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    • How ignorant could you get? Do you even have the slightest idea what happened in the 1930’s & 40’s?

      You’re everything that’s wrong with society

      • Rothschild family are the BIGGEST supporters of israhell, besides co-opted dual-citizen reps and bureaucrats in usgov…
        Eliot Abrams anybody!?!
        fuck em!!!!

      • What part exactly,hit me with a Question

      • The 6Million Jews thing was a lie from all the way back in the 1890s, try again Georgey.

    • It does appear Zionists control all the cornerstone businesses in the US and most of Europe. Finance, Media and even Hollywood. Same in the UK. They have politicians in their pockets, in fact all the key players in the Senate and Congress are bankrolled by Zionists or Zionist businesses. If anyone points this out they are labelled anti-Semitic! Is it wrong to call out blatant manipulation of a countries political system? Jewish nepotism? In the US and UK the Jewish community represent less than 1% of the populations yet count how many Jewish politicians there are, how many Jewish top Media executives and managers, they are grossly over represented!

    • It may be the Jews, or the aliens, or just the illuminati/adrenochrome addicts; no one knows for sure who is really in control.

      • the devil himself is at the top, the cleverest thing he has done is make people think its all bollocks, and that he does not exist !

      • Aliens? We know they are psychopathic mass-murderers – proven by how they ran the USSR’s Gulags and Starvation Pogroms, which killed over 50 Million Christians .Plus, their support of the mass-immigration into our homelands to genocide us out of existence. That is known beyond all doubt. But Aliens? Are you some weirdo “conspiracy theorist” – LOL!!

    • You know this joke?

      A Jewish man was riding the train to work one morning in.Germany in the mid 1930’s. A Jewish colleague who was also riding the train happened to see him reading the Nazi newspaper called Der Stuermer. The colleague approached him and said, “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re reading Der Stuermer”. Why are you reading such a vile newspaper filled with blind hatred and lies about us Jews?
      The Jewish man who was reading the newspaper replied, “When I read Jewish newspapers, I get so depressed reading about all the bad news that is happening to the Jewish people. The daily misery and attacks that the Jews have to suffer from. Now that I read Der Stuermer, telling me that the Jews own all the banks, control the arts, and are taking over the entire world, it makes me feel much better to finally get to read some good news about us.


  1. “They don’t care about you nor I only about themselves” nothing new there then.

    • Folk should just leave their job. They’d be fukt in a month.

  2. Wondered why house prices are rocketing in the middle of a pandemic where people are losing their jobs? It’s Blackrock and vanguard buying up whole streets and estates. Guess they’ll own us lock stock and barrel before long.

    • Much as I like this channel Hugo you should be a little more selective rather than let an ignorant guy talk total rubbish about a subject he obviously has no clue about I. E. Asset management. I guess he may not have a job let alone a pension but if he does he might be interested to learn how they work. And being a shareholder in a quoted company does not mean you are the owner of sais company. This is basically a load of BS.

  3. Black rock and vanguard will be owned by jp Morgan Bill Gates Rothschild the royal family etc. All those kind of pricks.

  4. So these people are the Uber Elite, hiding in plain site and running the entire damn show.

    So RICH they don’t care about Money, they care about the Earth and it being able to support them and there future generations, hence depopulation plan.

  5. Stop buying there stuff!!!!….. It’s about renewing your mind and mabe stepping out of your comfort zone. Do not comply with mainstream thoughts and social expectations. Be free, be you, be victorious

    • Unless you want to be working all your life with no pension keep believing what you say

      • George, you do know you’re a knob, yeah?

  6. No big surprise, connect the dots it all makes sense. Time is short.

    Fear not, accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour, ask for forgiveness of your sins, amazing things will begin to happen in your life, real freedom, a weight of your shoulders you have never dreamed off. A love you have never felt before. What are you waiting for, accept the greatest gift, be free of the shackles of this world and look forward to to an eternity in Paradise 🙏

    • The new quantum financial system is just on its way in. They keep catching the traitors who have ilfertrated which is what is holding it back. We will all be better off when is settles in.
      Abraham Lincoln, tried to put it in place I think and got murdered, then Kennedy and he got murdered too, now it’s Trump and big team getting it in place. Exciting times ahead. Hoping I’m right!

  7. You’re an idiot, that’s the point of pension funds & investment firms. They own shares in all the listed companies on the stock exchange

  8. The world is biblical. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Get saved people!

  9. Saw a really detailed video on the same subject a few months ago, seems so really but we will win in the end, even if we are a minority….the rest will be dead sadly but they have made their choice, just hope we don’t get herded up into camps, will have to see how that goes, massive booms coming out right now so keep positive!

  10. To control it all you need to own it all. Makes sense but wouldn’t have thought it was this much. Scary. The thing is, yeah they might OWN this an that but it can all be taking back from the people when one day everyone wakes up to this controlling earth. All these videos we see now about this content was never seen before so the more we find out the less they can hide. I’m telling you people a revolution is due

    • Very good point, I think the normies need to loose FAR more before they get it! They currently enjoy being rocked to sleep!

    • A revolution of the mind happens first slowly, then all of a sudden, the law of exponential growth, how ironic, I find myself referencing the matrix a lot lately, why is that I wonder “you need to wake up Neo”…the “Elite” should be shitting themselves, first they fuck the planet and then blame it on us. Maybe vanguard and whatever should get into Elons rocket and fuck off to Mars.

  11. this is their playground and us peasants really are becoming a pest and an expensive eyesore which is why we are being murdered so that they can live a life of luxury.and they don,t feel one bit guilty.tell em bolx about their poxy jab!

  12. What does democracy or authoritarian state mean to those international hyenas? They don’t care at all! They are only interested in one thing.. Are you willing to be plundered? Yes or no? Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process? Yes or no? And, when a democracy is stupid enough not to stand up, then it is good. But when an authoritarian state declares ‘you no longer plunder our people any longer, neither from the inside or outside, then that is bad’

    In reality, money rules in these countries. They talk about press freedom, when in fact all these newspapers have one owner. And the owner is, in any case, the sponsor. This press then shapes public opinion. The political parties don’t have any differences at all, like before with us, you already know the old political parties.. They were all the same.

    In these countries, in the so called ‘democracies’ the people are by no means the main focus of attention. What really matters is the existence of this group of ‘democracy makers’ that is the existence of a few hundred giant capitalists, who own all the factories and the shares and who, ultimately, lead the people. They are not interested in the great mass of people

    If you want your mind blown a bit more go to bitchute channel TheCrusader001 and watch the video “its all a lie” and hear this mans full speech and more. You will be very surprised! Does it sound familiar?!

    The deception is on such a huge scale at this stage anyone who would say the truth it would be deemed mad.

  13. I’ve known this for a long time, the biggest brainwashing anti English jew hating media.some deluded people still think, our media!! Haha!

    They hate you, they print lies daily, they call blacks,brown, Asian English. Lies, lies. Lies!!
    Liberal nut Southgate, deliberately chose 3 black players to take penalties with no experience…
    Then the media kick into overdrive screaming racists!! So, so predictable.
    They’ve been mocking and trashing us for decades. They are the bolsheviks.Jews who destroyed Russia and slaughtered over 60million christians 1917-53 all churches destroyed, not one synogogue was touched. Anti semitism was the death penalty.
    We are the new prols!! Goyem
    Why do you think communism was never taught properly in schools, universities. The word “racist”is straight from the communist manifesto. We shall create racism offenses, promote ethnics mainly in sport give them high finances so they can attract their women.

    Look and you will see a lot of journalists with Jewish names..
    Same in politics, Jack straw aka.. Strawinsky or Margaret hodge aka oppemheimer whose family own the diamond mines in S. A.

    While they fed us bread and circuses they have destroyed our infrastructure.
    City of London, owned rothschilds banking dynasty, we are ruled by cesspit of vipers.. God bless!! You all! Christ is king!!

  14. Those players southgate picked to take penalites, 3 black players, DID NOT practice…….

  15. Hugo, I love your work. I’ve learnt a lot from your channel and also from another channel called The Crowhouse. It’s not on Youtube anymore, obviously. Sadly, I feel we will not get our freedom back. The elite is tightening its grip every day and no one can stop this. It’s very depressing.

    Max igan from The Crowhouse is thinking to terminate his channel because he has nothing good to say to people anymore. He’s been talking about these issues for 14 years and trying to warn people. Now, the train has arrived to the station. Now, the elite does whatever they want. Now, there is nothing we can do unless we unite. We are not going to unite though. It’s too hard to unite.

    Bless you Hugo.

    • London 19th parliament 9.00am ,,it’s our stand to implode the police to join us and arrest our treasonous gov,,please be there !

    • Hi Orith…I wholeheartedly agree with what youve said……take care

  16. Basically one big Shares Holdings company.

  17. 1st and foremost we need to stand under natural law. We need to stop paying all monies to the corporations, taxes, fines, utilities, fraudulent mortgages & finance. Boycott all businesses who are aiding and abetting these criminals and that includes those currently playing their part in the covid scamdemic and defund the BBC completely. Its time to set up our own communities and become self sufficient. In Ireland all laws for at least the last 30yrs and prob a lot longer are non enforceable as they have all been written first in the English language and under the constitution all laws must first be written in the language of the country ie Irish.

  18. You missed out Larry Fink being the CEO of Blackrock…. They own EVERY publicly traded company on earth from banks, Pharmaceuticals like Pfizer , Supermarkets to gun manufacturers. Also Biden and Trump donors 80% of them are Jewish, 80% of the political positions of power and only 2.6% of the population. Federal reserve ROTHCHILDS.
    Heads of state and government are all JEWS
    And these are just facts. Make your own mind up. I wiki everyone and I will always say born to Jewish parents.

  19. Interesting names for these two companies…A large Black Rock is at the centre of the North Pole in ancient flat earth maps and Vanguard definition ‘The foremost position in an army or fleet advancing into battle.’

  20. Bad idea for Black Rock and Vanguard to buy up all these properties. With the death toll from the experimental jab over the next few years there will be fewer to rent them out too.

  21. Looking up some of the companies they (Blackock Vanguard) don’t appear on the list of holders, but then you look at the ones on the list & they are owned by Blackrock & Vanguard. So yes they do own everything.

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