What Now? A Solar Storm To Wipeout World’s Internet? 🤔 / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • Thank heavens Richard Branson and his goons got back to earth in time, could of been a completely different sounding bullshit headline.

  1. I first heard of this possibility over 20 years ago on a ‘Horizon’ program and it hasn’t happened yet in all that time. More fear-mongering and anxiety causing drivvel originating from the WEF. It would be veeeeery strange if it actually did happen just after the Cyber Polyglot conference. Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about. LOL

  2. Knock out communications & it is harder for us then hear the teal news

  3. Wipe out the internet would be a true blessing. I wont miss it at all, would be a relieve. We would go back to pre-internet times (80/90s) where life was wayyy better, less stressful, simple, romantic and human. Then abolish these horrible celltowers and antennes everywhere and re-establish analogue communication infrastructure again. Believe me, that is the real innovation and not these so called ‘ fourth industrial revolution internet on steroids crap’ what they are promoting. Using the internet to control, capture and enslave us. WEF can stuff that revolution where the sun doesn shine.

    • one hundred percent agreed, internet is like a drug den and social media is the heroin. It’s great at first until it becomes the problem. THen its all downhill. Also we could defeat this agenda by ditching their tech. Start by ditching smartphone. I don’t have one and have never missed having one. All a smartphone is is a tracking device. Next it will be a tatoo then a chip in your body. Ditch it now before its too late everybody. Meet up locally, use landlines, meet so they don’t know where you are or who you are.

  4. At this stage, I’m suspicious of EVRYTHING the MSMs say and would take it with a large pinch of salt! A bucket, even! They’re so corrupt and crooked now from lying all the time, they couldn’t lie straight in bed!

  5. As you said I think it’s another way to prime the masses for an event the powers that be will create and has nothing to do with a solar storm. The same as thier ‘food shortages because of no lorry drivers’ bs that is priming people for the deliberate withholding of food using a ready made excuuse that’s been pushed into the publics psyche

  6. Maybe someone should have warned Branson, 🤣

  7. Surely it would be worse if the satelites in space were hit, as that’s where we get the signals from🤔 why would the earth getting hit knock out ALL the signals and not only those stations nearest the “hit”🤔

    • What happened to global terrorist ! Oh that’s right the propaganda is now all about domestic terrorist ,meaning anyone who doesn’t go along with their New World Order (reset).

    • Indeed and also research our weakening magnetic field people, our magnetic poles a wandering where they should not be a wandering at present, connected to the planets magnetic excursion / reversal cycle, which may it seems have been triggered by the Carrington event, and also our regular recurring climate cycle, shifting to the cold side, from our naturally occurring grand solar maximum which was co opted and renamed as ‘ global warming ‘ our potentially imminent Grand Solar Minimum cycle, ( the book ‘Dark Winter ‘ by John L Casey ) is a good resource for that one, and research the immense amount of galactic cosmic rays bombarding us at present, playing havoc with our cloud nucleation hence the horrendous flooding going on worldwide, humanity being electromagnetic in nature all this is also affecting our psyche, hence, just one of many reasons so many are going batshit crazy.

      The only way out of this present nightmare imho, is to put the tech down, and I mean 100% and walk away, they CANNOT implement their smart prison if we do NOT use their technology.

      Various resources :

      Diamond at the Oppenheimer ranch / magnetic reversal news
      David Dubyne at Adapt 2030
      Christian at Ice age Farmer
      Ben at Suspicious Observers
      Sandi Adams UK website re information on the history of their not so Great Reset – aka agenda 21 / 2030
      Also The Corbett reports two very good documentaries: How, and also Why big oil conquered the world .
      and if you want to see what is going on worldwide re crazy weather and weird anomalous other things, see sign of the times ( SOTT) monthly report on youtube

      Cap allons site Electroverse also has some very interesting relevant articles to peruse, including this one.


      Please note, that in my opinion, that it is THIS situation i.e. the imminent / upcoming Grand Solar Minimum, and our next potential Magnetic excursion which is ‘where the AHA … now I get it ! moment is, so to speak.

      Interesting overview link here :


      This information, which is being kept from greater public knowledge, is in my opinion the explanation as to why they are doing the things they are doing.
      I have some news for these parasitic Inorganic empty vessels masquerading as human, they will NOT ascend, they will not succeed in their quest, lacking as they do, both empathy and a conscience thus with NO understanding of either.

  8. Oh deary deary me! It looks like everyone will have to use cash for financial transactions because internet banking will be down won’t it! I’m going to withdraw all my money from the bank first thing in the morning to be safe! Cash is king! Apart from that they can stick the internet up their arses! It a load of old bollocks anyway!

  9. IT STINKS AND HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE SHIT AND MORE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!11


  10. Sounds like those predictions are being made by the met office.

  11. I think the objective is to scare the sheeple off cryptocurrencies.
    This also coincide with a campaign of building distrust into common cryptocurrencies spread on YT by people like TechLead.

    I am sure they are going to resort to all sorts of tactics as long as people are not keen to put the globalists to a permanent sleep.

  12. Watch (all) the videos from Brendon o’connell’s channel on brighteon.com called talpiot. He is an expert on cyber security.
    Like the demon Benjamin Netanyahu said ‘cyber security is the real domain of power!’.
    It’s Israel who is among other things behind the plandemic, the kill shots and the cyber threat.

    • I think Israel is the only country that can provide DDoS protection.

    • To me this guy is weird.
      “I have the most secure Windows 10 platforms out there”
      A lot of showing off, little actual content.

  13. Isn’t it funny that for weeks now there’s been a forecast of “potential disruption due to thunderstorms” and we’re still waiting! BUT, a very large storm is coming & will disrupt all lives on earth in every way, shape & form.
    Yahshua/Jesus is the way, the truth and the LIFE. Accept Him, acknowledge Him, confess Him & you shall surely be saved🙏🏼
    John 10:9,10

  14. They’re trying to play God. It will not work. Infact it will backfire anathema. Having a lot of money doesn’t make you God

  15. So, in the future, our only information will come from MSM and thugs, knocking at our doors

  16. Well today I just got an email from my work agency in London with a vaccine injury sheet and a sheet on what to do if a TSUNAMI strikes.

  17. The story about the pigeons is true. We have a neighbour who races pigeons and he had loads of his go missing that day but they’ve all since returned. So something magnetic was going on that day, could have been natural or HAARP

    • Good evening Karen.
      Could very well be a coincidence but this evening at around 17:30 (uk) local power cut. But very selective of homes on street. Was put down to a blown fuse locally.
      But about 1.5 hours later, still without power a pigeon flew into my window with an almighty thud. Poor thing was dazed for a few seconds on lawn and then flew off.
      Something is not right. Pigeons to my knowledge don’t do this. Seeing things at a different time scale. Hence they avoid cars driving at them etc.
      A test maybe?
      Solar winds?
      Who knows. But this combined with a power cut makes me think something is afoot.
      Have a great evening.


  18. Too many waking up, there prepping us so when those fibre optic cables on the sea floor get knocked out by a solar storm rhen it’ll be normal not a conspiracy.

    Ofcourse mass ejection visible to hitting us around 34mins not 48hrs like there claiming.

    • Thank goodness someone else is aware of the network of undersea cables and of course the massive amount of cell towers on land that a lot of people don’t appear to see anymore. It’s like magically hundreds of satellites are beetling around up there making everything work.
      Solar flares travel in a matter of minutes. Coronal Mass Ejections can take 3 to 5 days to hit us but the last massive CME actually blew off the backside of the sun so is not heading our way. Solar flares can bring problems because it’s a very narrow window of around 9 mins to warn everyone to turn off their equipment to avoid damage. A massive CME would allow them plenty of time. Also would only hit the area of earth in its target.

      • Congratulations on your knowledge of undersea cables and radio/cell towers. However, if you correct your cosmology, it will put you at ease about all the nonsensical claims. We live inside an enclosed planisphere, the local sun rotates 24 hours above our heads, its a luminary (lamp), not a volcanic asteroid. We are safe guys, do not worry.

      • Congratulations on your knowledge of undersea cables and radio/cell towers. However, when we all realise our assumptions and correct our cosmology, it will put us at rest. We live inside an enclosed planisphere, with a rotating dome and the local sun moving relentlessly 24 hours above our heads. It is a luminary (lamp) and not a volcanic asteroid. Our feet are firmly on the immovable ground so let us keep standing still and do not worry.

      • I know I stand still and knowing that is indeed freedom. Trouble is so many still whirl about us, if you know how I mean.

  19. A solar storm wiping out all of the Internet sounds like a blessing in disguise to me. No more Facebook, no more Twitter, no more Amazon, etc., etc. What a wonderful world that would be!

    • And no more voter fraud, alright, less voter fraud.

  20. Solar storm..mmmm herescone for free thinkers..if the sun is 100 times bigger than the earth why does the light coming through the clouds shine outwards like a torch light..surely s sun as big as it’s supposed to be the rays would be straight and not look like they’re coming from a small light source…

    • Because it’s not 90 odd million miles away like they say it is. It’s a bit like earth rotating at 1040 mph, while speeding round the sun at 66,600mph while chasing the sun at 500,000mph as the entire solar system is moving sideways1.5million mph. Load of baloney.
      Is that freethinking enough for you?

  21. There are independent people that monitor the cameras we have. There are suggestions things ain’t as they should be. But they are only looking at cameras set up by folks beyond our control.
    I fail to believe much of anything anymore. All narratives seem to come from the same source……

    • This is very true and the best way to view most things, with realistic scepticism.

  22. The Indian Express is what I have coming out of my arse after a curry.

  23. I seem to remember that happening before – or rather not happening – years ago! LOL! It really is idiotic. Well put it this way, if it takes out those masts then that’s a good thing – the comrades wouldn’t like that. If they say it has hit and they cut off our power to blame it on the sun, then I’m sure the masts will still be functioning perfectly well – what a miracle that would be. Thank goodness we’ve gone past the millennium otherwise that would have been another load of panic cobblers being thrown at us.
    Magic words – may, might, could etc.

  24. You would have to take their word for it”, yes like most do when it comes to their explanation of what our sun is, nasa faked the moon landings and they been faking shit ever since using cgi and artist renditions to give a bullshit version of the universe I.e stars and planets and what they really are.The sun is not a burning ball of gases and all the images(there not photos) are cgi. I’ve been commenting on Hugo talk for some time waiting for on opportunity to speak of this, well it like the sayin goes the truth will out , google flatearth it’s why I believe all this shit about control is happening as they knew some day humanity would wake up to this most profound truth.

    • Jerry.
      Please this comment to you is in no way meant to be derogatory.
      Believe what you like. It’s all about choices right?
      I am also not prepared to counter your views,only this.
      I would believe you have somewhat of a questioning mind?
      That is good.
      So please question this. And give it some thought.
      Why are so many posts and comments littered with those championing the FE model?
      Is it,
      A) Because this is without doubt the truth and needs to be shared so others can believe no matter what?
      B) A very clever and devious ploy to draw in a type of argument that to the masses will be instantly thrown out as hokum and therefore discredits any other argument or view made by the poster.
      IE, “why should I believe him on his views on CV when he believes FE”?
      As I have said. Not having a go. But just asking you to use your questioning mind to think about the motivation as to why FE is now a popular thing?
      There is now not a single rational debate about any of the things that affect our lives without someone piping up about FE.
      Could it be possible this has been done by design?
      And followed willingly to be repeated and discussed to the detriment of any other credible discussion?
      It’s obvious you and your fellow believers want and strive for the truth.
      But with all of the important questions of life, question everything.
      And never stop questioning.
      Because once you decide this is the truth, it is almost impossible to change ones mind or be humble enough to take another point of view.
      This is what holds religion together.
      Blind belief.
      But sometimes the heretic of closed beliefs can further a question and the ongoing of human knowledge.
      Thank you if you have read this far.
      Take care and strive forward to openly answer the questions important to you.


      • I believe the planet is global in shape, but I know how they brainwash you from the moment you’re born into thinking in a certain way, so I would certainly not totally dismiss the possibility that it could be flat unless I were to be allowed to travel inside some sort of space vehicle above the Earth which proved to me 100% that it was indeed round. What benefits could they gain from lying? I don’t know, but they forever seem to be using words like ‘GLOBAL’ and ‘GLOBALISTS’ to cement that view AROUND the world (there it’s suggested again via use of the word ’round’). And why use that word ‘globalist’ when supposedly ALL planets are global in shape, ie a globe? And yes, I’m fed up of talking about the current scam only to have some patronising bastard (aka a SHEEP) make disparaging comments to me by asking if I also believe in the Earth is FLAT, as a means to use what is ‘widely’ (if you pardon the pun) regarded as the craziest conspiracy of them all in order to try to discredit me on ALL other points I make that go against the narrative. In short, I trust nothing these corrupt bastards tell me, and question everything.

      • Nice one Peter.
        That’s the way to think.
        As I said in my comment, question everything and formulate reasoned opinion.
        To take everything as credible we lose credibility when our own logic is then questioned.
        The FE debate brings all reasoned and potential truths down amongst the easily ridiculed and dismissed arguments.
        That is the only reason it exists.
        Defying all logic and observations.
        It is an argument that constantly falls due to lack of understanding of nature and our physical existence.
        To glibly call everything fake dismisses the times the actual fake things are true.
        The true natures of our physical reality are actually beautifully simple.
        And ultimately always involve spherical shapes.
        Naturally occurring spheres.
        I’m not yet prepared to share this but it actually explains many a long pondered question.
        All I will say is this, it is infinite and constantly recycled.
        What is seemingly destructive only fuels new potential.
        No start. No end.
        Just reality.
        And never flat.
        Thank you for your comment and the time to read my words.


      • I know when they created the 20 mile bypass which cut the village I lived in that they didn’t allow for just over a 266ft curvature to the earth. The trouble is people do the 8 inch formula wrong. It is 8″ squared. 2mls is 2×2 × 8 which is obviously 32″. By the time you get to 5mls it has allegedly curved 200″.
        Suez canal is 100mls long, that’s nearly a 7000ft curvature.
        My grandmother was taught flat earth in school. Globe came into being along with London Tavistock Institute.

      • Planisphere it is. Made by Love for the humankind. Water doesn’t lie, water stays horizontal, that’s why we measure mountains by sea level.

      • Commonsensehere

        Your ignorance and grasp of measurable things combined with your self delight on “knowing” your truth blinds you.
        You are unwittingly being used to discredit actual credible and important topics.
        Have you read any of my posts on this topic here? Or have you joyfully seen the opportunity to jump in and preach your beliefs?
        Your total lack of understanding is highlighted in just one sentence you have written.
        “……that’s why we measure mountains by sea level.”
        Sea level is a constant so gives a base to compare against. But the mountain does not start at sea level.
        Everest for example does not have a beach lapped by the sea. There is a whole lot of land and terrain in between.
        If this is your proof of a FE model, please try again.
        You also say “our feet are on the immovable ground…..” so by this logic you are not moving right?
        Are you moving when travelling at speed in a car? Do you feel the speed? Or is it all rather comfortable? No force stopping you from moving your arms forward etc.
        But hit those brakes and you know your are moving don’t you. Momentum takes over and people die don’t they.
        Or do cars not exist? Or wait, maybe the car doesn’t actually move. The simulation moves under it.
        Blind faith.
        It will always stop you from learning and growing.
        Don’t be distracted.
        Don’t be be led to distracting others.
        Because that is exactly what is happening to you.
        A gullible tool being used to discredit the really important lies being inflicted upon humanity.
        No insult or ridicule towards you.
        Just please.
        Think about it.


      • Dear QuestionMark,

        I read all your contributions carefully. I never ever said anything about flat earth. I said planisphere. Sphere means globe, if you didn’t know. Simply put, it looks like you would like to walk on the firmament. I prefer to stay down to earth, on the inside, you know.
        According to the logic that you use, it would make more sense to start calling an aircraft an airglobe instead of airplane.

        Kind regards.

      • Commonsensehere.

        Well on that I point I apologise.
        Must say that’s a new one on me.
        I’ll look out for it. It does however share a lot with FE. Domes. Local sun etc. A merger of thought.
        But on your summing up of me, you have no idea. And ultimately wrong.
        But each to there own.
        Just to clarify one thing though. I do not in anyway condone, believe or support anything regarding FE or indeed your planisphere.
        And why would I call an airplane a airglobe?
        It is an aeroplane ( unless you are an American)
        Aero from the Greek for air. And plane the Latin for level.
        The plane referred to the wings as they are level. But we just call the whole vehicle a plane now.
        Absolutely nothing to do with globes whatsoever.
        Anyway, as I have found out here, we learn something new every day.
        Isn’t that beautiful? Furthering knowledge to become more whole and insightful.
        So thank you for my further education.
        Be yourself to the best of your ability and I will do likewise.
        Again, regards. And thanks for the interesting dialogue.


  25. When someone gives me a rational explanation of how I can fly at 35000 feet from the UK to Australia following the curvature of the earth and not end up ass about face, I will believe the world is round. And not use the G word!!
    Easiet way to prove flat or globe is to circumnavigate Antarctica. 6000miles =round, 22000 miles =flat. Sadly, and conveniently, the Antarctic treaty prevents you from doing that, deploying deadly force if necessary. Check out US admiral Richard Bird.

  26. Hugo I have some news gor you, you have missed a very big thing. In Lewisham, Greenwhich, Bexekey and other places in South London yesterday there was a Virgin O2 power blackout after an explosion. 3000 homes, schools and businesses were put out of power. I know this ’cause someone came into our workplace yesterday afternoon and told us that what had happened and that her partner was without power. Google it

  27. So it obviously a step to far for you at this point that you’ve been lied to by your government, and experts about the shape of this earth and it’s very nature, here’s one for you to consider what happens when you open a can of coke, when a car tyre explodes, what does the word equilibrium mean? Regards.

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