Lawyer SERVES NOTICE on VACCINATORS / Hugo Talks #lockdown


86 Comments on “Lawyer SERVES NOTICE on VACCINATORS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. The copper she was talking to was really thick, criticising her for raising her voice, how childish. He needed to raise his too make himself heard from behind that muzzle.

  2. Check out Lawyer’s for Liberty… Anna is a Lawyer and is part of L4L..First Day out last Saturday serving the Notices at a Vax Centre. There is a call out for ANYONE to serve the Notices at your local Vax Centres. Check out L4L Facebook page/private group or their website. Definitely worth serving on the individuals giving the jabs even if just a couple stop and think….as have personal liability If they don’t stop it’s pre action steps ready for court…

    • Thank you for your service ❤ has anybody got a Email for a human rights lawyer regarding my case with covoid? Live.Breath in the Truth..

  3. Great job, thanks for being the voice of the voiceless.

  4. Thanks for giving a voice to the voiceless. Great work.

  5. Do you have the rest of this video, or have a link please

  6. When he said vaccines are legal she should of immediately asks him questions. How do you know that ? And What research have you done ?

  7. It’s coming home No not football, these murderers who are jabbing people in the arm.
    Hope them the government and police are put on trial for crimes against Human Right and Humanity.
    Jailed the lot of them i wish for that day good for the lawyer serving notice on them.

    • The NHS workers who were complicit with the deception should be put on trial too.

  8. Great work by this amazing woman!
    I thought she used a good cleavage strategy in her argument.

  9. superb brave lady lawyer, I think that the police should be briefed on the legal status of vaccines before they go out on patrol and start to use bully boy tactics

  10. My advice is that if anyone attempts to get you to take part in a medical procedure against your will, and without offering an alternative to that treatment, as clinicians are obliged to do in law, then put it in writing and get written evidence, such as a notice to remove you from your job. That is coercion and illegal. It will be useful in future when the wheels drop off.

  11. Typical Goon Police Officer talking utter shite. Thick as two short planks.

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