IRELAND Cafe Says NO To Passports / Hugo Talks some More #lockdown

52 Comments on “IRELAND Cafe Says NO To Passports / Hugo Talks some More #lockdown

    • so do a few other people – Hancock, Patel and Whitty

    • They Left out the part that the VaXXed are bioWeapons, exhaling Billions of spike proteins, (+transmitting thru skin contact), so I predict the staff & customers will become very sick, spending 1 hour beside a VaXXed person, & children & adults will be sterilized.

    • I was banned on fb for 30 days for saying the same about piers Morgan lol

  1. Like the nightclubs in the UK, where the owners have said similar, this cafe owner will just be used as an example.
    The Authorities will use the full weight of the new laws that are being passed, and fine, and then close them down.
    Very brave words, until the lines are drawn, then watch them back down and comply!
    There’s not many people, that are prepared to risk losing everything when it’s time to step up to the mark.

    • As men or women you do not have to live under rules made up by government edicts . Men and women are answerable to the common law ONLY as these are natural laws of the land. Government say that they make laws but they don’t. They create legislation and statues and say stuff like it’s illegal or an offence, which in a word is bullshit. Unfortunately some of their BS has been included into common law, like drug possession but a good legal mind can get you out of that trap too. So stop being afraid of government edicts. They deal in bullshit, contract law and get you to converse and consent by asking for joinder. Name, address bla bla bla. You name is yours and you don’t have to give it to anyone, even God, if you don’t want to. Hopefully this helps and stop fearing government whom have no legitimate power only blackmail, violence and coercion. Your ancestors left you all the tools and weapons to fight evil. Find somemore!

    • They are going to lose everything anyway you fool. I will die on my feet before I live on my knees like you will do.

  2. I really hope that more follow the example of this cafe and the UK nightclub chain because this only ends if enough businesses refuse to accept these drachonian, tyrannical measures otherwise the few that do will be forced to close – COME ON PEOPLE THIS IS HUMANITY AS WE KNOW IT AT STAKE!!!
    oh meant to say, saw quite a few people with your tshirts on at the freedom march Hugo – thank you for continuing to stand up for our rights and our freedoms, if we can get enough people on our side we can still win this – we are many they are few and it’s about we showed them so

  3. Good for them๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. I personally am prepared to lose my business. I will be happier living by the truth than living as a coward and perpetuating a lie. Evil flourishes when good people stand by and stare.

  5. I like the part Vegans and Bloggers are still banned lol… sounds like a proper cafe! Well done to them…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  6. Donโ€™t expect a shred solidarity from the Irishโ€ฆ..the sheep have completely rolled over for their global masters โ€ฆ.. a country full of rainbows and pink pound with three thundering, disgusting traitors at the public face of โ€œGovernment โ€œโ€ฆ.not the place it once was!
    โ€œ A Nation Once Again โ€œโ€ฆ. a pathetic joke

    • Did you mean goats? Sheep know their shepherd, only follow him if they know him and are able to detect and escape from danger.
      Goats however are left to their own devices, feed on literally any rubbish available to them and skip about to anything that sounds exciting to them.

  7. And the same thing goes for face masks. DONT Wear them on public transport. Apparently the mayor of London still wants to make people wear them despite the fact that there is no-one travelling on trains or the underground. Ignore his stupid demands as they make no sense.

  8. Nice one Hugo! Let’s have more of these when you can find them. Otherwise it gets soooo miserable here!

  9. I have an idea. Any business who insists you show them this stupid health passport. Come back with your actual legit and legal passport if you have one. Then simply ask them one question “which country is it am I entering ?”. When they say England etc. Respond by “Then I don`t need any passport do I”. This works in any country. It will show them how utterly stupid it all is and ram home the point quite nicely.

    • They want everyone chipped and linked to a globle Computer. No way will I except it. Its there plan for us, covids just the excuse to bring in it, it keeps advancing everyday, I just hope theres enough of us to bring this to a end. And ditch the smartphones and wise up.

      • Me neither Chris. This girl isn`t getting assimilated. Can you just imagine the nightmare. You wake up in the morning to the sound of the Windows startup tune in your head with the image of Bill Gates , Whitty , Boris etc grinning at you via the implant in your iris. You snooze for another 10 minutes and so the shock collar kicks in and this time they are growling at you. And that`s before you even get out of bed.

      • You would be interested in the stop world control .com site where doctors and lawyers and scientists have united against the plan!
        We can unite and support them and ourselves in the fight for our freedoms. Lots of information and resources on there site.

  10. We need more people like that if they try and close them pack the place out every night support these people they like me will not be told how to live there lives from scum that don’t want you to have a life take of masks stop getting tested and diffo don’t get that experiment in your arm it would end tomorrow thanks Hugo

  11. A Covid passport doesn’t set you free it allows the Government to control you keep that in mind

    • Exactly! You are tracked and traced with the digital passport.

  12. As always another great video Hugo ๐Ÿ‘ could you please make a video about your predictions for the future? What might happen in society between the vaxxed and un-vaxxed? How will corruption further poison this world? Who will be the most affected by this? And have the government invented ‘coronavirus’ to cover up a bigger, maybe dangerous idea/plan?

  13. Well done the Wild Moose total common sense total fairness whatever you believe ๐Ÿ‘Œ The Irish have fought imperialism and the Empire for 800 years being free is important part of the Irish identity, this narrative is being spread across all the countries of the World thereโ€™s only a few brave leaders and Countries fighting this Tyranny Hungary Georgia I pray for there leaders , this is the NWO the speeches from the governments are all the same ! Itโ€™s the Illuminati itโ€™s the richest corporations in the world telling Ireland and the rest of the world what to do , look at New Zealand one case the whole place locked down Australia the same the masters are pulling the puppets strings disgusting really really is ! Stand up Ireland like you always have to Tyranny, well done the White Moose decent brave intelligent people well done

  14. Ireland dispite what is claimed is not a democracy, it iis a Sovereign Republic and the individual is Sovereign. Would an English MP tell the Sovereign of England what or where they could eat,, I don’t think so. No differance, we are each Kings and Queens in the Sovereign Republic of ร‰ire 32 Counties (21st Jan AD 1919)
    It will not be happening in Ireland,, a big problem for the EU/UN/ Rothschild Bankers. The Failed Indian Doctor and his Provisional Free State Government can clear out there desks. We are Sovereign, The Sovereign and under the only state ever formed by and off the people in this country and protected under artical one of the Sovereign Constitution, the only one valid, Legal and Bonifide. Partition and 101 years has changed nothing a hairs breath.

  15. My fear is medical supply routes being disrupted or stopped as my 14 year old niece has tyoe 1 diabetes.

  16. I wouldn’t be that happy that businesses refuse the passports. Of course it is the right thing to do but they are prepared for this revolt. If a large number of businesses will refuse to enforce the pass guess what will happen in 1-2 months? The number of cases will rise and the “government” will have their scapegoats and say “look, this is what happens when you don’t comply” they will probably shut down everything bring those businesses to the ground and because at least half of the population is on board with the measures I guess they will succeed and make not only the passes mandatory but the jabs also. It’s just a theory but it was tested in my country las year in autumn. I saw a lot of measures and especially public discourse being tested in my country, the “authorities” said something to us, scolded us and all of a sudden after a month or so the same discourse, more or less, surely adapted to the country, popped up all over europe.

    • They will do whatever they will be told by their globalist bosses irrespective of anything….

  17. Remember folks Leo wasn’t even elected on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th count last time on he was threw in on the 5th.

    Mr. Davos clique elite is running his end of the medical apartheid regime.

    Resist it, just say no why obey laws by law breakers?

    They aren’t even human, we are…..Remember that!

  18. Thank you Hugo

    Letโ€™s hope more in Ireland & here do same ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

    Thank you Hugo

  19. Illegal Apartheid, I agree with the top comment but not just ‘Doris’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I was speaking to my jabbed neighbours yesterday who were saying they do NOT believe in any of this attempt at social division. Even as jabbed people they will boycott any business that requires any sort of proof of jab/ negative test.

  21. It would take EVERYONE to do it and that won’t happen, the majority haven’t even heard of the ” yellow card reports” and still think deaths from the vax are very rare.

    • I shared some videos of the Freedom Marches with a masked friend on Sunday. She had never seen anything about all the 100,000’s of unmasked people who took part as she hadnt seen it on the truthful, unbiased BBC!

  22. basically it is Convid Apartheid. Are you Black, then you cant use these toilets….. are you a Jew, that is your train……..are you a dirty, unvaxxed pleb….. you cant enter here. It WILL get worse…. Stock up on tinned foodsuffs.

  23. That’s the spirit Ireland. Hopefully others will follow. It’s vital they do. Such a chilled country when I visited years ago in the days of the old Irish pound.

  24. Actually this is good news. If these goverments come up with even more tyrannic laws, it only shows they are LOSING control. If these goverments are smart, they are backing off right now and give the people their freedoms back, then they can keep their control.

  25. Just pray that their wont be any division between the jabbed and unjabbed. United we stand against goverment, divided we fall. At this point, only prayer will help, because keep in mind this is also a spiritual warfare.

  26. This cafe will soon change there tune when they get threatened with A โ‚ฌ10,000 fine or closure

  27. Brave cafe owners, good for them.
    However, I suspect and would not be surprised if there will be some sort of covert authoritarian punishment coming their way….like closing them down as a ‘health risk’ or a paid goon lobbing a molotov through the window. The controllers of the Irish Government (who are certainly not Irish citizens) will have an expectation that this act of sedition must not go unpunished.

  28. Hi everyone and Hello Hugo and thank you so much for your work!
    I’m French, and I really admire all the shopkeepers who resist to these liberticidal measures in Ireland and elsewhere in the world, in France the noose is tightening: the law project (not yet voted, it is scheduled for July 21) on the generalization of the health pass and the vaccination obligation foresees very heavy sanctions for those who would refuse to set up this control system in establishments welcoming the public. One year of imprisonment and 45.000 euros of fine! It is completely crazy.

    Thank you again!

  29. so these people have “always been PRO CHOICE” and state “you’ll be free from judgement…
    then the ps. says that vegans are banned…..
    that sounds neither pro choice or free from judgement…
    in fact, that sounds downright hypocritical…..
    well done.!.
    good job.!.
    keep up the division, one way or another, just keep up the division.!.


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