their mind.

  15. Today in PERTH WA a person at the shops scanned her trace and track app Q code but did not use the sanitizer provided (I did)! It’s almost as if they want this to continue.

    • Sanitizer is anti bacterial not anti viral, Covid is airborne anyway and pretty much just an over hyped flu / cold / hayfever / any bug you can have, stub your toe yep that’s covid.

  16. I can’t find the back 2 common sense site. Please can we have a link?

  17. You’re right Hugo! Time and time again Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has played across my mind with its similarities to what’s going on now, with the kids grabbing the sweeties…and then there’s the bit at the end where Wonka says to Charlie “You passed the test. You won! I often think this is what this is. A test. A massive test. On humanity.

  18. My sis in law got ‘pinged’ six months ago. She lives with my mum in law and therefore we couldnt visit her. I asked ‘where was she… and who was it that had the Killer Virus?’. She replied that the app doesnt tell you that! I couldnt stop laughing!! She obviously didnt have anything important to do for the next 14 days did she?! FFS! The Tyrants can blster the BS propaganda by sending these messages to as many frit sheep as they want to keep this scam going…. The sheep deserve their vaxtermination jab! We will be better off without them!!!

  19. One feckin’ numpty I work with has had 5 lots of time off work because he keeps getting pinged by that stoopid app. Our boss has told him to remove it from his phone!

  20. Drven like frightened sheep. When they’ve gone over the precipice it will be to late

  21. Can’t mix and Match, but anyone who’s had Astra to go on Holiday at great personal health risk, has to get the Pfizer already, so guess there mixing.

    Definitely back tracking, no defo not the WHO’s fault, crazy isn’t it.

    Don’t forget SAGE ( lying useless bastards ) said in the Fall 70% of the Jabbed will need hospital care / die, they’ve warned us aswell!!

    I’m lucky, my kids and there mates all saying HELL NO!! or maybe in a year if I really have to.

    Ex Wife / Mother of 1 child well I went to great lengths to explain the logic and her mom a tesco’s shelf stacker told her to get it, so she did LOL

  22. I said pretty much everyone on Facebook was isolating, that’s over, don’t think 1 got ill LOL

    1 I know of did get ill, Lat Flow and PCR tested positive, but likely just a summer cold and crap PCR tests obviously. GF’s 2nd holiday cancelled LOL

    They’ve tuned down the track and trace since, as many took app off, I never installed it 🙂 Never done a test, never worn a mask never self isolated, lockdown #1 it was just me walking around the town, met a new mate homeless guy didn’t have a clue why there was nobody around LOL No longer homeless and hopefully on drugs.

  23. potentially if only one person had tested positive that number (500,000) could be the result yes?

    • If one person tested (false) positive after walking through a train station every other person who went through there around that time would be pinged, that could easily be thousands, especially in London, then everyone they come into contact with gets pinged as well, it could easily end up being 500,000 people just from that one false positive & not a single one of them actually sick with anything.

      • I spoke to loads about it,GF 1 of them, at the time of her contact she’d of been home, they just hit a huge random selection right before they said, the double jabbed from the 19th don’t have to self isolate, tactic to make people think, stuck at home bored, ohhhh I’ll get the Jab then, nothing more.

  24. “back 2 common sense”
    Can someone give me the link to this as searches bring up nothing.

  25. Bless you Hugo. Totally agree that we dont know anything for sure.. and really appreciate you bringing it all into the light. I am cynical about Monday, half of my mainstream friends think we shouldn’t have any lifting of restrictions. The lies are so deep it feels like most of society are lost to them. I hope we can make a change

    • 1200 scientists signed a letter, we need them shot, 44,000 signed the barington decleration, did it get on the BBC, hell no!!

      The numbers will be high, don’t get me wrong………..

      They’ve changed it from “Dying within 28days of testing positive ” to “Dying within 28 days of Covid mentioned on there records”, Sneezes doctor puts on record might be Covid and dies 26days later in a car crash and OMG another avoidable Covid death.

      And running the PCR’s at 45,so 97% false positive rate.

  26. My ex’s own grandmother won’t allow him round unless he can prove he’s been jabbed. That whole side of the family are treating him like a leper. Thankfully my family all know the coup.

  27. WHO is not independent, third largest donor Bill Gates.

  28. A couple of months ago, for whatever reason, on Pfizer’s web-site, it was advised to take the 1st and 2nd dose from Pfizer, and if the 1st dose was from Pfizer, it was advised against taking a 2nd dose from a different brand. It looks like that information is gone now, at least I can’t find through a quick browse at the site. I’m also not in the mood to search for it. I used to take screenshots of this kind of information. Sadly, I deleted most screenshots after a while. Maybe I should start collecting them for posterity.

    • Pfizer have just said, 6months after last Jab and the effect is wearing off and in the USA/everywhere wanted to role out a 3rd Jab, then 6monthly, USA said they don’t get to decide policy and NO, I’m guessing Pfizer thought life time cash cow, without rolling out 6months Jab’s this becomes a depopulation event.

      We already know the immunity via the Jabbed is less than natural Corona Immunity we’ve built up, which means highly likely it’s replace it rather than added to it, so 6-9months after last Jab, you have near Zero defence against any Corona virus and there are many going around, this Fall is going to get nasty if so.

      SAGE expects 70% of the jabbed in the Fall (via a press release oddly), will need hospital care ( won’t be able to handle this obviously ), so that’s millions dying.

  29. Several reports from friends that have to have the app. Received notifications of exposure, none of the had been anywhere..

    It’s a game of false positives again & again.

    The same thing is happening with vulnerable being stamped on people for no reason.
    While I know of others. This has happened to me. Early on texts came stating I was vulnerable. Would I like to push to the front of the queue.
    Called GP, they have as much idea as me, none! I can’t rember the last time I caught anything, I don’t attend the surgery, and injury a while back.
    Advising would be fed back & corrected, I blocked the message centre. Didn’t realise they’d still be coming in. Until I got home one night recently to a letter stating I was vulnerable. It’s harassment in any other book.
    No one can tell where this is recorded or why?
    Given unsubscribe info, unwilling to do that until I can set the record straight.
    I’m not having them charging at me with anything spikey!

    • Girl I know, few health issues not lung related, told shield if you get it 100% your dead, simple as, had to get tested before a procedure in hospital, tested Positive twice via PCR, twice pretty good legit ish, zero symptoms, not only did she not die, but she had no idea she had it.

      I suspect real as I was seeing her before and after and 2 of my mates had the cough/high temperature 2 weeks ish after, 1 being 69 and in bad health, didn’t bother worrying her it’s Covid, passed in 24hours the symptoms she’s still EVIL!!

  30. This is an encouraging study, we must stand for the right to choose natural immunity over a manufactured and questionable one!
    (N=1,359) Cleveland Clinic study suggests “If you’ve had Covid, getting a vaccine is NOT a high priority.”
    (1) Most people who’ve had Covid are not helped by vaccination.
    (2) Vaccines should be prioritized to people who have not had Covid.

    “Not one of the 1359 previously infected subjects who remained unvaccinated had a SARS-CoV-2 infection over the duration of the study.

    In a Cox proportional hazards regression model, after adjusting for the phase of the epidemic, vaccination was associated with a significantly lower risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection among those not previously infected (HR 0.031, 95% CI 0.015 to 0.061) but not among those previously infected (HR 0.313, 95% CI 0 to Infinity).

    Conclusions Individuals who have had SARS-CoV-2 infection are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination, and vaccines can be safely prioritized to those who have not been infected before.”

    • The problem with this comment “Not one of the 1359 previously infected subjects who remained unvaccinated had a SARS-CoV-2 infection over the duration of the study.” is that if you chose a randem 1359 of the population who had NOT had Convid before, then there is a GREAT chance that none of these would catch this flu either! This flu is no more prevalent than any other flu….. It’s been total BS since the start.

  31. I was looking over my list of anomalies in what we have been told (viruses can infect in ‘waves’ etc. – LoL) and found one that has been bugging me:

    Why do we need two shots?

    Everyone I have asked has had one in each arm. BINGO. What is in the middle between each upper arm?

    If Graphene Oxide is present at both injection sites and if it can be picked out using 5G radar or another targeting system, this will enable faster and more accurate target acquisition. This is still conjecture, but I have read no coherent explanation of why two shots are necessary so it appears to be the best explanation.

    It was March 2020 that David Icke made the 5G-COVID19 connection and he was comprehensibly ‘debunked’. Here’s one example of the ‘debunking’: https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/news/david-icke-coronavirus-theory-ofcom/ To this day, this remains the biggest ‘debunking’ effort by the UK government. Curious that claiming a 5G + COVID-19 link would induce the biggest reaction…. He didn’t claim what they said he claimed, but that’s not relevant.

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