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  1. The continuing saga of the Continuing
    Co*id Con.☠☠☠😷😷😷

    • They could treat ‘Long Covid’ – not convinced it is real – with Ivermectin or one of the other drugs known to help ‘covid’ sufferers. I urge everyone to lobby the N.H.S. and your G.P. to prescribe Ivermectin in lieu of the experimental vaccine. Oh, Ivermectin is out of patent, the reason why it had its status lowered to negative just before the ‘pandemic’ started. No patent, no profit for Big Pharma.

      • After more than one year, people still haven’t understood that Covid doesn’t exist at all. Wake Up!!!

      • There is some strange illness going around that is like nothing we’ve experienced before. We’ve been unwell twice since the start of this and it wasn’t the flu. I know it wasn’t the flu because I didn’t get a bad chest but my periods were terribly messed up. The flu does not mess with your cycle. Without being graphic it was awful. I became anemic and it took four months to settle. I’m in my 30s so it wasn’t hormonal. I did think it could be a coincidence then a year later the same thing happened! Whilst I was experiencing these symptoms, my 11 year old developed pleurisy, but he didn’t have a cough or sore throat? My husband had an upset stomach. We all felt tired and weak, with terrible body cramps, but no cough or sore throat. Apart from my son getting pleurisy, we had exactly the same symptoms as last time. There is something going around. I’m not saying it wasn’t manufactured but it exists. At least we’re not jabbed. My sister (we didn’t get it from her she lives abroad) has been double jabbed. She got her vaccine early on as she is a nurse. She was in bed for a week with Covid and she passed it on to her partner who was also double jabbed and ill for a week. They were a lot sicker than me and my husband who aren’t jabbed. My mother got covid two weeks after her jab too.
        We won’t be getting the jab. I am worried about my son whose chest is still bad, and who sometimes struggles to breathe because it hurts – (but he never had a cough or sore throat?) I suppose worrying won’t help. We’ve got to carry on. I don’t think the jab will help us though either.

  2. The Pharmaceuticals, the Politicians and many more with their sticky fingers stuck in many pies, will be making a fortune off the back of these monthly vaccine shots!
    All I can see this doing, is creating more problems for the recipient, than it cures!

  3. It is beyond seriously worrying at what a speed and totally mad way everything is evolving…the world has gone totally mad…I believe they were testing the waters with how far they can push people and thanks to people compliance there is no boundaries by the looks of it…

  4. The global deep state are getting away with this genocide because so many people are stupid sheep! But 4/6ths of the people will never take their poison jab! And the Boris Johnson’s of this world will eventually face Nuremberg style war trials! And we must reinstate capital punishment for these evil bastards!

    • You’re right David …but these people are very slippery and will blame everything/one but their own responsibility …we were led by the science, the data …blah de blah!
      Devious and greed beyond belief without any shred of moral conscience.

      There is no justice today …if there was, the likes of tony blair, gordon brown, fred goodwin, patrick vallance, chris whitty and matt hancock would all be in jail minus their testicles …and Dr David Kelly would still be alive.

      Interestingly if you are tattooed, you cannot be a blood donor, but if you are jabbed with the blood changing expeimental gene therapy it’s fine.

      Watch out people this whole crock of shite is gonna implode one day soon!

      • Try punching one of them in the mouth really hard. Maybe just knock them TFO. When they wake up, hit slightly less hard wind up like your gonna full swing then be like, “I don’t ever want to see you or hear you on. that dub shit ever again. You feel me? Homey? Yeah? Aight dawg! Get the fuck out of my face.”

      • Since when has a tattoo been a prevention, for being a blood donor?
        I got tattoo way back in 1962, I also have my blood donation certificates for the subsequent 50 years!

    • Oh Boris and many others are super excited to kill us off!

  5. Yep the world has gone mad. Well it went mad in March 2020. It gets even madder. Firstly I saw 2 signs of Xmas yesterday in town. A garland outside the entrance to a coffee shop then a nativity scene in one of the shops. And it gets madder. I found out earlier when scrolling through the news feed on my phone that masks WILL still be mandatory on the 19th. Oh well I’ve got the mask exemption app on my phone ready. Bring it on.

    • The world was already mad but we couldn’t see it. We were already enslaved in the beast system, it’s just coming to the surface now for who wants to see it

    • The world hasn’t gone mad it has just been taken over by evil.
      Doris and handjob are/were merely the puppets for implementation of the evil agenda. My partner is from US and her friends out there are just as brainwashed as us now with the Delta fake variant.
      Could it stem from the people John Coleman refer to in this seminar. It is certain the UK will be a major player in this plan.

      • Major players, All :- UK, USA, Germany, France + EU (yes Brigade). Australia etal. The wording on the page may vary slightly, BUT it is very clear that THEY are ALL, playing from the SAME (hymn sheet).

        It is ALL ORCHESTRATED !

      • The UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the USA are pushing this BS. The sheep outnumber the Thinkers….. I fear that we are ALL on our way to the abattoir, but some of us will go down fighting!!

    • Mask exemption app or not, Try getting into your Dr’s surgery or a Hospital, without one. You Won’t !

      • I’ve had a rethink about my mask. I suddenly remembered I will need it next month when I (reluctantly) have my 2nd jab. And if I need to take my parents shopping to be respectful to them but I will definitely not wear it outside in the street especially as in the past week more and more people have started doing it.

  6. Spanish scientists have busted the covid puzzle,,,the PCR tests,,Antigen tests,flu jabs covid jabs upcoming nasal sprays etc ,all contain graphene oxide ,,the Pfizer jab is 90% Graphene oxide,,there never was a virus,,,loss of taste smell ,low oxygen etc all down to GO,,,,it has a resonant electronic frequency ,this frequency is found in the new 5G towers ,,they are enacting a mass genocide around the worls,,no tin foil hat ahit,, the truth ! Take the jab and die !

    • Exactly, covid doesn’t exist at all. It’s a scam to cover up the climate change scam and of course to inject people. Even the alternative media talks about survival rate and that’s disinformation because they are shills, controlled opposition

    • I thought it was 99.999923% graphene oxide the other day 😀 But seriously why are you posting this lunatic nonsense. Is is a Full Moon? 😀 You are either completely bonkers or a member of the 77th Brigade, so which one is it?

      • The graphene oxide (GO) was found in a vial of vaccine by Spanish scientists. It has not been declared in the list of ingredients, which if it is true makes every dose administered illegal. The use of GO nanoparticles has been investigated for a number of years as potentially useful in delivered RNA and DNA into systems. However animal experiments showed that it is very toxic at the dose required to deliver pharmaceutical treatments into the body. A lot of the research has been carried out by military research groups, as far as I know, from the reseach on papers available online. One assumes the main work is not published. One useful attribute is that it can force compounds across the blood brain barrier. One warning about the spike protien was raised that it can change its configuration inside cells, and that at least one of these is similar to the prions that cause BSE (mad cow disease) and Alzheimers.

  7. I suffer from ‘long covid’…

    This covid bullshite has been going on for so long now I’m sick of fecking hearing about it.

    • T.minus I know what you mean I’m sick of hearing about. And the lies we keep being fed.

  8. I have just read an article in an online rag. I am positively fuming. It is pushing for this toxic crap to be injected into our kids.

    Covid Scotland: EIS chief urges Jimmy Krankie to offer Covid jag to pupils

    Here is an excerpt from it, it is full of outright lies and falsehoods:

    ‘Parents support Flanagan’s call.

    Ciara MacLaverty, who lives in Glasgow, said she would like to see her son Hugh Macdonald, 12, offered the vaccine before he returns to school next month and her daughter Tess Macdonald be vaccinated when she turns 12 next March.

    “There is so much we don’t know about the virus. Recent reports are that it can cause diabetes and even neurological damage. Brain scans have shown it can cause a reduction in grey matter.

    “There are a growing number of kids in hospital having fallen seriously ill with the virus and others with long Covid. There is a safe vaccine available so why can’t they get it?”she said. “Tess has asthma. She has been in hospital with asthma and that is not something I want to see happen to her again.”

    MacLaverty thought the JCVI were dragging its feet and feared the UK would end up an “outlier” in terms of deciding not to vaccinate children.

    “Boris Johnson is an outlier. He has done everything differently from other countries. I would like to see Nicola Sturgeon take a different approach if the UK Government decides not to vaccinate children,” she said.’

  9. More Mint Sauce jabs for the sheep as they slowly walk towards the abbatoir.

  10. The Boris Johnson’s of the world will never face the noose unless there is a very real uprising of the people, you know the people who have built and funded the world in which we live. It is time to boycott every major multi national company and big share holder type business, stop buying their shit, stop trying to keep up with the jones’s. Swim against the currant, flow and trends of this world. Live a simple life in contentment. This would hit them where it hurts and weaken them and when they lose that power, that hold they have on the masses, then the revolution begins, then they pay for their crimes.

  11. I’m quite sure the injection would cure “long Covid” probably quite quickly. Haveing worked in Veterinary Practice for most of my life we had an injection that cured every ill, but very unfourtunate side effects.

  12. Daily jab? Nah, make it permanently intravenous, that’ll do it…won’t it?

    • In answer to this I have done some ferreting around 😀 Legally must is an ‘obligation’ or requirement.

      and this

      Expectancy (redirected from expect)

      A mere hope, based upon no direct provision, promise, or trust. An expectancy is the possibility of receiving a thing, rather than having a vested interest in it.

      The term has been applied to situations where an individual hopes and expects to receive something, generally property or money, but has no founded assurance of possession

      So Zawahi would like you to wear a mask but you are under no obligation or requirement. Kind of like when the school teacher said: “I EXPECT you to wear a tie” 😀 Well, I EXPECT Zawahi to do one 😀

  13. Yes worlds gone nuts 🥜!!

    They can FECK OFF!

    I am laughing as I type because they just get more & more Nuts & i laughing because just Who..Who??!? Is really believing anything they say!?!

    O lordie thank you 🙏 ..myself & others are not here with Hugo 😰😂💪

    Thank you as always
    Have great day Every one

  14. The Jab is killing people in Australia and MSM covers it all by the constant bullshite bombardment of misleading bull dust it portrays to the masses “
    Nsw is now very much a police state , with the police acting like brutal thugs on senior citizens “ it’s disgusting and disgraceful “

    • The Ozzie’s and Canadians are now ruled by a police state. The people have no allies because they are outnumbered by sheep and power-fueled authoritarian bed wetters! I feel so sorry for them all. 😟

  15. This is proof that covid doesnt exist. What other vaccines do you need to get a top up monthly? If people remember the first time covid was mentioned in the news was Feb 2020. But they were working on a vaccine in 2019! Vaccine research costs an arm and a leg. What company would want to spend billions on research for a vaccine to prevent a virus that no one knew existed? Apart from the people like billy goats of course…

    • real vaccines are bad enough re boosters. why vaccine/[ herd ] immunity is an oxymoron.

    • True. Personally, I believe the virus was made for the V not the other way round. Sinister evil people with world domination and depopulation in mind. Its like Hitler has risen from the dead!! 😡😡

    • It doesn’t exist because it has not been isolated. They came up with it to inject people, to implement lockdowns, eliminate independent businesses and cash. It’s all part of Agenda 21

  16. I thought these things were supposed to be in short supply?
    They’re handing them out like fucking sweets.

  17. Hope all the pratts who had there 2 jabs, see this about weekly or daily jab and think about this is state control that they are trying to kill you with this poison.

    I can’t wait unjab to say’ i told you so.
    No vaccines
    No Mask
    No apps Vaccine passports.
    Yes the government mates are making money out of this scam

  18. I’m just carrying on with life, always have done, I don’t holiday abroad, couldn’t give a shite if they barred me from pubs, if you ignore msm this virus won’t wind you up.

  19. I always thought they were calling it Lung Covid… now I know why they picked Long. The retards will be so happy when they only need a shot every 3 months and not monthly!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  20. I have never had a swab taken, never had any tests and definitely will never have the jab, I’m 81 this year, poke yer jab where the Sun don’t shine.

    • Same here, Tony. (Though I’m not quite 70 yet.)

  21. Interesting article on the Daily Express website. Radio presenter Patrick Christy’s having a rant about Dr Shillary not wearing a mask at Wimbledon. He rightly so calls him a hypocrite and says he is responsible for the fear of the virus. Shillary isn’t in the studio but there’s a video of Patrick saying he wants to have it out with Shillary.

  22. See the photo look at her hands the triangle. Tip of the spear or the pyramid which ever it is a masonic sign.

  23. or the top ups are the way to stave off the true effects of the jab and enforce control if you dont comply the real threat of whats in the “vax” takes hold

  24. The formula is as follows:
    Pharma / Covid + MSM x Population = £££*BIGPROFITS*£££

  25. I wonder if many people have been receiving offers from intelligence services to join their cause, I wonder would they have a way of finding these people to within a match of what they need, Facebook anybody…this is an open forum, I hope you have backup plans Hugo before operation polygon starts round one…or 3 or 10 waves, we’ll need to learn to surf the internet again.

  26. I would think that the brainwashed will be clamouring for it on a daily basis. They whinged about queue jumpers and they were desperate for their badges, stickers, lollipops etc to say they had it done. As for the football, I used to soak it up – I even had GOAL monthly – but the game changed and the money paid and the wimps, the rolling on the floor actors and the dirty players and the team shirts for fans costs went up. It wasn’t football, it was how to get a free kick from pretence. Now I see it as fixed. It is not my England, the country is no longer my England. It is no longer my Britain, my island home, my world. It has no governing body, just narcissists, psychopaths, sadists and money grabbing egotists – and all over the world. I’m just going through the motions for my life – zombie if you like. I pretend until I can’t pretend any more. I have my alcohol stashed, I have tablets stashed and if I have to go out, it will be by my own hand and not by this lab rat method – or possibly concentration camp, extermination centres. So at the moment I just stand in the open and look around, I take in the beauty of life that is so far unaffected and am pleased that the wildlife and the plants have no idea what is about to befall them too. That is what I feel Hugo. I’m done. Nobody listens. Nobody wants to listen. We are just a few that try but I’m tired and by your voice I think you are too. It’s sad, it’s sick and I hate it.

    • I know exactly how you feel Kerry, and of course the psychological damage is another way of turning us into sheep…

      • You are right there, psychological damage by fear on a different level.
        But I won’t go quietly – that is the ultimate last resort because that’s what they want and I don’t want them to win! To be alive and aware of their scam is sure bugging Herr Boris big time and that is the satisfaction that I get for the time being. I’m sure they have been using us as one worldwide chess game. All strategies are well planned in advance and possible reactions by us pawns are covered. Poor Ireland and Australia are already well and truly stuffed.

        Incidentally my old neighbour who still keeps in touch said that they are on a scheme having been asked if they would like to do twice weekly PCR tests for £150 for not sure whether that’s per week or per test! I think it is over a 2 month timescale, but not sure. I said but that’s bribery – she said “yeah, good innit!” Then she said they are all negative and we know the Delta gamma alpha x-ray variant isn’t in this area. Not one thought as to who is forking out for that or even why they are being bribed or the harm that they are self inflicting. When you have to deal with people with that mentality you just have to shake your head and back off. I was just stumped with the yeah good innit. No, it isn’t good. Not at all. 🙁

  27. Why is the girl in the pic doing a triangle or delta symbol with her fingers? 🤔

  28. The reason for long covid, has nothing to do with covid, people that were put on ventilator’s, were air was continually being pushed into the patients lungs, caused a longer period of time to get better.

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