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  1. This ‘interview’ is about as convincing as one of those ‘I confess to spying…’ political prisoner ‘confessions’ shown on North Korean TV 😀 You can bet it was pre-recorded to allow for editing for maximum spin and to prevent him going ‘off-script’, It also gives the appearance of him being drugged and someone off-camera, at least metaphorically holding a gun to his head. It looks unnatural, even the way ‘anti-vaxxer’ is slipped in. If your partner and mother of your children had been killed by a ‘vax-ceen’ you would be ballistic! I would. And as human beings I think we all would. It will be like the Princess Diana interview – there will be more to it.

    • I don’t believe any person who is high profile has had a jab. Why have no celebrities died from covid? Why have no celebrities had adverse reactions to a jab? Surely if thousands of them have been done then at least a few would be having an adverse effect? They have been, or ordered to be, silent. I will never look at a singer, musician, or film star in the same way again. Just look what has happened to just one of them who has been speaking out, Andrew Lawrence, he has been cancelled, point made.

      • I agree with all of that. In addition no more cinema theatre or concerts for me.

  2. One Covid death is one too many, though apparently any number of vaccine deaths is acceptable. I have heard of people dying in their sleep after having the second jab and when the elderly die after having the jab its attributed to ‘old age’ and frailty. I believe people in the public eye, royalty, politicians, celebs, are not being given the vaccine in case one of them get either a severe adverse reaction or die.

    • All these celebrities and politicians can be just given a placibo, so it look like the vaccine but it’s Vitamins or flu jab. Apparently in drug research people given 2 types one real and one fake but not told which on they have had!

      • Yes It’s called a ‘placebo’! So they can get reliable results. 🙄

  3. I agree with Trev. Whilst I feel for Lisa’s husband, their children and family, this interview felt remarkably scripted. Whenever anyone is interviewed, they have to include the sentence ” I’m not an ” anti-vaxxer ” it is included in almost every mainstream media interview. You would think someone who has just lost his young wife to a vaccine would most definitely be an “anti-vaxxer “. It is yet another derogatory term which is being pushed by the main stream to condition the masses to ridicule anyone who challenges the safety and efficacy of these ” jabs “

    • Being a widow from the age of 43yrs, 23yrs later I still remember what it felt like at that time and the weeks following. There is something remarkable false about this interview. Let’s be honest, why does it have to surround someone who was in the public eye? Why couldn’t they have picked another vaccine death? Obviously because they wouldn’t follow a script.

      • Yes, exactly. I lost my other half 3 years ago, my companion and best friend, to a stroke, then cancer. Im still crying and still angry, at life. His was a death caused by disease which is natural. This guy’s wife’s death was caused by something unnatural and deliberate, so he should be even angrier than l am. There’s no trace of anything like that in this interview.

      • Mya, I’m so sorry, your loss is still very fresh. I lost my husband after nursing him through cancer, like yourself he was the other half of myself which as young as I was is why I never got together with anyone else. It was around the fifth year when the inward grieving stopped, outward I’d learnt to act as if I was okay. I totally agree that husband should have been angrier about the situation.
        If it’s any help I likened my grief to a stormy day where eventually the sun gradually peeked through. Eventually the sun shone through more each day until the skies were blue and sunny with occasional black clouds. It doesn’t mean you forget them but you do learn to live without them. Look for the sun and enjoy it when it comes out.

      • Yes, to quote the Great Philosopher, Sheryl Crow: ♫I’m gonna soak up the sun Gonna tell everyone To lighten up♫ 😀

  4. So the narrative they are pressing now is, we have to accept side effects and deaths for the greater good…the BIG PHARMA and the great reset elite, could not care less about deaths or adverse reactions in order to obtain their complete control over the west

    • It’s like that ‘predictive programming’ film – ‘The Colony’. The moto of the ‘Ulysses’ mission is ‘For the Many’. The female astronaut keeps saying it over to herself. It is even embroidered on a badge on her space-suit just in case she forgets 😀 Another word that is mentioned, and one we keep hearing on the fakestream media is ‘collective’. Maybe it’s just me but all this talk of ‘for the many’, ‘collective’, ‘collectivism’ reminds me of Communism and Stalin’s Russia 😀

  5. Blatantly using this poor woman’s death to pimp other vaccines its sick!!!

  6. To me it does seem as though he has a gun to his head here. Let’s face it the BBC have to be seen to be saying something about this. I bet that’s not what he really said . Edited u can see that. The guys lost his wife has a child to bring up. He’s not himself . No just think the shit BBC are once again using this man’s grive to there own advantage. They make me sick. There’s a couple I watched on telegram yesterday. Carol and Trevor omg they lost there 40 year old son. They told the truth about everthing but its going to be in the sun or mirror and they said themselves it’s going to be watered down the fucking terriable disgusting way they were treated and her family. U must watch it . The real version not the MSM version of Edited and what u can say and what u can say. This couple have been to hell and back. They felt even if the mirror do Edited it its getting there storie out there. Hopefully this is what this poor guy is thinking. Let’s hope there gonna shot themselves in the foot by editing these people’s stories because the truth always comes out. This is editing at its best . Let them play the game. Its putting it out there. Jabs are not safe full stop. Hope people can gain something from these peoples deaths. Time for everyone now to actually use the brains they were born with and question this.

    • I caught an interview with the film director Oliver Stone on a channel that I don’t normally watch 😀 Not that I even watch T 😀 Anyway, Stone said that CNN or whoever interviewed him for one and a half hours and cut it down to a 20 to 30 second clip 😀

      • He should have just said.. dont get the jab…

  7. ive very little sympathy ..these people have plenty of opportunities to do their own research before getting their jabs … the woman was obviously reasonably intelligent .. he should be ashamed of himself for letting them kill his wife and doing fuckall about it ..

  8. If you are going to be interviewed on any MSM insist on it being live. Vernon Coleman wants a live debate with Whitty over the potion but the government don’t want to know.

  9. It’s horrific that even the BBC are dressing up deaths from the death potion and turning them in to pro death potion propaganda.

  10. The BBC would never let him say The vaccine caused ir so stop giving it to people. So many are now dieing with it they cant go on hiding it forever so they want to be seen showing ‘just enough’ . The govt will only admit defeat when there is a mass disaster and then they will say ‘we thought we were doing the best thing’. It’s all a vile plan and they know what is happening to people cos of it. Horrific!

  11. It’s time: When dealing with ANYONE who works for or represents the government at any level, refuse to speak with them or deal with them in any way, unless you are allowed to copy their full name and home address from their driver license or sate ID. That way we know (and they know), who to hold accountable.

    No one should vote for anyone, let us truly get rid of the evil that has infected us. If you feel so compelled, vote only for someone who has NEVER held an office.

    ANY person belonging to ANY secret society or N.G.O. should never be elected or hired for anything. Their allegiance can not be counted on.

    Spread the word!

  12. Covid is a lie and it is not killing people. This is a depopulation programme. The vaccines are designed to kill people. There is a lot of short term deaths. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The medium and long term deaths will astronomical. Don’t become a statistic. Say “fuck off!” to the jab.

    • This is typical SHTF ™ © ® fear-mongering. Always extending the time-frame in perpetuity 😀 I predict that by 2121, in only one hundred years times all the jabbed will be DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! They will all have died of worrying, fear and anxiety 😀 Only the unjabbed will roam the Earth 😀 Come back in 100 years time and tell me if I am wrong 😀

  13. In their religion of Satanism, they gave a sacrifice a loved one. He sacrificed his wife so that he is promoted to the next level of Satanism. How sad 😥 .

    Psalm 14:1-2

    New King James Version

    Folly of the Godless, and God’s Final TriumphTo the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David.

    14 The fool has said in his heart,
    “There is no God.”
    They are corrupt,
    They have done abominable works,
    There is none who does good.

    2 The Lord looks down from heaven upon the children of men,
    To see if there are any who understand, who seek God.

  14. anyone else get jab texts, getting 2 a week, fuck off, how they even got my number, really pushing it ain’t they…

    • Chris I have texts, NHS letters and more than one phone call. It’s nearly as bad as TV licence letter’s, they come every 6 weeks through the letter box. This even though 4 years ago I let one of their people come inside and wave his little machine around to prove no television and no computer to use as television.
      I don’t respond to letters, texts. If doctors phone I just remind them I declined and then they ask if I’m depressed!!! They have as much chance of getting me on their meds as getting me to have jab. I choose to remain a happy bunny.

  15. hi i know what you mean, its like being harassed all the time, never owned a tele, and wont have anything digital in my home anymore, i don’t even like lights on in the house, i tend to use candle lights, i like the natural darkness, would like to get rid of the net at some point, its depressing looking at the news articles as you log on. had a 7 day internet detox and it felt great. the internet is the virus, so do limit my exposure to it, must of the time i’m out walking while the summers here, i get out and make to most of it. since the lockdown my health as improved massively thanks to lockdown, got to be strong in these times incase the shit hits the fan

    • Chris, I haven’t gone to candles yet. I refuse to use any low energy bulbs and when my supply of 40watt “old fashioned” bulbs run out I have a big supply of candles to use . I do deliberately every 2 or 3 months turn off my electric and for a few days practice power going off situation so all actions are easier if it happens. I can put my hand on any torch in the dark and find what I need. Not sure what my neighbours think when I go dark, ha ha

  16. It’s chilling to think she was only 2 years older than me.

  17. Saying we should have a “choice” between these gene “therapy” inoculations( they’re not really vaccines in the classic sense) is a bit like saying one should have a choice between arsenic, cyanide and belladonna! Ludicrous and dangerous! I can’t believe he’s saying something like this and not warning everyone to refuse all of them but I do suspect he’s warned not to even imply such a thing!
    I have been wondering recently why more people haven’t has bad side effects and have realised that, in all clinical trials ( they are all in the trial phase until 2023), there has to a control group, who are given a “placebo” so that the effects of the substance being tested can be accurately evaluated. I suspect, SUSPECT mind you, I can’t say I know, that those who are not experiencing side effects and feel fine, MAY be in the “control group” and MAY have had a placebo. If that’s the case, they may well be fine for now but I also suspect that eventually, when they have adjusted the ingredients to their satisfaction, they plan to give everyone the “real thing”! The ONLY option is to refuse ALL of them!

  18. What a weak-willed man! This is atrocious! – He has basically sold his wife’s soul down the BBCrap tube! But then, perhaps it all comes down to money and compensation!! She was after all employed by this hellish institution. What a show of weak-minded feebleness!

  19. it amazes me how many jobsworth NHS doctors and their assistants are willing to go along with this government CULL.

  20. This gun has a steel bullet loaded in it, this gun has a titanium bullet and this gun has a brass bullet.

    Which one would you prefer to be shot by?

  21. He even says MAYBE be given a choice of jab and that she was just doing THE RIGHT THING. And note how he stutters after uttering the word “Maybe”, saying it very tentatively, as if he’s cautious not to say anything negative about the vaccine or knowing he’s been told to say this, and wanted to say more.

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