STAGED PHOTO’S Covid Cleaner Caught On Camera (Churchill Group) Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • This is most obviously a set up, this clown is known to stage these advents, there’s one he shot where a copper is seen hanging upside down with his trousers down it’s ridiculous, surprised Hugo didn’t spot the obvious fakery,not sure what the agender is and the blokes motive, it could be simply for money, but what I do know is From time to time we truthers need to check ourselves we have to remain critical of all information especially the information that lends itself to our cause wolves in sheep’s clothing

      • Yeah I agree.. this looks staged to look real well in fact it’s not true.

    • That is EXACTLY!!! what is going on here… Unbelievable…

  1. These people and ALL people who involve themselves with this psychological mania right down to the people who inject, should be served papers and prosecuted for conspiracy and crimes against humanity.. This is absolutely disgusting.. Traitors anf Turncoats…

  2. Yeah definitely staged. Fair play to the guy filming telling a passer by to take their mask off. I’ve felt like doing the same recently the amount of sheep I mean people wearing masks outside.

    • Definitely staged i seen this over years new equipment use for PR photo’s then never see the same equipment again.
      PR for TFL and Mayor of London
      Good for the guy challenging them

    • I doubt that the man confronting them and filming them is part of the nonsense. What would he be gaining? He’s exposing the hideousness of the cult of covid, not someone rebelling against it in a way that could be used to strengthen the narrative.

  3. Perhaps you could send that to the msm and local media ….see what they say…

    • I doubt they’d print the truth. They’re all being obedient!

  4. As he said, fuck the government. My neighbours either side of me ( both fully jabbed up) have both stated they’re still going to wear their masks in shops etc; even if they don’t have to. There’s no hope for them

    • There is no hope my friend. It is those silly people that keep this BS going. The shepherd keeps his flock safe from the wolf….. but he will still take them to the slaughterhouse. ! It is both sickening and sad that the Governments form all over the world ( democratic world ) have inflicted such propaganda nad brainwashing upon their subjects. We are in for a rough ride. 🙁

      • I agree about the rough ride. Sometimes I find myself thinking that if they stuck all us naysayers in a camp so as allegedly not to infect the other jabbed up ones, at least I’d be with like minded people. I wouldn’t mind so much if I knew of one person who thought like me in my locality. The two possible ones conceded and went and got their jabs

      • Oh my friend… I think that you feel like LOTS of us non-believers! You are NOT ALONE! Everyone around me wet themselves with excitement when they got an appointment for their first convid jab. I stood alone. My wife has had both of hers ‘so that WE can go on holiday’, what a fking palaver! No chance! On April 24th after 12 months of abuse and disrespect I travelled over 100miles to join my first ever demonstration. I am nearly 62yr old. I was surrounded by over 100,000 of like-minded people, all SMILING, singing, being NORMAL and enjoying a good handshake and hug. It was the most exhilarating day of my life, no doubt! What a day….. so I went on another Freedom Walk on 26th June. This time over HALF a MILLION friends walked with me. What a day….. none of the sheep saw those Freedom Marches because msm censored them and never showed them. Go on a Freedom March my friend, Feel human, feel a part of a BIG group of loving, happy ( at the moment! ) Smiling people. We all need a hug sometimes. Be strong.

      • Hey, you’re 4 yrs younger than me and I did manage to get to one freedom rally and yes, it’s a fantastic feeling. This though was reliant on a couple of people further up the map detouring to pick me up. I have known that couple for a lot of years when I lived in West Yorkshire. Not sure what went wrong but everything they believed in went out of the window and he is now fully jabbed up.
        I think it was to do with a works weekend course he attended. More like a re educating course in my mind.

      • After I went on the 24th April march, I asked my group of whatsapp friend (ex!) why they they thought that BBC/ITV had censored this huge story. This was the reply from one of my ‘friends’. His exact words….” Perhaps the BBC didn’t want to show how many mindless and brainless idiots there are that walk around thinking there immune to what has and still is killing thousands of people .
        ”All of you that took part should be refused a vaccination all together ,and when they left there jolly get together they should all have been given a present. A DOSE OF COVID 19. And then see how quick they are to join in the fun and frolicks. That’s my personal opinion and I’m sticking to it . Sorry if it offends anyone .” He obviously didnt understand that the Thinkers who attended this Rally certainly dont want the vaxtermination jab’ and we are certainly not scared of the flu. What an absolute arse of a man! Obviously he watches too much BS tell-lie vision. We have ALL been subjected to this kind of abuse, even from our so-called friends!

      • Videoman you give me hope and strength, I’m 63, and really struggling with it all at the moment! Most of My family, friends and most of my loved ones have been brainwashed into having this filth injected into them! I am suffering anxiety at the thought of these monsters coming after my beautiful grandchildren! definitely going to be at the next Freedom March !
        Thank you so much Hugo for being here for us all. Paul

      • My friend, you will look like this all day long…. 😁😁😁 and not see any of these on the walk 😷😷 , despite being 1000’s and 1000’s being with you. No one will get ill either! You will love it! Stay safe! lol

      • Stay strong, remember you are not on your own. ,

      • There is an old African saying “The sheep always fear the wolf but it is the shepherd who eats them”. Very true because this government is trying to keep is fearful of a fake pandemic when they plan to kill us.

    • I went out with a friend to the local beach just for a little walk, not far beceuse I’m disabled. She wore her mask, and then complained of being breathless, so I said its out doors, take off the mask, and then she was OK. But then she got really tearful and said she was terrified of “all these people with the disease” . It wasn’t busy, but anything more than one other person started her off on an anxiety attack. She is like millions who have been reduced to anxiety to the point of mental illness. She and her elderly mother will be unable to ever go out again freely. They are prisoners for whatever life they have left.

      This is the way totalitarianism will grab the UK

      • That’s true enough Florence, one of my neighbours even stopped talking to me for a few months if we were both out in our gardens at the same time, all because I declined the jabs. I just kept cheerfully saying hello to her and slowly she started talking to me again until now our conversations are back to pre jab level.

  5. The sheep will fall for any old crap. You Gota just laugh at them. It’s the sheeple who know it’s all bollox but still go along with it’s that’s mind blowing. If your disgusted by all this bollox your in the minority but be glad of it.
    They want to get rid of the sheep then it’s only us left. Easier for them to deal with us snd they won’t hold back then. They will TRY putting us in a ghetto and then what ?

  6. It will be interesting to see where and when those photographs finally appear.

    • They’re getting photos ready for the 4th wave, or whatever the number is now .

    • They will be in a glossy report to the govt by consultants to explain how £37 billion is being spent. As they never actually go to any public places they won’t know it’s a total set up and the streets and stations are filthy.
      Like those happy smiley faces they found to say how UC is “brilliant”, and the ones who say Bojo and Behavioural Unit are doing a great job.

  7. The fucking idiot that said they were “helping” and “we’re in a pandemic” Honestly her stupidity is infuriating… typical middle aged brainwashed moron..

    • 100% with u on that. Seeing what was going on she says “There helping, baaa” how perfect are these Sheeple. It’s enough to make ur temperature boil

  8. All scripted all planned in advance for the next wave.
    Scare the lost sheep! And their are many! Even in my siblings and they have been jabbed up, I tried to warn them at the very beginning of this charade! I know all about who controls us.
    God bless! The truthseekers!!
    Christ is king!! Seek him whilst he still can be found. Time is short!

  9. The people are your real enemy now trust nobody.

  10. Like another guy allready said: the only virus is the MSM, tv, internet and the radio. Shut off these channels and go into nature and you will notice: there is nothing going on, its all a deception. At this point we are trolled and mocked.

  11. Scumbags,, just like the Goverment lackies, some people will do anything for money.

    • Well done expose them for what they really are fake propaganda

  12. Perhaps they are doing photos to promote their cleaning services on their website? Or photos as a staff training aid to show the procedures? It might not be for the media to scare people with, just saying. Although I am never surprised anymore. Still very daft, all hazmat suited up with a gas mask on ffs! Things have got beyond ridiculous.

  13. Heard 2 sheeple in my local supermarket today saying that although they have had 2 jabs they are still going to wear masks , the perpetrators of all this must be laughing their bollocks off , I kept a dignified unmasked silence as I packed my shopping as i had branded work clothes on ,but it was tough trying to keep my mouth shut .

  14. Well said lad! Fuck the government!

  15. More corrupt propaganda that the sheep and incompetent types will swallow hook line and sinker. There is no democracy any longer – just corrupt M.Ps

  16. Ha ha!!
    What utter fake. That pound land decorators cover all will stop any known virus and bacteria lol.
    They are literally a pound to purchase.
    Not exactly hazmat suits.
    Ah the more I see. The less I believe.
    Had a conversation with a fully jabbed person the other day. After the 19th will be shutting away because everyone without a mask will kill them.
    The fear.


    The powers have done a fantastic job to install fear, distrust and self righteousness within the population.
    This will be the downfall of us all.




    • I agree totally with you, corrupt politicians have destroyer: free speech, rationale thinking and democracy. They walk all over the graves of those young men and women who died fighting for freedom and democracy.

  17. And also that fuck*ng sheep bitch that shouted out ..its a pandemic…fuck*ng braindead Cu*ts….

  18. Lets all just enjoy the brief break, before we are yet again proven right and the jabbed start dying on mass, due to a mutatan caused by us ofcourse LOL

    Saw the photo’s for the unjabbed hotel / FEMA camp, looks nice, could do with a holiday, I will escape and go on the rampage!!!

  19. I can’t believe that not one person tested positive at Wembley meaning that if they did 66000 would have th self isolate

  20. Just goes to show that the media have several million times more power with their LIES than we will ever have with the TRUTH !

    • Never give in! Close-down BBC and channel 4. That will be a start to opening up true freedom of speech and democracy.

  21. Hugo, what is your opinion about what is going on in Cuba? All of a sudden the public are rebelling after 60 years of communism??? Biden saying he supports the Cuban public but we know who the Democrats are….???? Curious it has started at this time isn’t it?

    • and south africa, just what they were waiting for to bring in the military, let’s see how loyal they are still, however they will be replaced soon by Roboter, first ,,friendly” ones are already operating in some german cities to get the people used to it…. – hello brave new world…

  22. …and the show must go on, and on, and on until you are all scared to death

  23. This is not new, they have been using crisis actors, fake scenes and all manor of psychological tricks to twist people into believing a version of events that suits their propaganda, unfortunately the un-intelligent fall for it every time.

    • Yes, I agree with you completely. The mass media are only too happy to push out these lies.

  24. The Revelation (of Jesus Christ)
    13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    All prophesied. Christ is our only hope, the Prince of Peace. Life is eternal.

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