Dublin Ireland Protest Against TWO TIER SOCIETY and Passport Discrimination / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. that’s it guys!!!!…..start fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • It is totally frightening what will happen in the future. These Tyrants in Power are loving it and it is all done using a BS reason of a Fking Flu! The sheep will NEVER see any other information other than msm. They are comfortable with the BBC because the BBC would never lie to the Nation and that
        Jeremy Vine looks such a nice man! The REAL truth will not emerge until we are all dead n buried much like all the other atrocities that happened in the past. We are in BIG trouble.

  2. Stop world control , unite with lawyers doctors scientists to fight for our freedoms, support them to get the word out and there are plenty of resources on their blog site including a selection of posters/ flyers that can be given out or posted all directing people to find out more on their sire.
    https://www.stopworldcontrol.com › Blog

    • Decent site with good information & other resources as you mention. Spoilt with pushing “Trump will save us” narrative.

    • This is a fight against World control. This is not about a pandemic it is a freedom fight against Agenda 21 which the United Nations adopted. They and corrupt politicians around the world want a world government. Fuck them.
      Good luck to those freedom fighters in Ireland.

  3. Jews v Nazi’s, blacks v whites, Protestant’s v Catholic….. And now another ‘ Apartheid ‘ Vaxxed v Unvaxxed. As it was on years gone by, Jews had Germans as friends as did blacks and whites….. But now, Unvaxxed are losing their friendship with the frightened Vaxxed sheep. It will be decades before this scam is owned up to, if ever. We are in a bit of a pickle!!

    • Exactly right divide and conquer. Tried it with climate change, even smokers versus non smokers. Cyclists and pedestrians against motorists it goes on and on

    • The problem is that they ARE decided. They have bean mercilessly brainwashed into believing that there is a Killer Virus on every corner. I showed footage of two London marches to a mask wearer over the weekend, she had no idea that there was so many non mask wearers…. She’s been frightened so much that she will continue to wear one even after 19 July, just in case! SMH again. 😔

      • So many mask wearers that I have spoken to that say they will continue to wear their masks after the 19th. Masks have become a security blanket, I am shocked by the fear that people whom I thought were sensible and rational are in.

      • I knew a person like that but to put her mind at ease about NOT wearing a mask, I sent her the videos of half a million non-maskers in London, along with me in those pics surrounded by all those people. I asked her how many additional cases or deaths had the BBC confirmed after these Freedom Walks….. Her answer was ‘ I haven’t seen ANY of these marches on the BBC’. It got her thinking… So I sent her more Hugo talks vids. She is my one and only conquests and she now realises what the REAL facts are. It made my day when she was converted on Tues this week ☺️👍☺️👍☺️👍

      • Wonderful – well done you! 😀

      • It is only one person that I’ve managed to take a look from a different perspective. I don’t want people necessarily to think like me, but just THINK for themselves. 👍

      • One person more than there was last week though – maybe the tide is turning! 😀

      • Yup! One more Thinker. Hopefully she has ditched her face nappies for good, whenever the next locked-in will be!

    • That’s a very good website Doug, hopefully a few will have a look.

      • I have shared this ‘two sides’ website with my whatsapp ‘friends’ . I expect no response whatsoever. In fact I doubt that any of the sheep who have had the vaxtermination jab will bother to watch the video. Sad but true….. so I also sent the video about the Vax Apartheid to them as well. First reply was ” its a good idea to keep the tin hatters away from the rest of us”. I bet the Germans thought that about the poor Jews in the 1940’s, the black people of S Africa who were decimated against in the 60’s and 70’s and now it is the Thinkers who do not want an experimental substance injected into our bodies. When this scam finally is unwrapped in 50-75yrs time the Thinkers will be exonerated as NOT being the cause of spread of this Killer Virus. But as of today, we are in a frightening place for humanity.

      • I agree with you, just bought Vernon Coleman’s book, Endgame. I have only just read the first few pages. What an eye opener

    • I cant believe it!! I have an acquaintance, and we ‘caught up’ with each other last week. She said that she had had her two jabs and would probably wear her face nappy AFTER 19th July, just for a while. I sent her pics/vids of the half a million unmasked Freedom Walkers ( of which I was one ) and told her that BBC didnt show the footage OR didnt say that excess deaths/cases had been reported since. Her mask didnt protect her from anything. She did not know about the Marches either….. sooo I sent her the ‘two sides’ video. Yesterday, she made my day! She replied that she had watched 4 of the licked vids ( Charles Walker etc..) and agreed that it was all TRUE ( she had put the word TRUE in capitals! ) and she would watch the rest today. I sent her other items that will hopefully make her think a lot more and spread the Good Word. I told her that she had ‘made my day’ for considering an alternative viewpoint.

      • We all need to put the word out there, the same as you have to your friend. This mask thing is a con!

        “We are not aware of any single scientifically sound ans undisputed article that that would contradict the following:”

        “1. There is no scientific evidence that symptom – free people without cough or fever spread the disease.
        2.Simple masks do not and cannot stop the virus
        3. Masks do not and cannot protect from infection.
        4..Non- medical face masks have a very low filter efficiency.
        5. Cotton surgical masks can be associated with higher risk of penetration of microorganisms (penetration 97%. Moisture retention, reuse
        may result in increased risk of infection.”
        Reiss and Sucharit Bhakdi (2020, p55)
        ISBN 978-1-64502-057-8

  4. This is amazing people are seeing now what’s going on hope it spreads France and Ireland London it’s getting out there thanks Hugo

  5. I’m Gutted, was planning to head to that protest tonight, but tripped in the garden today and damaged my knee, instead in A&E (not masked) watching live online….

  6. Good for Irish and French to fight back against all the BS.
    I don’t wear a mask now that useless Khan wants people to continue to wear them on London transport.
    Well my fight will continue more now as i will not be told by this dictator what to put on the face my choice not him of TFL.
    Fight knife crime and murder in London you tosspot.

    • Khan has dictated about masking-up to promote his own ego. He can visibly see how many will abide by HIS laws by the amount of sheep who wear these useless face nappies. Little man syndrome strikes again!

  7. Proud of them, but I don’t really see how just standing there chanting is going to change anything..or get the point across to the government that we are not taking no more of their bs. I don’t want a war to start (probably will 😒) but we need to try sth else..idk what tho..maybe if we all lockdown for like 3 days straight the government will take notice, because that will then affect industry, economy ect… keep uploading the vids Hugo and please take into consideration my recent comment on you potentially making a video informing us about your predictions for the future :).

    • We don’t just stand there and chant we spoke chanted to most of them as they went in to vote yesterday asked them to make the right choice, to do the right thing…. Giving support to those who did and shaming those that didn’t. Those hours are long !!! Songs are nice in the interim

    • It’s better than doing nothing and the problem is that the majority are either too taken in by all this or too apathetic to do anything – they certainly aren’t going to go on strike for three days en masse. The governments have to take note even if they don’t acknowledge it – and Hugo and other bloggers get to pass it on even if the MSM pretend it’s not happening.

    • Agreed I’m irish ashamed of what’s happened back home. Not sure if theres been much action, protests before this? But if not it’s a bit late now

      • I’m only 2nd generation but have been living in Ireland for years. I too have felt ashamed- about the compliance with this huge lie and the repeal of the 8th.
        There have been a lot of other protests recently, albeit much smaller but in different parts the country- in Limerick, Cork, Galway and I think even Athlone. There have been religious parades with anti-lockdown, anti-mask, anti-jab “flavour” on various Holy Days. There was one on Reek Sunday at Croagh Patrick last year and will be again this year, and it despite the Church in Ireland being no support at all.
        There’s been a small but growing core of resistance all along but the MSM keeps quiet about it and this certainly seems the biggest so far!

      • Stay safe Berna prepare now get some extra food and a water supply. Try to be as self sufficient as you can

      • I agree with you, but not just in Dublin but every country around the world.

    • The war as already started and the government side is not for stopping. The power ls with them at the moment, but take heart in the knowledge that when they will turn on one another when there is no one else justice will be done. I have no doubt that some of them wish they had never started this depopulation game Stay friends

  8. We really are at the line in the sand for freedom and humanity, we lose this its game over, keep saying no they will always keep trying because that’s the plan, even if you have to find another alterative way of living, keep saying no, or we are finished. It’s us vs them. They are going to force everything at us frightening with lock downs because we won’t comply, there’s nothing to fear there’s freedom at the end of the tunnel. Always remember that, a better freedom, I truelly hope there’s enough of us to bring this to a end ASAP. As they have destroyed our freedoms.and crashed our world Do not let them destroy us. We can build back better, they are counting on our compliance never comply, if there’s enough of us we might win this…..

    • We are fighting against Satan and his followers. The Lord Jesus is our only hope. The Bible prophesies that there will be a one world government in the last days, and that there will be a Mark of the Beast which people will be required to take on their right hand or forehead without which no one will be allowed to buy or sell. (Revelation 13:16-18). We now see this clearly on the horizon with the globalists’ tyrannical plans.

      God warned us in His Word ahead of time, so that we may seek Him and trust in Him. This is a battle between good and evil: God and Satan. Satan has always wanted to be like God. (See Isaiah 14:12-17). Satan knows the Bible, and that his time is short. He is having a last kick back at God, and that is why he is working hard to ruin God’s beautiful creation, by genetically modifying plants, animals and now human beings, but God will have the final victory. (See Revelation 19:11-Revelation 22).

      God will make all things new, after He judges all the wicked and puts them away along with their prince of darkness.

      Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Call upon His Name and you shall be saved. (John 3:16). LOL.

      • Beautifully said, Grace Wise.
        Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow or crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. KJV.

  9. And so it begins for real. I think there’ll be an internet blackout soon.

  10. Funny how it’s always the cities that awaken first, it’s almost like they feel that bit more pressure under das boot. This is all getting a little surreal now, it’s like Shakespeare himself gone demented with a pen in his hand, “the world is a stage” I know brother, this shit is like a sci-fi. What’s real news & what’s fake news, translated to what’s real & what’s fake, which translates to I don’t know what’s going on anymore but I’m fucking angry, which then leads to…the protest. I wonder if the WEF or any other 3 letters of the alphabet had a psychologist on board, or a whole panel of crooked ones to plot this course in fine detail or would it be an old tried and tested technique. If we are being led to the protest then what, it changes nothing, case in point “occupy” Wall Street, they did exactly what it said on the tin, but beyond that pretty much sfa. They are putting their big guns on the internet now before the barrage of anti them hacks begin from a species at the edge of their dignity. Poor elon musk is having trouble with the self driving Tesla, I wonder how neural link is doing, how are the test subjects or is that us?

  11. As a Northerner I am proud of my souther brothers and sisters, we aren’t living under the same bullshig measures as they are but I’ve no doubt this two tier system will hit us eventually but we won’t accept it.

    Ireland rise up, let’s oust these criminals acting on behalf of Davos!

    • thank you for comment it is important We all come together no matter we’re we live ..great comment 😊

  12. 👏🏻💪💪

    Go on Ireland 🇮🇪!!!!!

    Thank you Hugo

    Have great day Every one

  13. Wonderful. What a shame it took so long for them to take notice – and better still the test subjects are standing up with the people who smelt a whole load of rats from the start. Although same could be said for over here for blindness. Yesterday – masks are oppression. My daughter – no they aren’t and anyway surgeons wear masks to stop germs. Me – we have a dictatorship. My daughter – no it isn’t. Me . . . I changed the subject. There is no getting through to this mindset and it will be too late before they wake up. At least the French have resisted in a greater number. This country has been totally hoodwinked.

    • The sheep have been doomed ever since they gave the clap to the NHS. Unfortunately, the sheep will take ALL of us with them. But at least we can be proud that we did try to warm them about the abattoir that awaits….. 😔

      • I agree, I have done as much as I can and I’m hopeless at debating. I tend to be the quiet one at the back of the room usually and if anyone is forceful enough to contradict me, I back down because I know I can’t get through. I hate myself for it, but that’s my genes while I still have them for all their faults! LOL! I see people in my area going about normal routines haymaking, crop growing etc. and I wonder what is going on inside their heads – are they really taking it in because this is a farming community. It’s all very worrying.

      • Never give in, you are a freedom fighter!

      • 🤗 Thank you – your comment has cheered me up no end and I’m smiling!!!! xxx

  14. Great that more and more people are rising up against these governments.
    I assume this is not shown on MSM. We need to spread the word.
    Thanks Hugo.

  15. Wonder if they’ll bring in Martial law to control these “unruly” crowds! Wouldn’t surprise me!

  16. Respect from the Netherlands, super what happens to you.
    I wish we were so awake here.

  17. Is this when Ireland’s internet goes does, lets see if they’ll take it that far, killing anti vax presidents so I’m guessing they will.

    They where more sheepish than the Brits so there is a chance for us to.

    As we saw in Isreal they’ll drop the passports when they’ve used the threat of to jab as many as possible, jn the UK thats 80% area sadly.

    They’ll sit back and wait for the deaths to start spiralling,, need some unjabbed to blame that on after all.

    Then the jabbed will need 6monthly jabs just to stay alive, as temporary effecf and there natural immunity is near zero.

    More needed jabs ofcourse, more blood clots strokes, heart attacks very likely cancer so still huge death rate but not as high as no jab.

    Behave follow the rules or die! CONTROL!

    Went to see kid last night open mic singing, 60 year olds singing anti jab songs they’ve made up everyone agreeing, it’s getting there 🙂

  18. The lid is starting to get blown off of this whole thing, keep going, information comes before action and we will only find the full truth when we seek it. When this is exposed get ready for a tidal wave of misinformation from the controllers or complete blackouts as the fight may go analog, as one conspiracy is covered up with the next, same players, same game, different perspective

  19. good theyre out. but must protest african style ( see south africa at the moment ). it might sound crazy but its the only way to make a difference. they are being extreemly violent towards us!!

  20. Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing the songs of angry men?
    It is the music of the people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes!

    Will you join in our crusade?
    Who will be strong and stand with me?
    Somewhere beyond the barricade
    Is there a world you long to see?

    Then join in the fight
    That will give you the right to be free!

    This should be sung globally, start singing Ireland. GO Ireland GO and tell the rest of the world what to sing. Can someone tell France also? (the song is from Le Miserables)

    Australia is locked down gain and getting tougher lockdowns by the day.
    Also we should all wear those face masks, you know the ones that Zorro wore, the one that goes across the eyes only but you can see out of the holes.
    our march from freedom had to be postponed and all the rallys across Australia due to lockdown which I am sure was timed to stop them.

    I also agree 100% with Grace Wise

    • Stay strong, l don’t believe this is about money it’s to big for that. Any way these elites are already rich, this is just evildoers all around the world

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