France Follow Blueprint #NO #DEMOCRACY / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. OMG Hope the 4th Wave isn’t as bad as the 1st, 2nd and errr 3rd Waves cause I know of exactly ZERO people that died in those, OMG how will I survive with literally ZERO people dying all over again, noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! ( I expect a lot of the Jabbed will die, but hey tried to warn them, won’t lose sleep over there deaths )

    Guess I should ignore the 6 suicides, the 14 Vaccine deaths 13 Care Home and 2 Cancer deaths due to treatment being suspended.

    Boris was on about it’s not over, more will die, expect lockdowns soon so enjoy your summer, before we go fully Facist.

    Democracy been fake for years, vote in different people with different ideals then get the same policies they said they wouldn’t do, pointless.

    • You cannot have a deviant in power unless the globalist masters have evidence to bring the deviant down if he does not do what his masters say.

      • They just assinate you for not following the agenda, 3 PMs and there science advisors so far.

        They’ll be offered Elite Status, life of fun and luxury, while we are reduced to slaves,let the hunger games begin.

  2. Thank you Hugo for important info. You have a way with words that is entertaining

  3. You are right Hugo. What is the solution though? People are not going to unite against this. It’s so depressing.

    • Awaken as many as we can and when the jabbed start dying, maybe they’ll work it out and not just blame the unjabbed like there trying to brain wash people into.

      IF this does go against them, they’ll just turn the power, water and internet off until we are begging to be forgiven for doubting them ofcourse.

      USA and UK have pretty much pulled back all of our troops from over seas, what’s the better there all doing Martial Law training, I know of Navy personal which was a year back.

      Stock up on Water and Food and if it happens over the winter, logs / coal and an old fire and thick duvets and clothing.

      Kids <25 aren't buying into this or having jabs, there on the internet they see and watch stuff on Youtube not on the BBC like Adults do, most I've spoken to are really looking forward to the civil war they expect soon.

      • Great comment thank you 😊

        Take care

      • “Looking forward to the Civil War”, REALLY? A REAL SIGN of IMMATURITY !
        ‘THEY’ know not what they ‘wish’ for!

  4. Thanks so much Hugo for keeping me sane over the past 16 months🙏You’re now on 🔥please don’t stop, because you’re making a massive difference to the world 💪 Take care!


  6. There’s a permanent camp set up near me to close down a place that breeds beagles for use in experiments and I went to the first day (and will go back because I want the place closed) but was gobsmacked at the amount of people there (people who’ve been involved in activism for decades this know govts can not EVER be trysted) that believe all this bs!! There was a group giving a talk on ‘what your rights are regarding the police are when your at demos and only my friend and I (there were roughly 150 people there) were the ones saying but we’re living under the coronavirus act, theat we’re close to the policing bill going through etc and not one other knew what we were talking about….we did have quite a few come up asking as about everything we said and did see things differently afterwards but it was it should of been everyone, well in fact they should of all known!!!! If people that have spent thier lives being arrested, having the homes raised etc don’t know any of this what hope di we have!!!!!!

  7. Exactly the same.. almost word for word from Mitsotakis in Greece yesterday… to be confirmed today with an official broadcast. This is now becoming chilling. The “4th wave” infection numbers rising but intubations and deaths at a low… they want the young…

  8. The next item on their sick agenda is to allow the vaccinated and un-vaccinated to live side by side for a short period of time. When this time has elapsed they will declare that the un-vaccinated are a serious risk to the health of everyone else and they should be quarantined and forced to take the vaccine in order to return to “society” or remain in quarantine indefinitely. Everything that is happening now was highlighted in a leaked Canadian Gov document in late 2020, watch out folks, life is about to get a lot worse.

      • … and of course, the scenario of ‘removing the unvaxxed’ will fit nicely with new laws being put through by the Spanish who are able to ‘move’ people if there is a ‘crisis’. The UK have drafted a similar law that slipped through under the radar whilst the football was on! Alex Belfield on youtube has a video about the Spanish Laws.

  9. Morning thank you Hugo

    I have mentioned before way back it’s why I have NEVER voted!
    That’s my personal decision but when I was growing up theses governments were at it then & I vowed I would never vote for theses tyrants!
    They have & will Never have the ‘average jo’ as they brand us, or other names we called now ?!
    No matter what they call us they Never have any real interests in our well-being or our children’s futures this hole last 17 months, doesn’t that show people complying anything??!

    Anyway rant over lol

    Have great day Every one
    Thank you as always Hugo

    • Me neither, I’ve never trusted govts and always seen voting as a scam designed to make us think we have some control and choice where as is the reality we don’t and never have

  10. Thank you very much Hugo. They will never confess that they are tyranny governments. Its part of the plan. All leaders have slept with the enemy.

    Good morning blessed and highly favoured

    *We trust you have been blessed by this devotional. We invite you to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life by praying thus:*

    *”O Lord God, I believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He’s alive today. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His Name, I have eternal life; I’m born again. Thank you Lord, for saving my soul! I’m now a child of God. Hallelujah!”*

    • Amen. Nothing else matters we know where this heading. Trust in God people are being deceived.
      Wake up fill your soul with hope in Jesus.

  11. It is ‘ Convid Apartheid’ . People know that the Jews were chosen and then the Blacks and now it is the unvaxxed who will have to wait years before being exonerated and seen as the victims of this scam. No one that I know has taken my warnings seriously….. and I doubt that they ever will because the trust the BS government. Even when deaths start to rise, it will be the Unvaxxed that are to blame, just like the Nazis blamed the Jews and the White Supremacists blamed the Blacks. We are in for a rough ride. ( and my wife still has hope that she will be going on a Caribbean cruise in October! lol )

    • My jabbed gf just had her cruise around the uk cancelled, her mom going with her contact with someone who just pcr tested false positive lol. He’s got the summer cold lol

      Omg if you don’t get jabbed you can’t travel lol that’s already over unless you’ve got a G6!

  12. I am immune FROM BULL SHIT. This is the same guy we saw at the G7 breaking every stupid rule in the book with the other political puppets. I live in France I hope that people here start to see the big picture very very soon but I very much doubt it

    • It is about time that Tumbrill’s aught to be seen, again, around the streets of Paris. As for its ‘First’ Occupant for the one way ride, No other that MACRONNI !

  13. Well I wrote to the MP about that and seeing your news this morning I know the bill will be passed. I knew it wouldn’t make a ha’porth of difference and would be pointless. But I just hope those lawyers are going to jump in soon before it is too late. Time is ticking away so fast now. I was watching a video last night on UKC that had been posted by a person called Echo. It really is alarming – these things were patented way back in the 80s!

    Hope the link works

    • oops sorry – 1999 not the 80s – too much rum last night!

    • As soon as I saw ‘Spike Protein Depopulation Protein’ in the browser tab I closed it 😀 That just has to be more time-wasting, distracting guff 😀 Filed along with ‘leaked memos’ in the ‘Recycle Bin’ 😀

      • Actually it is Dr David Martin giving evidence to Reiner Fuellmich. Reiner Fuellmich is currently working on a legal battle against these disgusting tyrants. Conservative Woman is running a transcript along with it this morning. It will be done over a few days. So not crap at all. Extremely enlightening and for all of us normal people it is a must see disturbing as it is. But if you prefer a read then here is the Conservative Woman’s piece:

    • Thanks – the link works, and it’s very interesting. It’s hard to believe that more and more lawyers – in some cases internationally renowned – are starting to refer to this incredible world-wide scam as a crime against humanity and a depopulation agenda. I sometimes wonder if all this can really be happening!

      • It was indeed a long session! I did watch the remaining half hour this morning because I couldn’t stay awake and I wanted to give it my full attention! It is certainly surreal!

    • I have watched all of this, almost 2 hours long but some apparently damning evidence here! 🙏

      • The annoying thing is that they’ve been playing us for so long. Makes your stomach turn and your skin crawl to think people would be so greedy and so sadistic to do this to us.

  14. A film I watched some time ago suddenly popped into my mind this morning.

    The 5th Wave
    by Rick Yancey

    Plot Summary
    The 5th Wave takes place in an alternative present-day reality in which an alien race known only as “the Others” is systematically annihilating humanity in order to inhabit Earth themselves. The central protagonist is sixteen-year-old Cassie Sullivan, who is on a mission is to rescue her five-year-old brother, Sammy, from a military compound run by the Others. This compound, called Camp Haven, is one of many locations where the Others—who look and sound exactly like humans, rendering them impossible to identify—are putting the 5th Wave of their annihilation plan into action. At Camp Haven, young humans are brainwashed into believing that the Others are human and that their fellow humans are Others. In this way, an army of traumatized, isolated children is being trained as the instrument of humanity’s ultimate destruction.

    As the novel opens, Cassie is hiding out alone in the woods outside of Cincinatti, Ohio. She has been on her own ever since her young brother was taken from Camp Ashpit, a refugee camp where a large number of plague-infected human bodies were burned. After Sammy was moved to Camp Haven, Cassie’s father was shot dead by Colonel Vosch, the alien leader who appeared to be a trustworthy member of the U.S. military. After Mr. Sullivan’s murder, Cassie witnesses Colonel Vosch placing a bomb referred to as “the Eye” in the middle of Camp Ashpit and blowing it to smithereens. Cassie has been hiding in the woods ever since, unable to figure out how to rescue her brother but determined to do so. She tells us that humanity is now in the 4th Wave of the alien destruction, which is characterized by stealthy assassins who are indistinguishable from humans. Because the Others look and sound human, Cassie tells us that the first rule of the 4th Wave is: Trust no one. The second rule is: Stay alone if you want to stay alive.

    In flashbacks, Cassie describes the first three waves of the alien invasion, which come in rapid succession. First, a strange mother ship hovers visibly near Earth for ten days…

  15. They can’t mess with free will and they can only coerce you into the jab, they cannot make you so I’ll live without all of the pubs and clubs but I will never take the jab and the only way they can get it in you is if you choose to because then any result is your fault and your choice.

    • I figure it’s a great way to close down even more pubs, clubs and restaurants. When the business closes due to lack of support, which they most certainly will. The great unclean ones will foot the blame and NOT the gov .More divisive tactics here.

      • Definitely. Divide and Defeat the enemy. The nation has been divided for sure and now there will be Convid Apartheid and the sheep will think that it is keeping them ‘safe’ ! 😂😂😂😂

  16. Thanks Hugo this website keeps me sane 😀 Just gone on holiday to Norfolk and feel I’m surrounded by zombie like people We went for a meal in a pub yesterday when we arrived and I was gobsmaked by the amount of times the lady who served us kept sanitising her hands while we were there 😮The place had no atmosphere it was like a morgue so different from when we went there 3 years ago. A least when I’m on this site I can find real like minded people. In my life 😊 The best things to keep me sane are a walk on the beach and being in tune with nature Love and strength to keep going to all ❤️

  17. This is truly worrying now. Read the whole story on this report…. . ” France’s health minister Olivier Véran said that non-vaccinated health workers won’t receive a salary nor be allowed to work after September 15. ” They will NOT be paid if they have not had an experimental jab that doesnt stop them getting this flu and doesnt stop them passing it on. The report continues with this ( foreseen by the Thinkers/ conspiracy Theorists) ” (QR codes) ….. will be required throughout different establishments in France from August, including bars, restaurants, cafés and shopping centres.” Shopping centres….. that will lead onto Supermarkets etc. Stock up on tinned foods because if you have not had the Vaxtermination jab then they will starve you out! VERY worrying times.

      • Yes sadly cival unrest and violence appears to be the only way .

      • Starvation of the masses has happened before. 1930s Ukraine 6-8 million perished “holdamoor “holocaust. (Not sure if thats the correct spelling)
        One of the benefits of doing research,
        instigated by bolshevik Jews (stalin). Even the animals starved.
        Not many people know about” holdamor” but it did happen for real! Communism never went away it morphed into human rights, diversity, multi culti. But it will achieve the same result. Christendom destroyed churches in France, Canada etc are being destroyed.
        Never forget those who rule over us hate” Jesus “and they hate you too. The virus hoax is just the start.
        They are the haters and racists. The one’s who deflect what they are onto you.
        God bless all truthseekers!!!
        Christ is lord!!! We all need him now more than ever our soul is what they are after.
        Never give into evil!!!
        Viva christo Rey!!!!

      • The churches around theses parts have all been converted into flats or turned into pubs. At least when Jesus returns for the Second Coming ™ ® © he won’t be short of a place to lay his head or to go for a pint 😀

      • Let’s be careful not to blasphemy and mentioning our Lord Jesus invain😨😰😢😥

  18. A lot of what Macron proposes in in breach of European Human Rights legislation. Knowing the French’s tendency to protest over things they don’t like this will not be a smooth ride for him.

  19. The person that’s pulling the strings of these so call rulers is the pope of Rome, the saying is “history repeats”, LOOK BACK AT HISTORY and pls read this book, The Great Controversy, by Ellen Gould White. This book will give you a clearer insight, it shows us what’s happen to day and where it will end🙏🙏

  20. Common law offences are crimes under English criminal law and the related criminal law of other Commonwealth countries.

    • Revelation 18:23
      …for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. KJV.
      The word sorceries here is the Greek Pharmakea.( Drugs/poison.) The world is being deceived by Satan, the father of lies, through those spinning the fake pandemic. All politicians are professional liars, who like those in entertainment/music/sports/philanthropy etc, have all sold their souls. Follow the money. (Bill Gates has his financial interest in every aspect of this agenda. He is one of many including Fauci in America.)
      You cannot serve two masters, who do you choose, God or money? They have all chosen money. (Fame/fortune.)
      I believe the heat was turned up on the satanic ritual sacrifice of 9/11. All that has followed since has been to get to the point where we are now This year is the 20th anniversary of that atrocity. Will the date be significant this year too?

  21. we are all ruled over by that same international clique that hitler named many years ago. hitler was right and the new world order clique is jewish.

  22. He was here in the ‘Demoncrazy of South Africa’ and shortly thereafter the puppet president here introduced stricter lockdowns, restuarants, bars etc closed and curfews etc due to the 3rd wave, delta scareient. Like you said one script globally.

  23. From the GET GO, it has been OBVIOUS that this Scamdemic has been ORCHESTRATED, with all of the recognized ‘Democratic’ countries, more or less, singing from the same hymn sheet throughout!

    • ‘democratic countries’ is about right. I wonder if the native indians, eskimos or those brave men and women living in the wilderness have suffered from any Convid Bullsh*t ?? No tell-lie vision, no Convid. Simples!

  24. They are being ruled by one governing body & that is the satanic body!
    Satan is the god of this world 2 Corinthians 4:4, & he is on a mission to destroy it & those that don’t serve him. That’s why there is so much madness in this world & getting worse.
    Look to Yahshua/Jesus, accept Him as your Saviour and you will be saved John 10:7-10

  25. Newbie here but been following for a while…the thing is.. normies don’t see or realise any of this because they’re not looking…they don’t know all these countries are bringing in the same policies…they have no much of a huge shame it is.

  26. We have travelled to the Med in France every year and we thought the French people were very lucky to have warm southern resorts to take their vacation but wait Macron has added that all the travellers to those southern resorts on long distances must be double jabbed – what are the people going to do about that then – sharpen the Guillotine blades I guess.

  27. Macron, you pathetic little prick, all your predictable unoriginality is a bit late for me, l’m afraid, milad. I’ve already been up and down the Tour D’iffel, seen the Sacrocuer at Montmartre, been inside Notre Dame, researched my novel on de Villeneuve and visited the Chateu d’if off Marseille. The ‘vaccinacion’ which it isn’t has come too late – been there, done that, milad.

  28. They wrote the bible and made up the Jesus character who died at 33.

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