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  1. J’aurais aimé y être – Vive la révolution – la Grande-Bretagne regarde!

    • Moi aussi, la grande Bretagne pourrait aprende.

    • Bill Gates made no secret of Virus, Vaccines. For those who take the Vaccines Certification and those who refuse the Vaccine, Restrictions.. He also said there was too many people in the World and wanted Depopulation. Oh people wake up. Its not conspiracy. Its reality. Vaccines are unsafe. The World Governments have gone rogue on the people. They are following Bill Gates Depopulation Agenda

  2. Well done Hugo thank you

    Well done to the France 🇫🇷 people for standing up
    MSM won’t cover it as we all know they cover Feck all that’s Truly important to Us !
    But great stuff Hugo thank you am going to share now👍👍

    Have great afternoon

  3. The government are paid by us to maintain our safety at all times……!

    • It’s just wishful thinking 😀

      ♫It’s time we should talk about it
      There’s no secrets kept in here

      Forgive me for asking
      Now wipe away your tears

      And if I wish to stop it all
      And if I wish to comfort the fall
      It’s just wishful thinking

      I sat on the roof
      And watched the day go by

      I see the likeness in his smile
      And the way he stands makes it all worthwhile

      But if I wish to stop it all
      And if I wish to comfort the fall
      It’s just wishful thinking♫

    • Yes, starting in Stoke and from our Islamic friends. The NHS have let a mother of 5 be put on the end of life pathway, wouldn’t let he family see her, have lied it’s what she wanted (said they got a Bengali translator – she didn’t even speak Bengali), and now she’s dead. They were protesting at the hospital before, I can only imagine how it’s going to kick off now, because the brother said “Covid is killing more black and Asian people than anyone else – and now we know why”.

      Fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for a bumpy ride…

  4. Enough is enough. Its about time we take our power back.


  5. Today the 14 of July is . . . .Bastille Day, which is a national holiday in France, celebrates the actions of a mob of Frenchmen, tired of the rule of their king, who stormed a prison to get weapons and free prisoners. It marked the start of the French Revolution.

    • Freemasons who instigated and carried out the so called French Revolution that has little to do with France like Spanish flu has little to do with Spain are going to enslave you the same way, you didn’t like the king so now you have the *wish banksters and their secret services tossing all the cards.
      If this is managed by Yellow Vests movement then we know it’s controlled by CIA/Mossad/MI5

      • The masons also instigated the English civil war,to get rid of a king who didn’t want the money lenders back in the country,the same people who Cromwell let back into the country are the ancestors of those behind this plandemic

      • Well said Chris Wilson. The same Cromwell who sacked the monasteries, cathedrals at the behest of henryvlll.
        Who invented his own( church of England)
        We were once one people with one faith for over thousand yrs Catholic faith our ancestors were Catholic. The one true faith!!!
        They don’t tell you that in school…
        Cromwell let the Jews in sacked the royals, abolished Xmas.
        Until they could install their fake royals.
        Look at that globalist fraud in the Palace today and her pathetic offspring (satanists) they worship at the synogogue of Satan.
        (The great replacement) is happening before our very eyes.
        Everyone know this, they hate the English and want you dead!! They have mocked and ridiculed us for centuries.. They brought the ethnics in to bash us with..
        Now they call everyone English to demean and dilute us.
        God bless!! Viva christo rey!!



  8. well done people, gives me hope. no way would I be blackmailed into doing it. glad people are waking up. there not turning me into a soulless synthetic robot, with there track and trace shit. do one….

  9. I work for a telehealth company. I am currently delivering oximeters to Covid Patients. The majority of them have had 2 jabs. Strange vaccine that appears to offer less protection than one’s natural immunity. I know four people who have had heart attacks in the last few weeks. They were all double jabbed recently. Three of them are now dead. One of them has left behind a son who has special needs and has no one left in the world.

  10. Spirit of the Bastille! Dust off the guillotine, we are coming for you!

    • The french revolution was planed and iniciated by a group of freemasons as well as the bolshevic revolution in Russis in 1917 by khasaric pseudo wandering ewish displaced. Read the ,,red symphony”

  11. To win this war being raged against us we do not need to riot, we only need to throw away all smart-phones, burn all masks and go about our daily lives as if Westminster does not exist. Ignore them as they ignore debate.

    • That would only work if everyone did it.

    • Amazing!!! Well said. That’s exactly what we need to do. Also no body fly or use airlines for the Summer and that will sort the Airlines out real quick. Once there flying there planes with 3-4 passengers they won’t last a month…

      It is simple really. There trying to use our passions and joyful times against us and sadly most are fooling for it….

  12. looks a evil bastard that macron. i hold them fully accountable for crimes against us, salvation lay within. its been a long time coming. i’ve been waiting 20+ years. hope we will.

    • this soulless entity knows what the blueprint is like the rest of them um, truth be told, there days are numbered.

  13. All this protesting isn’t doing shit, no one knows, hopefully get a few NHS whistleblower’s once they get sacked, but still, word wont get out, YouTube isn’t worth looking at anymore, how long till they have their tentacles into Odyssey, this is fuckin’ Insane, to many vaccinated now.

    • Who says there are too many vaccinated? You believe the numbers of jabbed that fascist politicians and their media tell you?
      The fascist media claim only a few hundred, then a few thousand on the London marches. D’you believe them or believe the numbers of hundreds of thousands. Most estimates put it at around a million or more. Mile after mile after mile of marchers. Don’t you think it more likely (sorry, “highly likely”) that the fascists’ media are lying through their teeth again over the numbers of jabbed?

      • Spot on! Everything has been a lie from day one, it`s a lie now and always will be.. It`s time to bring them down.. Bigtime!..

      • I know my full family are vaccinated, a lot of my friends, i believe people are asleep, don’t watch the news or keep an eye on there bullshit statistics.

      • I agree that even though a significant amount have had the jab, the numbers they’re putting out will be higher than is true. If it were only a minority of us who haven’t been jabbed they wouldn’t need to keep pushing it so hard. They would have already started rounding us up if we were in such a minority.

    • They want you to believe we are minority….is a lie…we are more but no platform to speak and organise

  14. He’s a good little Rothschild & Rockefeller protege’ – what do we expect from these people. Little twerp like Napoleon, Masonic like Napoleon, liar and a cheat… like Napoleon. They believe the lies Satan has told them – that’s how delusional they are. They are soon to find out how much Satan hates them. Satan is the father of lies and his mission is to lie, steal, kill and destroy. Their days are numbered. I stand with King JESUS!

    • Napoleon saw the light and fought against this globalist system,why do you think Wellington and the Russians and Blucher were against him ,all Rothschild’s agents

    • As the first European leader to go full on fascist tyranny, the NWO architects must have a lot of dirt on him so he doesn’t need much string pulling.
      If not then that picture of him says a lot….evil, mad, bastard who doesn’t need his strings pulled at all.

  15. Viva La France 🇫🇷 the French people stood up to the monarchy in the revolution and you can only push them so far before they will fight for what’s right and freedom! Down with Tyranny and the NWO ! Let the people sing 🇫🇷🙏

  16. Hugo: the protest was headline news yesterday on BBC, except it wasn’t this one it was a protest in Cuba!

  17. I think its time that we took over MSM. If they won’t broadcast the truth, then let’s remove them and let’s take over their channels. In numbers “they” will never be able to stop it happening. In all wars the MSM must be the first port of call to control.

  18. None of these dictators like Johnson Sturgeon That Paedophile in Wales were elected, all were put there by the globalists who are giving them their orders.

  19. France – you have a reputation for being fantastic at protests. Most estimates of the London marches put our numbers at around 1 million. See if you can smash those numbers on the streets of Paris, demanding an end to this neo-liberal tyranny.

    J’aurais aimé y être – Vive la révolution – la Grande-Bretagne regarde!

  20. Unfortunately what you might hear on the news is that over 900 000 in France booked their jab after this announcement yesterday (source: AAA Newsroom). Thankfully that is only about 2% of the adult population.

  21. Forced vaccine on all, that’s what’s coming, nuts!

  22. I hope something similar will happen in the United States – and not just in response to medical tyranny, but when Biden and his crew attempt to implement the absurd programme euphemistically referred to as the great reset. The French have always been independent thinkers What a pity the English and the Americans no longer are.

  23. F**K the Tyrants, the msm media, the governments, the politicians, Bill Gates, Boris Johnson, Vallance , Whitty, Hancock, all of them worldwide.. They creating a WAR.. Let`s give them one!!!

  24. Some people are saying that Hugo is a shill , not me I don’t think he is.

    • If that was the case, then Hugo is the best and most useful shill Ive ever come across in 20 years of looking at online alternative, independent news.

      • I know, where do these slurrs come from ?

    • I think it’s put about to discourage borderline people from taking a look at what Hugo talks about. By workers of77th brigade, hut eighteen etc.

  25. Go to this sit for lots of info from docs scientists and lawyers plus flyer for posting etc. Time for action we must get people researching even if they have had the shot this is not about the infection anymore!

  26. Well it’s starting to happen for the unvaxxed just seen this headline on inews
    Premier League developing own Covid passport to keep fans in stadiums

    And this from the government
    The rapid rise in cases, fuelled by the Delta variant of the disease, has forced the Government into a rethink and it is now leaning heavily on businesses to ask for Covid passes as a requirement for entry.

    They are now starting to punish the unvaxxed.

  27. Thanks for another great vid Well done france no to medical apartheid. Were with u 100% Vive la France

  28. Bill Gates made no Secret of World Wide Virus and Vaccines. For those who take the vaccines Certification. For those who dont Restrictions. He also said there was too many people in the World and he wanted Depopulation. The Vaccines have adverse affects and cause death in some. Reducing the population. Abortion reduces the population. Covid reduces the population. NHS cancellations reduce population. Good Plan for the Eugenics. Its not conspiracy. Its reality. The World Governments have gone rogue on the people. Its man made see Senator Rand Paul and Senator John Kennedy utube question Dr Fauci funding Whuan gain of function. Its a man made Virus. Do wake up please. Dont believe your Government.

  29. If there’s one people who don’t put up with the government arbitrariness, it’s the French. They are famous for protesting. In that sense, happy 14th of July.

  30. It’s happening here in Cyprus as well since 10th July 2021

  31. if it is 65%-35% then maybe they should have a vote. or will that be rigged as well?

  32. I’m f…kn done with this BS. Does anyone know if there is any counter petition against wearing Masks out to sign up? If not, anyone volunteer? 130 thousands morons so called normies had one . probably faked but we need to fight back wonder those who voted for this London useless lefty major said now? I will not wear a mask on the transport and see how many will but as someone said, let’s make Freedom march huge on the 19th even bigger people. Come and join us, spread the message.. time to hit the BBC and DM, Guardian hard this time. Enough is enough. They’re already increasing the scaremongering and for sure Xmas will be threatened again.. until we Rise up.

  33. World Governments, Big Tech, Big Pharma, ALL MSM are all in cahoots. They dont want us seeing revolution, instead theyre attacking everything to do with white culture, they want us ashamed and sucking the cock of BAMEs. Well they can go eff themselves and if they carry on theyre only going to tip people over the edge nd then the blacks will finally have an actual racially motivated attack to deal with.

  34. Can someone see the government and MSM Agenda working together all the way? Monday Boris lifted” restrictions” from 19th , since then infections and deaths have amazingly risen more than last summer. Blaming the 60000 plus Euro final and the irresponsible behaviour of people after it .how ironic, that month ago there’s almost 2 million freedom marchers and no cases were covered on MSM nor the actual PROTESTS. Even yesterday, France thousands went to the streets and no mentioned here. LET’S RISE FROM 29TH..Sidiq can shove his mask where the sun no longer shine..What a coincidence 6 LABOUR MAJORS GETTING TOGETHER TO IMPOSE MASKS IN TRANSPORT. Let’s sign petitions to remove them from power as they’re going against the restrictions been lifted by the government.assholes with no political future.

  35. Make sure you make it something the msm can’t ignore – burn shit down mes beaux freres. Vive La Revolution

  36. People, can we boycott any business which carry on this masks mandate? #boycottescoand Sainsbury’s? Or any other? Including newspapers#donotbuythelyingpaoers or #defundbbc ? Our flight is against for now because they’re keeping the scaremongering and fear on the sheeps. Apparently there’s a protest on Monday but I wasn’t nor many aware of it so I can’t attend but hope it pulls a good number. Otherwise, next freedom march has to be scheduled for September. Keep resisting people and share Hugo’s videos

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