UK Nightclub Chain SAY NO To Passports / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Once again the secrecy going on behind the scenes

  2. I wouldn’t go to hospital, keeping this virus thing open gives opportunity of nefarious activity with a get out clause.

  3. Hugo, yes please we need instructional videos on how to “misbehave” BRING THEM ON!

  4. Government already sneaked an amendment to a bill being voting on today.

    This would make vaccine compulsory for care home workers. 30% said they will leave.

    Every MP that votes this in needs hung.

  5. Even if a law is introduced to force nightclub/shop etc…owners to demand passports from customers, let’s hope that there are still a lot who refuse to comply.

    • Please go to Save Our Rights Uk and sign prepared letter to MP to vote against this.

    • It cannot be law, it can only be in the form of legislation or statute (legal) which still requires your compliance under UCc with full disclosure. No law can pass unless agreed to by the population of the UK. That’s their trick, there is a profound difference between Legal and Lawful. If we all knew this difference then none of us would need to comply with their government ‘lockdown’!

  6. More going on here than meets the eye.
    Any nightclubs refusing covid passports, will be fined and/or, closed to be used as an example.
    As soon as other club owners see it happen, they’ll soon fall into line.

    • Not if they all do it together and say no, there is power in numbers. Time to stop living in fear. It’s now or never because they will use the sports season to lock down hard and forever “proving” that the rise in cases is due to this.

    • Yes, Just something not ringing true about this. Could be staged so to further the agenda. Is this how MSM would treat a real rebel stand by promoting their business? Maybe fake breakout of covid blamed on the nightclub?

      • It’s mind games they are playing,
        I fully back business that don’t sign up for vaccine passports, But they will be targeted by local councils enforcement team with partners the police be heavily fined and shut down.
        As i said here before i will never have the jab or vaccine passports i and us will be in a country with tyranny and businesses will closed a i won’t use them.
        Or we could commit FRAUD until we get caught?

    • Its not LAW its regulation and statute they can demand their case be heard in a Common law court with a jury…They need to say they do not consent. Many businesses stayed open using their unalienable rights…WE should support these people in the courts using common law not stand in their courts as a dead fiction..they cannot deal with that. They have to say they do not contract or consent therefore no contract. They have to take the first moves call them out to the other way…always hold the upper hand.

  7. They can’t they are using narcacisstic manipulation again!! Trying to use ordinary people to implement things they have no power to enforce. Remember the legality that’s never been legal stopsvon the 19th How are they going to police this more scare tactics??

  8. Yes!!! It is the business owners who need to stand up and it is us, the public, who need to support them. Stay Strong X

  9. I agree with Hugo. Don’t support any business that excludes the unvaxed…

    • That would only apply with on line business, at least for now.

  10. Is there an online place to find out non/compliance pubs and venues? On telegram there are non compliany holiday places

  11. Please go to Save Our Rights UK and register for updates and read prepared letter and if you agree sign it to MP’s to vote against mandated V for care staff and also to say not to Passports to enter venues.
    Save Our Rights UK.

  12. They know there target market Sub 25’s, aren’t getting the Jab, so no point opening with this crap. Damned if they do, Damned if they don’t!!

    You have to have the Jab, that doesn’t stop you getting it, spreading it, or dying from it, and the PC’s who can’t think for themselves are trying to force others into a stupid decision like they’ve made.

    None Violent isn’t working, it’s being hidden, London needs to be burned to the ground maybe then they’ll take us seriously.

    Agenda 21 Success, Agenda 2030 on Target most of the jabbed will be dead or infertile by 2030 that’s the goal. and the UK’s signed up for Agenda 2030, but it’s obviously just terrorist crap LOL

    • Are you serious about burning London? Wouldn’t it just give the elites an excuse for a massacre and bringing in martial law, ie, accelerate their program?

      • thats coming anyway ..why wait until theyre ready..they need to be stopped right now

  13. Hugo, I for one would welcome more videos from you regarding ideas on how we can oppose these tyrannical restrictions they are implementing and ‘allegedly’ threatening to mandate.
    I say ‘allegedly’ since I’m not sure they can actually make them compulsory, but we’ll see.

    Either way, I’m personally of the opinion that given they need the police on their side to enforce anything they attempt to force on us, then it’s the police themselves we desperately need to influence and get on side, just a thought.

    Of course, what may happen is that our enemy may try to influence or coerce these night club bosses with financial incentives, or even use death threats on them if necessary considering just how hell bent they are on seeing this agenda through.

  14. Yes Hugo, please give us more information as you suggest. Thank you!

  15. Would not surprise me if the kids demand the passport APP (33) to ensure their safety and get another two weeks off work (paid) when having to self isolate because someone in the club tested positive with a fake Chinese test kit!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  16. Good. They’re a business not a Nazi Sympathy outlet. If they all do this the Govt is gonna find it difficult to get Schwabs Agenda through

  17. Enjoying the shift in content since you left YouTube 👍

  18. its all about transhumanism, check in everywhere scan in, to get you dependent on it, so they can cut you off if you don’t have the monthly genetic jab, its all control and spying, an experiment. don’t fall for it keep saying no. there will be a lot of force as you can feel it in the air daily and a lot of blackmail, who wants to live in that world. its the microchip smartphone you want to get rid of, i had a 5 day detox from the net, and come to the conclusion that the net, tv, and radio is the virus. cut it of and it will go away.. that’s all it will take get rid of it all and it will go. i did a week and it felt great. i will try a month.

  19. It’s going ahead here in good old ireland all complying with the government rules because they took the pieces of silver. The division is already in place they can shove their pubs and restaurants I value my life a hell of a lot more then pub grub and alcohol

  20. We could do with some solution videos Hugo, maybe what could work instead of what we have, I’ve heard of sortition for government and we desperately need to overhaul the banking system, in fact we need another currency altogether. Not fecking Bitcoin! Maybe do a David Icke video, ones on other, ‘conspiracy theorists,’

  21. These law mandates say nothing. In the Netherlands they also came up with these ” mandates” but so many people don’t care nor comply, so police started to be like a kindergarden and so they cancelled a lot of these laws. If people don’t comply it wont work and right now the support base for all these crazy corona laws is falling apart here. I think these politicians overplayed their hand. WEF can stuff it.

  22. the problem with todays fractured society is the years of forced division imbedded in our very fibre of being, we have been indoctrinated for years from school onwards by a left leaning hierarchy , they have all used the fear of the day to enable the societal breakdown to a point we are at today where the youngsters think the respective country’s are racist , climate change caused by man is real ( as this one forms a new religious fervour that is so easy to debunk with facts , All Gore for example 10 years ,, all Muslims will kill you , etc whilst clinging onto there phones and socially acceptable forms of information twitter, facebook etc , there parents ar not much better , middle aged people are starting to fear the end of the lives and the elderly cling to every day forgetting ( in some cases) what it is like to have to sacrifice ALL for freedom ( what ever that really is)
    if you look at the game that is being played out in front of us all with eyes wide open and link it to every thing else it is the ultimate separation tool, you have the apartheid of the jabbed and non jabbed that is growing in its selective restrictions day by day , from PCR run at different cycles, instigation of laws making it mandatory for healthcare professionals to separation in queues for flights for holidays etc , Cancel culture for all that speak out against the mainstream narrative ( even on LinkedIn) the altering of fact by Wikipedia even when changed back to the original , and the total black of all scientific debate
    its called communism and as we know from old that equates to depopulation called reeducation, china and Russia being great examples of this ( this is also part of the cancel culture as its starting point).
    I fear that there are to many people who chose supposed life expectancy and naive obedience at the moment which will make it harder to push back against the tide but i for one wont curtail my enthousiasm to educate the plebs

    • Is that right, I mean middle aged wondering when they’re going to die and elderly willing to take the toxic jab to try and extend their lives. What a miserable way to live. I guess I fit your elderly bracket and I’ve never once worried about “maybe I’m going to die”, I wouldn’t call it living if I fretted about being dead. If your numbers up it’s up, not a lot can be done about it.

  23. great news .. tho once they try and get a licence theyre fucked..

  24. a revolution needs to happen … and soon …
    Probably a very violent one … i dont really think u can have a peaceful one can you … next time theres a demo and the police start dragging people out the crowd , that crowd need to grow some balls and let the police know that there behaviour is not going to be tolerated, and they will personally pay the price for their tyranny..theres no opposition to the government , here or any country atm…so they will just do what they want …and the plan is we will just meekly let them do it ..i really think anarchy is preferable to what these monsters have in store for us

  25. Everything that is happening is all connected to the coming Pole Shift

  26. Thing is it is the people that go to them that need to boycot the ones asking for these restrictions, the kids need to create there own raves onece again and go crazy in every town city and country, governments are not our keepers, or our masters, they are our servents. It will only take one youth injured by police and it is game over!

  27. Hi thank you Hugo
    First if you do read this I apologise the other day I said World Cup in my comment 🥺& I got Corrected today lol that it was euro so goes show how I no nothing about football lol

    Anyway that cleared.
    I do commend these guys making a stand why should society be ashamed to go out & enjoy life , why should we be FORCED to do anything, they know the governments that only causes unrest
    the governments have from a long time again known the evil plan we now find ourselves in
    But like said in this video it’s about the masses coming together & saying No.
    Many businesses borrowed much money over the years so now they indebted to theses governments & so brainwashed they can still not see most of them the governments don’t care 🤷‍♀️ your loosing more & more each day.. they want you to fail so you submit !
    The governments & elite are cruel evil sick & unforgiving so yes folks we do have long way to go but we do need business to realise the government not going save them
    Only if they take people down with them…surly they not prepared do that to us innocent people????
    I wouldn’t want that on my conscience 🥺👍 that for sure.

    Thank you have a great evening

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